Sorcery Rising

Praise for Sorcery Rising A marvellous tapestry, deftly woven, with a masterfully colourful complexity. SorceryRising left me breathless andshouting for more.' JannyWurts 'I enjoyed Jude Fisher's debut book very much indeed ... a ...

Author: Jude Fisher

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1471141438

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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From the barren isles of the North come the Eyrans. Hardy seafaring folk. From the South come their old enemies, the Istrians. Slave-owners, who drove the Eyrans from their lands. And from all over Elda come the nomadic peoples - the Footloose - purveyors of charms and (until now) harmless potions. But whence comes the sorcery that disrupts the annual Allfair at which they all gather? Katla Aransen and her family have sailed to the fair to trade their goods. The Vingo clan have travelled from Istria to purchase a bride for their appalling eldest son. Tycho Issian has come to sell his daughter to the highest bidder. King Ravn Asharson, Stallion of the North, seeks a political alliance; while others seek his downfall. For centuries, Elda has been bereft of magic; but this year something has changed. A mysterious force is abroad once more, and it will change the world forever...

Love in a mist a drama in blank verse

So here's an end of all the sorcery , [ Rising suddenly and stamping on the ground . Ground into powder underneath my heel . Enter HELEN hurriedly , L. HELEN . I beg your pardon . Oh , it's Mr. Urswick ; -I am so sorry to disturb your ...

Author: Keningale Robert Cook




Page: 80

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I could feel my sorcery rising as I started to draw together the form of the enchantment that bound me to this body. I was jerked back to the present by a kick to my leg. I lurched forward with a growl that sent Tatyana dancing ...

Author: Mark de Jager

Publisher: Rebellion Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1786183374

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

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Relentless. Unstoppable. Dragon. With his memory returning, Stratus finally knows who—and what—he is. He is a dragon, brought low by the hand of a dark magician known as the Worm King, separated from his true love, tortured for centuries and now trapped inside the body of a human. But with the memories of his old life comes a return of his true magic, and with it, his true form is slowly returning. And Stratus wants revenge. Bloody and relentless, he will fight his way through hordes of the undead to reach his archenemy, fighting not only for his own justice but for the whole of humanity...

Sorcery Warlocks

Everything changes when a visiting sorcerer proclaims Damien isn't a warlord at all, but a sorcerer! Damien is thrust into a world of magic and intrigue, war and death. Behind the scenes a dark and ancient evil is rising once more, ...

Author: Patty Jansen

Publisher: Patty Jansen


Category: Fiction


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Six complete dark fantasy novels. Fire & Ice - Patty Jansen Darkness Rising - James E. Wisher Requiem For The Wolf - Tara Saunders The Prince’s Man - Deborah Jay The Ring And The Flag - William L. Hahn Relentless Souls - Ryan Kirk A free collection.

City of Demons

It is assumed, therefore, that the “decadence” of the Later Roman Empire is illustrated by a sharp increase in sorcery beliefs. The reasons usually given are of studious generality: the general misery and insecurity of the period; ...

Author: Dayna S. Kalleres

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520956842

Category: Religion

Page: 392

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Although it would appear in studies of late antique ecclesiastical authority and power that scholars have covered everything, an important aspect of the urban bishop has long been neglected: his role as demonologist and exorcist. When the emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the realm, bishops and priests everywhere struggled to "Christianize" the urban spaces still dominated by Greco-Roman monuments and festivals. During this period of upheaval, when congregants seemingly attended everything but their own "orthodox" church, many ecclesiastical leaders began simultaneously to promote aggressive and insidious depictions of the demonic. In City of Demons, Dayna S. Kalleres investigates this developing discourse and the church-sponsored rituals that went along with it, showing how shifting ecclesiastical demonologies and evolving practices of exorcism profoundly shaped Christian life in the fourth century.

Black Eagle Rising

'Probably more sorcery.' Aiden glancedup tofind AbbotChester had risen from his seat. His hands were folded beneath his surplice, his face as greyashis habit.'I'm sorry, my lord Bishop, butwhat I've seen today only enforces everything ...

Author: Kate Jacoby

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1782068821

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

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Robin Hobb fans will love The Book of Elita, combining magic, politics and romance in a magnificent tale of betrayal and revenge: it's time for the usurper to pay the price of his crimes. The sorcerer Nash was grievously wounded by Robert Douglas, Duke of Haddon, when he wielded the Word of Destruction, but Nash has spent years rebuilding his strength and increasing the unholy Bond that binds Selar, the usurper king, to him. Now times are changing and as Selar plots to spread his iron rule even further, coveting Mayenne, his brother's kingdom, Robert can no longer ignore the threat. Jenn's brutish husband is determined to subdue his unwilling young bride even more . . . but events are about to intervene, for Robert is fighting back, raising an army to free his beloved country from the dual threat of the usurper Selar and Nash, the Angel of Darkness.

Wizard s Fate

For the first time Tol saw the shining white Tower of High Sorcery rising over the lesser rooftops. The elegant spire was wide at the base and narrowed as it rose. Small cupolas sprouted from its sides. The tower had been completed not ...

