Revive Your Heart

Nouman Ali Khan offers insights on how to reorient our lives for success in both this world and the next.

Author: Nouman Ali Khan


ISBN: 9781847741011

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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Nouman Ali Khan offers insights on how to reorient our lives for success in both this world and the next.

Refine and Restore

In REFINE AND RESTORE, Rachel shares the process of refining sins out of her life, which separated her from deeper intimacy with God, and restoring her heart back to the truth of who God really is.

Author: Rachel C. Swanson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1546013431

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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It's time to revive your heart, release your purpose, and have an authentic relationship with God! Women want to live boldly and bravely in their faith, but many feel weighed down by... something. They pretend to live a full life, but wonder why life as a Christian lacks luster. To fill the aches, they feast unknowingly upon consumerism, self-worship, food obsession, seeking love in all the wrong places, and grasping for anything but Jesus. Rachel shows women that in order to renew passion, purpose, and unwavering faith, they must intentionally choose to refine and restore their mind, body, and soul, acknowledging their subtle sins before Jesus. In REFINE AND RESTORE, Rachel shares the process of refining sins out of her life, which separated her from deeper intimacy with God, and restoring her heart back to the truth of who God really is. Through personal stories of confession and conviction (refining moments), readers will discover how Rachel found an authentic, vibrant relationship with God (restored wholeness)-inspiring readers to do the same.

Revive Your Life

I hope that you have been evaluating your heart as you have been reading. If you have determined that any of the first three soils describe you, ...

Author: George Kahl

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449718566

Category: Religion

Page: 140

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Have you ever felt like there was a space between you and God? Or that there was something more to your faith that you were just missing out on? Revive Your Life! helps guide you to building a strong foundation and relationship with Jesus Christ. Lessons learned in Revive Your Life! are based solidly on the everlasting Word of God. If you desire to strengthen your faith, then Revive Your Life! is for you!

Reclaim Your Heart

Reclaim Your Heart is about freeing the heart from this slavery. It is about the journey in an out of life's most deceptive traps. This book was written to awaken the heart and provide a new perspective on love, loss, happiness, and pain.

Author: Yasmin Mogahed

Publisher: Fb Publishing

ISBN: 9780990387688


Page: 194

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Reclaim Your Heart is not just a self-help book. It is a manual about the journey of the heart in and out of the ocean of this life. It is a book about how to keep your heart from sinking to the depths of that ocean, and what to do when it does. It is a book about redemption, about hope, about renewal. Every heart can heal, and each moment is created to bring us closer to that transformative return. Reclaim Your Heart is about finding that moment when everything stops and suddenly looks different. It is about finding your own awakening. And then returning to the better, truer, and freer version of yourself. Many of us live our lives, entrapped by the same repeated patterns of heartbreak and disappointment. Many of us have no idea why this happens. Reclaim Your Heart is about freeing the heart from this slavery. It is about the journey in an out of life's most deceptive traps. This book was written to awaken the heart and provide a new perspective on love, loss, happiness, and pain. Providing a manual of sorts, Reclaim Your Heart will teach readers how to live in this life without allowing life to own you. It is a manual of how to protect your most prized possession: the heart.

Hugs to Wrap Around Your Heart

She won't say, “You're fat” (even if you are), or focus on your flaws. ... She will revive your heart, refresh your soul, and reassure you of rapid recovery ...

Author: Howard Books

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416567070

Category: Religion

Page: 176

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If you are a longtime fan of our Hugs books, thank you for your support over the past ten years. If this is your first purchase, welcome to the family. The Hugs series has touched the lives of more than seven million people nationwide. It's brought countless hours of love and encouragement to moms, dads, aunts, sisters, brothers, daughters, and everyone in between. Its message is really simple -- you are loved and appreciated for what you do! While it's our anniversary, we share it with you for making this dream come true.

My American Harp

I feel faith screaming in my heart. ... hose then splash it over my bowed head a baptism of pleasure in June heat to revive my languid soul with desire.

Author: Surazeus Astarius


ISBN: 1365807142

Category: Poetry

Page: 670

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"My American Harp" presents 1,169 poems written 2010-2014 by Surazeus that explore what it means to be an American in the modern world of an interconnected global civilization.

My Heart s Cries

In God's trauma room, He'll lay His Hand on you and revive your broken heart. Yes, He'll take all the broken pieces and mend them together again and if your ...

