The Story Performance Handbook

real people and events. Remember that the real truth of a story is located in its thematic structure not in the plot (for more information on the concept of ...

Author: R. Craig Roney

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135656835

Category: Education

Page: 216

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The Story Performance Handbook provides specific, detailed information to help adults develop basic skills in reading aloud, mediated storytelling, and storytelling. Organized sequentially, each chapter moves the reader from the easiest (reading aloud picture books) to the most difficult (creating your own stories for telling) storytelling experience, cumulatively building story performance skill in selecting, preparing, and delivering stories and poetry to audiences. This structure allows individuals to begin reading at various points depending on their prior experience with story performance. The text includes several features that make learning to perform stories and poetry easy to understand and manage: * Explicit, thorough advice avoids confusion, such as how to select, prepare, and deliver stories and poetry via reading aloud, mediated storytelling, and storytelling. * The sequential chapter organization, progressing from easiest to most difficult, and Developmental and Culminating Activities at the end of each skill chapter, enable this text to be used either independently or in conjunction with courses or workshops in story performance. * Unique among story performance texts, instruction is based not only on the author's own extensive experience but also on empirical research related to teaching adults to tell stories. * Specific information is easily located throughout the text: Processes are presented in bold type, numbered sequentially and, at the end of specific chapters, skill building activities are provided. Figures (which provide additional detailed information) are boxed. Examples of processes are highlighted with background shading.

Do a Mar a s Story

15 See Bauman , Story , Performance , and Event , 54-78 . 16 See William Labov and Joshua Waletsky , “ Narrative Analysis : Oral Versions of Personal ...

Author: Daniel James

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822324928

Category: History

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One woman’s testimonial about the Peron years sheds light on gender hierarchies, the role of women in industry, women as union militants, and the material culture of working class family life in Argentina.

Folklore Forum

I suggest that these resources are carried as part of the entextualized narrative
into novel performance events such as the 1988 ceilidh in ... explicitly " tell a story
, sing a sang , show your bum , or out you gang , ” this ceilidh was less focused .




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Bauman's book Story, Performance, and Event: Contextual Studies of Oral Narrative (1993) is an important source of orally performed narratives.

Author: Jacqueline S. Thursby

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313334306

Category: Social Science

Page: 184

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Offers a convenient, systematic introduction to story as a folklore genre, and discusses the significance of story in popular culture.

The Performance of Listening in Postcolonial Francophone Culture

In Story, Performance, and Event: Contextual Studies of Oral Narrative (1986), Richard Bauman's concept of the 'performance event' considers how a story is ...

Author: Jennifer Solheim

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 1786948451

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 224

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The Performance of Listening in Postcolonial Francophone Culture argues that globalized media has allowed for efficient transmission of transnational culture, and in turn, our everyday experiences are informed by sounds ranging from voices, to music, to advertising, to bombs, and beyond. In considering cultural works from French-speaking North Africa and the Middle East all published or released in France from 1962-2011, Solheim's study of listening across cultural genres will be of interest to any scholar or lay person curious about contemporary postcolonial France. This book is also a primer to contemporary Francophone culture from North Africa and the Middle East. Some of the French-speaking world's most renowned and adored artists are the subject of this study, including preeminent Algerian feminist novelist, filmmaker and historian Assia Djebar (1936-2015), the first writer of the Maghreb to become part of the Académie Française; celebrated Iranian graphic novelist and filmmaker Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis, Chicken with Plums); the lauded Lebanese-Québecois playwright and dramaturge Wajdi Mouawad (Littorial, Incendies), and Lebanese comic artist and avant jazz trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj, whose improvisation with Israeli fighter jets during the 2006 Israeli War, "Starry Night" catapulted him to global recognition. An interdisciplinary study of contemporary Francophone cultures, this book will be of interest to French scholars and students in literary studies, performance studies, gender studies, anthropology, history, and ethnomusicology.

The Whole Story Handbook

Using Imagery to Complete the Story Experience Carol L. Birch. Azadovskii , Mark . A Siberian Tale Teller . ... Story , Performance , and Event .

Author: Carol L. Birch

Publisher: august house

ISBN: 9780874835663

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 128

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Reading a story silently is a private act; hearing one told aloud is a communal act. Like musical scores that come to life when played, stories take on an added dimension when shared aurally. Carol Birch - storyteller, children's librarian, and teacher - tackles the slippery topic of the difference between memorizing a written story, reciting it aloud, telling it directly and engagingly to a group of listeners.

