Stairways to Heaven

In Stairways to Heaven she tells the story of how she pulled her life back together and how she, an uneducated mother of four, broke her silence and started to spread the angels’ message to the world.

Author: Lorna Byrne

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444709917

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

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Lorna Byrne sees and talks with angels every day of her life and has done since she was a baby. As a child Lorna was told by the angels that her job on this earth was to share the wisdom and knowledge that God and the angels were giving her. When Lorna’s husband died, her world fell apart. In Stairways to Heaven she tells the story of how she pulled her life back together and how she, an uneducated mother of four, broke her silence and started to spread the angels’ message to the world. Lorna tells us of the future that God envisages for us – and some possible other futures, depending on the decisions we make. ‘Everyone must play their part’, she says. She reveals some of the most extraordinarily detailed information about angels and the way they work in the world, that has ever been written down. She also introduces us to the Guardian Angel of the Earth and explains why it is so important that we listen to him. She tells the tragic love story of two spirits who she met first as a young child. These spirits stayed close to her for twenty years using Lorna’s spiritual gifts to heal those who had done them wrong – and also to heal the descendants of those wrongdoers, whose lives were still being overshadowed. The overwhelming reaction of readers to Lorna’s writing – regardless of religious belief – is that it gives them hope, helping them to realise that no matter how alone they might feel they have a guardian angel by their side.

Stairways to Heaven

Nonetheless, some very significant steps have been taken up the stairway to
heaven (to borrow the American title of A Matter of Life and Death, one of Britain's
most celebrated films of the 1940s). Even the most pessimistic observer has to ...

Author: Geoffrey Macnab

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1786734095

Category: Performing Arts

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What has brought about the transformation of the British film industry over the last few decades, to the beginnings of what is arguably a new golden era? In the mid-1980s the industry was in a parlous state. The number of films produced in the UK was tiny. Cinema attendance had dipped to an all-time low, cinema buildings were in a state of disrepair and home video had yet to flourish. Since then, while many business challenges - especially for independent producers and distributors - remain, the industry overall has developed beyond recognition. In recent years, as British films have won Oscars, Cannes Palms and Venice Golden Lions, releases such as Love Actually, Billy Elliot, Skyfall, Paddington and the Harry Potter series have found enormous commercial as well as critical success. The UK industry has encouraged, and benefitted from, a huge amount of inward investment, much of it from the Hollywood studios, but also from the National Lottery via the UK Film Council and BFI. This book portrays the visionaries and officials who were at the helm as a digital media revolution began to reshape the industry. Through vivid accounts based on first-hand interviews of what was happening behind the scenes, film commentator and critic Geoffrey Macnab provides in-depth analysis of how and why the British film industry has risen like a phoenix from the ashes.

The Stairways to Heaven

Living in the Supernatural Madelyn Rodriguez describes in vivid details her experiences with dreams, visions, and revelations with God. The Stairways to Heaven will help identify where your revelations come from.

Author: Madelyn Rodriguez

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781535480093


Page: 126

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Living in the Supernatural Madelyn Rodriguez describes in vivid details her experiences with dreams, visions, and revelations with God. The Stairways to Heaven will help identify where your revelations come from. It's a guide to understand the spiritual realm and its supernatural manifestations. We were created by God to have fellowship with Him, but because of Adam and Eve's sin, we have lost that privilege. Now God speaks to us through dreams, visions, and revelations to restore the broken fellowship. God revealed Himself in the Old Testament as the Father, in the New Testament the revelation was as the Son, and now in the dispensation of grace as the Holy Spirit. "And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions" (Joel 2:28 NIV). You will learn how to: -Interpret dreams and visions; -Discern where your dreams and visions come from; and -Understand the spiritual realm and how to walk in the supernatural. The evangelist and prophetess Madelyn Rodriguez is one of the host and executive producers of the Spanish program, Guerreros de Dios [God's Warriors] where she talks about prophetic revelations and Christian international news. The program airs globally on Alerta TV International in the United States, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. She is also an on-air talent for the television station Telemundo 47 New York, CEO and Founder of The Stairways to Heaven Enterprise ( The Stairways to Heaven was officially launched at the United Nations in New York.

Stairway to Heaven

... climb to the top of the mountain, where they might see a “live appearance” of
Samantabhadra in the form of Buddha's Glory. The imperial gifts described in the
next entry attest to 108 Stairway to Heaven: AJourney to the Summit ofMount

Author: James M. Hargett

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791482189

Category: History

Page: 312

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A consideration of China’s Mount Emei, long important in Chinese culture and history and of particular significance to Buddhists.

Stairway To Heaven

STAIRWAY. TO. HEAVEN. An ordinary human being, From crawl, I learned to
walk; I cried, I lisped, I kept trying And then I learned to talk. I hummed, I finally
learned to sing; Skipped, jumped, and started to dance; At every step kept
gathering ...

