RESONATE. Resonate is a joyful ode to the mysterious gift of music. With humor,
wisdom, and incisive wit, Mark Beuving takes a thoughtful look at the joys (and
sorrows) of music in the contemporary evangelical context. Lovers of music and ...

Author: Mark Beuving

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310516498

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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It’s no secret that Christians can be ambivalent about music, both popular music and music in the church. In Resonate, author and Eternity Bible College professor Mark Beuving shows Christians how to better appreciate all kinds of music to the glory and pleasure of God. Beuving carefully examines music in the Bible and looks at the various and powerful ways in which music influences our world and our personal lives. He devotes the first section of the book to understanding music, both sacred and secular, exploring biblically why human beings make music and how it affects us. In the second section he highlights some of the many ways we engage with music, from writing songs to discussing artists with our neighbors to worshiping God with fellow believers. Wise and winsome, Beuving writes with an ear for recapturing the wonder of a beautiful part of God’s creation. Readers will be inspired to contemplate more deeply and appreciate more fully God’s good gift of music.


Resonate. “Nancy Duarte boils down great presentations to the essence of what
connects people—great stories. As a leader, you need to connect, convince, and
change people with your words—so don't you dare start your next presentation ...

Author: Nancy Duarte

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118008936

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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Reveals the underlying story form of all great presentations that will not only create impact, but will move people to action Presentations are meant to inform, inspire, and persuade audiences. So why then do so many audiences leave feeling like they've wasted their time? All too often, presentations don't resonate with the audience and move them to transformative action. Just as the author's first book helped presenters become visual communicators, Resonate helps you make a strong connection with your audience and lead them to purposeful action. The author's approach is simple: building a presentation today is a bit like writing a documentary. Using this approach, you'll convey your content with passion, persuasion, and impact. Author has a proven track record, including having created the slides in Al Gore's Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth Focuses on content development methodologies that are not only fundamental but will move people to action Upends the usual paradigm by making the audience the hero and the presenter the mentor Shows how to use story techniques of conflict and resolution Presentations don't have to be boring ordeals. You can make them fun, exciting, and full of meaning. Leave your audiences energized and ready to take action with Resonate.


This book is based on the Resonate course which was originally developed as
an internal training programme for Manchester City Mission's (MCM) evangelists.
The idea was to provide a simple framework that could be used to develop ...

Author: Terry Durose

Publisher: Pneuma Springs Publishing

ISBN: 1905809301

Category: Religion

Page: 78

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Since 2002 Terry Durose has had the privilege of training and preparing literally thousands of Christians for evangelistic mission. The insights he shares in this book come from deep Biblical reflection and his experience as a Pastor, Head of UK Missions for 'On The Move¿, and Director of Manchester City Mission. Originally written as a training course for Manchester City Mission evangelists, Resonate was redeveloped to help 'ordinary¿ Christians share their faith. This is what other have said about Resonate:Simply one of the best tools I¿ve ever seen for equipping people in personal evangelism¿ (¿Chick Yuill, Chair of Hope2008 in Greater Manchester)"..well researched and solidly biblical. It is a message of hope..." (¿Revd. Professor Andrew Igenoza) ¿An excellent course combining Biblical truth with down to earth experience. I am confident that resonate will enable many to effectively share Jesus¿ (¿Gareth Lloyd-Jones, Pastor, Motram, Evangelical Church)¿This has to be the best teaching I have ever heard on the subject of personal evangelism. ¿..inspires but also equips, taking the panic out of evangelism. Excellent! Thank you.¿ (¿Judith Rudd, Attendee of the resonate course)


With its practical exercises, inspiring real-life stories and insightful tips, this book will unlock your confidence and show you how to make your message resonate.

Author: Louise Mahler

Publisher: Penguin Group Australia

ISBN: 1760141682

Category: Self-Help

Page: 240

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In Resonate Dr Louise Mahler, voice coach extraordinaire, demonstrates that your mind, body and voice are inextricably linked. By approaching voice through an understanding of the whole body, Louise explains how your state of mind determines the way you hold your body, how your feelings resonate through your voice and how this sequence ultimately influences the efficacy of your communication. She explains the most common ways people react to nerves or excitement, as well as how your listeners respond to your voice and gestures – and how to use these to communicate more powerfully. Whether you struggle to make a point at work or a school committee meeting; whether you're going for the next big job or trying to improve your performance in the one you have; or you simply want better ways to communicate, Resonate will show you how to tune in to your own vocal intelligence, identify the physical and mental blocks that are holding you back, and reclaim your authentic voice. With its practical exercises, inspiring real-life stories and insightful tips, this book will unlock your confidence and show you how to make your message resonate.