Bringing Linguistics to Work A Story Listening Story Finding and Story Telling Approach to Your Career

Story, Performance, and Event: Contextual Studies of Oral Narrative. Cambridge Studies in Oral and Literate Culture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Author: Anna Marie Trester PhD

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1483463699

Category: Education


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You were drawn to linguistics as a course of study because you enjoy tackling challenges, so why not bring the skills you have honed to professional challenges that speak to you? The world (of work) needs linguists!! Linguists possess a unique set of analytical skills that are applicable in any professional context, and which may also be brought to the process of finding the job. Who better to tackle the series of texts and interactions that comprise the job search than someone trained to critically analyze language? There’s no reason our cover letters shouldn’t be the very best ones out there!! In this book, I share stories of professional linguists to help answer the perennial question “linguistics? what can you do with that?” along with developmental activities to help you use the tools and skills you already possess to navigate your career next steps. “Here’s to what’s next!”

Knowledge and Memory the Real Story

systematically related to the larger events and social processes in which the ... Story, performance, and event: Contextual studies oforal 182 MILLER.

Author: Robert S. Wyer, Jr.

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1317781015

Category: Psychology

Page: 256

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Narrative forms of mental representation and their influence on comprehension, communication and judgment, have rapidly become one of the main foci of research and theory in not only psychology but also other disciplines, including linguistics, sociology, and anthropology. No one has been more responsible for the awakening of interest in this area than Roger Schank and Bob Abelson. In their target article, they argue that narrative forms of mental representation, or "stories," are the basic ingredients of social knowledge that play a fundamental role in the comprehension of information conveyed in a social context, the storage of this information in memory, and the later communication of it to others. After explicating the cognitive processes that underlie the construction of narratives and their use in comprehension, memory and communication, the chapter authors consider the influence of stories on a number of more specific phenomena, including political judgment, marital relations and memory distortions that underlie errors in eyewitness testimony. The provocativeness of the target chapter is matched by that of the companion articles, each of which not only provides an important commentary on Schank and Abelson's conceptualization, but also makes an important contribution to knowledge in its own right. The diversity of perspectives reflected in these articles, whose authors include researchers in linguistics, memory and comprehension, social inference, cognitive development, social judgment, close relationships, and social ecology, testifies to the breadth of theoretical and empirical issues to which the target chapter is potentially relevant. This volume is a timely and important contribution to research and theory not only in social cognition but in many other areas as well.

Children s Play Pretense and Story

Story, performance, and event: Contextual studies of oral narrative. Cam- bridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Begeer, S., Malle, B., Nieuwland, M., ...

Author: Susan Douglas

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317814886

Category: Psychology

Page: 334

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At the heart of this volume is the recognition that children’s engagement with play and story are intrinsically and intricately linked. The contributing authors share a passionate interest in the development and well-being of children, in particular through their use of imagination and adaptation of the everyday into play and stories. Following these principles, the volume explores the connections between play, story, and pretense with regard to many cultural and contextual factors that influence the way these elements vary in children’s lives. In a departure from earlier collections on play and story, the authors take a particular focus on normative as compared with atypical development. This collection begins with an approach to understanding the developmental relationship between play and story, which recognizes their similarities while acknowledging their differences. Much of the collection addresses pretend play and story in children with autism spectrum disorder, an understudied but important group for consideration, as these dimensions of their lives and development have often been considered problematic. The volume also includes sections on play and story in classroom settings and play and story across cultures, including non-English-speaking environments such as Israel, Romania, China, and Mexico. It concludes with a discussion of how play differs across sociocultural and economic contexts, making a unifying claim for the importance of play in children’s lives but also calling for an understanding of what play means to very different groups of children.

Handbook of Autobiography Autofiction

But overall, the opening up to the contextual relativity of stories has gone hand in hand with the opening up of narrative ... Story, performance and event.

