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This signed edition gathers the complete black-and-white portfolio in impeccable, grand-scale, museum-quality reproductions. Collector’s Edition (No. 101-1,100), each numbered and signed by Sebastião Salgado.

Author: Sebastião Salgado


ISBN: 9783836576505

Category: Photography

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Collector s Guide

... santos and retablos • Annual participant in Spanish Market the last weekend of





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The Collector’s Guide strives to be a trusted partner in the business of art by being the most knowledgeable, helpful and friendly resource to New Mexico’s artists, art galleries, museums and art service providers. Through a printed guidebook, the World Wide Web and weekly radio programs, we serve art collectors and others seeking information about the art and culture of New Mexico.

Imperialism Power and Identity

... with the moving and washing of ore-bearing deposits at Las Medulas, that
mine must have involved the labor of a huge number of people in scenes that can
best be imagined from the photographs by Sebastião Salgado of the Brazilian
gold ...

Author: David J. Mattingly

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691160171

Category: History

Page: 376

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Despite what history has taught us about imperialism's destructive effects on colonial societies, many classicists continue to emphasize disproportionately the civilizing and assimilative nature of the Roman Empire and to hold a generally favorable view of Rome's impact on its subject peoples. Imperialism, Power, and Identity boldly challenges this view using insights from postcolonial studies of modern empires to offer a more nuanced understanding of Roman imperialism. Rejecting outdated notions about Romanization, David Mattingly focuses instead on the concept of identity to reveal a Roman society made up of far-flung populations whose experience of empire varied enormously. He examines the nature of power in Rome and the means by which the Roman state exploited the natural, mercantile, and human resources within its frontiers. Mattingly draws on his own archaeological work in Britain, Jordan, and North Africa and covers a broad range of topics, including sexual relations and violence; census-taking and taxation; mining and pollution; land and labor; and art and iconography. He shows how the lives of those under Rome's dominion were challenged, enhanced, or destroyed by the empire's power, and in doing so he redefines the meaning and significance of Rome in today's debates about globalization, power, and empire. Imperialism, Power, and Identity advances a new agenda for classical studies, one that views Roman rule from the perspective of the ruled and not just the rulers. In a new preface, Mattingly reflects on some of the reactions prompted by the initial publication of the book.

Silver Gold

Cased Images of the California Gold Rush Drew Heath Johnson, Marcia Eymann
, Oakland Museum of California ... it looks nothing like the other great
photographic documentation of gold fever — Sebastião Salgado ' s horrific
picture of the ...

Author: Drew Heath Johnson

Publisher: University of Iowa Press


Category: Art

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Photography in America was not even ten years old when gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill, and the rush of miners was followed by a rush of daguerreotype practitioners; both crafts evolved together in this remarkable time. Silver and Gold, the first book-length treatment of the earliest major historical phenomenon to be recorded by the camera lens, presents more than 150 extraordinary daguerreotypes and ambrotypes, many never before published. Silver and Gold includes works by Robert Vance, P.M. Batchelder, William Shew, Frederick Coombs, and W. H. Rulofson -- images of native Californians and those who migrated there to seek their fortunes in the gold fields. Photographs from the mining communities reflect the miners' rough houses, sunburned faces, and makeshift clothes, capturing the isolation and determination of people working under difficult conditions far from home. Essays by John Wood, poet and founding president of the Daguerreian Society; Peter Palmquist, independent scholar and curator in the field of photography; and Drew Johnson and Marcia Eymann, cocurators of the Oakland Museum exhibition that complements this volume, enhance these striking early images. In addition, annotations on the back of the photographs and written accounts of the experiences they record provide glimpses into the intentions of the photographers.

