Raising Our Children Raising Ourselves

[This title] operates on the radical premise that neither child nor parent must dominate. -- Review.

Author: Naomi Aldort

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ISBN: 1887542329

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[This title] operates on the radical premise that neither child nor parent must dominate. -- Review.

Working Mother

OUR MOMS AND US AT A GLANCE Are we raising our children the way our
mothers raised us? ... And that's helpful because, as our study indicates, feeling
good about ourselves as mothers is considerably more important to us than
feeling ...





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The magazine that helps career moms balance their personal and professional lives.

Congressional Serial Set

around on the reservation and raise our children as we wanted to . And you can
not take care of yourself , as you have grown up to be an old man , and die an old
man . And he told me not to be civilized , but to run wild until I die . But the ...




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Raising Our Children s Children

“That's my goal. We go to family counseling together. For the first time, DSS is on
my side. God is like really moving in my life. ... Like Shannon, you must see
yourself as a survivor. ... But there is no 164 RAISING OUR CHILDREN'S

Author: Deborah Doucette-Dudman



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Social, legal, and emotional issues faced by grandparents as parents.

Raising Ourselves

Epilogue Once , when I took my Aunt Nina to midnight mass at our church on
New Year ' s night , she began to cry . ... I ' ve come to the realization that stories
must be preserved for our children so they will not think what they are
experiencing ...

Author: Velma Wallis

Publisher: Epicenter Press (WA)


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Describes a girl's coming of age with her twelve siblings in a two-room cabin in Fort Yukon, Alaska, fending for themselves after their father dies and their mother descends into depression and alcoholism.

Secrets of good parenting

This book strives to help parents become well- equipped to raise a child they can be proud of. Dr. Brij Bhushan Goel is a practising naturopath, yoga and holistic health-care teacher.

Author: Dr. Brij Bhushan Goel

Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd

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Raising our children, Raising ourselves! Children are a great source of joy in a family. Raising well-adjusted, happy children is the pinnacle of every parent’s dreams. Parenting is an essential and significant responsibility. The healthy development of a child–from the moment of conception–depends entirely on the parents. With lifestyles getting more and more fast-paced and stressful, parents often wonder whether they are doing the best for their child. This book offers parents invaluable answers to all their queries related to a child’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Small and big questions have been dealt with, in a clear-cut manner. A special feature of this book is that it also offers ample information on the care of the mother as the mother’s well-being is directly connected to that of the child. This book strives to help parents become well- equipped to raise a child they can be proud of. Dr. Brij Bhushan Goel is a practising naturopath, yoga and holistic health-care teacher. He did his Ph.D. from New Age International University, Seborga, Italy. He is the president of All India Nature Cure Federation, and conducts seminars, lectures and workshops on naturopathy and yoga regularly in India and abroad. He is a qualified counsellor on stress management as well. His main aim in life is to promote, educate and spread the awareness of living with nature, abiding by its rules and adopting a natural way of life.

Mighty Mom s Secrets for Raising Super Kids

It seems apparent to us that it is our effort and resourcefulness that get the job
done . Sure , God is there if we need Him to handle the really big things that we
can ' t quite do for ourselves , but for the most part , it is up to us to raise our
children ...

Author: Gwendolyn Mitchell Diaz

Publisher: Riveroak Pub

ISBN: 9781589199958

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Perhaps you don't feel like Mighty Mom? Maybe you're feeling a little tired, frazzled or like you're stuck in an endless rut? Then this humorous and insightful book is for you.

The Book of You

RAISE Raise - this is a great word for us , and it is a word that carries our ability to
get home to our Maker . As individuals , we try to raise our children , our job
positions , and ourselves . At one time or another we have to raise something , a

Author: James H. Tolbert


ISBN: 9780805969863

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How to Raise a Child You Can Live with

Should I adopt the beliefs of everyone else and go along with the herd , or side
with my professor and what the Lord had to ... be influenced to draw conclusions
from them about ourselves , and yes , even about the way we raise our children .

Author: Clifford Stunden

Publisher: W Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780849905520

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Recommends a balanced parenting style, argues that overprotection and a lack of discipline can be harmful for a child, and explains how to instill self-respect, faith, and a sense of responsibility

Raising Ethical Children

10 Keys to Helping Your Children Become Moral and Caring Steven Carr
Reuben ... We go to school or we work to support ourselves and our families; we
raise our kids or get lost in the complex ins and outs of trying to create a
successful ...

