The Shadow I Remember

I was pushing the cart, remembering exactly where we had parked, but the vehicle wasn't there; just an empty parking space, a torn, plastic cup and a few scraps of paper cluttering the ground where our car should have been.

Author: C. Ruthe

Publisher: C. Ruthe


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 216

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What would you do if you found out there was a horrible, shameful secret within your own family? Cyndi thought she had it tough by trying to get her emotionally distant father to pay any attention to her, while at the same time attempting to fend off an overanxious and domineering mother—a rather frustrating and difficult struggle, indeed. But what Cyndi learned about her father years after his death completely shook her to the core. It’s been said that chaos brings people closer together. The Shadow I Remember presents a brutal tale of emotional distance, sexual and psychological abuse, and mental instability within a family that merely wanted to live a simple life, but unexpectedly ended up imploding.

Fierce with Reality

When her landscapes are veiled and murky , she yields herself calmly to shadows , remembering to remember that shadows are cast by the sun . Claire J . Baker Claire J . Baker was awarded High Honors for this poem in the 1986 Poetry ...

Author: Margaret Cruikshank

Publisher: North Star Pressof st Cloud


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 235

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Old age creeps up on all of us who are fortunate to live long enough to achieve it. This anthology of stories, essays, poems and folk-tales presents a variety of images of the aging. Diverse rich, international perspectives are included (Vietnamese, American, Cambodian, Chinese, Iraqi, Japanese and German) and combined with writings by women and men who regard old age as a fruitful time of life, to be celebrated rather than lamented.

Edge of tomorrow

i fell into the cold, the dark, the emptiness i fell i remember falling i remember losing view shadows falling cold cold shadows like the dark that fell quickly over the plains as the sun faded and the dark pervaded i remember being so ...

Author: Steven Ross Keith


ISBN: 0557030080


Page: 114

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I always the the open page the blank white space pace created by whiteness blankness openness. The Edge of tomorrow reconstructs previous works rewrites them represents them along with new work in a way that I call syntactical.This is the eighth book of poetry in this year long blitz. I know I went somewhere else the Edge of tomorrow when my wife Amy said she couldn't read anymore because of the tears in her eyes.That's enough for me. When added to the cancer surviving sister Pati whose demise made me undertake this project there is nothing to compete.

Tinsley s Magazine

Remember , when the twilight shadows gather , And the long day for ever more is past , When cattle to their sheds are slowly turning , When tired reapers gain their homes at last . Remember , when the pale sad moon has risen ...




Category: English fiction


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Painted Shadows

If we talked , I know not what we said , though I remember all else of that night , can see and hear it all , as vivid still and near as the shadow of that rose yonder on the wall . How well I remember every detail of her dress that ...

Author: Richard Le Gallienne



Category: English fiction

Page: 362

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A Chaplet of Love Poems

Remember , when the twilight shadows gather , And the long day for evermore is past , When cattle to their sheds are slowly turning , And tired reapers gain their homes at last . Remember , when the pale sad moon has risen And floods a ...

Author: Ethel M. De Fonblanque



Category: Love poetry

Page: 170

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It's a fancy term that refers to the very soft shadows caused by light occlusion on the subject. Remember that “occlusion” simply means “blocked out.” So if you are standing outside, probably the areas under your armpits are occluded ...

Author: Nicholas Boughen

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 1449633498

Category: Computers

Page: 570

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Companion CD included with 30-day demo of LightWave v9! The process of creating accurate and pleasing lighting in CG environments demands both an understanding of the fundamentals of light and knowledge of the available tools. LightWave v9 Lighting addresses these issues in a practical guide that shows you how to achieve your lighting goals using the latest version of LightWave 3D. With this book discover the tools and features of LightWave v9 that can improve your lighting; understand lighting concepts including color, shadow, intent, and style; explore a number of tutorials that demonstrate specific lighting setups; learn how to enhance your lighting with volumetrics, lens flares, projection images, and radiosity; find out how the proper lighting can turn a good shot into a great shot.

100 Photoshop

Finishing off: adding the shadows Shadows added to the tennis racquets stop them from looking too new and shiny. ... It's important to remember to add shadows beneath objects – such as under the chest of drawers and the box.

Author: Steve Caplin

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1136110305

Category: Design

Page: 257

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Just when you think you've learned all that you could ever know about working in Photoshop, digital artist and photomontage king Steve Caplin comes along with yet another masterful method for creating incredible works of art in Photoshop. This time, he'll show you how to create complete images, from start to finish, entirely within the software program. No source material, photographs, or existing files from other software packages are needed, saving you valuable time and resources. The techniques you'll learn in this ground-breaking new book will help you combine your artistic vision and skills with an understanding of how to manipulate the built-in Photoshop filters to produce impressive, eye-catching artwork. Each chapter opens with a complete double page illustration, created entirely in Photoshop. Then, carefully laid out step-by-step instructions show you how each element in the illustration is created, and how they are all combined in the end to make a convincing final image. Using Steve's proven methods for success, you'll be able to produce images that reflect a more finely crafted, hand drawn approach, whether you're an artist for your own enjoyment or a working professional looking for a leg up on the competition.

The Shadow of Life

"I remember it all," said Gavan, "and I remember how I broke poor Elspeth." "Do you?" "All of it: the attic windows and the pine-tree under them, and the great white bird, and the dreadful, soft little thud on the garden path.

Author: Anne Douglas Sedgwick

Publisher: The Floating Press

ISBN: 1776590937

Category: Fiction

Page: 278

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Is it possible to love a person so much that you refuse to remain together with him or her -- because you know that your union is destined to bring unhappiness? Is this choice selfless or selfish? That's the philosophical question at the heart of this rather dark romance from Anne Douglas Sedgwick. Despite sharing a passionate affinity that has persisted for decades, a couple's chance at lasting togetherness is dashed because one partner is fearful that he is not worthy of the love he has been given.

The Shadow Cabinet

And I remember getting you out of the car, and we went back to the flat. I know we . . . I know what we did, you and I. I think I went to bed then, maybe, but I can't remember anything after that.” He had to be told.

Author: Maureen Johnson

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698171713

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 384

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The thrilling third installment to the Edgar-nominated, bestselling series Rory and her friends are reeling from a series of sudden and tragic events. While racked with grief, Rory tries to determine if she acted in time to save a member of the squad. If she did, how do you find a ghost? Also, Rory’s classmate Charlotte has been kidnapped by Jane and her nefarious organization. Evidence is uncovered of a forty-year-old cult, ten missing teenagers, and a likely mass murder. Everything indicates that Charlotte’s in danger, and it seems that something much bigger and much more terrible is coming. Time is running out as Rory fights to find her friends and the ghost squad struggles to stop Jane from unleashing her spectral nightmare on the entire city. In the process, they’ll discover the existence of an organization that underpins London itself—and Rory will learn that someone she trusts has been keeping a tremendous secret.