Poems for My Dad

Throughout the following years, I have occasionally written poems for various events and here are some of them with a short explanation. I wrote this poem for my father's 80th Birthday in November 2002. My youngest sister, Mavine (a ...

Author: Sylvia Harries

Publisher: PublishAmerica LLLP

ISBN: 1413799256

Category: Poetry

Page: 106

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I was always "Daddy's Girl," and I missed him so much when he went away on his many trips with the British Merchant Navy. As I grew up, our close bond continued. While he was away I started writing him wee poems, letting him know what was happening in my life. On a recent visit with him, almost 30 years later, he went upstairs and returned with a bundle of papers in his hands. When he handed it to me, I saw the poems I had sent to him all those years before. He said he would like me to have them. I know these poems aren't the workings of a great laureate. They are just a window into my life as it was nearly 30 years ago, a little effort to let my dad know that he was always in my thoughts even though he was so far away.

My Dad s Rose

I got the idea to write a poem about my dad and leave it as a gift along with a card for my mom. I received a reply in the mail from her shortly after being at college thanking me for the card and poem. My mom still has the poem proudly ...

Author: Jeffrey F. Joutras

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

ISBN: 1642374865

Category: Family & Relationships

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In October of 1975, Jeff Joutras was pulled out of his freshman religion class at Providence Catholic High School to hear the devastating news: his father had tragically died in an workplace explosion and fire at Union Oil's refinery, leaving his wife and seven children behind. Jeff's moving account tells how the grief of the loss followed him for decades, through his career and through his own journey as a father of five, the loss ultimately manifesting in a depression that he hid for years. After dwelling on the loss, Jeff overcame his fear and pride and finally reached out for help. In the process, he found a new perspective on life, death, and living on this side of eternity. My Dad's Rose will resonate with anyone who has struggled with the loss of a loved one. Through his personal recounting, practical advice on dealing with dark thoughts, and confronting the mysteries and metaphors of faith, Jeff shows how our greatest hardships can make us stronger.

Love Poems Thoughts from the Father s Heart

I DEDICATE these Poems in Memory of my Dad [better known as: Bill] & Judy, his precious wife of over 22 years. Also to Judy's daughter Linda & her husband Chuck, without whom I would have never made it through those last days with Dad ...

Author: Patricia L. Carpenter

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462832095

Category: Poetry

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S E E K + T H E + L O R D... ..while you can find Him. 'CALL' upon Him NOW while He is near ...Let Them turn to The Lord that He may have 'MERCY' upon Them ...for He WILL 'Abundantly' Pardon! (Isaiah 55:6 7) The Lord knew what lay ahead of me ~ for BOTH my Dad & Step-Dad died in early 1999. He began to have me write Love Poems from His Heart. Also showing me that His Timing is perfect in our Lives if we are, on purpose, seeking to Follow Him. I felt I had been exiled into the desert & only GOD could lead me out if I searched for Him with my whole heart! I was on the Throne, trying to lead my life & had to make the decision to turn ALL over to Jesuss Control if I wanted VICTORY!

Conversations with My Father Jack Kyle

'“Mother, hand me down the Burns!” What my father frequently said to my mother.' Jack Kyle When chatting to Dad, you can be sure a line of poetry or a quotation from a famous writer is never going to be long in arriving, to illustrate a ...

Author: Justine Kyle McGrath

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444797344

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Jack Kyle was the rugby giant of his time, but he was also so much more than a sporting legend. Whilst he was winning a Grand Slam and touring with the Lions, Jack Kyle was also studying to be a doctor. When he retired from playing rugby - as the world's most-capped player - his sense of adventure and medical ambition led him to settle in Chingola, Zambia, where he spent the next thirty-four years of his life. For many years, he was the only medically trained surgeon in the town and so faced many challenges, not least the appearance of and devastation caused by AIDS. Written as a series of conversations with his daughter, Justine, Conversations with My Father reveals Jack Kyle as a supremely gifted rugby player, a dedicated surgeon and a gentle family man.

My Father s Voice

my dad showed me how to make sure the hook was tightly attached to the cork on my rod so I wouldn't have another mishap. Even though it was summer, ... J. F. My father loved to read, from educational theory to history to poetry.

Author: Janet Flaugher

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1665701617

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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William Schumacher was a big man, robust and handsome, square jawed, with blue eyes and wavy, blond hair. His smile was boundless, his laughter infectious. He was kind, compassionate, and ethical. Most of all, he was a role model to his family, friends, colleagues, students, and anyone else who crossed his path. In a fascinating biography, his daughter Janet Flaugher posthumously chronicles his life through his own stories left to her in a folder after his death. The child of immigrants, William grew up in Denver, Colorado, during the Great Depression. He never owned a bike or a ball, and rarely had a penny to his name. As Janet continues his story through the years, she reveals a glimpse into a life well lived as Bill transformed into a United States Air Force bombardier during the Second World War and became a celebrated Denver public schools administrator, a devoted husband to his wife of sixty-three years, a dedicated father to two children who adored him, and a loving grandfather to five. My Father’s Voice is the biography of a war veteran and public school administrator who led by example that kindness is never out of style, that integrity is paramount, and that every life has value.

My Interactive Book of Poems

My dad is the strongest man alive He is the bravest too More than all he is gentle and kind And is never too busy to hear my woes My dad works to give me food He never shirks his responsibility Tired and burdened he sometimes is But he ...