Combining the physics of energy transfer in the human body with physical practices adopted from Zen training, Resonate uniquely integrates how we can develop ourselves to change our world. Let Resonate show the Way.

Author: Ginny Whitelaw


ISBN: 9781646631346


Page: 268

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In a world of great noise, disruption, and dysfunction, it's hard to be heard or know how to make a difference. But master the principal underlying change, and you can live your most significant, joyful and resilient life. That principle is resonance, and Resonate is your guide. In these pages, you'll discover How resonance does everything How you can become a more resonant being How you can apply resonance to bring about change, from love and relationships, to goals and dreams, to large-scale social change You've likely heard of "being on the same wavelength." But prepare to be surprised by how pervasive resonance is, and how powerfully you can affect it. Resonance connects the inner and outer worlds, linking subjective experience and objective impact. It cannot be faked or fooled; resonance is a physical fact. But how we resonate is a choice, a condition we can cultivate. Combining the physics of energy transfer in the human body with physical practices adopted from Zen training, Resonate uniquely integrates how we can develop ourselves to change our world. Let Resonate show the Way.

The Body Quantum

As you may know , organ pipes resonate or vibrate sympathetically when certain
notes are played ; the familiar experience of blowing across an empty Coke bottle
illustrates the principle involved . The ear canal is no exception to this principle ...

Author: Fred Alan Wolf

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Company


Category: Fiction

Page: 310

View: 626

Argues that quantum as well as classical physics is necessary to explain the human body, and discusses the human skeleton, nutrition, protein structure, DNA, reproduction, the senses, respiration, the mind, and death

Resonate for Anyone Who Wants to Build an Audience

Nobody understands how Alex Wolf built a cult following of over half a million millennials for her first brand in less than a year.

Author: Alex Wolf


ISBN: 9781980904434


Page: 186

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Nobody understands how Alex Wolf built a cult following of over half a million millennials for her first brand in less than a year. Nobody understands why she left it all to become a writer either. RESONATE is Wolf's informative and occasionally hilarious look at the intersection of human nature, technology, and how understanding both can help anyone creative build a following of their own.


FEEL THIS WAY . Presenting Resonate's iSM Solution . The only way to ensure
optimal service levels for e - business applications . The prospect of deploying ...




Category: Executives


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A resource for information executives, the online version of CIO offers executive programs, research centers, general discussion forums, online information technology links, and reports on information technology issues.

Building Architecture of Sth patya Veda

Similarly the lower ' ri ' would resonate with upper ' ri ' lower ' ga ' with upper ' ga '
and so on and so forth . In the same way , if two Veenas are pitched at Sa ,
another two at Pa , yet another two at Ni and when one of first is aroused the next

Author: V. Ganapathi



Category: Architecture, Domestic

Page: 431

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High Energy Solar Physics

If other waves are present that will resonate with even higher energy particles ,
the particle will continue jumping from resonance to resonance and achieve a
maximum energy corresponding to the last resonance present . If the wave
spectrum ...

Author: R. Ramaty



Category: Astronomy

Page: 477

View: 587

Contains articles based on talks presented at an October 1999 workshop, discussing developments in the study of solar flares. Emphasis is on work carried out at high energies and on new data anticipated from the High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (HESSI). Themes are HESSI and related solar physics, energetic particles and theories of particle acceleration, X-rays, radio emission, and Gamma rays. Specific topics include stochastic particle acceleration in solar flares, flare loop geometry, understanding energetic flare particles without numerical codes, radio view of particle acceleration and complementarity with HESSI, and the chromospheric response to particle beams during a gamma-ray flare. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Three dimensional Biomedical Imaging

When hydrogen nuclei are in a magnetic field with a field strength of 1 tesla (T),
they can be made to resonate at a frequency of 42.58 MHz. (1 MHz = 1
megahertz = 1 million hertz.) In response to a stimulus of rf energy at the proper
frequency ...

Author: Richard A. Robb



Category: Imagerie médicale

Page: 149

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is said to “ resonate ” at that frequency . By the same token , the collective
reverberations of the sound within the cavity is called resonance . Of course , soft
tissues absorb sound waves and hard ones reflect or echo them . When the
length of ...

