Sports Charity and Gendered Labour

Sports Charity and Gendered Labour provides examples for teaching and knowledge sharing across analyses of gender, sport, leisure, health and wellbeing in ways that will have broad relevance to a range of audiences.

Author: Catherine Palmer

Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited

ISBN: 9781800434295

Category: Social Science

Page: 140

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Sports Charity and Gendered Labour provides examples for teaching and knowledge sharing across analyses of gender, sport, leisure, health and wellbeing in ways that will have broad relevance to a range of audiences.

A Contemporary History of Women s Sport Part One

post-feminist sporting age where individual merit and personality, ... that we still have gendered labour markets in many of the most prestigious sports at ...

Author: Jean Williams

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317746651

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 408

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This book is an historical survey of women’s sport from 1850-1960. It looks at some of the more recent methodological approaches to writing sports history and raises questions about how the history of women’s sport has so far been shaped by academic writers. Questions explored in this text include: What are the fresh perspectives and newly available sources for the historian of women’s sport? How do these take forward established debates on women’s place in sporting culture and what novel approaches do they suggest? How can our appreciation of fashion, travel, food and medical history be advanced by looking at women’s involvement in sport? How can we use some of the current ideas and methodologies in the recent literature on the history and sociology of sport in order to look afresh at women’s participation? Jean Williams’s original research on these topics and more will be a useful resource for scholars in the fields of sports, women’s studies, history and sociology.

Routledge Handbook of Football Studies

to Charitable objects. ... not just the women's game but also the men's game too, as the gendered labour markets of the sport came to define its public face ...

Author: John Hughson

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1135074828

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 512

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Football is unquestionably the world’s most popular and influential sport. There is no corner of the globe in which the game is not played or followed. More countries are affiliated to FIFA, football’s governing body, than to the United Nations. The sport has therefore become an important component of our social, cultural, political and economic life. The Routledge Handbook of Football Studies is a landmark work of reference, going further than any other book in considering the historical and contemporary significance of football around the world. Written by a team of leading sport scholars, the book covers a broad range of disciplines from history, sociology, politics and business, to philosophy, law and media studies. The central section of the book examines key themes and issues in football studies, such as the World Cup and international competition, governance and ownership, fandom and celebrity. The concluding section offers in-depth surveys of the culture and organisation of football in each of the regional confederations, from UEFA to CONCACAF. This book will be fascinating reading for any serious football fan and an essential resource for advanced students or scholars undertaking research in football or sport studies, and any practitioner or policy-maker working in football.

Sport and International Development

In other parts of Africa in the realm of sport for women, ... axis – the Sexual division of labour, gendered hierarchies and a particular kind of normative ...

Author: Roger Levermore

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230584403

Category: Social Science

Page: 276

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Investigating the capacity of sport to act both as a conduit for traditional development assistance activities and as an agent for change in its own right, this book argues that sport can contribute to the development process, particularly where traditional development approaches have difficulty in engaging with communities.

Work Life Advantage

... hobbies, family, friends, community, charity, study, sports), ... deteriorating familial relationships and ongoing gendered labour market inequality, ...

Author: Al James

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118944844

Category: Science

Page: 248

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Work-Life Advantage analyses how employer-provision of ‘family-friendly’ working arrangements - designed to help workers better reconcile work, home and family - can also enhance firms’ capacities for learning and innovation, in pursuit of long-term competitive advantage and socially inclusive growth. Brings together major debates in labour geography, feminist geography, and regional learning in novel ways, through a focus on the shifting boundaries between work, home, and family Addresses a major gap in the scholarly research surrounding the narrow ‘business case’ for work-life balance by developing a more socially progressive, workerist ‘dual agenda’ Challenges and disrupts masculinist assumptions of the “ideal worker” and the associated labour market marginalization of workers with significant home and family commitments Based on 10 years of research with over 300 IT workers and 150 IT firms in the UK and Ireland, with important insights for professional workers and knowledge-intensive companies around the world

Sport Culture and Society

The WISM struggled with the question of representation, but the future of a global sports feminism and a more gendered sports movement may take lessons from ...