Celebrating the Negative

SEBASTIAO SALGADO Gold Mine , Serra Pelada , State of Pará , Brazil , 1986 (
top ) ; Greater Burhan Oil Field , Kuwait , 1991 Paris Hands : Sebastião Salgado
3 / 31 / 93 Sebastião Salgado decided to document manual labor as it exists in a

Author: John Loengard

Publisher: Arcade Pub


Category: Photography

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Every photograph - whether family snapshot or museum masterpiece - comes to life out of the silver shadows in the negative. Yet the value and intrinsic beauty of the photographic negative have been woefully underappreciated. Auction houses disdain negatives of even the most celebrated photographs, insurance companies routinely underestimate their worth, and the general public never gets to see them. Only archivists, dealers and photographers themselves understand how priceless, unique and visually stunning negatives truly are. Celebrating the Negative rectifies matters in glorious fashion. John Loengard has tracked down and photographed the negatives of some of the most famous images ever made: Alexander Gardner's legendary portrait of Abraham Lincoln and Walker Evans' haunting portrait of Bud Fields and his family; Ansel Adams' serene Moonrise, Hernandez, N. Mex. and Robert Capa's D-day beachhead. Loengard's work literally and figuratively illuminates these negatives, revealing how the photographer has manipulated the image to produce the final print by choosing what to crop or enlarge, what to darken or lighten. The mastery of Man Ray, Yousuf Karsh, Alfred Stieglitz, Margaret Bourke-White, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andre Kertesz and Edward Weston, to name but some of the many photographers represented here, shows up in their negative capability.

New York Magazine

Organization in London, Sebastiao Salgado ... The subjects are portrayed in an
almost spiritual manner: A Brazilian gold miner resting against a pole evokes
Christ on ...





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New York magazine was born in 1968 after a run as an insert of the New York Herald Tribune and quickly made a place for itself as the trusted resource for readers across the country. With award-winning writing and photography covering everything from politics and food to theater and fashion, the magazine's consistent mission has been to reflect back to its audience the energy and excitement of the city itself, while celebrating New York as both a place and an idea.

Photos that Changed the World

WORKERS IN A SERRA PELADA GOLD MINE 1986 Pará , Brazil Photographer :
Sebastião Salgado Every day during the dry season between September and
January , 50,000 men climb into a crater the size of a football field where they dig

Author: Claus Biegert

Publisher: Prestel Pub


Category: Photography

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A compilation of memorable photographs captures the execution of a Viet Cong officer, a woman mourning over one of Kent State's massacre victims, Martin Luther King delivering his "I have a dream" speech, and the devastation of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.


SEBASTIÃO SALGADO : Gold Miners , Serra Pelada , Brazil , 1986 SHOWING
Suppose you didn ' t know anything about this photograph . What does it reveal ?

Author: Barbara London

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Photography

Page: 422

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Text covering material for basic photography courses and many advanced techniques, with sample photos that illustrate techniques discussed.

Solid Gold

Story Maser , Steven Meisel , Sheila Metzner , Ray Navarro , Herb Ritts , Michael
Roberts , Matthew Rolston , Sebastião Salgado , Francesco Scavullo . Deborah
Turbeville , Mar Vadukel , William Wegman Photo Editor Martha Maristany ...

Author: Society of Publication Designers (U.S.)

Publisher: Rockport Publishers


Category: Design

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Includes interviews.

Anatomy of the Amazon Gold Rush

For many the phrase " gold rush " conjures up images of the 1849ers . panning
for gold in the western United States . But in 1979 ... The front photograph shows
the Serra Pelada gold mine in Brazil ( courtesy of Sebastião Salgado / Magium ) .

Author: David Cleary



Category: Nature

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For many the phrase "gold rush" conjures up images of the 1849ers panning for gold in the western United States. But in 1979, the biggest gold rush of this century began in the Brazilian Amazon and has continued unabated ever since. Despite attempts by governments and mining companies to control it, the Amazon gold rush has flourished, involving hundreds of thousands of miners in an informal-sector industry which produces over a billion dollars' worth of gold annually. Moreover, the mining activity has become famous--or infamous--well beyond Brazil, thanks to the furor it has raised in the environmental community. This important anthropological study takes the first broad and balanced look at the gold rush to explain its history, the social organization of the gold camps, the politics and the economics of gold in Brazil, and the implications of the gold rush for Amazonia and its people.

Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow

Sebastião Salgado has created some of the most telling images of our times . ...
An Sebastião Salgado Refugee Camp at Korem , Ethiopia 1984
PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT 51 x 41cm Sebastião Salgado Gold Mining , Serra
Pelada , Brazil 1986.

Author: Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

Publisher: Antique Collectors Club Limited


Category: Art

Page: 96

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Epitomizing the confidence and vigour of contemporary art world-wide, the range of artists featured both within Glasgow's new museum, the Gallery of Modern Art, and this book encompasses the whole gamut of human experience. Many of these living artists have contributed their own thoughts about themselves, their work in general or the actual work displayed in the Gallery. Their quotations give added meaning and validity to the illustrations in the very personal essay on Art for People written by Glasgow Museums' Director Julian Spalding and in the Artists' Profiles section which is enriched by additional works and by photographs of artists at work in their studios.

Gold is Illusion

... when he might dig for gold , and had in imagination the prospect of coming at
once upon the well - head of riches . ... ( Southey , 1822 , III : 62 ) The exposition ”
Workers ” of the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado was shown in Gallery

Author: Enrique Rodriguez Larreta

Publisher: Stockholm Universitet


Category: Social Science

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This study analyses the formation of power relations and hierarchy among the gold diggers of the region of the Tapajos in the lower Amazonas. Following the route of immigrants who escape from social death in the Brazilian Northeast driven on by the dream of gold, this book analyses the daily life of a community of gold diggers. It studies the articulation between individual and group and between the local society and regional and national contexts. The description of methods of work in gold extraction form a background to an analysis of how social identity, power and authority are constituted in the gold digger society, in which an ever present violence and prevalent disease combine to keep the individual in a state of existential Precariousness

Great Images of the 20th Century

But as we absorb the picture , we realize we are looking at human beings
engaged in a great labor : Sebastião Salgado ' s photo is of a modern - day gold
rush in Brazil . The story of Brazil ' s gold fever echoes that of America ' s fabled
Forty ...

Author: Kelly Knauer

Publisher: Time Life Education


Category: History

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Presents pictures of the major events of the twentieth century involving business, disasters, society, sports, the arts and more.


Gold rush B northeast and unemployment in the Rich , a veteran British alluvial
minBy Norman Gall big cities , has sent hundreds of thou- ing ... Brazil Sebastiao
Salgado / Magnum gold standard for Engis now threatening to land's money .




Category: Business


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Les choix d Henri Cartier Bresson

Thomas Walther Collection . 33. Sebastião Salgado ( 1944 ) Gold mine , “ Serra
Pelada " , State of Para , Brazil , 1986 . Silver print , 1988 , 161 / 5X 20115 inches
. © Sebastião Salgado / Amazonas Images . Courtesy Sebastião Salgado ...

Author: Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson



Category: Photography, Artistic

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Art at the Rockface

Full View of the Serra Pelada Gold Mine , Brazil , 1936 4 Studying the Rockface
There are no natural objects out. SEBASTIÃO SALGADO ( BORN 1944 ) Black
and white photograph , 44 . 9 x 29 . 9 cm Victoria and Albert Museum , London ...

Author: Andrew Moore

Publisher: Philip Wilson Publishers


Category: Art

Page: 96

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"This book examines ways by which artists have explored the fascination and meaning of stone. Those who sculpt with the chisel, grind pigments, create landscapes, fashion jewellery or work with graphite are connecting directly with the rock beneath their feet. Early people drew or painted on the rockface and fashioned flint. More recently humankind has selected stone to build and sculpt and has consistently conferred values, properties and meanings upon selected stones."--BOOK JACKET.


A collection of photographs of manual workers. The author's photographs bestow dignity on the most isolated and neglected, from refugees in the famine-stricken Sahel, to the men who swarm the gold mines of Brazil.

Author: Sebastião Salgado

Publisher: Phaidon Press

ISBN: 9780714829319

Category: Documentary photography

Page: 399

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A collection of photographs of manual workers. The author's photographs bestow dignity on the most isolated and neglected, from refugees in the famine-stricken Sahel, to the men who swarm the gold mines of Brazil.