Author: Marites Ritumalta


ISBN: 0359619304



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Stairway to Heaven

The Vogul believe that the sky is reached by climbing a stairway of seven stairs.
... shamanistic societies around the world, including ladders, ropes, stairways, etc
.14 In many cases, each “heaven” has a specific set of correspondences related ...

Author: Peter Levenda

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0826428509

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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The idea of heavenly ascent, while popularized in Jewish mysticism, is neither a unique nor recent one. Expertly tracing its origins back to the ancient Middle East, Levenda unearths ascent literature in Africa, India, and China, discerns a common connection in the heavens themselves, and determines that this connection has been sorely neglected in contemporary scholarship. Because scholars treat the "heavens" as metaphorical, it is necessary to recreate the physical context of the culture under discussion in order to better understand it. For the benefit of the reader, Levenda offers two useful concepts for his investigative journey: a "map," whereby he means the cosmological system to better understand the mystical technologies of each culture investigated, and a "vehicle," the method by which the individual equipped with special knowledge is able to navigate the culture's particular cosmology. With these two tools, Levenda travels from the worlds of ancient Egypt and Babylon to the Hebrew Bible, to Jewish and Christian kabbalists, to Daoists in ancient China, to Hindu Tantra and Haitian Vodoun, and, finally, to nineteenth and twentieth century European occult societies.

Stairways To Heaven

The book's final chapter assesses the usefulness of drugs in the quest for a mature, life-affirming, community-building, creative spirituality.

Author: Robert W. Fuller

Publisher: Basic Books

ISBN: 9780813366128

Category: Religion

Page: 248

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From Native Americans' use of tobacco for solemnizing oaths to the spread of New Age religious beliefs in Haight-Ashbury coffeehouses, drugs have been intimately associated with American spirituality. In Stairways to Heaven, Robert Fuller presents a rarely considered but very important dimension of American religious history—the use of mind-altering substances as an aid to spirituality—in a clear, engaging style. Fuller's entertaining narrative illustrates how such substances as peyote, jimson weed, hallucinogenic mushrooms, LSD, marijuana, wine, and coffee have stimulated ecstatic revelations of spiritual truth and strengthened the social bonds that sustain communities of faith.Stairways to Heaven is unique in the study of American religious history in two ways: first, it demonstrates that the ritual use of mind-altering substances has contributed to the innovation and diversity that characterize American religious life; second, it uses interdisciplinary research into the religious uses of drugs to shed light on the controversial legal, ethical, and spiritual controversies that surround drug use in the contemporary United States. The book's final chapter assesses the usefulness of drugs in the quest for a mature, life-affirming, community-building, creative spirituality.

Stairway to Hell

In a compassionate, yet honest and straightforward way, this book "speaks their language," and grabs their attention and clearly show them the one and only way to escape the stairway to hell, and live a blessed and productive life.

Author: Rick Jones

Publisher: Chick Publications

ISBN: 0937958301

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 206

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Did you hear about 17-year-old Kelsey Megliola? It happened early on a Sunday morning in July, 2013. One minute Kelsey was walking down a deserted country road in rural Michigan around 2 a.m., thinking her whole life was ahead of her. The next minute she lay dead in the highway, hit by a 19-year-old drunk driver. A neighbor said a party had taken place late Saturday night in the woods. Empty beer cans still littered the grass. Teenagers like Kelsey are being destroyed in record numbers. Street drugs Prescription drugs Alcoholism STDs Crime Deadly video games Cyber bullying Pornography Shootings Peer pressure AIDS The occult. They are all taking a heavy toll. And let's not forget teen killers like car crashes, accidents, and suicides. All of this destruction should not surprise us. Young people are being brainwashed by an evil world system and primed for ruin from a very young age. Sadly, by the time many parents discover there's a problem, it's often too late. THERE IS HOPE After working with troubled teens for over six years, Rick Jones learned the basic methods the devil's world system is using to wipe out teens by the millions. Because he saw so many teenage lives miraculously transformed, he felt compelled to record all the most important details of what brought about these transformations. In a compassionate, yet honest and straightforward way, this book "speaks their language," and grabs their attention and clearly show them the one and only way to escape the stairway to hell, and live a blessed and productive life. After they finish this short, easy-reading book, teens will look at life through different eyes, and have seriously changed attitudes. And best of all, they will know the real cause of their problems... and the solution too. With over 100,000 copies in print, many teens have been rescued after reading this timeless book. If you want to equip your teenagers for what they will face in this world, you must take action now. Give them a book that will equip them to sidestep all the land mines on the stairway to hell. You can be guaranteed they won't get this information in public school. And sadly, many who do go to church aren't getting it there either. Where else will they get this life-saving information, if not from you?

