Secw pemc People Land and Laws

Stsem̓túl̓ecwem | Naming the Land Secwépemc place names – as opposed to the general words for landforms listed above – identify ... They anchor Secwépemc history to the land in ways that connect people to the history of long ago, ...

Author: Marianne Ignace

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773552030

Category: Social Science


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Secwépemc People, Land, and Laws is a journey through the 10,000-year history of the Interior Plateau nation in British Columbia. Told through the lens of past and present Indigenous storytellers, this volume detail how a homeland has shaped Secwépemc existence while the Secwépemc have in turn shaped their homeland. Marianne Ignace and Ronald Ignace, with contributions from ethnobotanist Nancy Turner, archaeologist Mike Rousseau, and geographer Ken Favrholdt, compellingly weave together Secwépemc narratives about ancestors’ deeds. They demonstrate how these stories are the manifestation of Indigenous laws (stsq'ey') for social and moral conduct among humans and all sentient beings on the land, and for social and political relations within the nation and with outsiders. Breathing new life into stories about past transformations, the authors place these narratives in dialogue with written historical sources and knowledge from archaeology, ethnography, linguistics, earth science, and ethnobiology. In addition to a wealth of detail about Secwépemc land stewardship, the social and political order, and spiritual concepts and relations embedded in the Indigenous language, the book shows how between the mid-1800s and 1920s the Secwépemc people resisted devastating oppression and the theft of their land, and fought to retain political autonomy while tenaciously maintaining a connection with their homeland, ancestors, and laws. An exemplary work in collaboration, Secwépemc People, Land, and Laws points to the ways in which Indigenous laws and traditions can guide present and future social and political process among the Secwépemc and with settler society.

People Land and Time

Sixth, there is agricultural land with impeded drainage that would not, strictly speaking, be included in most definitions of wetlands, but which has nevertheless been the focus of much activity and investment with the objective of ...

Author: Brian Roberts

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1444165674

Category: Science

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This major new text provides an introduction to the interaction of culture and society with the landscape and environment. It offers a broad-based view of this theme by drawing upon the varied traditions of landscape interpretation, from the traditional cultural geography of scholars such as Carl Sauer to the 'new' cultural geography which has emerged in the 1990s. The book comprises three major, interwoven strands. First, fundamental factors such as environmental change and population pressure are addressed in order to sketch the contextual variables of landscapes production. Second, the evolution of the humanised landscape is discussed in terms of processes such as clearing wood, the impact of agriculture, the creation of urban-industrial complexes, and is also treated in historical periods such as the pre-industrial, the modern and the post-modern. From this we can see the cultural and economic signatures of human societies at different times and places. Finally, examples of landscape types are selected in order to illustrate the ways in which landscape both represents and participates in social change. The authors use a wide range of source material, ranging from place-names and pollen diagrams to literature and heritage monuments. Superbly illustrated throughout, it is essential reading for first-year undergraduates studying historical geography, human geography, cultural geography or landscape history.

People Land and Water

Content: an outline of a participatory approach to environmental research and development initiatives. Managing the constructive involvement of stakeholders in NRM research is a skill. The Integrated Systems for 288 People,Land and ...

Author: Guy Bessette

Publisher: IDRC

ISBN: 1552502244

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 313

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Presents conceptual and methodological issues related to the use of Participatory Development Communication (PDC). This book describes the major issues involved in applying PDC to natural resource management practices and research, and also discusses the challenges and the difficulties linked to such an approach.

People Land and Politics

Demographic Developments and the Transformation of Roman Italy 300 BC-AD 14 Luuk de Ligt, S. J. Northwood. People, Land, and Politics People, Land, and Politics Mnemosyne Supplements History and Archaeology of. Front Cover.

