Silent Kingdom

Silent Kingdom reveals the world beneath the waves in an ethereal collection of black-and-white underwater photography.


Publisher: Earth Aware Editions

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Silent Kingdom reveals the world beneath the waves in an ethereal collection of black-and-white underwater photography. Through stunning black-and-white images, award-winning photographer Christian Vizl uses a masterful control of light and shadow to portray the creatures of the sea as they are rarely seen, at home in the ethereal world beneath the waves. From capturing the ferocity of sharks to the playful dance of dolphins, Vizl turns aquatic creatures and marine seascapes into visions of sublime grace and beauty suspended in time and space. With each turn of the page, venture deeper into the one realm in which humans do not reign and discover an unforgettable world that few have ever seen. Though the ocean covers over 70 percent of planet Earth, over 80 percent of that vast wilderness remains unexplored. As human activity begins to impact these once-untouched regions, it is more important now than ever to acknowledge both the beauty and value of our seas and the necessity of preserving one of the last true wild frontiers of our world. Silent Kingdom is both an ode both to the beauty of the ocean and the magnificent creatures that inhabit it and a call to action to preserve the fragile underwater world of our planet.

Lord of the Silent Kingdom

Edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden Tor LORD of the SILENT KINGDOM T heice
advances every winter. A Book Published by TomDoherty Associates, LLC 175
Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10010 Tor® isaregistered trademark ...

Author: Glen Cook

Publisher: Macmillan

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It's cold. The wells of power are weakening and the forces of Night grow strong. The gods are real, and still have some power, mostly to do harm. The Instrumentalities of the Night are the worst of these. Piper Hecht, born Else Tage, survived a battle with the Instrumentalities. Now he's Captain-General of the armies fighting a crusade for Patriarch Sublime V. Intrigues swirl around the throne of the Grail Empire, as the imperial family's enemy Anne of Menand raises money to help the perpetually indebted Patriarch finance his crusades. To reduce his own vulnerability, sickly young Emperor Lothar assigns his two half-sisters—his immediate heirs—to their own realms. Now Piper Hecht learns that the legendary sorceror Cloven Februaren, referred to as the Ninth Unknown, is still alive, more than 100 years old, and on Piper's side. As the dynastic politics of the Empire become even more convoluted, it's clear that while the old gods may be fading, they're determined to do everything they can to bend the doings of men to their own advantage. Sieges, explosions, betrayals, Anti-Patriarchs, and suspicious deaths will ensue as the great chess game plays itself out, with Piper Hecht at the center of it all... At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Silent Kingdom

Chosen by truth.

Author: Rachel L Schade


ISBN: 9781724175663


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Chosen by truth. Marked for death. Halia must choose to save her kingdom, or let it fall. Misroth's king has died, and the entire kingdom is in mourning-or so it seems. After her father is crowned regent in his brother's stead, Princess Halia discovers a terrible truth that could end her life. But when she flees to live in hiding, she discovers that the Royal Guard are not all she has to fear. Dark creatures stalk her, reports of oppression and war reach her ears, and her burden to protect her kingdom-at any cost-will not be silenced.

Why Is God Silent When We Need Him the Most

It is not surprising, then, that the gospels speak of the kingdom of God being
within us, because that is where the king intends to reign. The kingdom is where
the king is. So it is that the apostle Paul would later speak of the kingdom of God
with ...

Author: James Long

Publisher: Harpercollins

ISBN: 9780061043338

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Stating that readers need to adjust the ways in which they receive God's messages, a minister considers his own life and beliefs and explains how faith and blessings can be found among the harsher aspects of daily living. Reprint.

The Silent Land

It is represented as a kingdom over which God governs , and although a spiritual
kingdom as ' regards his reign in his subjects ' hearts , it is a kingdom in which
they who enter inherit its blessing and benefits . In Matthew , twentyfifth chapter ...

Author: Minnie Willis Baines



Category: Death

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The Silent Hour

For behold the kingdom of God is within you " ( Luke xvii , 20 , 21 ) . Thus , the
kingdom of God was to be a silent invisible kingdom , set up in the heart of each
spiritual man and woman . And it was to spread till it included every human being

Author: Charlotte Burd



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Essays on Camus s Exile and the Kingdom

This alternative is evident in the ascending line of story endings from the
comparatively negative ending of “ The Silent Men ” to the story with the most
positive ending in the entire collection , “ The Growing Stone . " Thus , even after
the low ...