Author: Paul B. Thompson

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

ISBN: 0786964871

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Writing team Thompson & Cook once again explore the history of the ancient Dragonlance world in The Wizard's Fate, the next title in The Ergoth trilogy. Considered the historical specialists of the Dragonlance world, the authors take the story to a colorful and violent era of its history that has not been previously chronicled in any novel.

City of Strife

The disappearing corpses, the seemingly unkillable enforcer the Krugmans' had somehow acquired, the stink of sorcery rising over the city every full moon, all of those things pointed to it. Now cats had started to vanish and the city's ...

Author: William King

Publisher: Typhon Press



Page: 152

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"The King of High Adventure," Starlog. "Immediately convincing, classically brooding," Steve Tompkins, To the world at large, he is a mercenary and assassin, a brutal killer with a deadly blade. In reality Kormak is a Guardian, one of an ancient order sworn to protect humanity from the servants of the gathering darkness. Kormak is a sword and sorcery hero in the tradition of Conan, Solomon Kane and Druss the Legend, a driven man with a mission to hunt down the ancient demons who slaughtered his family. His fast-paced, action-packed adventures take him from one end of his richly detailed fantasy world to the other. CITY OF STRIFE A sinister conspiracy brings the great city-state of Vermstadt to the edge of civil war. A brutal murderer slays the poor and eats their hearts. A plague of supernaturally intelligent rats threatens to overwhelm the metropolis. The invincible Silent Man rises from his grave to kill again and again. Join Kormak as he attempts to piece together the links between these terrible events and put an end to them before catastrophe befalls the city.

Champion s Rising

“Show yourself, sorcerer!” “The sorcerer is still here?” Talwar asked. I am inside the Wood Tower. Gassar ground his needle-like teeth. “Go speak to the sorcerer, then,” Talwar said. “He might be the only one who can shield your army ...

Author: S.F Claymore

Publisher: S.F. Claymore


Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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Prince Snarmis is a giant of a man, one of the strongest in the kingdom of Psykoria. But although he towers above his peers, Snarmis’s skill at fighting fails to impress his father, whose approval he seeks. His close friend Celtor, leader of a mysterious and hermetic group of forest-dwellers, advises him to seek help from werewolves. Before he sets off, Serenity, a young, enthusiastic and naïve member of the tribe, pleads with him to take her with him to give her a taste of life beyond the forest. He is giving Serenity a tour of Psykoria’s capital, when the country is invaded by the daemons – terrifying, blood-thirsty monsters set only on death and destruction. Snarmis realises he must become a great warrior or die in the attempt, and accept help from anyone willing to offer it – including Serenity. Snarmis’s quest is no longer just about proving himself, for if he fails now, Psykoria will be reduced to ruins. If you like action-packed fantasy with lots of character development set in a world filled with almost every magic creature you can think of, then you'll love this heroic fantasy tale. Get Champion’s Rising now and witness Psykoria’s greatest stand.

The Sorcerer s Tower Box Set

'The Tower of Sorcery is rebuilding itself.' At its present rate, the tower would ... for a huge boulder, trying to take its place in the steadily rising Tower of Sorcery, was sliding directly for them. 6 THE TOWER OF SORCERY ' W e over ...

Author: Ian Irvine

Publisher: Santhenar Trust


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 352

View: 503

Over a million copies of Ian Irvine’s fantasy novels sold. The orphan Tamly and his best friend Kym are as different as fire and snow. Kym has magic coming out of her fingers, and Tamly has none at all. When their village is threatened by bad magic this unlikely pair will need to use their combined talents to steal the Book of Spells from the evil sorcerer Lord Harshax. Now the sorcerer brothers Harshax and Krushax are hunting Tamly down – but for what terrible purpose? It will take all his courage, and all Kym’s magic, to face their enemies and thwart their evil plan. Reviews and Honours for The Sorcerer’s Tower Shortlisted for the 2008 Aurealis Award, Best Children’s Series “A new series by two of Australia’s best. It has all the things that turn reluctant readers into avaricious readers – fast moving plot, big gribbly monsters and really cool illustrations.” Reading Time “A thrilling bedtime chapter book for parents to read to children five years and older.” The Courier Mail on Thorn Castle “Fast moving fantasy adventure, brought to life by Cornish’s distinctive illustrations.” Good Reading “A fast-paced, easy reading book for middle primary school.” The Ballarat Courier “This exciting story is likely to appeal to young readers who like their adventures action-packed, but also to slightly older, reluctant readers.” Sunday Tasmanian “Children as young as six will enjoy this fast paced novel. Non-stop fantasy action with humour and colourful detail.” The Courier Mail on Black Crypt “Beautifully crafted with magic, excitement, surprises, chases and fights all the way.” Aurealis “From one of Australia’s masters of fantasy, this action-packed series is a wonderful introduction to the genre for readers aged nine and over. Perfect for the reluctant or younger reader.”