Alaska and Missions on the North Pacific Coast

EVIL SPIRITS . 97 who had'a wife and sister . He loved the former so much that he did not permit her to work . Eight little red birds , called kun , were always around her . One day she spoke to a stranger . The little birds flew and ...

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Description of the natural history of Alaska, the society and customs of the native Alaskans, missionaries and their efforts for education.

Song of the Sea Spirit

He was organized and neat with a sense of order about him that gave Boden the impression they were kindred spirits. “I'm from Kaild. It's a town on the coast a few days' ride north of here.” “Fishing village?

Author: K.C. May

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Book 1 of The Mindstream Chronicles In a world of endless war, one woman learns the key to achieving peace—and the magical power to carry it out. But when profiteers discover her secret, to assure her silence they threaten everything and everyone she holds dear. They never expected her to fight back. Song of the Sea Spirit is the first book in an epic fantasy saga. If you like unique magic systems, engaging characters, and fiery battle scenes, then you'll love Song of the Sea Spirit.

The Statesman s Year book

Leading item of revenue ( 1894 ) : Customs , Lagos , 119,7931 . ; Gold Coast , 191,2501 . ; Sierra Leone , 79 , 8211. ; Gambia , 19 ... in general , those disclosed by invoices and cleclarations , but spirits are gauged and measured .




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Between the Earth and the Sky

The food consumed by the spirits in a given season is proscribed for the Ongees, who cannot gather, hunt, ... During the seasonal duration when the spirits are in the sea, turtle hunters move from the coast to the forest and are ...

Author: Savyasaachi

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In the forest, the earth and sky do not meet; the notion of 'horizon' doesn't exist. Forests have been cleared to open new horizons but this has often been responsible for the destruction of the living world within. Between the Earth and the Sky brings together forest writings that cover history, anthropology, wildlife, ecological and environmental studies, literature and travel, throwing light on different aspects of the forest. While Jim Corbett sees the forest as a hunter and Prakash Moorthy weaves a tale about poaching in Kerala, Visvajit Pandya writes about the Ongees of Little Andaman. Guru Nanak celebrates the seasons in his Bara Maha and Sri Aurobindo celebrates the forest as the 'Infinite Mother' in Savitri, while Verrier Elwin and Ruskin Bond celebrate the intimacy man shares with nature. The Yaksha Prashna from the Mahabharata and Ramchandra Gandhi's Sita's Kitchen explore the forest as a space for discourse even as Gilgamesh, one of the earliest conquerors of the forest, stands in sharp contrast with its caretakers like Kotgudin and Billy Biswas.

Littell s Spirit of the Magazines and Annuals

The hostility of the natives again prevented mountains parallel to the sea , which form the inland Major Mitchell reaching the point whence he had preboundary of the province , extend further north than viously retreated ; but all the ...






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The Encyclopaedia Britannica

the sea . The dead are disposed of in various ways . The spirit is supposed | inside , when undivided , like a dark tunnel . Otherwise the coast not to leave the body immediately , which is either buried for a time houses are 60 to 70 ...




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The Spirit of the Laws

east of Africa by the Red Sea, and to the western coast by Hercules' Pillars. The Grecian kings of Egypt discovered at first, in the Red Sea, that part of the coast of Africa which extends from the bottom of the gulf, where stands the ...

Author: Charles de Secondat baron de Montesquieu

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