The Sacred History

... childhood of Jesus. Both these visions are recounted in Stairways to Heaven.
With regard to her experiences of being raised to heaven, Lorna will say that she
never wanted to come back, even though this would have meant separation from

Author: Mark Booth

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451698585

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 528

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This collection of stories and illustrations—all about the wonders of the spiritual realm—takes you on a captivating ride from the great myths of ancient civilization to astounding discoveries of the modern era. Written by the New York Times bestselling author of The Secret History of the World, The Sacred History takes you on a captivating journey through the great myths of ancient civilizations to the astounding discoveries of the modern era. The Sacred History is the epic story of human interaction with angels and other forms of higher intelligence, starting from Creation all the way through to the operations of the supernatural in the modern world. What emerges is an alternative history of great men and women, guided by angels or demons, and the connection between modern-day mystics and their ancient counterparts. This spellbinding historical narrative brings together great figures—such as Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Elijah, Mary and Jesus, and Mohammed—and stories from African, Native American, and Celtic traditions. Woven into this is an amazing array of mystical connections, including the surprising roots not only of astrology and alternative medicine but also of important literary and artistic movements, aspects of mainstream science and religion and a wide range of cultural references that takes in modern cinema, music and literature. This is a book of true stories, but it is also a book about stories. It shows how they can tell us things about the deep structure of the human experience that are sometimes forgotten, revealing mysterious and mystic patterns, and helping us to see the operation of the supernatural in our own lives.

Seeking the Sacred with Psychoactive Substances Chemical Paths to Spirituality and to God 2 volumes

Stairways to Heaven: Drugs in American Religious History. Boulder, CO:
Westview Press. Goodman, Felicitas. (1988). Ecstasy, Ritual, and Alternate
Reality. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. Hofmann, Albert. (1980). LSD: My
Problem ...

Author: J. Harold Ellens

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440830886

Category: Religion

Page: 830

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Can drugs be used intelligently and responsibly to expand human consciousness and heighten spirituality? This two-volume work presents objective scientific information and personal stories aiming to answer the question. • Includes coverage of a variety of drugs, most of which are currently illegal in the United States, accompanied by scientific explanations of how they spur spiritual experiences • Offers compelling narratives from individuals—both laypeople and professionals—who found new dimensions within their lives and heightened their spirituality by the use of entheogens • Supplies information about medical experiments and new treatment modes that provide definitive breakthrough methods for caring for suffering people

Spiritual but not Religious

1999) and Stairways to Heaven: Drugs and American Religion (Boulder, CO:
Westview Press, 2000). 19. William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience
(Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1985), 307. 20. Ibid., 408. 21.

Author: Robert C. Fuller

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199839581

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Nearly 40% of all Americans have no connection with organized religion. Yet many of these people, even though they might never step inside a house of worship, live profoundly spiritual lives. But what is the nature and value of unchurched spirituality in America? Is it a recent phenomenon, a New Age fad that will soon fade, or a long-standing and essential aspect of the American experience? In Spiritual But Not Religious, Robert Fuller offers fascinating answers to these questions. He shows that alternative spiritual practices have a long and rich history in America, dating back to the colonial period, when church membership rarely exceeded 17% and interest in astrology, numerology, magic, and witchcraft ran high. Fuller traces such unchurched traditions into the mid-nineteenth century, when Americans responded enthusiastically to new philosophies such as Swedenborgianism, Transcendentalism, and mesmerism, right up to the current interest in meditation, channeling, divination, and a host of other unconventional spiritual practices. Throughout, Fuller argues that far from the flighty and narcissistic dilettantes they are often made out to be, unchurched spiritual seekers embrace a mature and dynamic set of basic beliefs. They focus on inner sources of spirituality and on this world rather than the afterlife; they believe in the accessibility of God and in the mind's untapped powers; they see a fundamental unity between science and religion and an equality between genders and races; and they are more willing to test their beliefs and change them when they prove untenable. Timely, sweeping in its scope, and informed by a clear historical understanding, Spiritual But Not Religious offers fresh perspective on the growing numbers of Americans who find their spirituality outside the church.

Flames of Love

Chapter 5 Stairways to Heaven or Highways to Hell? Objection #4: “Universalists
think all religions are equally true.” One of the biggest mistakes we make is to
believe there is only one way. There are many diverse paths leading to God.

