Middle Range Theories

INTRODUCTION Middle range nursing theories can help nurses and graduate
nursing students alike meet and accomplish their goals of carrying out sound
nursing research . When nursing theories are analyzed and evaluated in a
thorough ...

Author: Sandra J. Peterson

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780781785624

Category: Medical

Page: 420

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This groundbreaking text is the most complete and detailed book devoted to middle-range theories and their applications in clinical nursing research. The book thoroughly explains the process of selecting an appropriate theory for a particular nursing research study and sets forth criteria for critiquing theories. Each chapter includes examples of research using middle-range theories, definitions of key terms, analysis exercises, reference lists, and relevant Websites. Instruments are presented in appendices. New features of this edition include analysis questions for all theories; new chapters on learning theory and physiologic middle-range theories; "Part" introductions to frame the selection process for each middle-range theory chosen; and a glossary of terms.

Tables for the Use of Range and Studentized Range in Tests of Hypotheses

Preface This Handbook is a revision of the lirst authors Order Statistics and their
Use in Testing and Estimation, Volume 1: Tests Based on Range and
Studentized Range of Samples from a Normal Population (published in 1970
through the ...

Author: H. Leon Harter

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780849331145

Category: Mathematics

Page: 688

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A companion volume to the authors' previous well-received work, the CRC Handbook of Tables for the Use of Order Statistics in Estimation, this handbook discusses testing whether a hypothesis is true or false. Together, these volumes are your complete reference to theory and important tables relating to order statistics and their applications. Once a researcher completes an experiment, the resulting data is assumed to have come from a normal distribution with its mean and variance unknown. The researcher is then presented with a hypothesis testing problem. The use of order statistics and related functions offers a simple, powerful, and interesting approach to solving this problem. This volume presents an introduction to the use of order statistics and explains the various problems and their applications. The role of order statistics in solving these problems is examined, several important statistics are introduced, and their use in addressing testing of hypothesis problems is highlighted. The book also includes numerous tables that facilitate the methods of hypothesis testing using order statistics. Examples are given of the use of these tables in multiple comparison tests, with attention to error rates and sample sizes, and in the analog range of analysis of variance.

Middle Range Theory for Nursing Second Edition

10 Evaluation of Middle Range Theories for the Discipline of Nursing Marlaine C.
Smith Theories are patterned ideas that provide a coherent way of viewing
complex phenomena . Middle range theories have a more limited view of a
particular ...

Author: Patricia R. Liehr PhD, ARNP

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826119155

Category: Medical

Page: 344

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2009 AJN Book of the Year Award Winner! Designated a Doody's Core Title! Middle Range Theory for Nursing is a textbook designed for theory and research courses in master's and doctoral programs. As described in the 2d edition of the Encyclopedia of Nursing Research, middle range theory "is a basic, usable structure of ideas, less abstract than grand theory and more abstract than empirical generalizations or micro-range theory . Middle-range theories are developed and grown at the intersection of practice and research to provide guidance for everyday practice and scholarly research rooted in the discipline of nursing." In this revised and updated second edition, the authors will revise the eight theories that were examined in the first edition with published research and practice updates along with any changes in the basic concepts and models. Seven new theories will be added. Each theory is presented by the theorist in a consistent format: purpose of the theory; basic concepts; relationships among the concepts, the model; use of the theory in nursing research and/or practice; conclusions; references. Theories new to the second edition Symptom Management (Dodd et al.) Caring (Swanson) Embodied Language (Liehr et al.) Cultural Self-reliance (Lowe) Caregiver Stress (Tsai) Clinical Decision Making (Chase) Moral Reckoning (Nathaniel)

Fundamentals of Short range FM Radar

Only the first term in the converted signal (2.4) is useful, containing the
information on target range and speed relative to the FM radar. The second term
is a parasitic signal. This signal has no influence on the useful signal, but at the
same time ...

Author: Igor V. Komarov

Publisher: Artech House

ISBN: 9781580537339

Category: Electronic books

Page: 289

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HereOCOs a unique new resource that offers you a solid understanding of the fundamental theory, operation principles and applications of short-range frequency modulated continuous wave (FM CW) radar. You learn how to choose the structural scheme of short-range FM radar, and determine the optimal algorithm of useful signal processing necessary for ensuring the technical characteristic of radar. Moreover, this practical reference shows you how to ensure the minimum level of radar signal parasitic amplitude, calculate modulation signal distortion, and compensate for nonlinear distortion."

North American Range Plants

Introduction The need for a comprehensive reference to aid in the identification of
the most important range plants of North America was long recognized by
ecologists , range managers , land managers , and other range professionals .

