Ships in Focus Record Issue Number 4

Springbok Shipping Co Ltd; Pitchers of Yarmouth; Pamaru; Leyland & the Ditton: Part 2; Swans and Eagles; Redcliffe Shipping Co Ltd; 100 Years Ago in Liverpool; Basil Feilden Photographer; Index.

Author: Ships In Focus Publications


ISBN: 9781901703283


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Ships Monthly

BOOKS & VIDEOS 1 Southampton's Trafalgar dry dock and the old Harland & Wolff ... in Focus Record : Latest issue £ 7.00 Shipwrecks of the NE Coast vol.2 ...




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Cargo Liners

Clarkson,John, Fenton, Roy and Munro, Archie, Clan Line, Ships in Focus ... Stewart, I G, The Ships that Serve New Zealand Vol 1: British & European Lines, ...

Author: Ambrose Greenway

Publisher: Seaforth Publishing

ISBN: 1848321295

Category: History

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For 100 years, between 1850 and 1950, the cargo liner grew to dominate the world’s trade routes, providing regular services that merchants, shippers and importers could rely on; they carried much of the world’s higher value manufactured goods and raw materials and their services spread to most corners of the world. They were the tool of the world’s first phase of globalization. This new book, evocatively illustrated with a magnificent collection of more than 300 photographs, begins with the establishment of routes around Europe and across the North Atlantic in the 1850s. Not until the Liverpool ship owner and engineer, Alfred Holt, developed high-pressure compound engines were coal-powered vessels able to steam further afield, to the Far East and Australia. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 cemented the dominance of the cargo liner and only with the appearance of the first container ship in the 1950s was that dominance finally overthrown. With its informative introductory texts and abundant photographs, this book will appeal to ship enthusiasts around the world and to all those who mourn the passing of the golden age of the steamship.

Bibliography of Nautical Books

Author: Alan Obin


ISBN: 9780948646157


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This is the 15th annual edition of the Bibliography of Nautical Books, a reference guide to over 14,000 nautical publications. It deals specifically with the year 2000.

Sea Breezes

A WHITE FUNNEL ALBUM Chris Collard black and white photos ships ... NEWALL ILLUSTRATED NORWEGIAN SHIPLIST 2008-2009 Volume 1 Norwegian owned ships over 199 ...




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From Ship s Cook to Baronet

Ritchie, carson, Q-ships (Lavenham: Terence Dalton and co. ... Appleyard, Harold, 'Ropner trunk-deck steamers', Ships in Focus Record, 1/2, 3 (1996–7).

Author: David Jenkins

Publisher: University of Wales Press

ISBN: 070832424X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Sir William Reardon Smith (1856-1935) was one of the foremost figures in south Wales in the early twentieth century. His was a classic story of 'rags to riches' - starting life as a deck-hand and ship's cook, he made a fortune in the shipping industry at the zenith of the Welsh coal trade.

Science and Civilisation in China Volume 4 Physics and Physical Technology Part 3 Civil Engineering and Nautics

There is general agreement that the oldest sailing - ships , those of ancient Egypt ... 1 , pp . 47 ff .; Wilkinson ( 1 ) , vol . 1 , pp . 412 ff . , vol .

Author: Joseph Needham

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521070607

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As Dr Needham's immense undertaking gathers momentum it has been found necessary to subdivide volumes into parts, each bound and published separately. The first two parts of Volume IV deal respectively with the physical sciences and with the diverse applications of physics in the many branches of mechanical engineering. The third deals with civil and hydraulic engineering and with nautical technology.

Ships In Focus Record 2017

South West Scenes rounds off our pictorial coverage of the diverse maritime activities at Falmouth, and there is the story of an epic Second World War convoy battle.

Author: Ships in Focus Publications


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Record 2017 came out in mid-November 2017: an enlarged, 128-page, annual hardback with exactly the same mixture of accurate, well-researched features and photographs as our 64 four-monthly editions. It features owners old and not-so-old: British, Belgian and Anglo-Swedish; including Union-Castle, Cockerill and Burmah Oil. Coverage of shipbuilding runs from a small Welsh yard to the major figure of John Priestman. South West Scenes rounds off our pictorial coverage of the diverse maritime activities at Falmouth, and there is the story of an epic Second World War convoy battle. It covers a range of vessels, from cargo liners, tramps, trawlers and tankers to coasters and other small vessels. More pages mean longer, complete articles.

Marine News

SHIPS IN FOCUS BLUE FUNNEL LINE by J. Clarkson , W. Harvey & R Fenton ... chosen for this book ( in the majority ' were taken predominantly to record events ...




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The Human Record Sources of Global History Volume I To 1500

focus of ships and caravans, and the meeting-place of Muslim and Christian ... the eyes of Islam were swollen with weeping for it; it was one ofits griefs.

Author: Alfred J. Andrea

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1133420036

Category: History

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THE HUMAN RECORD is the leading primary source reader for the World History course, providing balanced coverage of the global past. Each volume contains a blend of visual and textual sources which are often paired or grouped together for comparison. A prologue entitled Primary Sources and How to Read Them appears in each volume and serves as a valuable pedagogical tool. Approximately one-third of the sources in the Seventh Edition are new, and these documents continue to reflect the myriad experiences of the peoples of the world. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Trade in Strangers

Mitchell's Commercialism and Frontier, are two recent studies that focus on the Germans in ... The ship lists include some non-German names, for example, ...