Author: Patsy Dunstan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1669828166

Category: Poetry

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This book “ My Interactive Book of Poems” is unique, practical, useful and universal in its presentation and content. The book is divided into 7 sections with over 50 original poems of varying lengths and level difficulty all written by the author. It introduces children to six types of poems; Shape, Haiku, Acrostic, Rhyming, Free Verse and Narrative. Children are encouraged to read the poem aloud at least three times, as they listen to the words the poem comes alive. It is important to note that children do not have to like all the poems. They may begin in any section, with any poem and work backwards or forward. There are no restrictions. The activities which follow will further test children’s understanding of the poem. The 7th section contains additional activities and answers to all questions. This book is compact, will hold in your child’s bag, and easy to read. Your child needs nothing more than a pencil or pen, crayons and a willingness to embark on a very pleasant journey with a friend, parent/adult, teacher, older sibling or alone. “ My interactive Book of Poems” will soon become your child’s companion on a plane, a train , a road trip, the car or bus and at home. The possibilities are endless. Parents then can rest at ease knowing that “ My Interactive Book of Poems” will be a positive, rewarding learning experience.

We Are His Poets

When I visited Luray earlier this year, Dad passed along to me a hand- written copy of his poems, ... This volume covers 226 of the more than 1600 poems that my father has written; this book presents them in chronological order from an ...

Author: Ralph Vile

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1604771402

Category: Religion

Page: 230

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Ralph Vile of Luray, Virginia, presents poems that he wrote from 1945 to 1961. This period encompassed his service in the U.S. Navy, college and seminary education, marriage and family, a call to the mission field, ill health, and a return to the Shenandoah Valley, where he and his wife, Joanna Griffith Vile, now live. They taught in public schools for many years and have been active laypersons at Mt. Carmel Regular Baptist Church. Ralph's poems center on the themes of home, family, God, Bible, church, and community. The author records his struggles with God's providence and his faith in His care. Even as they provide a backward glance at a time now gone by, these poems look confidently ahead to the future. They focus both on the beautiful visible world of nature and on the even more precious, once invisible, Word that was made flesh and dwelt among us.

No Regrets Inspirational Poems for the Mind Body Soul

Time Stands Still this poem is dedicated to my father whom passed away in the year 1998. I was never able to go to his funeral yet I was there in spirit. my father served this country by fighting in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Author: Peter J. Manosh

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1608601102

Category: Poetry

Page: 66

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"If you could turn back time, who would you be?" Once a question posed of me, I answered back; "I would be who I am today!" "Do you have any regrets you'd like to say?" Another question that was asked of me. No Regrets! Inspirational Poems for the Mind! Body! & Soul! is a book filled with poems of nature, of beauty, of love and of life. Each poem reflects experiences in the author's life, his memories and his feelings. No Regrets! Inspirational Poems for the Mind! Body! & Soul! is written in a way that anyone can place themselves into a poem and experience emotions and memories, and to have a moment in time they can call their own.

Poems for the Day

Poems for the Day is Dedicated to My Late Father, Staff Sergeant Joseph W. Carss, Who Sadly Passed away in 1959. This Book is Amazingly a Brainwave of Mine, to Honour Him! Because He Was My Father, and He Deserved to be Honoured!

Author: Sherril L. Carss

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479723975

Category: Poetry

Page: 67

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My book Poems for the Day is a compilation of Poems written at a deeply tormented time of my life. I wrote my first poems when I was on a houseboat at Smiths Creek on Hawkesbury River in N.S.W. a time that seemed to pull the Poems out of me. That was in 2007, when I wrote my first Poetry, only about six Poems in all, I have included some of them in my book for you to read. Then no more Poems until the Christmas of 2010. From Christmas 2010 through 2011, I wrote poems like Mad Woman they just poured out of me, like a waterfall, and no one was more surprised than me! A very faith filled, anxiety laced time, and at this point space doesnt permit me to go in too. Sufficient to day, writing Poetry was a very comforting pass time for me, and being a big fan and student of William Shakespeare, Poetry has always held a Special Place in my Heart right from my Grade six reader, where I discovered My Country by Dorothy McKellar. It is my hope that whoever reads my poetry will be warmed inside out of by my Poems. Poems like When someone you love is sick will help you to understand where I was coming from at a very difficult and creative time in my life. Thank you for sharing my experience, for you makes it all worthwhile!

The Mammoth Book Of Modern Children s Poems

From Gundagai to Surfers in my dad's old Holden sedan My dad just loves that car, my dad's a really nice man The Holden was big, wide and comfy, what you would call a car But the trip to surfers took all night, it was so very far There ...

Author: Tom Corbett

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1678113794


Page: 56

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The Mammoth Book Of Children's Modern Poems. In this book I have tried to bring children's poetry up to the present time, by using topics today's children are easily able to relate to. Most of the work in this book is perfect for parents, caregivers and teachers to turn into full lessons, thus, allowing children to use their imagination as well as leaning about the various subjects. We are also asking children to write their own poem and forward to us at the Email address in this book. Every three months we will choose one and publish it in our books, and the author will have full credit for their work (Available to anyone under the age of 16) The winner will also receive a complimentary full color book (Valued at $140.00 AU)