When Yako Hoshino comes to the agency seeking help with a possessed book the last thing he expects to see is Rasetsu bearing a striking resemblance to his old love Yurara.


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When Yako Hoshino comes to the agency seeking help with a possessed book the last thing he expects to see is Rasetsu bearing a striking resemblance to his old love Yurara.

Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures

Sources: Beard, Autobiography ofSatan, 113; Lau- rence, Book ofEnoch, the Prophet 6; Lumpkin, Fallen Angels, ... Variations: Jurasetsu Nyoshin, Jyu-Rasetsu- Nyo, Rasetsu-nyo, Ten Cannibal Demon Women Originating in Japanese and Buddhist ...

Author: Theresa Bane

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This exhaustive volume catalogs nearly three thousand demons in the mythologies and lore of virtually every ancient society and most religions. From Aamon, the demon of life and reproduction with the head of a serpent and the body of a wolf in Christian demonology, to Zu, the half-man, half-bird personification of the southern wind and thunder clouds in Sumero-Akkadian mythology, entries offer descriptions of each demon’s origins, appearance and cultural significance. Also included are descriptions of the demonic and diabolical members making up the hierarchy of Hell and the numerous species of demons that, according to various folklores, mythologies, and religions, populate the earth and plague mankind. Very thoroughly indexed.

RG Veda Omnibus Volume 2

Yes, s HE |6, | - | s - \ o oš - - w N x: ol o I Look FoRWARD to Rasetsu BEcoMING THE FuTuRE KING, HE'65uch (\ A NCE Boy o \\ - - o so o o § o or N \ | o "ol - PROMse o s Me You'll o Tiao, we o You? 2- swoops- | \, o - MAN6HIP ...

Author: CLAMP

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RG Veda, pronounced Rig Veda, is based on the classic Indian saga of the same name. Ashura has now placed trust in Kujaku, known for many lies, to tell the truth and lead them to the fabled Ice Castle in search of Yasha, magicked away in a cloud of butterflies! But there are many strange fortresses in the realms of the gods, and the Sky Castle also is a place of darkness, shrouded in sorrow by the grief of the Lady Karura for her sister. And even a sanctuary in the clouds is no safe refuge to one hoping for revenge on the usurper of the heavens, Taishakuten...

Battle Rabbits Vol 2

RaSetsu's Family On the Ogre Planet # AP7A-2 AEA3a73//34/WA z/323 A/3 7hor or noy. whaz Ž...a royo 6 er, Ov &gh; so 3%no/or ^raop ---- 4 | -- - - - - - - - - - " - . ---- -- Thank you for picking up +his volume!


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Seven years ago, Kaguya was taken in by his grandmother after his father's death. Locked in solitary misery, he decides to take his own life. But then he meets a “fox spirit” and decides to take his life back instead. Embracing his past and coming to terms with his true self, Kaguya overcomes his weak heart, and stands with his friends against the high level oni in volume 2 of Battle Rabbits!

The Bamboos of the World

1, 1974, 6, Hatusima, Woody Pl, Jap., 1976: 611 • Common names: Gintai-katahada, Fuiri-katahada (Japanese). ... Book, 1983: 52 (erroneously assigned to Phyllostachys) • Common names: Rasetsu-chiku (Japanese), Aobadake (Japanese, ...

Author: D. Ohrnberger

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Bamboos constitute one of a few select categories of plants which are taxonomically related, very rich in species and of vital economic and ecological importance. Since the early 20th century the accepted number of species of bamboos, world wide, has tripled. However, until now information was scattered through numerous, often not easily available publications. The Bamboos of the World, is the first comprehensive (taxonomic as well as horticultural) reference work that provides basic information on bamboos world wide, whether they are wild or cultivated, well-known or rather unknown. The work, based on bamboo literature, facilitates access to further data by citation and a comprehensive bibliography. Among the main data included are botanical names with synonyms, and geographical distribution of genera and species, varieties with their distinctive characters, common bamboo names, plant introductions to the West, plant size and uses. The distribution of genera is mapped. The Bamboos of the World presents a wealth of essential information in an accessible and structured manner. It gives the opportunity to check under what names, and where, relevant information on any bamboo can be found. For the researcher with management and development interests it provides a convenient means of basing bamboo resource on a sound understanding of generic and species relationships, with names that appear in earlier literature put into context. The work should prove to be invaluable for those interested in the morphology, taxonomy, distribution and cultivation of bamboos. It should support botanical, forestry, horticultural and ecological research, training and resource management.