Author: Steven Carr Reuben

Publisher: Prima Pub


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Tells how to instill love in one's child, teach self-esteem, and find role models, and offers advice on understanding moral development

How Would Jesus Raise Your Child

... such parents seem to raise happy children quite naturally, imbuing their
children with selfconfidence and compassion for others. ... If they didn't feel sure
of themselves, were cynical about God or life in general, or suffered from
problems that ...

Author: Dr. Teresa Whitehurst

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781585586097

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This compelling book presents ten parenting principles drawn from the words and actions of Jesus. Using modern-day examples, Dr. Whitehurst explores: • application of biblical principles to today's parenting challenges • modern parenting trends at odds with Jesus's teaching • parenting temptations and how to resist them • how to help children become receptive to Jesus's message • how parents can come to Jesus and find rest

How to Raise Happy Loving Emotionally Intelligent Kids

I will do this by providing information , exercises and examples which will make
the art of communicating affirmatively to yourself ( and ultimately to your children )
easy and fun . As a counselor I know that when we learn to speak to ourselves ...

Author: Tamyra Bourgeois


ISBN: 9780966639308

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The Printers Journal and Typographical Magazine

If the weather had an unfavourable effect upon the this continue , we shall find
ourselves and our children living on the ... to Coming to the practical conclusion ,
he had spoken Section 15 : - . as though our only object was to raise ourselves .




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Building Villages to Raise Our Children Collaboration

Overcoming the Pitfalls What is perhaps most striking about programs that work
for children and families ... is that all of them find ways to adapt or circumvent
traditional professional and ... Lisbeth Schorr Within Our Reach Collaboration is
far from “ home free ” once it passes the planning stage . ... change the rule
yourself .




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Building Villages to Raise Our Children Community outreach

Another program videotaped kids in their preschool program and showed it to
parents so they could see what their ... Do not limit yourself to putting a few
posters in schools and libraries . ... is trying to raise children , hold down a job ,
and attend night school courses to advance her career may decide that your
program does ...




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Where Is Moses When We Need Him

Teaching Your Kids the Ten Values That Matter Most William Carr Peel, Kathy
Peel. “ Because I said so ... God ' s Answers This book is about right living and
how to raise ourselves and our children to live lives that please God .
Unfortunately ...

Author: William Carr Peel

Publisher: B & H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780805461800

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The children of Israel had Moses to teach them faith, moral values, and spiritual truths. Your children have you.

Parents and Teachers as Discipline Shapers

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Becker , W. Parents Are Teachers : A Child Management
Program . ... D. “ Kids Need Adult Contacts . ” Contemporary ... Isaacs , S. , and
Keller , M. The Inner Parent : Raising Ourselves , Raising Our Children . New
York ...

Author: Kevin J. Swick

Publisher: National Education Assn


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Parent involvement has been documented as the most effective method of improving student performance in school. This book explores ideas, strategies, and resources that parents and teachers can use in teaming together to facilitate productive student behavior and to deal positively with discipline issues. Parental role in discipline is discussed in terms of three forms of parental influence: (1) on the child's behavior; (2) on the first learning environment; and (3) on the child's attitudes. The discussion of parents and teachers as copartners in discipline focuses on the need, basis, and process for a team approach. Educating parents about discipline is explored by discussing parent education with a discipline focus and orienting parents to the classroom discipline approach. Additionally discussed are strategies for involving parents in discipline and for dealing with special discipline situations. It is concluded that teachers who use parent education and involvement strategies that focus on discipline have found them to be an important ingredient in successful classroom discipline programs. Parent-teacher teaming is indeed a key step toward achieving more productive student behavior. (RH)

Companies and Their Brands

Spices See The Uncle Spice Company Inc. Gajo Alden 40226 Tesoro Ln .
Palmdale , CA 93551 URL : http://www.aldenwrench.net Email ...



ISBN: 9780787689650

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Raising Faithful Kids in a Fast Paced World

But with so many pressures and demands competing for our time and attention ,
how do we balance our lives to insure that we are giving our children the very
best of ourselves ? What strategies should we focus on in order to raise our
children ...

Author: Paul Faulkner

Publisher: Howard Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781878990525

Category: Religion

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To find help for struggling parents, Dr. Paul Faulkner--renowned family counselor and popular speaker--interviewed 30 successful families who have managed to raise faithful kids while also maintaining demanding careers. The invaluable strategies and methods he gleaned are now available in this powerful book delivered in Dr. Faulkner's warm, humorous style.