Shaping Space

Introduces the principles of three-dimensional design and sculpture, discussing such applications as kinetic art, conceptual work, computer-aided sculpture, and installation pieces.

Author: Paul Zelanski

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company


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Introduces the principles of three-dimensional design and sculpture, discussing such applications as kinetic art, conceptual work, computer-aided sculpture, and installation pieces.

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a for a New Re * (Cook, c) D6 E42 95° UMI Research P.U.S. : Wildwood Distrib Services (1287) Mus o 8357 1811 5 zelanski, PJ & Fisher, M.P. Shaping Space. The Dynamics of Three-dimensional Design. M8.304 £12.50 Holt.




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Encyclopedia of Asian American Artists

Shaping Space : The Dynamics of the ThreeDimensional Design . Belmont , CA : Thomson Wadsworth Press , 2007 . Places to See Odate's Artwork Brooklyn Museum of Art , New York Bundy Art Gallery , Waitsfield , Vermont Great Southwest ...

Author: Kara Kelley Hallmark

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313334511

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Offers career biographies, bibliographies and places to see each artist's work, and also features basic information including birth and death dates, country of ancestry or origin, and his or her predominant media.

Observations on Positive Space

The American Ideology of Space " . Denatured Visions : Landscape and Culture in the Twentieth ... Dan Kiley : Landscape Design II , In Step with Nature . Volume 108 . ... Shaping Space : The Dynamics of Three Dimensional Design .

Author: Margaret Evans Calkins




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Shaping Space

Definition 5 A polyhedron (in three-dimensional space) is a compact 2-manifold that has no boundary and can be expressed as ... For example, if we want to design bridges and buildings that stay up, we must study the form and dynamics of ...

Author: Marjorie Senechal

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 038792714X

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This second edition is based off of the very popular Shaping Space: A Polyhedral Approach, first published twenty years ago. The book is expanded and updated to include new developments, including the revolutions in visualization and model-making that the computer has wrought. Shaping Space is an exuberant, richly-illustrated, interdisciplinary guide to three-dimensional forms, focusing on the suprisingly diverse world of polyhedra. Geometry comes alive in Shaping Space, as a remarkable range of geometric ideas is explored and its centrality in our cultre is persuasively demonstrated. The book is addressed to designers, artists, architects, engineers, chemists, computer scientists, mathematicians, bioscientists, crystallographers, earth scientists, and teachers at all levels—in short, to all scholars and educators interested in, and working with, two- and three-dimensinal structures and patterns.

Media Design

Basic Desktop Design and Layout . Cincinnati , OH : Quarto , North Light Books / F & W. Fisher , Mary Pat , and Paul Zelanski . ( 1987 ) . Shaping Space , the Dynamics of Three - Dimensional Design . New York : CBS / Holt , Rinehart and ...

Author: Jacqueline M. Layng



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This timely new book provides practical information, supported by theory, on how to use print, audio, and video technology in designing mediated messages. Unlike other books on the topic, this book describes the technology by demonstrating how to use it successfully. Explains and models proper design principles, which are sorely missing in current use of communication technology. Focuses on media harmony—thoroughly knowing the media one is working with and having the ability to design a visual message to convey meaning. Offers step-by-step instructions on creating graphics for the Web and presentations. Explores the theory of successfully designing mediated messages, and includes both good and poor designs. Discusses how to identify a need and select a successful design for the message. Covers the current new technologies used in communication. Offers practical instances and examples throughout. A valuable reference for professionals in public relations, advertising assistants, marketing assistants, and administrative assistants.

The Sculptural Idea

Shaping Space : The Dynamics of Three Dimensional Design . New York : Holt , Rinehart and Winston , 1987 . TECHNICAL / TECHNOLOGY Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology . San Diego , CA : Academic Press , Inc. , 1992 .

Author: James J. Kelly

Publisher: Waveland PressInc


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The Fourth Edition of James Kelly's highly regarded text provides a wide-ranging discussion of the myriad approaches to contemporary sculpture illustrated with relevant, timely examples. The author highlights the growth and vitality of sculpture as a vehicle of and for ideas by exploring the diverse, complex, sometimes confusing sculptural involvements of the past several decades. The presentation covers history, evolution, basic tenets and principles, new technologies, extension of concepts, and experimentation, accompanied by abundant photographic images.

Emerging Artists 1978 1986

291 Mary Pat Fisher and Paul Zelanski , Shaping Space : The Dynamics of Three - Dimensional Design , New York , 1987 , pp . 240-242 BRYAN HUNT Born in Terre Haute , Indiana , June 7 , 1947 . Studied at Otis Art Institute , Los Angeles ...

Author: Diane Waldman

Publisher: Solomon R Guggenheim Museum


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