Rumi Bridge to the Soul

Open this book and let Rumi's poetry carry you into the interior silence and joy of the spirit, the place that unites conscious knowing with a deeper, more soulful understanding.

Author: Coleman Barks

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061753394

Category: Poetry

Page: 160

View: 535

2007 is the "Year of Rumi," and who better than Coleman Barks, Rumi's unlikely, supremely passionate ambassador, to mark the milestone of this great poet's 800th birthday? Barks, who was recently awarded an honorary doctorate in Persian language and literature by the University of Tehran for his thirty years of translating Rumi, has collected and translated ninety new poems, most of them never published before in any form. The result is this beautiful edition titled Rumi: Bridge to the Soul. The "bridge" in the title is a reference to the Khajou Bridge in Isphahan, Iran, which Barks visited with Robert Bly in May of 2006—a trip that in many ways prompted this book. The "soul bridge" also suggests Rumi himself, who crosses cultures and religions and brings us all together to listen to his words, regardless of origin or creed. Open this book and let Rumi's poetry carry you into the interior silence and joy of the spirit, the place that unites conscious knowing with a deeper, more soulful understanding.

Rumi Bridge to the Soul

Open this book and let Rumi's poetry carry you into the interior silence and joy of the spirit, the place that unites conscious knowing with a deeper, more soulful understanding.

Author: Coleman Barks

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061753394

Category: Poetry

Page: 160

View: 533

2007 is the "Year of Rumi," and who better than Coleman Barks, Rumi's unlikely, supremely passionate ambassador, to mark the milestone of this great poet's 800th birthday? Barks, who was recently awarded an honorary doctorate in Persian language and literature by the University of Tehran for his thirty years of translating Rumi, has collected and translated ninety new poems, most of them never published before in any form. The result is this beautiful edition titled Rumi: Bridge to the Soul. The "bridge" in the title is a reference to the Khajou Bridge in Isphahan, Iran, which Barks visited with Robert Bly in May of 2006—a trip that in many ways prompted this book. The "soul bridge" also suggests Rumi himself, who crosses cultures and religions and brings us all together to listen to his words, regardless of origin or creed. Open this book and let Rumi's poetry carry you into the interior silence and joy of the spirit, the place that unites conscious knowing with a deeper, more soulful understanding.

Muslims and American Popular Culture 2 volumes

See Ellen Emry Heltzel's “Ruminations on Rumi” (The Oregonian. ... (1990); The Essential Rumi (1995); The Illuminated Rumi (1997); Rumi: Bridge to the Soul: ...

Author: Anne R. Richards

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313379637

Category: Social Science

Page: 847

View: 552

Offering readers an engaging, accessible, and balanced account of the contributions of American Muslims to the contemporary United States, this important book serves to clarify misrepresentations and misunderstandings regarding Muslim Americans and Islam. • Identifies the contributions of Muslims to American fiction, poetry, music, food, architecture, and other cultural forms to document the breadth of their contributions • Highlights the ways in which Muslims have been, and continue to be, routinely depicted negatively in American literature, film, and religious discourse, and documents the potential effects that such depictions can have on individual Muslims and their communities • Offers readers useful tools that allow them to apply a critical eye to the representations of Muslims in the news

Contemporary Sufism

... and the two American authors describe having a wonderful time in the country in Rumi: Bridge to the Soul, Journeys into the Music and Silence of the ...

Author: Meena Sharify-Funk

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134879997

Category: Religion

Page: 270

View: 746

What is Sufism? Contemporary views vary tremendously, even among Sufis themselves. Contemporary Sufism: Piety, Politics, and Popular Culture brings to light the religious frameworks that shape the views of Sufism’s friends, adversaries, admirers, and detractors and, in the process, helps readers better understand the diversity of contemporary Sufism, the pressures and cultural openings to which it responds, and the many divergent opinions about contemporary Sufism’s relationship to Islam. The three main themes: piety, politics, and popular culture are explored in relation to the Islamic and Western contexts that shape them, as well as to the historical conditions that frame contemporary debates. This book is split into three parts: • Sufism and anti-Sufism in contemporary contexts; • Contemporary Sufism in the West: Poetic influences and popular manifestations; • Gendering Sufism: Tradition and transformation. This book will fascinate anyone interested in the challenges of contemporary Sufism as well as its relationship to Islam, gender, and the West. It offers an ideal starting point from which undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers and lecturers can explore Sufism today.