Author: Judith D. Suther

Publisher: Romance Monographs


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Poetry and Culture in Middle Kingdom Egypt

The peasant ' s first and only direct appeal to the divine is not only rhetorical , but
also characterises the divine as being silent : O Lord of Silence , may you give
me back my goods ! ( B1 60 - 1 ) Rensi subsequently is silent , which motivates
the ...

Author: R. B. Parkinson

Publisher: Burns & Oates


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The Middle Kingdom (c.1940-1640 BC) was a golden age of Ancient Egyptian writing. This pioneering book is the first comprehensive study of this literary legacy. The status of literature is controversial in many ancient civilizations, and Middle Kingdom poems have often been regarded as propaganda for the ruling dynasty. This study radically reassesses their cultural role, drawing on recent studies of the individual texts, some by the author, and on general developments in literary criticism, to argue that they were entertainments that voiced potentially dissident views while also being integral to elite culture. The book explores literatures status as a differentiated form of discourse, suggesting what social practices made its role possible and offering an innovative model for the readers engagement with these subtle and complex ancient works. The book also surveys the social and ideological context of literature and proposes readings of the main tales, discourses, and teachings. The conclusion sets the readings in a broad context, while an appendix surveys the entire range of surviving texts.

Silent Kingdom

Silent Kingdom is a collection of poetry and prose.

Author: Eb Allen

Publisher: Eb Allen

ISBN: 9781733486705

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Silent Kingdom is a collection of poetry and prose. It is about finding love and the raw emotions that go along with searching for meaning behind the silences in conversations with people we seek to build a relationship with. It was a year long process that ended in heartache, but taught the author a lot about who she wanted to become.

... Silent Kingdom : Freedom of Expression in Saudi Arabia : ( 40507 ] " The Silent
Pact : Anti - Communist Co - operation between the Jewish Leadership and the
British Administration in Palestine " : { 95041 ] The Silent Revolution in Lebanon ...



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The Little Kingdom

The cluster of houses together like frightened sheep in the middle of a field ; the
village hall ; the two chapels and the green patchwork of fields , so many different
shades , on the opposite slope ; the crest of silent trees on top ; the silent wood ...

Author: Emyr Humphreys



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The Kingdom of God

However the main argument against the traditional view is that it rests basically
on three deficient presuppositions.18 The traditional view assumes : ( 1 ) that the
Old Testament is , generally speaking , silent on the subject ; ( 2 ) that the
doctrine ...

Author: John Fuellenbach



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"The fruit of many decades of study and teaching, The Kingdom of God provides an impressive, systematic treatment of the doctrine of the Kingdom of God. It is a comprehensive review of this crucial symbol, as well as a careful analysis of its meaning, and a creative intepretation of the Kingdom motif for the church and Christians in our age. The Kingdom of God begins by analyzing the background of this idea in Hebrew scripture and tradition, and in the preaching of Jesus. Fuellenbach explores how this elusive phrase presents a specific, comprehensive view of reality, and a goal for transforming the world. In Fuellenbach's reading, the Kingdom forms the core of Christian faith and the reference point of all theology, spirituality, and apostolic activity. Fuellenbach pays special attention to the relationships among Kingdom, Church, and World, arguing that with the Kingdom, Jesus proclaimed a vision that embraces God, humankind, and the whole of creation in the single most comprehensive vision of reality imaginable. The Kingdom of God is balanced and nuanced in its scholarship, but also vigorous and courageous in taking positions sure to provoke debate. For example, Fuellenbach argues that the word 'Kingdom' is to be preferred over the word 'Reign', despite critiques that find the word problematic in its patriarchial connotations. Designed for and tested in classrooms worldwide, The Kingdom of God will be particularly useful in both scripture and theology courses. It holds much food for thought for religious educators, pastoral workers, clergy and others who wish a clear, systematic understanding of Jesus' vision of the Kingdom now and to come"--page 4 of cover.

The Fall Exile and the Kingdom

THE SILENT MEN IT WAS THE dead of winter and yet a radiant sun was rising
over the already active city . At the end of the jetty , sea and sky fused in a single
dazzling light . But Yvars did not see them . He was cycling slowly along the ...

Author: Albert Camus

Publisher: Random House Incorporated



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A collection of 2 stories dwelling on man's conscience when he is faced with evil

Silent Voices

My father arrived in the United Kingdom as a young man in the 1950s and quickly
joined the booming steel industry of the then world - renowned British Steel
Corporation . He married and eventually brought his young wife over with their
two ...

Author: Monsoon Press

Publisher: Perfect Pubs Limited


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Emerging British Somali writers express their poignant experiences of being Somali, living in Britain, and the issues that have affected them in their lives in this anthology.