Rhetorical Conquests

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Author: Glen Carman

Publisher: Purdue University Press

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This study examines Hernán Cortés, first as the author of Cartas de relación (1519-1526), and then as the protagonist of Francisco López de Gómara's Historia de la conquista de México (1552). It analyzes how these accounts represent his speech acts, including some of his key speeches; how they allow him to define the conquest in different ways to different audiences; and how they represent him as controlling the speech acts of others, most notably those of Montezuma.

Roma Hispanica

CHAPTER THREE The People of Spanish Rome The rhetorical conquest and
political domination of Rome , of the center ... Indeed , both conquests shared
many features , including the large scale literary production , military operations ,
, and ...

Author: Thomas James Dandelet



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Chimalpahin s Conquest

Rhetorical Conquests: Cortés, Gómara, and Renaissance Imperialism. West
Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press, 2006. ———. “The Voices of the
Conqueror in López de Gómara's Historia de la conquista de México.” Journal of
Hispanic ...

Author: Susan Schroeder

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804775060

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This volume presents the story of Hernando Cortés's conquest of Mexico, as recounted by a contemporary Spanish historian and edited by Mexico's premier Nahua historian. Francisco López de Gómara's monumental Historia de las Indias y Conquista de México was published in 1552 to instant success. Despite being banned from the Americas by Prince Philip of Spain, La conquista fell into the hands of the seventeenth-century Nahua historian Chimalpahin, who took it upon himself to make a copy of the tome. As he copied, Chimalpahin rewrote large sections of La conquista, adding information about Emperor Moctezuma and other key indigenous people who participated in those first encounters. Chialpahin's Conquest is thus not only the first complete modern English translation of López de Gómara's La conquista, an invaluable source in itself of information about the conquest and native peoples; it also adds Chimalpahin's unique perspective of Nahua culture to what has traditionally been a very Hispanic portrayal of the conquest.

Capital Speculations

He has made even the innermost sanctum in the home continuous with the public
rhetoric of abolitionism , and the ... Through his rhetorical conquests of public and
private space , Douglass claims to have eradicated color prejudice , both ...

Author: Sarah de Lima Luria



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The Art of Rhetorical Criticism

... in relating with any emotional depth to a woman , or seeing her as other than a
sex object or a field for conquest . ... older brother , Teddy , too , became “ cool ”
about sex and began a lifelong pattern of pursuing women as sexual conquests .

Author: Jim A. Kuypers

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


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Covering a broader range of rhetorical perspectives, "The Art of Rhetorical Criticism" presents a thorough, accessible introduction to rhetorical criticism. Throughout the text, sample essays written by experts in the field provide students with models for writing their own criticism. In addition to covering traditional modes of rhetorical criticism, "The Art of Rhetorical Criticism" presents less commonly-discussed rhetorical perspectives (for example, mythic criticism, framing analysis, and ideographical criticism), exposing students to a broad range of material. Features Each chapter and sample essay is written by a nationally-recognized scholar in that field, ensuring that students are offered the best and most current research for each perspective. Each author comments on his or her writing process to demonstrate the very personal nature of criticism. With this unique emphasis, students will begin to appreciate that writing criticism is an artistic process and not a simple formula. The "Potentials and Pitfalls" feature in each chapter highlights the strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons, of the rhetorical perspective being discussed. Each chapter includes a short, accessible sample essay, written specifically with the student audience in mind, offering students a model of rhetorical criticism for their own assignments.

Vertical Margins

Mountaineering narratives are rhetorical conquests. They enter public discourse
in part by those terms. Nothing is new in my assertion here that exploration is
inherently a political act. The geographer John L. Allen observes matter-of-factly
in ...

Author: Reuben J. Ellis


ISBN: 9780299170004

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This engaging analysis of twentieth-century imperialism takes early mountaineering beyond the realm of recreation. Vertical Margins sets Halford Mackinder's 1899 climb of Mt. Kenya, Annie Smith Peck's 1908 ascent of Huascaran in Bolivia, and John Baptiste Noel's filming of the 1924 British attempt on Mt. Everest in the larger historical context of American and British foreign policy and neo-imperialism. Reuben Ellis shows that mountain exploration reached far beyond the motivations of adrenaline-driven adventurers to an aggressive ideology of power and expansion that fed the "New Imperialism"--the end of the era of European empire-building and the beginnings of American dominance in world affairs. With so many mountains at the margins of European and American territorial and economic domains, mountaineering often overlapped with the motivations of empire; the earth's mountains came to be regarded as frontiers open to the full range of political, economic, and personal concerns that drove geographical exploration.