Womanist Wisdom in the Song of Songs

See here Rumi's beautiful rendition of this concept in his poem “A King Dressed as a Servant,” in Bridge to the Soul, translated by Coleman Barks (San ...

Author: Abi Doukhan

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030300528

Category: Religion

Page: 139

View: 328

Belonging to Hebrew Wisdom literature, the Song of Songs offers a fresh look at love and relationships through its main female character, the Shulamite, which profoundly differs from traditional religious approaches to love and sexuality. Drawing from exegetical as well as philosophical sources, Abi Doukhan follows the Shulamite’s journey away from patriarchy to her own self-individuation as she discovers a wisdom of love that is deeply personal and feminine.

The Illuminated Hafiz

... The Essential Rumi Rumi: Bridge to the Soul Rumi: The Big Red Book A Year with Rumi: Daily Readings The Hand of Poetry: Five Mystic Poets of Persia, ...

Author: Hafiz

Publisher: Sounds True

ISBN: 1683644190

Category: Poetry

Page: 160

View: 309

Vivid translations by Coleman Barks, Robert Bly, Omid Safi, Meher Baba, and others combine with Michael and Saliha Green's stunning illustrations to bring the immortal poetry of the great Persian master Hafiz to life “There is this matter of the light in my eyes. If you want to know the Friend, don’t expect elegant arguments! Demand a blessing from one who gives you joy.” —Hafiz (tr. Barks) “Hafiz is without peer!” exclaimed Goethe. Known as “The Tongue of the Hidden Mysteries,” Shams al-Din Muhammad Hafiz of Shiraz is the most revered of Persian poets. When the Sun of Infinite Reality dawned in his being, he poured forth mystic verse so sublime it touched the hearts of kings and commoners alike. Hafiz’s poems of intimate divine love spread through the East in his lifetime, then into the West, influencing such luminaries as Emerson, Brahms, Queen Victoria, Nietzsche, and Garcia Lorca. Today, nearly 700 years after his death, the unmatched genius and bold wit of Hafiz continues to ignite hearts and intoxicate souls everywhere. The Illuminated Hafiz brings together vivid translations by Coleman Barks, Robert Bly, Omid Safi, Meher Baba, Peter Booth, and others with the luminous art of Michael and Saliha Green, weaving them into a stunning contemporary presentation in the tradition of classical Persian illuminated manuscripts and unveiling the mysteries of the path of love. Come, raise a cup! Join with Hafiz and his incomparable love poems in a holy revel on the journey into light.

The other cheek of islam

Rumi: Bridge to the Soul by Coleman Barks 6. Multimind (1986) by Robert Ornstein 7. Thomas Mann – Magic Mountain 8. Friedrich Schiller – On The Aesthetic ...

