Commissioner Roosevelt

The Story of Theodore Roosevelt and the New York City Police, 1895-1897 H. Paul Jeffers. town parade to protest TR's enforcement of the Sunday saloon-closing law, the public controversy, and the resultant defeat of the reformers in the ...

Author: H. Paul Jeffers

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated


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Focuses on President Theodore Roosevelt's work in the New York City police department

Is Roosevelt an Andrew Jackson

A CONCLUSION HOW well justified is Roosevelt's appellation — the "New Jackson?" There are certain similarities and certain differences between the men. Jackson was President while America was expanding and prosperous; Roosevelt became ...

Author: Casimir William Ruskowski




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Theodore Roosevelt a Symbol to Americans 1898 1912

War Alger, hoping to discredit T.R. at home, published a letter in which Roosevelt was critical of the National Guard regiments. But the War Department ordered the troops home.” The tiff with Alger led many Americans to see Roosevelt as ...

Author: David Francis Sadler




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The Age of Roosevelt The crisis of the old order 1919 1933

For a time, Hearst had played with the idea of backing Roosevelt. But, though he endorsed Roosevelt's power and conservation policies, he came to detect in him sinister streaks of internationalism. Then Garner assured a Hearst emissary ...

Author: Arthur Meier Schlesinger (Jr.)



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New Yorkers from Stuyvesant to Roosevelt

Such a condition confronted Roosevelt in 1902 and developed into the most extensive strike in the history of the country. With the approach of winter, fear of a coal famine spread abroad and Roosevelt realized that the public would look ...

Author: Albert Ulmann

Publisher: Associated Faculty PressInc


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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

President Roosevelt's Name Was Inscribed in the Golden Book of the Jewish National Fund. HEREAS Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United Y V States of America, by his great act of historic and humanitarian significance of March ...

Author: Max Kleiman



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"A heart warming tribute to the greatest humanitarian of the century. It includes eulogies, tributes and memorial prayers offered by the most eminent Orthodox, Conservative and Reform rabbis in America on the occasion of Roosevelt's death. Included are also editorials from the Anglo-Jewish press and a section of Rooseveltiana, which includes the utterances of President Roosevelt on various Jewish occasions."--Dust jacket.

The Roosevelt Cousins

During the war years, the Nicholas Longworths and the Franklin Roosevelts entertained each other often in Washington. Alice was "looking fairly well" and was "very nice," Eleanor reported to her friend Isabella Selmes after a Longworth ...

Author: Linda Donn

Publisher: Knopf


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Offers a portrait of the dreams, triumphs, vanities, and achievements of the Roosevelt family, from Teddy to Eleanor and Franklin.

Roosevelt s Children the Story of My Generation

In Roosevelt ' s Children , the Story of My Generation , author Edward D . Phillips shares real - life experiences from the Great Depression of the 1930s . The author believes that “ Roosevelt ' s Children " were rescued from the depths ...

Author: Edward D. Phillips



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