Quick Strength for Runners

In Quick Strength for Runners, running coach and personal trainer Jeff Horowitz simplifies strength training into just two 20-minute workouts per week, with no gym or pricey equipment required.

Author: Jeff Horowitz

Publisher: VeloPress

ISBN: 1937716511

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 204

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Quick Strength for Runners offers a smart, fast-paced strength training program for runners who want to run faster and with fewer injuries. In under an hour a week, runners will strengthen their core and key running muscles to build a better runner's body. Strength training is crucial to better running and injury prevention. But it's difficult to know which exercises work best for runners or to get motivated to hit the gym. In Quick Strength for Runners, running coach and personal trainer Jeff Horowitz simplifies strength training into just two 20-minute workouts per week, with no gym or pricey equipment required. Designed specifically for runners, the Quick Strength program pinpoints the exercises that really work. Inside you'll find: • A guide to how strength training leads to better running form and fitness • 40 targeted exercises, with step-by-step photos and clear instructions • Progressive workouts and advanced form options to increase strength as fitness improves • A focused and efficient 8-week strength training program • Tips on designing your own long-term workout program for a lifetime of fitness Quick Strength for Runners makes it easy for runners to build a better runner's body. This highly effective, easy-to-implement program will make you a stronger, faster runner in under an hour a week so you can stay on the road or trail.

The Runner s Expert Guide to Stretching

... 1179–1188 Hobrough, P. (2016) Running Free of Injuries: From Pain to Personal Best (London: Bloomsbury) Horowitz, J. (2013) Quick Strength Training for Runners (Boulder, Co.: Velo Press) Jarvis, M. (2013) Strength and Conditioning ...

Author: Paul Hobrough

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472965302

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 224

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The ultimate stretching guide, designed to help runners of all abilities run further, avoid injuries and achieve better times. Stretching is an incredibly important aspect of running and yet it is frequently overlooked or poorly executed. This book details and explains all the stretches that can ease pain, build strength and enhance running performance. Written by the globally respected physiotherapist, Paul Hobrough, who works with Olympic and World Champion athletes, The Runner's Expert Guide to Stretching will help runners to understand their bodies, identify weaknesses and develop a natural defence against injury. With easy-to-understand explanations of anatomy and physiology, and a comprehensive directory of running stretches, runners of any age or ability will find an ideal range of stretches, clearly organised by body part, as well as a detailed strength and conditioning programme. With more than 2 million of us running at least once a week in the UK alone, this is the go-to guide for every runner.

Ageless Strength

Jeff's books include Quick Strength for Runners, Smart Marathon Training: Run Your Best Without Running Yourself Ragged, and My First 100 Marathons: 2,620 Miles with an Obsessive Runner. Jeff has run more than 180 marathons, ...

Author: Jeff Horowitz

Publisher: VeloPress

ISBN: 1937716899

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 208

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Ageless Strength shows athletes and active people how to build sustainable fitness for a lifetime of active pursuits. It’s a myth that our older years only bring physical decline. While it’s true that we lose strength, bone density, and balance, our bodies react the same way to training at any age. A smart mix of strength training can counteract these effects of aging—and keep you strong and fit for years. With the program in Ageless Strength, you can get into the best shape of your life. In his proven program, coach and trainer Jeff Horowitz shares a dynamic and engaging mix of over 50 simple strength exercises that fight back against the years. These exercises use bodyweight or minimal equipment so that no gym membership is required. Each functional strength move mimics a real-life motion and improves muscle mass and strength, bone density, or balance. The 6-week quick-start program will get you up to speed, then follow the long-term strength program or select from the color-coded exercises to design your own. In just 1 hour a week, Ageless Strength offers a simple, effective way to get strong and fit for a lifetime.

Strength Training for Runners

As a runner myself, I'm reporting this from personal experience. I also believed once that the only way to improve strength on the track meant lots of hours at the local gym. I can now say with confidence that this is NOT the case.