Author: Rami Elias Kremesti

Publisher: Europa Edizioni


Category: Fiction

Page: 154

View: 974

Never in the history of mankind have nations and peoples been so close and yet so far apart. In the age of globalization and digital social media that connect us all, why are nations and races and religions still in conflict? Just fifty miles separate Alaska from Eastern Russia, and yet these great countries are clearly separated by the rift of a cold war. Muslims are slaughtering each other in Syria. Terrorist Shiites that belong to Hezbollah are leaving a tragic scar on the people of Lebanon, a country that has always been a melting pot of different cultures and a beacon of freedom of expression and religious practice. Islamic fundamentalism still cripples many countries, and Africa is mostly a mess, despite its enormous natural resources. Corruption and greed are wreaking havoc on the planet, and the terrible consequences of the stress we are placing on the environment and on wild animals are starting to become undeniably evident. Earth cannot support the exploding human population, yet the global population keeps growing. Relationships between men and women are breaking down, and divorce is at its highest rate ever. What is the common denominator in all this chaos? What is the reason for all this suffering? The answer might be spiritual ignorance. But there’s an antidote to this decadence, and it’s called Rumi. Once you taste Rumi’s passion, you will become a transformed human being, and your soul will be on fire. Rumi’s poetry tries to capture the sweetness and the joy of knowing God, or Allah, or the Truth, or the Infinite Energy. It tries to define and explain the mystery that Life is. And the fire of the Truth burns down all the petty barriers between human beings and their false constructs and idols of pleasure and prestige. Suffering ends when enlightenment begins. Rami Elias Kremesti, was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. To escape the brutality of civil war, as a kid, he used to go fishing and snorkeling. He graduated in Chemistry at the prestigious American University of Beirut (where he blew up the lab a couple of times), minoring in Philosophy and Art Appreciation. In the United States, he earned an M.Sc. degree from UNT. Later, Rami moved to California, where he spent six of the most beautiful years of his life. Here he also worked as a portrait photographer. Polyvalent and with numerous interests and hobbies, Rami is a traveler, polyglot, passionate reader, and amateur farmer. He loves DIY projects and to play the guitar, especially to entertain small children. He’s a talented cook and well versed in recipes from all around the world. He holds Lebanese and Bulgarian citizenship, and he’s currently applying for British citizenship as well. Nowadays, Rami spends his time between the UK, where he works, and Bulgaria, where he loves to spend time with his two beautiful daughters, Krassi and Lulu. He is also an environmentalist and peace activist, founder of the websites BONKA.BG and AMALID.ORG. His photography portfolio is online at

Imagine Being Lucky

From the book titled “RUMI Bridge to the Soul” by Coleman Barks: And the lines are mainly about silence... * * * Now let silence speak As that begins, ...

Author: Zeynep Kocasinan

Publisher: Cinius Yayınları

ISBN: 6051270108

Category: Self-Help

Page: 314

View: 963

You do not have to learn anything. You do not have to do anything. You do not have. You may choose to. Stories are not life itself. Words are not either. Words are not the path. Yet, there are clues that come with words. Tips and experiences. There are ideas that come with words. You have choices that your life offers only to you. All of our lives are unique. So why read about someone else? What does Zeynep Kocasinan have to offer you? The author of "Is It Written in the Stars?" and four other books in Turkish is truthful and honest to her heart as she shares her real experiences with staying on the path of the soul. She talks about life, personal development, growth, healing, change and coincidences. Sharing openly what she believes in and uses. Are you up for this new journey of the heart, the mind and the soul? Yayınevi: Cinius Yayınları

What is Islamic Philosophy

Barks, C. (2007), Rumi: Bridge to the Soul, London: HarperCollins. Chittick, W.C. (1989), The Sufi Path of Knowledge: Ibn AlArabi's Metaphysics of ...

Author: Roy Jackson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317814037

Category: Religion

Page: 190

View: 715

What is Islamic Philosophy? offers a broad introduction to Islamic thought, from its origins to the many challenging issues facing Muslims in the contemporary world. The chapters explore early Islamic philosophy and trace its development through key themes and figures up to the twenty-first century. Topics covered include: ethical issues such as just war, abortion, women’s rights, homosexuality and cloning questions in political philosophy regarding what kind of Islamic state could exist and how democratic can (or should) Islam really be the contribution of Islam to ‘big questions’ such as the existence of God, the concept of the soul, and what constitutes truth. This fresh and original book includes a helpful glossary and suggestions for further reading. It is ideal for students coming to the subject for the first time as well as anyone wanting to learn about the philosophical tradition and dilemmas that are part of the Islamic worldview.

A Survivor s Guide to Kicking Cancer s Ass

... compiled by José Luis González-Balado • Rumi: Bridge to the Soul, by Coleman Barks • Thich Nhat Hahn: Essential Writings, by Thich Nhat Hahn, ...

Author: Dena Mendes

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 1401931553

Category: Self-Help


View: 426

It's a ballsy move to look in the face of cancer and say, "I'm gonna kick your ass!" Yet Dena Mendes did just that, and now she'll tell you how to do the same thing! This book is a crash course in learning how to be your own advocate. Empower yourself by using your intuition and newfound knowledge, and you'll come through this difficult yet amazing health-awakening opportunity with flying colors. With this step-by-step guide at your side, your journey will turn into a beautiful dance. As Dena promises, "You'll get to turn yourself inside out and become someone new. I guarantee that this is the best trip you'll ever take!" This guide is a life preserver that has been created to support you on your journey back to perfect health. . . .