Author: Luuk de Ligt

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004171185

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 654

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Recent research has called into question the orthodox view that the last two centuries of the Roman Republic witnessed a decline of the free rural population. Yet the implications of the alternative reconstructions of Italy's demographic history that have been proposed have never been explored systematically. This volume offers a series of in-depth discussions not only of the republican manpower and census figures but also of the abundant archaeological data. It also explores the growth of cities, especially Rome, and the changing distribution of the population over the Italian landscape. On the rural side it addresses the interplay between demographic, economic, and legal developments and the background to the Gracchan land reforms. Finally it examines the political implications of demographic growth and large-scale migration to the provinces. The volume as a whole demonstrates that demography is the key to many aspects of Italy's economic, social, military, and political history.

To Save the Land and People

When Dan Gibson and members of the Appalachian Group to Save the Land and People protected the land of Gibson's stepson with shotguns , a worker at the site supposedly told Dan that he was doing the right thing because " they " had no ...

Author: Chad Montrie

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807854358

Category: Science

Page: 245

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Surface coal mining has had a dramatic impact on the Appalachian economy and ecology since World War II, exacerbating the region's chronic unemployment and destroying much of its natural environment. Here, Chad Montrie examines the twentieth-century movem

People Land Water





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The Land of the Seal People

Duncan Williamson. I. - |S EA L. P. - - - || o o D UN CAN WILLIAMS ooooo - - T H E LAND OF THE SEAL PEOPLE LAND OF THE SEAL PEOPLE. Front Cover.

Author: Duncan Williamson

Publisher: Birlinn Ltd

ISBN: 0857909657

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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No stories were more potent, more engaging, more subtle or profound than these half-animal, half-human tales of the sea. Time and time again listeners enthralled by Duncan Williamson's lore would ask him for the silkie tale. Duncan grew up with the seals, slept nights stranded by the tide in their colonies, heard countless stories from crofters, fishermen and travellers alike about the strange people who were related to the seal; the silkie stories magically link the two worlds, animal and human, sea and land. This new and expanded edition contains twenty-four stories, including thirteen that are previously unpublished, with a new introduction by Linda Williamson which examines the background of the West Highland belief in the seal people. 'The Land of the Seal People' is a work of a master narrator, Scotland's greatest contemporary storyteller. The book is adult fiction of high intellectual and literary standards, and, as Scottish folk tales, suits children and adults alike. From the oral tradition of the West Coast, these stories are a vital part of Scotland's heritage.

People Land and Water in the Arab Middle East

... mulk or freehold real estate, land with buildings, orchards, vine— yards and the gardens around towns; and waqf, pious or private foundations. Local leaders were incorporated in the system of timar 36 People, Land and Water.

Author: Fidelity Lancaster

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134411340

Category: Science

Page: 458

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The result of twenty-five years of research with different tribal groups in the Arabian peninsula, this study focuses on ethnographic descriptions of Arab tribal societies in five regions of the peninsula, with comparative material from others. Having become aware of the depth in time of Arab tribal structures, the authors have developed a view of Arabic tribal discourse where 'tribe' is seen as essentially an identity that confers access to a social structure and its processes.

Practical handbook for agricultural land cover mapping in the Lao People s Democratic Republic

Practical handbook for agricultural land cover mapping in the Lao People's Democratic Republic. Vientiane. The designations employed and the presentation of material in this information product do not ...

Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.

ISBN: 9251330093

Category: Law

Page: 81

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This handbook presents the detailed steps for national agricultural land cover mapping, conducted with limited resources and budget from design to final validation and production. It covers the technical aspects of 1) selection and preprocess of satellite imagery (both optical and radar), 2) definition of a land cover legend using international standards, 3) the integration with other existing information as well as the analysis of such database in order to assign a thematic classification, 4) the interpretation, 5) the accuracy assessment and 6) the final packaging and publication of results. The handbook focuses on mapping agricultural land, in a complex landscape, such as the one found in Lao PDR, where atmospheric conditions, topographic effects and management makes the classification challenging. The handbook also presents practical examples of the team, software and skill-set required to develop a national land cover dataset. The objective of the document is to provide a working manual to other national teams willing to develop a land cover mapping programme.