Space Schlock Comics

Space Schlock Comics presents stellar stories from the stars!

Author: Mini Komix


ISBN: 9781667178691


Page: 102

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Space Schlock Comics presents stellar stories from the stars! Golden and Silver Age comics of: The Enigma Of Pluto, Meteor Menace From Space, Unknown Cosmos, The Imposter, Falling Star, The Martian Plague, Dominant Species, The Best Policy, Misfits, The Ganymede Enigma, Spaceman!, The Exile, Hostage Of Venus, The Day Earth Died, Red As Blood, The Decision, The Secret Of Capt. X, The Fire Planet, Menace From The Moon, The Unexpected Visitor, and The Edge Of Space! 100 Big Pages of B-Movie space madness!

Stellar Schlock Comics

Stellar Schlock Comics is a spectacular set of space comics from the Silver Age!

Author: Mini Komix


ISBN: 9781300029601

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 102

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Stellar Schlock Comics is a spectacular set of space comics from the Silver Age! Gorge on galactic goodness like Rescue In Outer Space, The Great Martian Drought, An Ugly World, Channel X, The Mindlings, Destination Earth, The Trespassers, A Visit To Planet 3, The Incredible Voyagers, The Stolen Hero, Fugitive From Mars, Man Or Pseudo-Man?, They Said He Would Die, The Stranger From Space, King Of The World, The Martian Wager, See The Saucer, and The Mission To Save The World. 100 Big Pages!

The Comics Journal Library

It was a terrible job — real schlock artwork in the middle of the garment district of Manhattan. ... in-between the type, it was cheaper for them to have me cut out one lead of space between each line of type rather than have it reset.

Author: Gary Groth

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books

ISBN: 1606997882

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 264

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The definitive Comics Journal interviews with the cartoonists behind Zap Comix, featuring: Supreme 1960s counterculture/underground artist Robert Crumb on how acid unleashed a flood of Zap characters from his unconscious; Marxist brawler Spain Rodriguez on how he made the transition from the Road Vultures biker gang to the exclusive Zap cartoonists’ club; Yale alumnus Victor Moscoso and Christian surfer Rick Griffin on how their poster-art psychedelia formed the backdrop of the 1960s San Francisco music scene; Savage Id-choreographer S. Clay Wilson on how his dreams insist on being drawn; Painter and Juxtapoz-founder Robert Williams on how Zap #4 led to 150 news-dealer arrests; Fabulous, Furry, Freaky Gilbert Shelton on the importance of research; Church of the Subgenius founder Paul Mavrides on getting a contact high during the notorious Zap jam sessions; and much more. In these career-spanning interviews, the Zap contributors open up about how they came to create a seminal, living work of art.

Screening Space

not only announce and celebrate their own existence as the simulacra of grade - B “ schlock ” movies , which , of ... carefully crafted out of many and unabashed borrowings ” from comic strips , paraliterature , and old movies that are ...

Author: Vivian Carol Sobchack

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813524924

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 345

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This text attempts to shape definitions of the American science fiction film, studying the connection between the films and social preconceptions. It covers many classic films and discusses their import, seeking to rescue the genre from the neglect of film theorists. The book should appeal to both film buff and fans of science fiction.

Fascist Lizards from Outer Space

Johnson approached The Incredible Hulk not as standard comic book schlock but as an “adult psychological drama that lived in the real world” (“The Truth of Science Fiction”). The Emmy Award–winning Hulk was another ratings triumph for ...

Author: Dan Copp

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476627622

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 196

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When Kenneth Johnson’s science fiction miniseries V premiered in 1983, it netted more than 40 percent of the television viewing audience and went on to spawn a sequel, a weekly series, novelizations, comic books and a remake. Yet the 2009 V reboot was cancelled in its second season, despite a robust premiere. Both versions were products of their respective times, but the original was inspired by classic works by the likes of Sinclair Lewis and Leo Tolstoy. Johnson’s predilection for literature and history helped give his telling of V a sense of heart and depth that the contemporary version sorely lacked. Featuring exclusive interviews with cast and crew, this book examines V’s cultural impact and considers the future of the franchise.

Schlock Bi Monthly Issue 5

Webzine over recent months – a digest, if you like, and if anyone can digest Schlock, it's us! Plus a new comic strip from Ken and Kevin L Jones, Plague! Here you can also read of space hobos and rebel robots from Kevin L Jones in ...

Author: Horrified Press


ISBN: 1291922334



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Sentimental Schlock Comics

Sentimental Schlock Comics is romance mixed with horror, fantasy, and science-fiction!

Author: Mini Komix


ISBN: 9781312101203


Page: 102

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Sentimental Schlock Comics is romance mixed with horror, fantasy, and science-fiction! Love stories spanning across time, space, and the grave! Enjoy heart pounding tales like Castle Of Fear, The Door, Clumsy, The Mirror Of Mystery, Valley Of Life, She's Weird, Artist Of Evil, The Gossip, Voodoo Dolls, The Biggest Thing In The World, A Strange Kiss, Mystery From Mars, The Throwbacks, More Deadly Than The Male, The Time Cap, Last Supper, and A Visit To Venus! 100 Big Pages!

Mr Monster His Books of Forbidden Knowledge Volume Zero

Image Comics . Ms. Tree # 50 , July 1989. MM pin - up , MTG , 1 pg . Renegade Press . Penthouse Max # 3 , 1997. ... MTG / Shane Glines , 3 pgs .; " The Sinister Slumber Party From Alpha Centauri , " MTG , 11 pgs .; " The Space Chix ...

Author: Michael T. Gilbert

Publisher: TwoMorrows Publishing

ISBN: 9781893905078

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 138

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Michael T. Gilbert's Mr. Monster is back in a new book collection featuring twelve twisted tales of Forbidden Knowledge, collecting all the hard-to-find Mr. Monster stories from A-1, Crack-A-Boom!, and Dark Horse Presents in mysterious black and white! Volume Zero also includes over 30 pages of all-new Mr. Monster art and stories. Can your sanity survive the Lee/Kirby monster spoof by Michael T. Gilbert and Mark Martin? Or how about the long-lost 1933 Mr. Monster newspaper strip? Then there's the extra-special 8-page full-color insert featuring a terrifying Trencher/Mr. Monster slug-fest, drawn by Keith Giffen and Michael T. Gilbert! Can you stand the horror as titans (and art-styles) clash? Talk about Forbidden Knowledge! All this and more will be revealed in Mr. Monster: His Book Of Forbidden Knowledge. Read it at your own risk!