The Golden Thread

... Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, Bodley Head, 2011 Coleman Barks, Rumi: Bridge to the Soul: Journeys into the Music and Silence of the Heart, ...

Author: Pat Pilkington

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1784504459

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 160

View: 418

Pat Pilkington was co-founder of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, the first charity to offer a truly holistic approach to cancer care. In this memoir, completed when she knew she was approaching death, Pat tells her story; starting with her childhood, through the early days of the Centre to its growth into Penny Brohn Cancer Care, the globally influential institution it is today. Above all, she shares her own spiritual journey, her deep exploration of faith, love, and what lies at the core of each human life and each human death. She speaks to life, not just to cancer, and shows how the restoration of the human spirit is an essential part of holistic healing. The Golden Thread of the title is the transcendent nature of love that runs though everything, awakening the potential to uplift, inspire, overcome and create anew, even in the face of severe adversity.

Emerson in Iran

“Coleman Barks on Rumi: Bridge to the Soul, a Conversation on the Bridge.” Archive Islam, 11 December 2007.

Author: Roger Sedarat

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438474857

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 230

View: 908

Examines the impact of Persian poetry in the work of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson in Iran is the first full-length study of Persian influence in the work of the seminal American poet, philosopher, and translator, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Extending the current trend in transnational studies back to the figural origins of both the United States and Iran, Roger Sedarat’s insightful comparative readings of Platonism and Sufi mysticism reveal how Emerson managed to reconcile through verse two countries so seemingly different in religion and philosophy. By tracking various rhetorical strategies through a close interrogation of Emerson’s own writings on language and literary appropriation, Sedarat exposes the development of a latent but considerable translation theory in the American literary tradition. He further shows how generative Persian poetry becomes during Emerson’s nineteenth century, and how such formative effects continue to influence contemporary American poetry and verse translation. “This is the book, on this subject, I have been waiting for. Indeed, Sedarat goes further than satisfying curiosity about familiar but undertheorized figures, texts, and traditions, he also reveals ones that I didn’t know I should know and care about. His prose is at once lucid and learned. He manages, with great tact and insight, to move from poet to poet, poem to poem, line to line, across time and tradition, so that the reader remains oriented to the idea at hand, and, moreover, capable of grasping its relevance to the project and its broader significance for our thinking about the legacy of Emerson’s writing and thought.” — David LaRocca, author of Emerson’s English Traits and the Natural History of Metaphor


Rumi: Bridge to the Soul, Coleman Barks trans. and ed. New York: Harper Collins, 2007. Sadakata, Akira. Buddhist Cosmology: Philosophy and Origins.

Author: Theodore Richards

Publisher: Hiraeth Press

ISBN: 0979924685

Category: Philosophy

Page: 350

View: 756

"Richards writes skillfully and soulfully about the most pressing issues of our times, and the deeper crisis out of which they have emerged. Drawing from a vast trove of knowledge about the world's religious, mystical, and philosophical traditions, he extracts the most valuable gems, polishes them with the revolutionary insights of modern science, and forges a radiant, new cosmosophy--a universal wisdom that honors the wisdom of the universe. The beauty of this mythos is that it, like the cosmos, is not static but dynamic, inviting our active participation and imaginative engagement.This book succeeds in instilling reverence for a living universe and hope for a dying planet. May Cosmosophia blossom and flourish in the hearts of all beings!" --Darrin Drda, author of The Four Global Truths

Seven Persian Poets

RUMI THE POEMS Excerpted from: RumiBridge to the Soul –Journeys into the Music and Silence of the Heart by Coleman Barks with A.J. Arberry and Neut Ergin ...

Author: Albert Shansky

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1524504750

Category: Poetry

Page: 152

View: 491

Ever since my three visits to Iran in the years 1973, 1976, and 1978, I fell in love with Persian poetry. Poetry was everywhere in Iran in those years; one could simply walk into a bookstore and buy a copy of a poem of a favorite poet or the work of a new entry which are sometimes illustrated and displayed on walls. Poetry was always an important expression of life in Persia (Iran) beginning with Hakim Ferdowsi's great historical/ mythological epic, Shahnahmeh (The Book of Kings) to the well-known Rubaiyat (Odes) of Omar Khayyam and the magnificent love poems of the three Sufi poets, Jalaluddin Rumi, Muhammad Hafiz, and Saadi Shirazi. This book includes the five poets above as well as two relatively modern poets Forough Farrokhzad and Ahmad Shamloo.