Author: Heath Bradley

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621897265

Category: Religion

Page: 188

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Is hell for real, or will all be saved? What if both are true? It is tempting to settle either for the liberal option of downplaying the judgment of God, or for the conservative option of letting dominant church tradition trump fresh understandings of Scripture. Not settling for either of these popular options, this book offers a clear and compelling response to the question of what hell could be for in a universe created and redeemed by a loving God. The book seeks to articulate a distinctively Christian universalism that highlights the centrality of Christ, coheres with the Scriptures and early church tradition, affirms the reality of divine judgment, and offers motivational grounds for evangelism and holy living. Ultimately, this work is about the Christian struggle to envision the life of the world to come in a way that is faithful to the God in whom love and holiness are forever united.

Incredible Mysteries of the Bible

They said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the
heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over ...
S U M E R Babylon Ur Baghdad treated as temples, but as stairways to the sky.

Author: Stephen M. Miller

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310866340

Category: Religion

Page: 96

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Where was the garden of Eden?What happened to the ark of the covenant?What is the unforgivable sin Jesus spoke of?If you’ve ever wondered about these or other questions while reading the Bible, then this is the book for you. Here is a fascinating look at some of the most perplexing mysteries found in the pages of the Bible. Drawing from the latest research in both archaeology and biblical studies, Incredible Mysteries of the Bible sheds fascinating and helpful light on fifty topics. Each article is accompanied by beautiful full-color images and helpful sidebars.Whether you read the book cover to cover or dip in and out at your leisure, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the world and message of the Bible. So grab your sleuthing hat and dig in!

Reflections for a Better Life

Stairways. to. Heaven. Consider the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, which are
among the most important of Buddha's teachings: 1. All is suffering and transitory.
2. The cause of suffering is desire. 3. The way to eliminate suffering is to ...

Author: Christopher Perry

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1490801073

Category: Self-Help

Page: 162

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Reflections for a Better Life grew out of a desire to answer questions about the relevance of the biblical message to modern life, and particularly, how to live a better life. Although most of them are exhortatory, many are simply meditations on common themes and are meant to be thought- and action-provoking, rather than authoritative pronouncements on faith or morals. Like the Bible itself, they are often meant to call the reader him- or herself into question and to facilitate reflections on one’s life and one’s relationship to God.

Gleanings from Scripture for the Edification of the Church

Stairway. to. Heaven. „God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He
who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have
life." IJn5:11-12 I once heard someone say, 'there are many stairways to heaven.

Author: Mark Brisendine

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1602662398


Page: 256

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Gleanings from Scripture for the Edification of the Church, Volume I 45 concise messages written to fortify the 21st century Christian. Whether you need ammunition for neighborhood evangelism, biblical understanding for more effective Sunday school teaching, or merely thought-provoking ideas for family devotion, you'll find what you need in Gleanings from Scripture. Creation or evolution? Is warfare ever justifiable? What does it mean 'to believe'? Sign of the times The will of God And 40 other practical chapters Jesus beckons us to be knowledgeable with respect to what we believe when He says "be wise as serpents." Therefore, do not let the serpents of the world dominate your thinking any longer! Gleanings from Scripture for the Edification of the Church will help you mature in wisdom and spiritual stature as you pause and reflect upon matters of faith and practice. Rev. Mark A. Brisendine, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, currently lives and teaches in central Hungary. He is also part of the adjunct faculty of the American University of Biblical Studies where he serves as associate professor of systematic theology. He received a ThM from the Atlanta School of Biblical Studies and a BA in history from the State University of New York at Albany. He is married and has two children, Raymond and Barnabas.


How he sang ! as his honey in Life's cells ne'er dwindled , And bon - fires of Joy
on all Life's hills were kindled : O ! he sang , as he felt that to singing was given
The magic to build rainbow - stairways to heaven ! And he could not have sung ...

Author: Gerald Massey




Page: 423

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The Williams Quarterly

We have been worshiping a gilded crown , Which drew heaven's lightning
langhter on our head ; Chains fell on us as we were bowing down ... O , he sang ,
as he felt that to singing was given The magic to build rainbow - stairways to
heaven !




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The Biblical Cosmos

Thus, the famous temple towers of Mesopotamia—the ziggurats (see picture)—
likely represent temple-mountains, stairways to heaven. (The biblical tower of
Babel was probably thought of as one such temple-mountain.) And, as previously

Author: Robin A. Parry

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630876224

Category: Religion

Page: 242

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Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the Bible. When we read Scripture we often imagine that the world inhabited by the Bible's characters was much the same as our own. We would be wrong. The biblical world is an ancient world with a flat earth that stands at the center of the cosmos, and with a vast ocean in the sky, chaos dragons, mystical mountains, demonic deserts, an underground zone for the dead, stars that are sentient beings, and, if you travel upwards and through the doors in the solid dome of the sky, God's heaven--the heart of the universe. This book takes readers on a guided tour of the biblical cosmos with the goal of opening up the Bible in its ancient world. It then goes further and seeks to show how this very ancient biblical way of seeing the world is still revelatory and can speak God's word afresh into our own modern worlds.