Rather Be the Devil

'Britain's No.1 crime writer' Mirror * * * * * A CASE THAT WON'T DIE John Rebus can't close the door on the death of glamorous socialite Maria Turquand.

Author: Ian Rankin

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'Britain's No.1 crime writer' Mirror * * * * * A CASE THAT WON'T DIE John Rebus can't close the door on the death of glamorous socialite Maria Turquand. Brutally murdered in her hotel room forty years ago, her killer has never been found. Meanwhile, Edinburgh's dark heart is up for grabs. Young pretender Darryl Christie may have staked his claim on the city's underworld - but has criminal mastermind and Rebus' long-time adversary, Big Ger Cafferty, really settled down to a quiet retirement? Or is he hiding in the shadows until Edinburgh is once more ripe for the picking? Old Enemies. New Crimes. Rebus may be off the force, but he certainly isn't off the case. * * * * * 'Superbly told, impossible to put down ... underlines the treasure that Rebus has become' Daily Mail 'This elegantly crafted and witty thriller proves this old devil still has all the best tunes' Sunday Mirror 'Effortless plotting and a cracking narrative that keeps the reader gripped throughout' Daily Express

Robert Johnson

McCoy's run at the devil theme is similar: “I'd rather be the devil than be my woman's man . . . Oh, she was evil, wouldn't work hand in hand.” Temple's version follows suit, but with a morbid twist: “I'd rather be dead and in my ...

Author: Barry Lee Pearson

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The biography of a giant in the history of blues music

Hot Music Ragmentation and the Bluing of American Literature

floats in the piece, seems to place the sentiment and ambience in a hazy psychological otherworld—deliberately, of course: I'd rather be the devil [than] to be that woman's man. I'd rather be the devil [than] to be that woman's man.

Author: Steven Carl Tracy

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 0817318658

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Hot Music, Ragmentation, and the Bluing of American Literature examines the diverse ways in which African American "hot" music influenced American culture - particularly literature - in early twentieth-century America. Steven C. Tracy provides a history of the fusion of African and European elements that formed African American "hot" music, and considers how terms like ragtime, jazz, and blues developed their own particular meanings for American music and society. He draws from the fields of literature, literary criticism, cultural anthropology, American studies, and folklore to demonstrate how blues as a musical and poetic form has been a critical influence on American literature. -- from dust jacket.

A Blues Bibliography

Skip James: Devil Got My Woman. USA: Vanguard VSD-79273, 1968. Anon. “Son House Records as Skip James Recovers. ... (NOTE: Excerpted from I'd Rather Be the Devil: Skip James and the Blues. New York: Da Capo, 1994.) Calt, Stephen.

Author: Robert Ford

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135865086

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A Blues Bibliography, Second Edition is a revised and enlarged version of the definitive blues bibliography first published in 1999. Material previously omitted from the first edition has now been included, and the bibliography has been expanded to include works published since then. In addition to biographical references, this work includes entries on the history and background of the blues, instruments, record labels, reference sources, regional variations and lyric transcriptions and musical analysis. The Blues Bibliography is an invaluable guide to the enthusiastic market among libraries specializing in music and African-American culture and among individual blues scholars.

Country Blues Songbook

The devil was stronger than I was, an' he did have, and is got now, a certain amount of power . . . And he lives in Hell, ... —Skip James I'd rather be the devil, to be that woman man,* I'd rather be the devil, to be that woman man.

Author: Stefan Grossman

Publisher: Oak Publications

ISBN: 1783234547

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The shellac of the 20's, 30's and 40's caught the fleeting moment, the spirit of the times; the raunchy ragtime, barrelhouse boogie and the country blues. Some of those records will never be replaced. Some, never will be heard again. Many of those songs are here in printed form for the first time, as an only monument to a pristine era never to happen again. This is a valued collection of the great country blues — as sung and played by the greatest of the country bluesmen — as collected and annotated by Stefan Grossman, Hal Grossman and Stephen Calt: Aberdeen Mississippi Blues/Booker White'Bout A Spoonful/Mance LipscombAlabama Blues/Robert WilkinsAin't You Sorry?/Mance LipscombAll Night Long/Skip JamesAt Home Blues/Sam "Lightnin' " HopkinsAvalon Blues/Mississippi John HurtAwful Fix Blues/Buddy Boy HawkinsBanty Rooster Blues/Charlie PattonBeer Drinkin' Women/R.K. TurnerBig Chief Blues/Furry LewisBig Leg Blues/Mississippi John HurtBird Nest Bound/Charlie PattonBob McKinney/Henry ThomasBud Russell Blues/Sam "Lightnin'" HopkinsBull Frog Blues/William HarrisCandy Man Blues/Mississippi John HurtCasey Jones/Furry LewisCatfish Blues/Skip JamesCharlie James/Mance LipscombCoffee Blues/Mississippi John HurtCorinne, Corinna/Mississippi John HurtCounty Farm Blues/Son HouseCrossroad Blues/Robert JohnsonCrow Jane/Skip JamesCypress Grove Blues/Skip JamesDepot Blues/Son HouseDevil Got My Woman/Skip JamesDevil in the Lion's Den/Sam CollinsDough Roller Blues/Joe CallicottDown the Dirt Road/Charlie PattonDrunken Spree/Skip JamesDry Well Blues/Charlie PattonFallin' Down Blues/Robert WilkinsFuture Blues/Willie BrownGet Away Blues/Robert WilkinsHambone Blues/Ed BellHammer Blues/Charlie PattonHell Hound On My Trail/Robert JohnsonHot Jelly Roll Blues/George CarterHow Long Buck/Skip JamesI'm Satis fied/Mississippi John HurtJinx Blues/Son HouseKnocking Down Windows/Mance LipscombLong Train Blues/Robert WilkinsMarried Woman Blues/Joe Callicott

Easy Riders Rolling Stones

Stephen Calt, I'd Rather Be the Devil: Skip James and the Blues (Chicago, IL, 2008), p. 100. Ibid., p. 211. Lawrence Levine, Black Culture and Black Consciousness: AfroAmerican Folk Thought from Slavery to Freedom [1977] (Oxford, 2007), ...