Multiculturalism and the Convergence of Faith and Practical Wisdom in Modern Society

Rumi: Bridge to the Soul–Journeys into the Music and Silence of the Heart. HarperOne. Bird J., & Schwartzentruber, M. J. (2008). Spirituality of Music.

Author: Pascal, Ana-Maria

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1522519564

Category: Religion

Page: 397

View: 210

Religion is considered by many to be something of the past, but it has a lasting hold in society and influences people across many cultures. This integration of spirituality causes numerous impacts across various aspects of modern life. Multiculturalism and the Convergence of Faith and Practical Wisdom in Modern Society is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on the cultural, sociological, economic, and philosophical effects of religion on modern society and human behavior. Featuring extensive coverage across a range of relevant perspectives and topics, such as social reforms, national identity, and existential spirituality, this publication is ideally designed for theoreticians, practitioners, researchers, policy makers, advanced-level students and sociologists.


Attenborough, David. Life on Earth. Little, Brown and Company, 1979. Barks, Coleman, trans. Rumi: Bridge to the Soul: Journeys into the Music and ...

Author: Scott Chaskey

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 1609615042

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

View: 523

Scott Chaskey—working farmer, poet, and spiritual father of the community farming movement—considers "the web of biodiversity and resilience at the heart of our cultural inheritance" by masterfully weaving history, politics, botany, literature, mythology, and memoir into a beautiful and instructive book. It's hard to think of a subject more fundamental to the sustenance of the human race than seeds. Having coevolved with the Earth's plants, insects, and animals, seeds are entwined with the core myths of ancient cultures and the development of human consciousness. Their story remains vitally important today, as the corporations that manufacture GMOs threaten our food security and the future of seed-cultivated agriculture. The stakes, for those concerned with preserving biodiversity and ecological integrity, are high. Balancing a wide view of politics and history, Chaskey alights from life on the farm he has cultivated for 25 years to conjure Gregor Mendel's breeding experiments that yielded our modern understanding of genetics; he also introduces us to several "bioneers," such as the geobotanist Nikolay Vavilov and agriculturalist Cary Fowler, who are preserving global biodiversity through seeds. Integrating scholarship with accessible storytelling, Seedtime is a celebration as well as a call to action urging us to renew our role as citizens of nature, in ecologist Aldo Leopold's phrase, not as conquerors of it.

Good Little Indian Girls and Stuff

Rumi. Bridge to the Soul. New York: Harper One. Daniel Goleman (1996). Emotional Intelligence. Why it can matter more than IQ. London: Bloomsbury.

Author: Bina Patel

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1982216247

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 979

The wise soul Wayne Dyer said, ‘Don’t die with your music still in you.’ For Bina Patel, the many tunes of her life, always changing as she grew, created narratives that shaped her worldview and brought her into relationship with her Cultural Parent, a term coined by the psychotherapist Pearl Drego (1983). This parent shapes us as potently as our biological parents, and lies at the core of our behaviours and social conscience. Coming from an Indian (South Asian) background, the author found herself unconsciously locked into an ancestral framework of duty, obligation and sacrifice promoting suffocating tribalism (‘we’) rather than individual expression (‘I’). Inauthentic living led to food addiction, dysfunctional relationships and chronic stress until she stumbled upon the healing power of talk therapy, reflective practice and the written word. Amazingly, profound psychic shifts occurred as the ‘verbal detox’ from her inner world progressed. Bina had stuffed her feelings into layers of fat for years. Somewhere in this reflective process, her emotional body resurrected and demanded compassion, love and forgiveness, rather than self-criticism, shame, guilt, samosas and chocolate. Surprisingly, the fat started dissolving away and fabulous insights paved the journey from Fat to Fab. Good Little Indian Girls and Stuff is author Bina Patel’s honest, moving and inspiring memoir offering a new framework for twenty-first century living. Patriarchal domination and distorted feminism are rejected whilst compassion, connection and co-creation are embraced. Beyond the toxicity of power struggles, limiting beliefs and labels, the potential for immense societal cohesion and well-being exist. The author explores how the ‘I’ can harmoniously dance with ‘We’ to create a better world for all. How can we be healthy Homo sapiens rather than depleted Homo burnouts?