Author: James L. Stubbendieck

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803292055

Category: Gardening

Page: 493

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North American Range Plants has established itself as an essential source in the identification of important range plants. The two hundred plants described were selected on the basis of their abundance, desirability, or poisonous properties. These plants comprise the Master Plant List for the International Range Plant Identification contest, sponsored by the Society for Range Management. Each plant description includes characteristics for identification, an illustration of the plant with enlarged plant parts, and a general distribution map for North America. Each species description includes nomenclature, life span, origin, season of growth, inflorescence, flower or other reproductive parts, vegetative parts, and habitat.

Stochastic Modeling in Range Management

To this end, this chapter first provides a brief introduction to the task of range
management and then it describes the contributions of each of the book's eleven
analytical chapters. Keywords: Ecological-Economic System, Range
Management, ...

Author: Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 9781590338445

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 120

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Although rangelands are one of the most important ecological-economic systems on our planet, researchers thus far have paid scant attention to the study of range management from a theoretical perspective. As such, this book provides a systematic approach to the theoretical study of range management under uncertainty. In particular, the book demonstrates how the theory of stochastic processes and the techniques of stochastic modelling can be used to construct and analyse theoretical models of jointly determined rangelands and thereby shed light on the task of range management. Because specialised grazing systems involving the rotation of animals between pastures have been a major focus of range managers since the 1950s, this book pays considerable attention to questions that arise when specialised grazing systems such as short duration grazing are used to manage rangelands. Specific issues that are analysed in this book include the optimal number of paddocks in short duration grazing, the steady state distribution of animals in short duration grazing. Also, the effect of potential irreversibilities, the choice between the stocking rate and time, herding in ranch operations, and the role of time in range management, is discussed.

High Dynamic Range Video

In recent years, several new techniques have been developed that are capable
of capturing images with a dynamic range of up to 8 orders of magnitude at video
frame rates. Such a range is practically sufficient to accommodate the full range ...

Author: Karol Myszkowski

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers

ISBN: 1598292145

Category: Computers

Page: 158

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As new displays and cameras offer enhanced color capabilities, there is a need to extend the precision of digital content. High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging encodes images and video with higher than normal 8 bit-per-color-channel precision, enabling representation of the complete color gamut and the full visible range of luminance.However, to realize transition from the traditional to HDRimaging, it is necessary to develop imaging algorithms that work with the high-precision data. To make such algorithms effective and feasible in practice, it is necessary to take advantage of the limitations of the human visual system by aligning the data shortcomings to those of the human eye, thus limiting storage and processing precision. Therefore, human visual perception is the key component of the solutions we discuss in this book.

Geologic Evolution of the Mojave Desert and Southwestern Basin and Range

Basins and ranges are wider by a factor of two than their counterparts to the east
and north , and relief is much greater . Although the average elevation within the
northern Basin and Range is higher , both the highest ( 4418 m ) and the lowest ...

Author: Allen F. Glazner

Publisher: Geological Society of America

ISBN: 9780813711959

Category: Science

Page: 308

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CD-ROM contains: Electronic version of text -- Maps.

White Sands Missile Range

INTRODUCTION White Sands Missile Range came into being with a Corps of
Engineers Real Estate Directive issued on February 8 , 1945 , declaring that an
area in the southern Tularosa Basin was of “ military necessity ; " the area met all
of ...

Author: Darren Court

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9780738558783

Category: History

Page: 127

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Since the official flag raising on July 9, 1945, the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) has become an integral part of global defense for the United States. A mere week after formation, Project Trinity tested the first atomic bomb at an isolated site, which was 100 miles north on what was then part of the Alamogordo Bombing Range--a test site for B-17 pilots. Back at White Sands Proving Ground, as it was then named, personnel were unaware of the massive new weapon tested to their north. Instead their focus was upon the arrival of what would be 300 railroad cars of captured German V-2 rockets and associated equipment. Later that year, over 100 captured German scientists, among them Werner von Braun, would arrive at White Sands to assist in V-2 technology, launching America's race to space; tens of thousands of rockets and missiles have since been fired on the range. Thousands of family members also lived and worked at the range, and their stories can be found inside as well.

Architecture of the Central Brooks Range Fold and Thrust Belt Arctic Alaska

Special Paper 324 1998 Seismic profiling constraints on the evolution of the
central Brooks Range , Arctic Alaska E. S. Wissinger * and A. R. Levander
Department of Geology and Geophysics , Rice University , Houston , Texas
77005-1892 ...