Author: John Scanlan

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1780235518

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Easy Riders, Rolling Stones delves into the history of twentieth century American popular music to explore the emergence of 60s “road music.” This music—which includes styles like blues and R&B——took shape at pivotal moments in history and was made by artists and performers who were, in various ways, seekers after freedom. Whether journeying across the country, breaking free from real or imaginary confines, or in the throes of self-invention, these artists incorporated their experiences into scores of songs about travel and movement, as well as creating a new kind of road culture. Starting in the Mississippi Delta and tracking the emblematic routes and highways of road music, John Scanlan explores the music and the life of movement it so often represented, identifying “the road” as the key to an existence that was uncompromising. He shows how the road became an inspiration for musicians like Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan and how these musicians also drew stimulus from a Beat movement that was equally enthralled with the possibilities of travel. He also shows how the quintessential American concepts of freedom and travel influenced English bands such as the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. These bands may have been foreigners in the US, but they also found their spiritual home there—of blues and rock ‘n’ roll––and glimpsed the possibility of a new kind of existence, on the road. Easy Riders, Rolling Stones is an entertaining, rich account of a key strand of American music history, and will appeal to both road music fans and music scholars who want to “head out on the highway.”

Ian Rankin

attention to the Grieve family instead. ... Instead, the detective holds Shand for an hour and then lets him go. ... Rankin brings back Shand, the “one-man freak show” (RBD 64), 15 years later, in Rather Be the Devil.

Author: Erin E. MacDonald

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786471883

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Ian Rankin is considered by many to be Scotland's greatest living crime fiction author. Most well known for his Inspector Rebus series--which has earned critical acclaim as well as scores of fans worldwide--Rankin is a prolific author whose other works include spy thrillers, nonfiction books and articles, short stories, novels, graphic novels, audio recordings, television/film, and plays. This companion--the first to provide a complete look at all of his writings--includes alphabetized entries on Rankin's works, characters, and themes; a biography; a chronology; maps of Rebus' Edinburgh; and an annotated bibliography. A champion of both Edinburgh and Scotland, Rankin continues to combine engaging entertainment with socio-political commentary showing Edinburgh as a microcosm of Scotland, and Scotland as a microcosm of the world. His writing investigates questions of Scottish identity, British history, masculinity, and contemporary culture while providing mystery readers with complex, suspenseful plots, realistic character development, and a unique mix of American hard-boiled and procedural styles with Scottish dialects and sensibilities.

The Blues Lyric Formula

Note also that staggering occurs in the last two stanzas: 13 I'd rather be the devil, to be that woman's man I'd rather be the devil, to be that woman's man Oh nothing but the devil changed my baby's mind Oh nothing but the devil ...

Author: Michael Taft

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135485925

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This book is the first rigourous and detailed exploration of exactly how blues singers used formulas to create songs, and it more than amply fills the gap in the the study of the blues, where the structure and content of the lyrics have been less fully explored than the musical form. Focusing on the songs recorded by African-American singers for pre-World War Two commercial recording companies, this is an excellent structural analysis of the formulaic composistion of blues lyrics. This book gives a step-by-step description of the rules implicit in this formulaic structure and inspires new discussion of lyric structures. A wide array of readers will find this insightful and informative: from students of African-American music, cultural studies, history and linguistics, to Blues fans fascinated by exactly how the lyrics of this influential music style are written.

The Blues Encyclopedia

however, he plucked with his fingernails like a classical guitarist, rather than using his fingers or a pick. He also used D minor, rather than open, ... I'd Rather Be the Devil: Skip James and the Blues. New York: Da Capo, 1994.

Author: Edward Komara

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135958327

Category: Music

Page: 1200

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The Blues Encyclopedia is the first full-length authoritative Encyclopedia on the Blues as a musical form. While other books have collected biographies of blues performers, none have taken a scholarly approach. A to Z in format, this Encyclopedia covers not only the performers, but also musical styles, regions, record labels and cultural aspects of the blues, including race and gender issues. Special attention is paid to discographies and bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of the Blues

however, he plucked with his fingernails like a classical guitarist, rather than using his fingers or a pick. He also used D minor, rather than open, ... I'd Rather Be the Devil: Skip James and the Blues. New York: Da Capo, 1994.

Author: Edward M. Komara

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415926998

Category: Music

Page: 1100

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This comprehensive two-volume set brings together all aspects of the blues from performers and musical styles to record labels and cultural issues, including regional evolution and history. Organized in an accessible A-to-Z format, the Encyclopedia of the Blues is an essential reference resource for information on this unique American music genre. For a full list of entries, contributors, and more, visit the Encyclopedia of the Blues website.