Author: John W. Oller

Publisher: Plural Pub Incorporated


Category: Medical

Page: 766

View: 518

This engaging, accessible, and comprehensive textbook introduces the full range of communication disorders that affect speech and language as well as underlying sign systems of sensation, movement, and social cognition. The content is visible, audible, observable, comprehensible, compelling and accessible. It is technology and media rich. It is accessible through easily comprehended stories but encyclopedic in coverage and thoroughness. This course book and its accompanying media rich materials in DVD and web-rich formatting (including links to webcasts as well as videos and illustrations to be included on the DVD) cover the full range of communication disorders as they affect human sign systems. The DVD includes a digital, searchable, user-friendly version of the complete text (in an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file). Each chapter ends with discussion questions, annotated recommended readings (drawn from our extensive selected bibliography), and is linked to a set of intensive multiple choice questions that are presented in a separate Appendix in two forms: one without answers that may be used in teacher-made tests, and another with answers that may be used as a study-guide and check system by students. The end material includes an extensive and complete glossary of technical terms with succinct but accurate definitions as well as a complete index of authors, terms, and important topics covered throughout the book. In addition, on the DVD PowerPoint summaries for classroom use are provided for every chapter.

Teaching Science to Children the Inquiry Approach Applied

The object would now resonate , that is , produce a much louder sound . For
example , if someone sang loudly in front of a piano , we could hear the piano “
reply ” in the same tone . Only those strings with vibration rates identical to the
tone ...

Author: Alfred E. Friedl



Category: Science

Page: 337

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High Performance Cluster Computing

Resonate , Inc . , 1998 . http : / / www . resonate . com / products / whitepapers /
cdwp . html [ 15 ] A . Reback . Resonate Global Dispatch : Optimized Traffic
Management Across Geographically - Dispersed Points - of - Presence .
Resonate , Inc ...

Author: Rajkumar Buyya

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Computers

Page: 849

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An authoritative guide to today's revolution in "commodity supercomputing, " this book brings together more than 100 of the field's leading practitioners, providing a single source for up-to-the-minute information on virtually every key system issue associated with high-performance cluster computing.

Journal of Physics A

From ( 31 ) , k ( b − a ) = ka ( - x ) ( 35 ) when the two cavities resonate in unison ,
ka and x are given by ( 30 ) and ( 34 ) respectively . Then , the second cavity will
resonate at B 1 koh - o ) ~ 4 _ P : a 12 ( 36 ) an + a 1 + Therefore , when ...




Category: Mathematical physics


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Physics Fundamentals and Frontiers

A pipe resonates to a frequency of 500 vibrations / sec , does not resonate to 600
/ sec , and does resonate to 700 / sec . Is the pipe closed at one end or at both ?
What is the fundamental frequency ? Self Check Discussion Questions 1. A note

Author: Robert Stollberg



Category: Physics

Page: 851

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Principles of Physics

If a pipe which resonates in its funda35 A pipe open at one end and closed at the
other is mental frequency to 800 Hz in air is filled ... To what three lowest
frequencies of drogen , what will be its fundamental resonance sound will it
resonate ?

Author: Frederick Bueche

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science, Engineering & Mathematics

ISBN: 9780070088672

Category: Fizik

Page: 839

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Personal Magic

Her guides, Spotted Eagle and Grandfather White Elk, show how the soul works in the higher dimensions to bring us possessions, relationships, health and experiences.

Author: Jennie Marlow

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595293182

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 116

View: 645

Internationally recognized psychic and teacher, Jennie Marlow, expands our understanding of the soul with groundbreaking information on the new manifesting. Her guides, Spotted Eagle and Grandfather White Elk, show how the soul works in the higher dimensions to bring us possessions, relationships, health and experiences. They offer simple exercises and meditations that connect us to the unlimited resources of the soul. They teach us how to dissolve the blocks to personal creativity that are standing between us and the life we desire. Learn how to work on the level of energy to create anything you truly desire. Conquer fear, anger and sadness. Release the fear-based thought-forms that are creating your present reality. Create new thought-forms from the energy of your soul. Discover your life purpose and understand how it unleashes the power of your personal magic. Learn your magic type, and see how your magic creates and manifests in its own unique style. Gain insight into the strengths, challenges and life lessons your magic represents. Discover the authenticity of Spirit that is essential to manifesting. Personal Magic ushers in a new era of co-creating the lives of our dreams as we walk the path of our spiritual evolution.