Rhetorical Conquests : Cortés , Gómara , and Renaissance Imperialism . West
Lafayette : Purdue UP , 2006 . Catálogo de publicaciones ( 2006 ) . Universidad
Nacional de Educación a Distancia , Centro Asociado de Las Palmas de Gran ...






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The History and Theory of Rhetoric

Gearhart may find support for her position in a comment about the source of the
Western rhetorical tradition by the ... Indeed , rhetoric - as - male - art is built on
what Gearhart terms “ the conquest model of human interaction ” which finds its ...

Author: James A. Herrick

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


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The History and Theory of Rhetoric offers an accessible discussion of the history of rhetorical studies in the Western tradition, from ancient Greece to contemporary American and European theorists. By tracing the historical progression of rhetoric from the Greek Sophists of the fifth century B.C. to contemporary studies - such as the rhetoric of science and feminist rhetoric - this book teaches what rhetoric is and what unites differing rhetorical theories throughout history. The History and Theory of Rhetoric uses concise contemporary examples throughout and emphasizes the relevance of rhetoric to today's readers. For anyone interested in Rhetorical Theory.

The Buddhist Conquest of China Text

The term “ Pure Conversation ” , ch'ing - t'an , 46 denotes a special type of
rhetorical discussion about philosophical and other subjects which was much en
vogue among the cultured upper classes since the third century AD . ' It had
originated ...

Author: Erik Zürcher



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Critical Issues in Early Israelite History

The Rhetorical Structuring of the Joshua Conquest Narratives K . Lawson
YOUNGER JR . Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Abstract This essay will
investigate some of the rhetorical structures used in the narration of the conquest
accounts in ...

Author: Richard S. Hess

Publisher: Eisenbrauns


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Today, the mainstream opinion is that there was no Conquest, and the Israelites, if they can be identified as a national entity or as a people, did not arrive in Canaan by means of a military conquest. For three days in March 2004, a group of scholars met to consider the state of the question and to provide a response to the predominant academic skepticism, a response that considers the biblical text to be an important datum in the construction of the history of the people of Israel. Critical Issues in Early Israelite History publishes the papers read at this conference. --from publisher description.

Authorial Conquests

The book is distributed by Associated University Presses. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com).

Author: Line Cottegnies

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

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Cottegnies (English literature, University of Paris 8-Saint Denis) and Weitz (University of Oxford) offer a collection of essays on Margaret Cavendish's innovative use of genre. These interdisciplinary and multinational contributions present a variety of critical approaches to the problem of placing Cavendish's writing in the context of contemporary literary and philosophical history. The book is distributed by Associated University Presses. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com).

Rhetorical Movement

In other words , conquest and rule represented the corrupting influence of
coercion . Although this ideal of Union might be moral and rhetorical proof
against the conquest of new slave states , Slade felt that another set of arguments
was ...

Author: David Zarefsky



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Ten essays explore aspects of rhetorical theory and criticism, focusing on American society. Among the topics are David Crockett and the Tennessee squatters, Walt Whitman, modern art, and international interventionism narratives. No index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Byzantium Conquered

Author: Lucrezia Marinella



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Translation of "L' Enrico overo Bisantio acquistato: poema heroico", an ambitious and rewarding narrative poem by a prolific female Venetian writer who flourished in the early 17th Century, demonstrating her skill as an epic poet when she was already known for her polemical treatise "On the nobility and excellence of Women."

The Literary Structure of the Old Testament

... c Habakkuk's second complaint : how can you allow the wicked to destroy
nations more righteous than themselves ( 1 : 12–17 ) • begins : rhetorical
question is it not ? ( halô ) ( 1:12 ) • focus on wickedness of Babylonians in their
conquests ...

Author: David A. Dorsey

Publisher: Baker Publishing Group


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Understanding of the structure of the Old Testament sheds light on its meaning. No one should embark upon the study of an Old Testament text without consulting this indispensable guide.

Encyclopedia of Literature

This imthen Fez , in the 14th , rose to prominence as pulse led to the application
of Greek rhetorical citadels of culture . ... The two leading historians of and literary
theory into a system that in both the Arab conquests were the Egyptian ibn ...

Author: Joseph Twadell Shipley



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"This is the first collection of surveys of the literature of the world." -- Preface volume 1.

The Collected Writings of Thomas De Quincey

What a fluctus decumanus of rhetoric ! Time expounded , not by generations or
centuries , but by the vast periods of conquests and dynasties ; by cycles of
Pharaohs and Ptolemies , Antiochi and Arsacides ! And these vast successions of
time ...

Author: Thomas De Quincey





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