Poo Bum

In the morning his mother would say, "Time to get up, my little rabbit!" He'd reply: "Poo bum!" At lunchtime his father would say, "Eat your spinach, my little rabbit!" He'd reply: "Poo bum!" One day, he meets a hungry wolf.

Author: Stephanie Blake


ISBN: 9781877467974

Category: Behavior

Page: 32

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Country of Origin: France The little rabbit is loved by his family, even though whenever they ask him a question, he answers very rudely. In the morning his mother would say, 'Time to get up my little rabbit!' He'd reply: 'Poo bum!' At lunchtime his father would say, 'Eat your spinach, my little rabbit!' He'd reply: 'Poo bum!' One day he meets a hungry wolf. Will the little rabbit learn his lesson once and for all?

Poo Bum Indeed

All the other bears, started to say, ''Poo Bum, is here again.'' Timothy looked up, to
see, who he was. Only to see, everyone looking at him. Indeed!!! ''Whoops! Oh
Dear! Poo Bum is me!!! After that day, Timothy went to the toilet straight away.

Author: Lynette Collins

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1984503715

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 30

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Poo Bum Indeed! is a funny little book about a little bear named Timothy who does not go to the toilet straight away. Because of this, he has a few accidents, you see, and fines himself with a new nickname he does not like indeed!

Poo Poo Bum Bum Wee Wee

This book will help take the stress and worry out of toilet training, as children can sing the song and learn to use the toilet without fear or fuss!

Author: Steven Cowell

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241473101

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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Poo poo, bum bum, wee wee - I sing my toilet song. Poo poo, bum bum, wee wee - I sing it all day long! Encourage toddlers and young children to use the toilet confidently with this hilarious rhyming picture book! Featuring bright, friendly illustrations and a very catchy rhyme, this fun picture book has been written in consultation with parents to break down all the stages of using the toilet into easy steps, from how to wipe to handwashing. This book will help take the stress and worry out of toilet training, as children can sing the song and learn to use the toilet without fear or fuss!

Poo Bum Memory Game

Inspired by the best-selling Poo Bum, this classic game of Memory has all the energy of the book with a twist to ensure lots of noisy fun for all players.

Author: Stephanie Blake

Publisher: CARD GAME

ISBN: 9781776571000



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Understanding Plays

I ' m not bothered . No one ' s going DEB : She makes me feel sick . to come you
know . No chance of anyone BECKY : Let ' s make her shout . dropping in . We '
ve got all afternoon and SHONA : Poo bum ! Poo bum ! all evening and all night .

Author: Milly S. Barranger

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


Category: Drama

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"Understanding Plays As Texts for Performance" offers seventeen plays with critical commentaries that span the range of Western writing for the theatre from the Greeks to the post-moderns. This book introduces readers to dramatic writing as "pre-texts" for theatrical performance--written not only to be read, but also to be performed by actors before audiences.

New Internationalist





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Lost Chords

Oh mother , dear mother , I ache and I pine , To go with the soldier from over the
line , Snap poo snap eater philanthy go peter snap poo . ... poo . Indeed , dear
daughter , you are too young , To sit where you are , and stop twitching your bum

Author: Douglas Gilbert



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POO , BUM , BOTTOM , PANTS , SOB . I don ' t care about the holiday any more .
I just fling a few old things into my suitcase along with my bikinis . ( Which looked
ajolly - mazing when I tried them on again in the middle of the long , lonely night ...

Author: Cherry Whytock

Publisher: Piccadilly Press Limited

ISBN: 9781853407543

Category: Italy

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My flabber has never been so gasted! My gob is beyond smacked! The Villa Is To Die For! We've driven for about an hour with Eduardo, who is as cool as the air conditioning and here we are at the end of a long tree-bordered drive in front of the gates of paradise...' Since Potty and Alfie Highhead have now become best friends, Alfie has lent them his villa for a fortnight. And not only are the Cookson Potts family on holiday but Angel is allowed to bring the girls - Minnie, Portia, and the newly-returned Mercedes!


Author: June Factor

Publisher: Melbourne University


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 244

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Reference guide, in dictionary format, to colloquial, vernacular language used by Australian children and teenagers, including slang. Entries are organised by headword and elements of the entries may include examples of usage, explanatory comments, cross-references and lists of related words. Foreword by Iona Opie. Includes introduction and select bibliography. Author is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and University of London and is a Senior Fellow at the Australian Centre. An expert in children's folklore, she has published several collections of rhymes, sayings and jokes for children, such as 'Far Out, Brussel Sprout!' and 'June Factor's Jumping Joke Book', and a social history, 'Captain Cook Chased a Chook: Children's folklore in Australia', which was awarded the United States Opie Prize.

Where Do My Poos Come from Asked Sammy Mcnunn

The content of this book is intended to help caregivers, parents and teachers engage children in learning about the importance of healthy bowel functioning.

Author: Kerry Reid-Searl


ISBN: 9781921047770



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The content of this book is intended to help caregivers, parents and teachers engage children in learning about the importance of healthy bowel functioning.

Symbols for the transformation

A jocular name for the posterior is bum . ( Poop also means the rear end of a ship
. ) In French , pouf ! is onomatopoeic ; pouffer , ' explode , la poupe , ' poop of a
ship , ' le poupard , ' baby in arms , ' la poupée , ' doll . ' Poupon is a pet name for

Author: Carl Gustav Jung



Category: Psychology


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This Wonderful Thing

wipe Benji's bum, as the three sticks (and poo) began to move. Now we'd done
what most people do when they're playing Pooh Sticks – cheat. Milly had thrown
her stick in front of the poo, I'd thrown my stick in front of hers, and Dad had ...

Author: Adam Baron

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 000826709X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 400

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From the author of bestselling and Carnegie-nominated debut BOY UNDERWATER comes a moving and hilarious novel for 10+ readers about friendships, family secrets, mystery – and life-changing hidden treasure...

Working Papers in Linguistics

... presumptive ' ) undergo the same phonological change . I will basically follow
Bloch's ( 1946 ) terminology of inflectional suffixes in the present study . 10
Voicing Spread is not applicable to the Sino - Japanese compounds ( i.e. bum -
poo ...




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The Vanishing Moment

She inclines her frizzy, pink scalp at Jasper, and whispers, 'Gorgeous when they'
re sleeping, aren't they?' 'Gorgeous,' agrees Marika. Jasper wakes cross and
bleary. He spies a bald old lady gazing fondly at him. 'Wee, poo, bum,' he says. 4.

Author: Margaret Wild

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1743433379

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 192

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A moment. That's all it takes. A bewildering moment when the world spins upside-down, and then life can never be the same again. Arrow was just a girl when she saw something no child should have to see. And Marika is living a sister's worst nightmare. When Arrow and Marika come together in a small seaside town, they meet a mysterious 'magician' who says he knows how to escape the now and step into a new future. A brilliant and bittersweet story of loss and courage, with a surprising twist.