Yoga for Life

Page 153: Excerpt from “Empty,” Rumi: Bridge to the Soul by Coleman Barks. Copyright © 2007 by Coleman Barks. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins ...

Author: Colleen Saidman Yee

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476776784

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

View: 103

From a rebellious young woman with a dangerous heroin habit to a globe-trotting fashion model to “First Lady of Yoga” (The New York Times), Colleen Saidman Yee tells the remarkable story of how she found herself through the healing power of yoga—and then inspired others to do the same. I’ve learned how to extract the beauty of an ordinary day. I’ve learned that the best high exists in the joy—or the sadness—of the present moment. Yoga allows me to surf the ripples and sit with the mud, while catching glimpses of the clarity of my home at the bottom of the lake: my true self. The very first time Saidman Yee took a yoga class, she left feeling inexplicably different—something inside had shifted. She felt alive—so alive that yoga became the center of her life, helping her come to terms with her insecurities and find her true identity and voice. From learning to cope with a frightening seizure disorder to navigating marriages and divorces to becoming a mother, finding the right life partner, and grieving a beloved parent, Saidman Yee has been through it all—and has found that yoga holds the answers to life’s greatest challenges. Approachable, sympathetic, funny, and candid, Saidman Yee shares personal anecdotes along with her compassionate insights and practical instructions for applying yoga to everyday issues and anxieties. Specific yoga sequences accompany each chapter and address everything from hormonal mood swings to detoxing, depression, stress, and increased confidence and energy. Step-by-step instructions and photographs demonstrate her signature flow of poses so you can follow them effortlessly. Yoga for Life offers techniques to bring awareness to every part of your physical and spiritual being, allowing you to feel truly alive and to embody the peace of the present moment.

Emmanuel Levinas

Rumi. Bridge to the Soul. Translated by Coleman Barks. New York: HarperCollins, 2007. Sartre, Jean-Paul. Being and Nothingness.

Author: Abi Doukhan

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 144113624X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 192

View: 825

Our era is profoundly marked by the phenomenon of exile and it is has become increasingly urgent to rethink the concept of exile and our stance towards it. This renewed reflection on the problem of exile brings to the fore a number of questions regarding the traditionally negative connotation of exile. Is there not another way to understand the condition of exile? Permeated with references to the 'stranger', the 'other' and 'exteriority', the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas signifies a positive understanding of exile. This original and compelling book distills from Levinas's philosophy a wisdom of exile, for the first time shedding a positive light on the condition of exile itself. Abi Doukhan argues that Levinas's philosophy can be understood as a comprehensive philosophy of exile, from his ethics to his thoughts on society, love, knowledge, spirituality and art, thereby presenting a comprehensive view of the philosophy of Levinas himself as well as a renewed understanding of the wealth and contribution of exile to a given society.

The Snakes

Rumi: Bridge to the Soul. Underneath was a writing pad. He had copied the words out and underlined them. The annihilation of the self. The death of the ego.

Author: Sadie Jones

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473558700

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 173

‘Superbly written, each sentence punctuated by a drumbeat of menace ... A thrillingly good read’ Elizabeth Day Family secrets can be deadly... Newly-weds Dan and Bea decide to escape London. Driving through France in their beaten-up car they anticipate a long lazy summer, worlds away from their ordinary lives. But their idyll cannot last. Stopping off to see Bea’s brother at his crumbling hotel, the trio are joined unexpectedly by Bea’s ultra-wealthy parents. Dan has never understood Bea’s deep discomfort around them but living together in such close proximity he begins to sense something is very wrong. Just as tensions reach breaking point, brutal tragedy strikes, exposing decades of secrets and silence that threaten to destroy them all. ‘A twisty delight of a novel, a cracking page-turner that has much to say about modern life and our attempts to find a way to navigate it, no matter where we come from’ Cathy Rentzenbrink