Author: MG Page

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781463464875

Category: Poetry

Page: 116

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"My Heart's Cries" is a collection of divinely inspired poems and narratives that will speak to your heart and move you to step beyond the pain of yesterday and leap forward into God's Promise of abundant life and healing. There are many of us who are living lives of great prominence and significance, seemingly with the world at our fingertips. We are established, and distinguished people, but yet we are hurting and bleeding, still carrying around hurts, pains, scars, and bruises from yester-year, crying out for help on the inside. Underneath all the smiles, great accomplishments, nice paychecks, and great wealth, there lies emotional and spiritual famine. At some point, we must come to terms with the fact that it's time for a reality check. We must be mature enough to embrace change and move forward with a purpose. My Heart's Cries will challenge you to change and in it you will find that the Love of God is the answer to everyone of our Heart's Cries!

Revive My Heart

In Revive My Heart, author Catherine Martin presents nine weeks of daily personal devotions that will challenge you to experience the depths of God, His ways, and His character through prayer and consistent study of His Word.

Author: Catherine Martin


ISBN: 9780976688617

Category: Religion

Page: 350

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Only God is big enough to fill a human heart. So often the busyness and uncertainty of life crowd God out, leaving us with barren hearts. Truly joyful, abundant life is possible only one way—through personal spiritual revival. In Revive My Heart, author Catherine Martin presents nine weeks of daily personal devotions that will challenge you to experience the depths of God, His ways, and His character through prayer and consistent study of His Word. Exploring passages such as Psalm 119, Revive My Heart looks at the many aspects of spiritual revival. Through these daily quiet times you can gain spiritual depth, joy, and access to your heavenly Father’s resources in times of trouble.


You must have seen people who are always very contented with their lives and ... you tried form your half heart and you kept some things in your heart then, ...






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Your Vibrant Heart

You are no doubt pursuing the secrets to your vibrant heart because you want to ... was celebrating his one-hundredth birthday REVIVE YOUR EMOTIONAL HEART 181.

Author: Cynthia Thaik

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group

ISBN: 0989104117

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

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In Your Vibrant Heart, you will discover: · How to recognize warning symptoms and your risk of heart disease · Strategies to improve your health, nutritional status and detoxify your body · Tips to gain physical strength and improve cardiovascular endurance · Steps to achieve mental clarity and spiritual enlightenment · Keys to allow abundance, health, wealth, and wisdom into your life · How to harness positive affirmations · How to achieve heightened energy and increased creativity Life is a gift, and good health and a good heart should be our most prized possessions. Yet many people fail to treasure their health and their hearts until those blessings are gone. In Your Vibrant Heart, acclaimed cardiologist Dr. Cynthia Thaik explores the dynamic growth and healing processes of our ever-evolving hearts. Forging the missing links between Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Cynthia covers the wisdom of conventional practices and beyond, unearthing a mind-body connection that takes us to the edge of what we thought we knew and placing the power of healing back in the hands of patients.

Until Today

... The greatest service I can offer is ... to revive my heart, my mind and my life. ... Kick off your shoes and have a spirit-filled revival in your life!

Author: Iyanla Vanzant

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476714495

Category: Self-Help

Page: 432

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“The most powerful spiritual healer, fixer, teacher on the planet.” —Oprah Winfrey Shift your attitude and live your best life with this inspiring collection of 365 daily devotionals from New York Times bestselling author and star of the OWN Network’s hit show Iyanla: Fix My Life. If there are situations, circumstances, or perhaps relationships in your life that you have been struggling to overcome, trying to work through, or doing your best to work around, throw your head back and declare to the universe, “Until Today!” Whatever has been going on in your mind, your life, or your heart can stop—right now, if that is truly what you desire. However, you must be willing to “do a new thing.” You must spend a little time, each day, in devotion to the truth about yourself and your life. You must make a conscious approach to what you think, what you feel, and what you do. Devotion will clear up misconceptions that may have obscured your vision until today! Bestselling author Iyanla Vanzant presents a new book of devotions for anyone on the path to spiritual empowerment. These daily devotions will create powerful changes in the circumstances of your life that have held you back and will place you on the road to personal strength and peace of mind.

Heart for God

Wainwright was courageously rescued and returned to his fellow soldiers . ... It is time to revive a persevering heart because your Saviour has planned your ...

Author: Chappell, Paul

Publisher: Sword of the Lord Publishers

ISBN: 9780873984485

Category: Christian life

Page: 187

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Your power plan to revive your life

We sometimes over think and live from our heads and forget our hearts. The objective is to be calm, quieten your mind, still your thoughts, and connect to ...