The Ashgate Research Companion to Monsters and the Monstrous

In the Dhāraṇī chapter of the Lotus Sutra , ten rākṣasīs ( female rasetsu ) become protectors of reciters of that sutra . ... 25 Konjaku Book 5 : tale 1 , and Uji shūi Book 6 : tale 9 ; Mills , Tales from Uji , pp . 266–9 .

Author: Asa Simon Mittman

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ISBN: 9781472418012

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The field of monster studies has grown significantly over the past few years and this companion provides a comprehensive guide to the study of monsters and the monstrous from historical, regional and thematic perspectives. The collection reflects the truly multi-disciplinary nature of monster studies, bringing in scholars from literature, art history, religious studies, history, classics, and cultural and media studies. The companion will offer scholars and graduate students the first comprehensive and authoritative review of this emergent field.

... corresponding to the West , and to essence of Metal ) , and Mercury ( chenxing fie , Nirriti ( Rasetsu ... 52 ; Byakuhô kushô WEA , ibid . , vol . 6 , pp . 468-75 . They are often associated with the eight bodhisattvas and the eight ...




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The Poetics of Motoori Norinaga

Rasetsu (Sk. råkøasa) are also a kind of demon said to bewitch and eat men. 145. China. 146. ... Isonokami no Sasamegoto (Personal Views on Poetry, 1763), 1:6. Hino Ta- tsuo, ed., ... Aston, Nihongi, vol. 1, pp. 53–54. 152.

Author: Norinaga Motoori

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One of Japan s most renowned intellectuals, Motoori Norinaga (1730 1801) is perhaps best known for his notion of mono no aware, a detailed description of the workings of emotions as the precondition for the poetic act. As a poet and a theoretician of poetry, Norinaga had a keen eye for etymologies and other archaeological practices aimed at recovering the depth and richness of the Japanese language. This volume contains his major works on the Yamato region the heartland of Japanese culture including one of his most famous poetic diaries, The Sedge Hat Diary (Sugagasa no Nikki), translated into English here for the first time. Written in 1772 while Norinaga journeyed through Yamato and the Yoshino area, The Sedge Hat Diary was composed in the style of Heian prose and is interspersed with fifty-five poems. It offers important insights into Norinaga the poet, the scholar of ancient texts, the devout believer in Shinto deities, and the archaeologist searching for traces of ancient capitals, palaces, shrines, and imperial tombs of the pre-Nara period. In this piece Norinaga presents Yoshino as a common poetic space that readers must inhabit to develop the common sense that makes them live ethically in the poet s ideal society. Norinaga s ideal society is deeply imbued with the knowledge of poetry and the understanding of emotions as evidenced in the translation of Norinaga s twenty-six songs on aware (pathos) also included here. The rest of the volume offers translations of several essays by the poet that shed further light on the places he visited in Yoshino and on the main topic of his scholarly interests: the sound of the uta (songs) from his beloved Yamato. An introductory essay on Norinaga s poetics serves as a guide through the dense arguments he developed both practically in his poems and theoretically in his essays. "

82-5 Bon Ten ( Brahman ) 82-6 Nitten ( Sūrya , Aditya ) 82-7 Gatten ( Candra ) 82-8 Ji Ten ( Pệthvi ) 82-9 Bishamon Ten ( Vaiśravaņa ) 82-10 Fũ Ten ( Vāyu ) 82-11 Sui Ten ( Varuņa ) 82-12 Rasetsu Ten ( Rākşasa , Nairsti ) 1191 A. D. ...




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