Author: Grant Jarvie

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317422716

Category: Social Science

Page: 552

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What can sport do to produce social change in our world today? It is impossible to fully understand contemporary society and culture without acknowledging the importance of sport. Sport is part of our social and cultural fabric, possessing a commercial power that makes it a potent force in the world, for good and for bad. It has helped to start wars and promote international reconciliation, and governments around the world commit public resources to sport. Sport matters, but how should you make sense of what is going on in the world of sport today? Now in a fully revised, updated and expanded third edition, this critical, challenging and comprehensive textbook introduces the study of sport, culture and society. International in scope, it challenges us to reactivate an audacious spirit of activism through sport. Full of contemporary examples, it places sport at the heart of the analysis and introduces the reader to every core topic and emerging area in the study of sport and society, including: the history and politics of sport; sport, gender and sexuality; sport, disability and advocacy; sport, race and racism; sport, violence and crime; sport and health; sport, globalisation and democracy; sport, media and cultural relations; sport and the environment; sporting cities and mega-events; sport, poverty and development. Each chapter includes a wealth of useful features, including Sport in Focus case studies, chapter summaries, guides to further reading, revision questions, practical projects, definitions of key concepts and weblinks. Additional teaching and learning resources – including a testbank, resource list and glossary – are available on a companion website. Sport, Culture and Society is the most broad-ranging, in-depth and thoughtful introduction to the sociocultural analysis of sport currently available and sets a new agenda for the discipline. It is essential reading for all students with an interest in sport.

A Wider Social Role for Sport

... domestic labour, the opposition and concerns of parents and the gendered nature of public space. For example, Mwaanga (2003: 11), a founder of EduSport, ...

Author: Fred Coalter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134227124

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 206

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Sport is perceived to have the potential to alleviate a variety of social problems and generally to ‘improve’ both individuals and the communities in which they live. Sport is promoted as a relatively cost effective antidote to a range of social problems – often those stemming from social exclusion - including poor health, high crime levels, drug abuse and persistent youth offending, educational under-achievement, lack of social cohesion and community identity and economic decline. To this end, there is increasing governmental interest in what has become known as ‘sport for good’. A Wider Social Role for Sport presents the political and historical context for this increased government interest in sport’s potential contribution to a range of social problems. The book explores the particular social problems that governments seek to address through sport, and examines the nature and extent of the evidence for sport’s positive role. It illustrates that, in an era of evidence-based policy-making, the cumulative evidence base for many of these claims is relatively weak, in part because such research is faced with substantial methodological problems in isolating the precise contribution of sport in many contexts. Drawing on worldwide research, A Wider Social Role for Sport explores the current state of knowledge and understanding of the presumed impacts of sport and suggests that we need to adopt a different approach to research and evaluation if sports researchers are to develop their understanding and make a substantial contribution to sports policy..

Public Management and Governance

... Media and Sport), the Audit Commission and a range of charitable ... Activism, Neoliberalism and Gendered Labour (Bloomsbury Academic, 2012).

Author: Tony Bovaird

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317435834

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 395

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Public Management and Governance examines the factors which make government critically important and the barriers which often stop it being effective. It questions what it means to have effective policies, efficient management and good quality public services, and it explores how the process of governing could be improved. Key themes include: the challenges and pressures facing governments around the world; the changing role of the public sector in a ‘mixed economy’ of provision; governance issues such as ethics, equalities, transparency and citizen engagement. This revised and updated third edition includes eight new chapters which provide in-depth coverage of key new aspects of public management and governance. It also features a wide selection of international case studies and illuminating examples of how public policy, management and governance can be improved – and what happens when they fail. Each chapter is supplemented with discussion questions, group and individual exercises, case studies and recommendations on further reading. Public Management and Governance is one of the leading student textbooks in its field, featuring contributions from top international authors and covering a wide range of key topics in depth. It is an essential resource for all students on undergraduate and postgraduate courses in public management, public administration, government and public policy.

The SAGE Handbook of the Sociology of Work and Employment

This work too was gendered, and working-class women, whilst active in some ... High-status civic leadership roles in social service, culture, sport and arts ...

Author: Stephen Edgell

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1473943280

Category: Social Science

Page: 728

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The SAGE Handbook of the Sociology of Work and Employment is a landmark collection of original contributions by leading specialists from around the world. The coverage is both comprehensive and comparative (in terms of time and space) and each ‘state of the art’ chapter provides a critical review of the literature combined with some thoughts on the direction of research. This authoritative text is structured around six core themes: Historical Context and Social Divisions The Experience of Work The Organization of Work Nonstandard Work and Employment Work and Life beyond Employment Globalization and the Future of Work. Globally, the contours of work and employment are changing dramatically. This handbook helps academics and practitioners make sense of the impact of these changes on individuals, groups, organizations and societies. Written in an accessible style with a helpful introduction, the retrospective and prospective nature of this volume will be an essential resource for students, teachers and policy-makers across a range of fields, from business and management, to sociology and organization studies.

