Butler s Lives of the Saints April

St Mary Euphrasia Pelletier , Foundress ( 1796-1868 ) Rose - Virginie Pelletier was born in 1796 on the island of Noirmoutier off the coast of Brittany , where her parents had taken refuge during the revolutionary wars .

Author: Alban Butler

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For more than two centuries, "Butler's" has been one of the best known, most widely consulted hagiographies. In its brief and authoritative entries, readers can find a wealth of knowledge on the lives and deeds of the saints, as well as their ecclesiastical and historical importance since canonization.

Rose Virginie Pelletier

Rose Virginie Pelletier studies an extraordinary 19th century French woman's personality and organizational development potential within the context of two late-20th century bodies of literature.

Author: Jane T. McVeigh

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Rose Virginie Pelletier studies an extraordinary 19th century French woman's personality and organizational development potential within the context of two late-20th century bodies of literature. The author juxtaposed four profiles developed by the Carlson Learning Company and William R. Torbert's organization development theory and action inquiry theory to this woman and her praxis. The profiles used were: Personal Profile System, Dimensions of Leadership Profile, Innovate with C.A.R.E. Profile and Discovering Diversity Profile. The author parallels William Torbert's theory on organization development to the congregation founded by her, and examines her and her legacy from Torbert's perspective of the self-transforming manager and the leader of organizational transformation.

Modern Saints

Saint Mary of St. Euphrasia Pelletier, R.G.S. Rose Virginie Pelletier 1796 1868 France Died Age 71 In exasperation the teacher looked at the highspirited 10yearold Rose Virginie Pelletier. "Virginie," she said, "pay attention, ...

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45 saints, beati, and other holy people of the past 200 years, and their pictures; most are actual photographs. Includes the Cure of Ars, St. Catherine Laboure, St. Therese the Little Flower, St. Pius X, Vens. Jacinta and Francisco Marto, Dom Columba Marmion, St. Elizabeth Seton, Pauline Jaricot, Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity, Sr. Josefa Menendez, St. Joseph Cafasso, Therese Neumann, and many more. Shows there are people living today who will one day be canonized Saints.

Life of Reverend Mother Mary of St Euphrasia Pelletier

Rose Virginie Pelletier , the eighth child of her parents , was born on July 31 , the feast of St. Ignatius , in the year 1796 , and baptized by her father the very same day . In less than a year , however , a priest , M. Gergaud by ...

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Lives of the Saints

So it was that Rose Virginie Pelletier began her life—a child of the sounding sea, daughter of the suffering faith of her beloved France. Because of the suppression and expulsion of religious orders, the education of the little girl had ...

Author: Rev. Fr. Alban Butler

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Butler's Lives of the Saints is the most revered Catholic book after the Bible, the Missal and The Imitation of Christ. A Saint or two for each day of the calendar. Great for a daily meditation; each life is followed by a "lesson" from the life to help us apply the virtues of the Saint to ourselves. Great for the entire family. Includes famous Saints since Fr. Butler's time; all recounted in the same beautiful, reverent spirit that was his. Impr.

Reference Guide to Christian Missionary Societies in China From the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century

Pedersen, Dagny 121 Pedersen, Ruth E. 190 Pederson, Miss 216 Pedrini, Teodorico 13 Peet, Lyman B. 114 Pelletier, Mary Euphrasia. See Pelletier, Rose Virginie Pelletier, Rose Virginie 84 Pemberton, Ben 231 Penall, Josef 43 Penna, ...

Author: R. G. Tiedemann

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This comprehensive guide will facilitate scholarly research concerning the history of Christianity in China as well as the wider Sino-Western cultural encounter. It will assist scholars in their search for material on the anthropological, educational, medical, scientific, social, political, and religious dimensions of the missionary presence in China prior to 1950.The guide contains nearly five hundred entries identifying both Roman Catholic and Protestant missionary sending agencies and related religious congregations. Each entry includes the organization's name in English, followed by its Chinese name, country of origin, and denominational affiliation. Special attention has been paid to identifying the many small, lesser-known groups that arrived in China during the early decades of the twentieth century. In addition, a special category of the as yet little-studied indigenous communities of Chinese women has also been included. Multiple indexes enhance the guide's accessibility.

Sister Thorn and Catholic Mysticism in Modern America

... both of which had been further tailored by Saint John Eudes in the seventeenth century and again in the nineteenth century by RGS foundress Rose-Virginie Pelletier.78 From the contributions of Eudes and Pelletier, therefore, ...

Author: Paula M. Kane

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One day in 1917, while cooking dinner at home in Manhattan, Margaret Reilly (1884-1937) felt a sharp pain over her heart and claimed to see a crucifix emerging in blood on her skin. Four years later, Reilly entered the convent of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Peekskill, New York, where, known as Sister Mary of the Crown of Thorns, she spent most of her life gravely ill and possibly exhibiting Christ's wounds. In this portrait of Sister Thorn, Paula M. Kane scrutinizes the responses to this American stigmatic's experiences and illustrates the surprising presence of mystical phenomena in twentieth-century American Catholicism. Drawing on accounts by clerical authorities, ordinary Catholics, doctors, and journalists--as well as on medicine, anthropology, and gender studies--Kane explores American Catholic mysticism, setting it in the context of life after World War I and showing the war's impact on American Christianity. Sister Thorn's life, she reveals, marks the beginning of a transition among Catholics from a devotional, Old World piety to a newly confident role in American society.

Facing Life s Challenges

Born in France in 1796 , just as the French Revolution was in its dying throes , Rose Virginie Pelletier enjoyed a happy childhood . As she approached adolescence , however , all that changed . Orphaned in her teenage years , Rose ...

Author: Vera Gallagher

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The way to wellness is through illness; to wholeness, through brokenness. Everyone makes the journey at some time.Facing Life's Challenges is a guidebook that affirms: 'Hang in there long enough, with sufficient determination, and you'll won.' Dr. Gallagher has helped thousands in her 50 years as a mental health counselor. These clients, whom she calls heroes and whose stories she tells, work though every form of emotional, psychological and spiritual illness, including childhood abuse, anger, overeating addiction, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression.

The Tablet

A reference the Refuge at Tours , that Rose Virginie Pelletier , learnt the to this writer's Historical Geography of Asia Minor ( p . 332 ) traditions of her Order , and that zeal for souls which prompted would have shown ( to name only ...






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