Author: Marianne S. Wokeck

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 0271043768

Category: History

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American historians have long been fascinated by the "peopling" of North America in the seventeenth century. Who were the immigrants, and how and why did they make their way across the ocean? Most of the attention, however, has been devoted to British immigrants who came as free people or as indentured servants (primarily to New England and the Chesapeake) and to Africans who were forced to come as slaves. Trade in Strangers focuses on the eighteenth century, when new immigrants began to flood the colonies at an unprecedented rate. Most of these immigrants were German and Irish, and they were coming primarily to the middle colonies via an increasingly sophisticated form of transport. Wokeck shows how first the German system of immigration, and then the Irish system, evolved from earlier, haphazard forms into modern mass transoceanic migration. At the center of this development were merchants on both sides of the Atlantic who organized a business that enabled them to make profitable use of underutilized cargo space on ships bound from Europe to the British North American colonies. This trade offered German and Irish immigrants transatlantic passage on terms that allowed even people of little and modest means to pursue opportunities that beckoned in the New World. Trade in Strangers fills an important gap in our knowledge of America's immigration history. The eighteenth-century changes established a model for the better-known mass migrations of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, which drew wave after wave of Europeans to the New World in the hope of making a better life than the one they left behind—a story that is familiar to most modern Americans.

Ships in Focus Record 57

Articles include: Great Yarmouth Shipping Co Ltd -- Part 2; Messageries Maritimes & their Post-War Building Programme -- Part 1; South West Scenes 4 -- Furness at Fowey; We Built a Swimming Pool (Blue Funnel); Telana -- A Survivor from the ...

Author: Ships In Focus Publications


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ENC Focus

Rubrics Part of the MathKeys series , Unlocking Whole Numbers : Volume 2 , allows ... particular rubric has four levels , with Level 4 weight to their ships ...




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Fusion Integrated Reading and Writing

Are people forgetting to be present in the moment, scattering their focus by looking ... Should you be living your life or living it for others to see it?

Author: Dave Kemper

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1305537939

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FUSION: INTEGRATED READING AND WRITING, Book 1 is a developmental English book for reading and writing at the paragraph level. It connects the reading and writing processes so that they are fully reciprocal and reinforcing, using parallel strategies that guide students in analyzing reading to generate writing. FUSION teaches critical reading strategies in conjunction with the shared writing traits, such as main idea, details, and organization, and teaches the types of writing (including the basics of research) that students will encounter in their future courses. Grammar instruction is integrated in authentic writing, using high-interest professional and student models. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Archaeology in America An Encyclopedia 4 volumes

The wife of one of the sailors who was lost had sued the ship owners for compensation, and depositions described the circumstances; among other records was ...

Author: Linda S. Cordell

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313021899

Category: Social Science

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The greatness of America is right under our feet. The American past—the people, battles, industry and homes—can be found not only in libraries and museums, but also in hundreds of archaeological sites that scientists investigate with great care. These sites are not in distant lands, accessible only by research scientists, but nearby—almost every locale possesses a parcel of land worthy of archaeological exploration. Archaeology in America is the first resource that provides students, researchers, and anyone interested in their local history with a survey of the most important archaeological discoveries in North America. Leading scholars, most with an intimate knowledge of the area, have written in-depth essays on over 300 of the most important archaeological sites that explain the importance of the site, the history of the people who left the artifacts, and the nature of the ongoing research. Archaeology in America divides it coverage into 8 regions: the Arctic and Subarctic, the Great Basin and Plateau, the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains, the Midwest, the Northeast, the Southeast, the Southwest, and the West Coast. Each entry provides readers with an accessible overview of the archaeological site as well as books and articles for further research.

Bureau of Ships Manual

( 4 ) Upon completion of any electronics alteration , it shall be the ... section 1 , pages 2-8 of Electronics Maintenance Book , NAVSHIPS 900,000 . 67–44 .

Author: United States. Navy Department. Bureau of Ships



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Essential Science Fiction Novels Volume 8

"At this point projectoscope RB-3 of the ship now out of focus control, dimly showed ... but their records are chaotic, except for one projectoscope still, ...

Author: Jack London

Publisher: Tacet Books

ISBN: 3969878233

Category: Fiction

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Welcome to the Essential Science Fiction Novels book series, where you will find a selection of endless tales about the incredible technologies of the future, time travel and its consequences, adventures in interstellar spaceships, strange post-apocalyptic worlds, dangerous alien invasions and everything else the authors dreamed of or feared for the future of humanity.For this book, the literary critic August Nemo has chosen the 5 novels by authors who created memorable stories that shaped the foundations of Science Fiction. Before Adam by Jack London.Armageddon2419 by Philip Francis Nowlan.The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells.With Her in Ourland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.Urania by Camille Flammarion.If you appreciate good books, be sure to check out the other Tacet Books titles!