Author: Mirsad Hasic

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781492940388

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How to Strengthen a Runner's Body and Skyrocket Performance in Just a 30 Minutes?Are you looking for an easy, quick, and efficient strategy that will strengthen your body while at the same time increase your performance levels on the running track? If your answer is yes, then keep reading.You don't need to Spend Countless Hours Each Week in Order to improve your Running StrengthThere a huge misconception amongst runners that suggests the only way to improve running strength is to spend hours and hours at the gym each week. As a runner myself, I'm reporting this from personal experience. I also believed once that the only way to improve strength on the track meant lots of hours at the local gym. I can now say with confidence that this is NOT the case. In reality, all you need is to devote 2-3 days a week on your strength training. Better still, these workouts only require around 30 to 40 minutes per session.Get a Customized Strength Workout Plan in This BookIn this book, I am giving you three types of customized strength workouts; namely beginner, intermediate and advanced. This means that you too will be able to increase your strength simply by following the suggested exercises.All the movements presented within are carefully selected by me, a runner, for "runners". This means you will not waste time working on muscles that do not contribute to your running performance; a common mistake made by so many.In my ignorance, I used to be one of those athletes that squandered away the hours working on all the wrong areas. Read my book and you will not have to make the same mistakes as I did – guaranteed! My extensive research and firsthand experience has enabled me to put together this practical How-To Guide on strength training. It's a book specifically for runners looking to improve their overall performance. Anyone can evolve with the right techniques, irrespective of their current level.Do You Really Want to Increase Your Strength and Skyrocket Your Running Performance?If you're serious about improving your running performance, then my book can help. Cut to the chase and start to increase your running strength without further delay.Prepare to move up to the next level by simply scrolling to the top of this page and clicking on the "Buy Now With 1-Click" button!

Runner s World Guide to Injury Prevention

Put it all together and it becomes clear that a runner's optimal strength program for both performance and injury prevention should target the midsection ... The Quick Program boils down strengthening for runners to the bare essentials.

Author: Dagny Scott Barrios

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 1609616189

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 224

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The last word on preventing and treating running injuries-from the magazine known the world over as the most reliable and authoritative source of running know-how The world of running-and running injury prevention-has evolved greatly in the last decade. New thinking on injury and recovery suggests that runners can continue to train while injured. And alternative practices-such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage-are now virtually mainstream and an essential part of any runner's injury arsenal. Not only is the sport dramatically more popular, but women runners and beginning runners-who are a large part of the growth-have very different needs in the areas of injury and health that have not been covered adequately in previous books. Research in sports medicine also has advanced. All this-and much more--is covered in Runner's World Guide to Injury Prevention, making it the best, most authoritative guide in the field. Here you'll find: - The most important stretches for runners-and why you should not stretch an injured muscle - How (and why) to change your biomechanics and stride length - How to incorporate cross-training to prevent and heal injury - The most important strength-training exercises for runners - How to cope with the mental side of injury - Special concerns for young runners, women, and older Runners - The newest thinking in hydration Beginners and veterans alike will benefit from this expert guidance from the cutting edge of sports medicine and science.

PR Pace Strength Performance Training for Distance Runners

Quick, you're running away from an angry dog, bully, or bill collector and what's the first thing you do? Try and move your legs as fast as possible right? The faster they go, the faster you go right? Correct, the only problem is ...

Author: Chris Johnson

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1300575905



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Runner s World Complete Book of Running

Unlike the explosive strength that high jumpers and long jumpers rely on, distance-running strength is measured in quick little pushes. Given the number of steps you take per mile, even a small increase in eciency will pay o in a 10-K, ...

Author: Amby Burfoot

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 1605295795

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 312

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An updated edition of an authoritative running guide, edited by the winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon, explains key fitness and nutritional practices, providing coverage of everything from proper hydration and selecting appropriate footwear to improving endurance and marathon training. Original.

Runner s World Your Best Stride

gain in strength and coordination, you'll need to do explosive work as running fast requires power, not just strength. “Power follows strength,” says coach Bobby McGee. “Power is the speed component.” “[The] research is very clear,” Jay ...

Author: Jonathan Beverly

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 1623368979

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 240

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Run the Way You Were Born to Run Every runner wants a smooth, light, powerful, and resilient stride. But there isn't one ideal form all runners should try to emulate. Instead, research and experience show that people can run effectively in a wide variety of patterns with some universal elements. In lively, accessible prose, author Jonathan Beverly details his search for common ground among physical therapists, podiatrists, biomechanics researchers, and coaches, and reveals how individual runners can apply those principles and improve their performance, avoid injury, and enhance their enjoyment on the run. With specific, illustrated exercises that show how to counteract tight muscles from excessive sitting, improve limited arm mobility from hunching over electronic devices, strengthen your feet for better balance, and improve speed by lengthening your stride, Runner's World Your Best Stride is an approachable guide to human movement and a practical tool for improved running performance.

The Ounces Countdown Weight Loss Approach

Never dismiss the flight-of-stairs option as a very substantial, quick-exercise maneuver. Even conditioned cyclists, runners, swimmers, and long-distance walkers can get winded when they take the stairs. I consider trudging up a couple ...

Author: Patrick Hafner

Publisher: Birchbark Publishing

ISBN: 0980172446

Category: Health & Fitness

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Hafner helps pave the way for sensible, realistic, easy, and lasting weight control. He asserts that by doing half the things listed in this book, progress should begin immediately.

Power and Health Through Progressive Exercise

Muscle workers Should also run, and perform quick exercises; runners should do some muscle work. All should remember that important as it is to have strong muscles, it is of transcendent importance to have strong organs; for, ...

Author: F.G. Elliot

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 1146999666

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