The Grenfell Medical Mission and American Support in Newfoundland and Labrador 1890s 1940s

... as gendered labour, 130; attire, 144; Frontier Nursing Association (US), ... 229–30 Peters, W.H., 84, 85–7, 95 philanthropy: American, 3, 12, 16, 17, ...

Author: Jennifer J. Connor

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 077355579X

Category: History

Page: 392

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Dr Wilfred Grenfell, physician and folk hero, recruited thousands of volunteer workers for his Newfoundland and Labrador seamen's mission, many of them Americans from Ivy League institutions. As the medical mission grew to become the International Grenfell Association, establishing institutions along the Labrador and northern Newfoundland coasts, Americans also became resident staff leaders in the region, and Grenfell himself married an American, Anne MacClanahan, who led mission activities. The Grenfell Medical Mission and American Support in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1890s-1940s reveals the nature and extent of support from Americans throughout the distributed privately run social enterprise until the 1940s, before the region joined Canada. Essays explore the organization's claims to share an Anglo-Saxon heritage with the United States, American reaction to its financial scandal and creation of an incorporated association, its promotion of sport and masculinity, and the development of education and schools in the region and the mission. The organization's strong ties to the United States are exemplified by Grenfell's friendship with American physician John Harvey Kellogg; the donation of clothing from American donors; the work of one American woman on her affiliated mission unit; the impact of American philanthropy and training on the construction of the mission's main hospital in St Anthony; and the superior American-accredited health care facilities and their clinical achievements. From its corporate base in New York City, the International Grenfell Association blended contemporary social movements and adopted American notions of philanthropy. The Grenfell Medical Mission and American Support in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1890s-1940s offers the first thorough history of an iconic health and social organization in Atlantic Canada.

Aesthetic Labour

Marriage, M. (2018) 'Men only: inside the charity fundraiser where hostesses ... Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education, 6(2): 29–40.

Author: Chris Warhurst

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 152970202X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 216

View: 366

This accessible and exciting new text looks at the implications of aesthetic labour for work and employment by contextualizing debates and offering a critical approach. The origins of aesthetic labour are explored, as well as the relevant theories from business and management, and sociology. Coverage includes key topics such as: corporate strategy; recruitment and selection practices; and discrimination. Key features include: - a range of case studies from across different types of organizations and popular culture - the exploration of topics such as branding, 'lookism', 'dressing for success' and cosmetic surgery - suggestions for further reading.

Getting by in Hard Times

Gendered Labour at Home and on the Job David Livingstone, Meg Luxton, June Shirley Corman ... baseball , gymnastics , and school sports ) ' ( 089 F 1994 ) .

Author: David Livingstone

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802007834

Category: Social Science

Page: 326

View: 568

Describes the experiences of daily life for predominantly white, working class women and men during the period of "economic restructuring" begun in the 1980s.

Globalisation and Women in the Japanese Workforce

... cultural globalization to produce a new gendered division of labour in Japan. ... on the boards of not only companies but also think tanks, charities, ...

Author: Beverley Bishop

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134292929

Category: History

Page: 208

View: 422

Globalisation and Women in the Japanese Workforce contributes to the debate about the impact of globalisation upon women. It examines the effect of restructuring upon women's employment in Japan and describes the actions women are taking individually and collectively to campaign for change in their working environment and the laws and practices regulating it.

Ageing Gender and Labour Migration

(Vija, 50, UK) Also, walking and being in new places, away from gendered ... Friends showed me a hospice charity store where clothes were sold very cheap.

Author: Aija Lulle

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137556153

Category: Political Science

Page: 139

View: 693

This book explores how the real conditions and subjective conceptions of ageing and well-being are transformed when people move from one country to another. Focusing on ageing female migrants from Latvia in the UK and other European countries, this book is based on fifty life-history interviews with women aged 40s-60s. Empirical chapters concentrate on functional well-being in migration, which includes access to the economic citizenship of work, income, pensions, and accommodation, and on psychosocial well-being, and explores Latvian women’s experiences of intimate citizenship in migration. In addition, the authors’ research challenges the trope of vulnerability which generally surrounds the framing of older migrants’ lives. The study’s findings offer policy-makers insights into the realities of ageing working migrants and advocates for a more inclusive transnational citizenship, better working conditions, and ongoing care arrangements for older migrants post-retirement, either abroad or back home.

