Andy Singleton has been modelling and painting most of his life and has been a professional commission figure painter for some years now. Here he shares his experience and tips of the trade with those collecting Early Imperial Romans.



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Painting Wargaming Figures Rome s Northern Enemies

First of all, I'd like to thank you for choosing this book, and I sincerely hope you find it to be helpful in your ... and especially the Roman Empire of the late Republic and Early Imperial periods, the conflicts between the peoples of ...

Author: Andy Singleton

Publisher: Pen and Sword Military

ISBN: 1526765594

Category: Games & Activities

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Throughout their history, the Romans were troubled by formidable warlike tribes along their northern borders. The Celts of Gaul and Northern Italy, who sacked Rome itself, the British who repulsed Julius Caesar and resisted later occupation, the Germanic tribes along the Rhine and the fearsome falx-wielding Dacians on the Danube, all proved worthy foes of the legions. If you are raising your own army to defy the might of Rome, Andy Singleton will help you get them ready for battle with ease. The emphasis is on achievable results and practical advice to get your army painted and ready for gaming in a reasonable time frame, and achieve a fine collection that will look great on the shelf or table. Most of the figures featured in the numerous illustrations are 28mm but the techniques described are easily adaptable to smaller scales and to plastic or metal. Step-by-step guidance takes the process from initial preparation and assembly of the figure, to finishing and basing. Themed chapters cover armour, clothing, skin tones, warpaint and tattoos, shields and horses.

Painting Wargaming Figures

To demonstrate painting metals I decided to use a Warlord Games Early Imperial Roman centurion (Figures 195-196). As always we'll glue it to an empty bottle and prime it in black before doing anything else. (Figure 195) (Figure 196) ...

Author: Javier Gomez Valero

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1848848226

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

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Javier Gomez, a highly talented figure painter of long experience and excellent reputation, shares the secrets of his success in this accessible 'how-to' guide to painting miniatures. He takes the reader step-by-step through the whole process, from choice of materials (unlike other available guides it is not linked to any specific figure manufacturer) and preparation of the miniatures to basing and even advice on photographing the finished item. Techniques such as dry-brushing, ink-washing, shading and highlighting are all explained clearly with the help of step-by-step photographs and colour charts. Specific case studies tackle a variety of useful subjects across all periods, such as mixing realistic flesh tones for different races; painting horses; guns and limbers; Medieval heraldry; Napoleonic uniforms; WW2 and modern camouflage patterns. Javier also clearly explains how these techniques and processes can be applied to all the major wargaming scales, from 40mm down to 6mm. Whatever historical period (or Sci-fi/Fantasy) and whatever scale the reader is interested in, this book is an invaluable source of practical advice and inspiration.

Beginners Guide to Wargaming

Ancient Greeks armed with long spears or later , under Philip and Alexander , with pikes ; early Imperial Romans with ... you to mix figures from several different manufacturers in one unit and paint them all in different colours .

Author: Bruce Quarrie

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780850598520

Category: Military miniatures.

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Briefly sketches the history of war games, explains war gaming rules for land, naval, armored, and aerial forces, and looks at fantasy games

A Wargamer s Guide to the Early Roman Empire

Whether this is a new period for you, or you are looking to refresh your existing interest in the period, this handy guide is sure to hold much if interest.

Author: Daniel Mersey

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1473850266

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 136

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The Roman army of the early empire is one of the most instantly recognizable armies and enjoys a reputation for excellence. This and their many famous campaigns against a wide range of colorful foes makes this one of the most popular periods for wargamers. Covering the period from 27BC to AD284, Daniel Mersey gives a wargamers perspective of the many conflicts and offers advice on how to recreate these on the gaming table. Advice is given on factors to consider when choosing an appropriate set of commercially available rules, or devising your own, to best suit the scale and style of battle you want and capture the flavor of the period. The relevant ranges of figures and terrain pieces and buildings are also reviewed. Analysis of the forces involved, organization, tactics and strategies will help with building your armies and there are interesting scenarios included. Whether this is a new period for you, or you are looking to refresh your existing interest in the period, this handy guide is sure to hold much if interest.