Author: Karen Tonkin

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1452520860

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 172

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You Can BOOST Your Mood, Think Clearer, Eat Cleaner Supercharge Your Energy Improve Health, Wellbeing, Feel Vital, ALIVE and Inspired YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE, ONE DAY, ONE HABIT AT A TIME ‘POWER POINTS’ HAVE THE POWER TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE You simply follow the easy and enjoyable ‘Power Point’ activity...... Make the new health habit happen.....Master it fully.....Make it a practice..... Make it sustainable.....then.....Move on to your next ‘Power Point’ activity. “This book’s a life changer. Change your life one power point at a time”. Bernadette Gordon

Mind Body and Spirit

So I pray asking God to create, renew, and revive your heart and your spirit. God bless. Scriptures for reflection: “Be strong and take heart, ...

Author: Margaret Fountain Coleman

Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.

ISBN: 1644717433

Category: Fiction

Page: 104

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In this simple devotion, it is my hope that many find a way to discover release, renewal, and restoration through Mind Body and Spirit; A Moment with God. We all have moments in our lives when problems and/or situations seemingly fast-track us to places that entangle, suffocate, or cause us deep casualties within. This is a go-to resource of inspiration and affirmation that can strengthen the reader in what is needed to move forward in faith and trust in God. Allow the readings to captivate your thoughts, encourage your heart, and strengthen your spirit.

Revive Your Mainline Congregation

9:8) “You glorify God by your obedience ... and by your generosity of your ... (Luke 12:22b, 3ob–31) • “For where your treasure is, there your heart will 133.

Author: Robert D. Schieler

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1608992284

Category: Religion

Page: 154

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Why are mainline churches in such dire strass. Schieler meets that it is because most churches are doing the same things in the same ways they were doing them 35 to 50 years ago, and she is lack of change has caused declines in mainline churches. For example, the United Church of Christ has lost more than 700,000 members and more than 1,000 churches since 1965. Schilder delineates distinguishing characteristics of living verses dying churches and shares what needs to be done to turn churches around, and how mainline churches are surviving in this current age. He also cantends that there are some basic biblical theological understandings of the nature and mission of the church--many things that churches have ignored or rebelieve against, and reviews the following areas, authority, which mission church deganiates, worship, newardship, Christian education, pastoral congregational care, wider rotation, and building and property.

Rhetoric Innovation Technology

Now the surgeons are trying to wean you from the heart-lung machine and revive your heart. Unfortunately, your heart is very weak, and the surgeons are ...

Author: Stephen Doheny-Farina

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262041294

Category: Computers

Page: 279

View: 866

Improving the way that technology is transferred from laboratory to marketplace iscentral to improving American productivity and competitiveness in a global economy. In thisprovocative analysis, Stephen Doheny-Farina shows that the technical and commercial processes ofturning technologies into products are, in significant ways, communication processes. He exploresthe key role that technical communicators must play in the movement of technology from expertdesigners and developers to users. Several lengthy case studies illustrate the rhetorical issuesinvolved in technology transfers as well as the rhetorical barriers to their success.Doheny-Farinaargues that processes typically called information transfer and technology transfer are nottransfers at all but instead are series of personal constructions and reconstructions of knowledge,expertise, and technologies by the participants attempting to adapt technological innovations forsocial uses.Underscoring the rhetorical nature of any technology transfer, the case studies describethe powerful effect that a startup company's business plan can have on its future (including themany factors that surround the writing of a business plan), the rhetorical barriers to the transferof an experimental artificial heart from a university research hospital to a biomedical productsmanufacturer, and two compelling situations that call for the inclusion of technical writers in newproduct development from its inception.A final chapter focuses on the important elements in theeducation of technical communicators and an appendix discusses classroom applications and includes afictional case incorporating issues of intraorganizational barriers to collaboration in the newproduct development process.Stephen Doheny-Farina is Assistant Professor in the TechnicalCommunications Department at Clarkson University. His previous book, Effective Documentationreceived the 1989 Award for the Best Collection of Essays, the National Council of Teachers ofEnglish Awards for Scientific and Technical Communication.

The Fifth Gospel

28 And just how could Jesus be joyful on His way to the cross? He knew that His death would save ... If you've lost your joy, ask God to revive your heart.

Author: Bobby Conway

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 224

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“There are five Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John…and the Christian. But most people never read the first four.” There are any number of books on how to do evangelism. This book is different—it’s an invitation to actually live out the message of the gospel. Jesus’s original intention was for ordinary people like you and me to live lives that point others to the only Person who can give them hope for this life as well as the next—to visibly display the Good News of salvation through the Messiah and Redeemer of humankind. But many Christ followers today are either ridden with guilt for not telling others about Jesus or so silent that no one really knows they’re a Christian. The Fifth Gospel will help you wrestle with the critical issues involved in living out your faith in front of a watching and sometimes not-so-friendly world. Isn’t it time to become a witness for the One you profess to love? Prepare yourself to represent your Savior well and to discover a new way to do evangelism. Get ready for God to unleash the gospel through you!