The Time of Their Lives

Then the unionists, sporting union or special Eight Hour Day badges, ... where capital normally held sway and blue-collar workers' daily labour took but a ...

Author: Peter Love

Publisher: Australian Society for the Study of Labour History

ISBN: 0980388309

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 218

View: 555

On 21 April 1856 Melbourne building workers won an industry-wide agreement to establish the Eight Hour Day. In the 150 years since then the slogan ‘Eight Hours Labour, Eight Hours Recreation, Eight Hours Rest’ has symbolised workers’ efforts to take control over the time of their lives and, in doing so, strike a civilised balance between work, rest and play. It was an assertion that they were not simply ‘operatives’ in a labour market, but also family members and citizens in what they hoped could become a civilised community. This book offers historical perspectives on that continuing campaign to give readers a long-term context for our current debates over the work/life balance and power in the workplace.

The African Communist

These and other social " deliveries ” by the apartheid state were not , of course ,
based on a charitable concern for the African majority . ... hair salons , home
based care , sporting clubs , not to mention basic things like cooking , shopping ,
childminding and care for the ... Women ' s role in these activities is often
premised on a household gendered division of labour held in place by
patriarchal domination .




Category: Communism


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Labour History

Greg Patmore's Australian Labour History , Longman Cheshire , Melbourne ,
1991 , now unfortunately out of print , is still the ... Joy Damousi , ' Gendered
Meanings and Actions in Left - Wing Movements ' , in Irving Challenges to Labour
History , pp . ... 57-70 and Christine Cheater , “ ' Listen mate , Sailing is a Working
Man's Sport " : Leisure , Work and Community on ... The GST brought many non -
profit organisations and charities into the tax arena for the first time which have
led to ...




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Sites of Gender

Daley , Caroline , “ A Gendered Domain : Leisure in Auckland , 1890–1940 ) ... Hammer , M. A. E. , “ Something Else in the World to Live For ” : Sport and ...

Author: Barbara Lesley Brookes

Publisher: Auckland University Press

ISBN: 9781869403058

Category: History

Page: 434

View: 152

In 1893 the women of southern Dunedin supported the campaign for female suffrage far more vigorously than women in any other city in the country. Change was in the air. In southern Dunedin as in most of the Western world, transformations in femininity and masculinity both shaped and were shaped by the era of modernity. This book, the product of five years' work by an interdisciplinary group of scholars, examines gender in a particular 'place': the suburbs of southern Dunedin, which were in many respects typical of Western societies, but also relatively predisposed towards gender change. The authors address gender through a series of 'sites': work, education, consumption, leisure, poverty, mobility and transport, health, and religion. Through this decisive fifty-year period, as young women increasingly worked for pay before marriage and went on to have fewer babies than their mothers, and as many men began turning their backs on the pub to spend more time with their families, such apparently unobtrusive changes in gender relations reshaped the experience of urban life and played a major part in making it modern. This book demonstrates how 'setting gender deep' in the context of a particular place - in this case New Zealand's earliest industrial suburbs - can illuminate the complex character of a key issue in debates about culture and society.

The Global Crisis and Transformative Social Change

6, 2010); and the edited volume The Gendered Impacts of Liberalization: Towards ... in China: exemplification of a voluntary charity-oriented sphere', ...

Author: Peter Utting

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 023029782X

Category: Political Science

Page: 289

View: 784

Global crises not only impact the economy and people's livelihoods, they also unsettle basic ideas and assumptions about the meaning and drivers of development. This collection of theoretical and empirical studies contributes to the global debate about the substance and politics of policy change three years into the 2007/8 crisis. It examines the challenges and dynamics involved from the perspective of development and developing countries. In doing so it engages with some of the most pressing and contested issues. To what extent does the crisis provide an opportunity for moving away from the doctrines and policies that reinforced inequality and vulnerability? What new directions in policy, especially social policy, are required, and are developing countries moving in such directions? Are social forces and political coalitions supportive of transformative change able to mobilize? While the political underpinnings of policy change conducive to social reform - contestation, social mobilization and coalition politics - are energized in the context of crises, the nature of demands and the responsiveness of elites can vary considerably.