Author: John S. Oldow

Publisher: Geological Society of America

ISBN: 9780813723242

Category: Science

Page: 317

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The 17 papers presented here introduce results on geological and geophysical research centred largely along a North-South transect through the central Brooks Range of Arctic Alaska. Investigations centre on a descripton of the rocks and their tectonic evolution from the foreland to the hinterland of the orogen, the geometry and kinematics of contractional and extensional structures, regional and local stratigraphic relations, thermochronology, and the deep crustal structure of the Brooks Range and parts of the North Slope, and descriptions of the major lithotectonic assemblages, composing the orogenic belt.

Range Dopplar Radar Imaging and Motion Compensation

This type of motion produces the doppler shift required to map the target ' s
reflectivity in the cross - range direction . However , to form an image using the
two - dimensional DFT approach , target rotation must be small to avoid blurring
of ...


Publisher: Artech House

ISBN: 9781608071784



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Geology and Mineral Potential of the Antelope Range Mining District Iron County Utah

THE Antelope Range mining district, located approximately 20 miles (32 km)
west of Cedar City, Utah, contains many occurrences of epithermal, base and
precious metals mineralized veins. Host rocks in the district range from limestone
of the ...

Author: Michael A. Shubat

Publisher: Utah Geological Survey

ISBN: 1557910928

Category: Antelope Range (Utah).

Page: 26

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The Antelope Range mining district, located approximately 20 miles (32 km) west of Cedar City, Utah, contains many occurrences of epithermal, base and precious metals mineralized veins. Host rocks in the district range from limestone of the Carmel Formation through a sequence of Tertiary ash-flow tuffs. Neogene extensional faulting produced northwest-striking structures that host mineralized veins. The mineralization and hydrothermal alteration is approximately 8.5 Ma. Ore and gangue minerals show a paragenetic sequence that consists of an earlier base metals stage followed by a later silver sulfosalt stage. Maximum precious metal values from vein samples are 9 oz/ ton silver and 0.22 oz/ton gold. Factor analysis results of geochemical data independently corroborate the paragenetic sequence. Both lateral and vertical geochemical zonations are inferred. Mineralization is interpreted to be the product of a boiling hydrothermal system induced by rhyolitic and dacitic volcanism. Potential exists for the discovery of silver-bearing epithermal vein deposits. 26 pages + 2 plates

Joint Range of Motion and Muscle Length Testing

^^^^^^^^^=^^^^^^^^^^^^= Age: Indicate: AROM PROM LEFT RIGHT JOINT
RANGE OF MOTION Patient: Age: Indicate: AROM PROM LEFT. Fig. A-1

Author: Nancy Berryman Reese

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1416058842

Category: Medical

Page: 509

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One of the most comprehensive texts on the market, Joint Range of Motion and Muscle Length Testing, 3rd Edition, is an easy-to-follow reference that guides you in accurately measuring range of motion and muscle length for all age groups. Written by renowned educators, Nancy Berryman Reese and William D. Bandy for both Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy professionals, this book describes in detail the reliability and validity of each technique. A new companion web site features video clips demonstrating over 100 measurement techniques! Full-color design clearly demonstrates various techniques and landmarks. Clear technique template allows you to quickly and easily identify the information you need. Simple anatomic illustrations clearly depict the various techniques and landmarks for each joint. Coverage of range of motion and muscle length testing includes important, must-know information. Complex tool coverage prepares you to use the tape measure, goniometer, and inclinometer in the clinical setting. Over 100 videos let you independently review techniques covered in the text. Chapter on infants and children eliminates having to search through pediatric-specific books for information. Anatomical landmarks provide a fast visual reference for exactly where to place measuring devices. Chapters dedicated to length testing makes information easy to locate. UPDATED information and references includes the latest in hand and upper extremity rehabilitation.

Free Range Kids Giving Our Children the Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts with Worry

Lenore Skenazy. Part 1 e Fourteen Free-Range Commandments
KnowWhentoWo y Play Dates and Axe Murderers: How toTell the Difference.
Part1 The Fourteen Free-Range Commandments.

Author: Lenore Skenazy

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470471948

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 256

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A humorous yet poignant look into how much freedom American parents might be taking away from their children in the name of their safety.

Reliable Communications for Short Range Wireless Systems

Even though there is no universally accepted definition, short-range wireless
communications typically refers to a wide variety of technologies with
communication ranges from a few centimeters to several hundreds of meters.
While the last ...

Author: Ismail Guvenc

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139500376

Category: Technology & Engineering


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Ensuring reliable communication is an important concern in short-range wireless communication systems with stringent quality of service requirements. Key characteristics of these systems, including data rate, communication range, channel profiles, network topologies and power efficiency, are very different from those in long-range systems. This comprehensive book classifies short-range wireless technologies as high and low data rate systems. It addresses major factors affecting reliability at different layers of the protocol stack, detailing the best ways to enhance the capacity and performance of short-range wireless systems. Particular emphasis is placed on reliable channel estimation, state-of-the-art interference mitigation techniques and cooperative communications for improved reliability. The book also provides detailed coverage of related international standards including UWB, ZigBee, and 60 GHz communications. With a balanced treatment of theoretical and practical aspects of short-range wireless communications and with a focus on reliability, this is an ideal resource for practitioners and researchers in wireless communications.

Characteristics of Remnant Old Growth Forests in the Northern Coast Range of Oregon and Comparison to Surrounding Landscapes

Two or more tree species in a range of sizes and ages b. Douglas-fir, ponderosa
pine, or sugar pine trees ≥30 in DBH or ≥200 yr old: eight or more per acre c.
Intermediate and small size classes of white fir, Douglas-fir, or incense-cedar ...

Author: Andrew N. Gray

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 1437926126


Page: 48

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Old-growth forests provide unique habitat features and landscape functions compared to younger stands. The goals of many forest mgmt. plans in the Pacific NW include increasing the area of late-successional and old-growth forests. This study describes existing old-growth forests in the northern Oregon Coast Range that might serve as examples of desired future conditions and developmental pathways. Results suggest that although old-growth forests can develop along multiple pathways, stand composition and productivity constrain development such that expecting all late-successional stands to have the full complement of old-growth attributes may not be realistic. Illustrations. This is a print on demand report.

Holmes on the Range

HOLMES ON THE RANGE A Comic Mystery in Five Scenes By CRAIG SODARO
Setting : The play takes place at Bicuspid Manor , a beautiful hunting lodge high
in the Big Horn Mountains . There are three entrances , one RIGHT , one LEFT ...

Author: Steve Hockensmith

Publisher: Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.


Category: Audiobooks


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"1893 is a tough year in Montana, and any job is a good job. When Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer sign on as ranch hands at the secretive Bar-VR cattle spread, they're not expecting much more than hard work, bad pay, and a comfortable campfire around which they can enjoy their favorite pastime: scouring Harper's weekly for stories about the famous Sherlock Holmes"--Publisher's description.

Rings Related to Stable Range Conditions

I ⋂ I ⋂ r(I) ) ∼= ⋂ r(I) I ⋂ r(I) ) ∼= ( In view of Theorem 1.1.13, we see that R/ I
⋂ r(I) has stable range one. As ( I ⋂ r(I) ) 2 = 0, we know that I ⋂ r(I) ⊆ J(R).
Therefore R has stable range one. (1) ⇔ (3) is proved in the same manner. □ We
end ...

Author: Huanyin Chen

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814329711

Category: Mathematics

Page: 661

View: 299

This monograph is concerned with exchange rings in various conditions related to stable range. Diagonal reduction of regular matrices and cleanness of square matrices are also discussed. Readers will come across various topics: cancellation of modules, comparability of modules, cleanness, monoid theory, matrix theory, K-theory, topology, amongst others. This is a first-ever book that contains many of these topics considered under stable range conditions. It will be of great interest to researchers and graduate students involved in ring and module theories.

Short range Wireless Communication

Deployment of short-range wireless devices has grown steadily since the
appearance of garage door openers and other keyless entry devices, but there
as been no parallel to the increase in quantities of products in this category that
were ...

Author: Alan Bensky

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 008047005X

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 354

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The Complete “Tool Kit for the Hottest Area in RF/Wireless Design! Short-range wireless—communications over distances of less than 100 meters—is the most rapidly growing segment of RF/wireless engineering. Alan Bensky is an internationally recognized expert in short-range wireless, and this new edition of his bestselling book is completely revised to cover the latest developments in this fast moving field. You’ll find coverage of such cutting-edge topics as: • architectural trends in RF/wireless integrated circuits • compatibility and conflict issues between different short-range wireless systems • “Zigbee and related new IEEE standards for short-range communications • latest U.S. and international regulatory standards for spread spectrum, ultra wideband, and other advanced communications techniques Alan Bensky also thoroughly discusses the fundamentals of radio signal propagation, communications protocols and modulation methods, information theory, antennas and transmission lines, receivers, transmitters, radio system design, and how to successfully implement a short-range wireless system. All material has been carefully updated and revised to make it as technically up-to-the-minute as possible. You’ll also find coverage of Bluetooth, “Wi-Fi and related 802.11 variants, digital modulation methods, and other essential information for planning and designing short-range wireless hardware and networks. This new edition will, like the first edition, be an invaluable reference for engineers and technical professionals who design, support, market, and maintain short-range wireless communications systems. No other book contains EVERYTHING pertaining to short-range wireless design. Covers all the hot topics like 802.11, Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.