Author: Martina Wagner-Egelhaaf

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110381486

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 2220

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Autobiographical writings have been a major cultural genre from antiquity to the present time. General questions of the literary as, e.g., the relation between literature and reality, truth and fiction, the dependency of author, narrator, and figure, or issues of individual and cultural styles etc., can be studied preeminently in the autobiographical genre. Yet, the tradition of life-writing has, in the course of literary history, developed manifold types and forms. Especially in the globalized age, where the media and other technological / cultural factors contribute to a rapid transformation of lifestyles, autobiographical writing has maintained, even enhanced, its popularity and importance. By conceiving autobiography in a wide sense that includes memoirs, diaries, self-portraits and autofiction as well as media transformations of the genre, this three-volume handbook offers a comprehensive survey of theoretical approaches, systematic aspects, and historical developments in an international and interdisciplinary perspective. While autobiography is usually considered to be a European tradition, special emphasis is placed on the modes of self-representation in non-Western cultures and on inter- and transcultural perspectives of the genre. The individual contributions are closely interconnected by a system of cross-references. The handbook addresses scholars of cultural and literary studies, students as well as non-academic readers.

Toxic History The Story of The Airborne Toxic Event

performance of the evening. Beginning quietly with Jollett and Bulbrook harmonizing every word, the song descended into near silence before the pair was ...

Author: Glen Hoos

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1483455319

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Ten years ago, a distraught freelance writer locked himself in a room and furiously scribbled his way out of a cataclysmic week. Though Mikel Jollett entered his hovel intent on penning the great American novel, when he emerged a year later, it was not with the fictional book he had in mind, but a book of songs fueled by all too real tragedy. Those songs required a band, and that band would be The Airborne Toxic Event. This unlikely group, a collection of five players from wildly diverse musical backgrounds, became an even unlikelier success story. Defying all established conventions about how success was supposed to be achieved in the early 21st century music business, they forged their reputation on the back of a surprising smash single, expanded it through relentless touring, and solidified it with a singular body of work that blends punk, folk, pop, symphony, literature, poetry and – above all – naked honesty.

Men Talk

Stories in the Making of Masculinities Jennifer Coates ... Richard Bauman, Story, Performance, and Event; Labov, Language in the Inner City.

Author: Jennifer Coates

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780631220466

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 240

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Men Talk draws on rich conversational material from a wide range of contexts to illuminate our understanding of men and masculinities at the turn of the millennium. Draws on rich conversational material to illuminate our understanding of men and masculinities at the turn of the millennium. Collects data from a wide range of conversations, including garage mechanics on a break, carpenters at the pub after work, and university academics chatting after hours. Focuses on stories, which occur within all-male conversations. Makes a distinctive contribution to our understanding of the intersection of language and masculinity.

Performativit t und Ereignis

30 Eine Potenzierung der transformativen Kraft des Ereignisses geschieht in dem
Maße , wie der Transformationsprozess selber Teil der Reflexion wird .
LITERATUR Bauman , R . ( 1989 ) : Story , Performance , and Event . Contextual
Studies ...

Author: Erika Fischer-Lichte



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Page: 448

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The Handbook of Narrative Analysis

Alleviating disability through Microsoft PowerPoint: The story of one quadriplegic man in Oman. ... Story, Performance and Event.

Author: Anna De Fina

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119052149

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 472

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Featuring contributions from leading scholars in the field, The Handbook of Narrative Analysis is the first comprehensive collection of sociolinguistic scholarship on narrative analysis to be published. Organized thematically to provide an accessible guide for how to engage with narrative without prescribing a rigid analytic framework Represents established modes of narrative analysis juxtaposed with innovative new methods for conducting narrative research Includes coverage of the latest advances in narrative analysis, from work on social media to small stories research Introduces and exemplifies a practice-based approach to narrative analysis that separates narrative from text so as to broaden the field beyond the printed page

Text Tone and Tune

IV : Performance , Content , and Meaning Performance , the " event , " is as
important for both epic and ballad , as it is for any story - telling . The very fact that
the stories of epic and ballad are sung or chanted , whichever word is more ...

Author: Archives & Research Centre for Ethnomusicology (New Delhi, India)

Publisher: South Asia Books


Category: Music

Page: 245

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This Is A Collection Of Papers Presented At The Seminar Organised By The American Institute Of Indian Studies, New Delhi In 1986-1987. Common Themes Emerging From Widely Varying Approaches And Sources Were Discovered. While Papers On India Predominated, Eastern Europe, China, Africa, And Brazil Were Covered As Well.

A World of Others Words

Drawing on his work in Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, North America, Ghana, and Fiji, linguistic anthropologist and folklorist Richard Bauman presents a series of ethnographic case studies that offer a sparkling look at intertextuality as ...

Author: Richard Bauman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1405143614

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

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Drawing on his work in Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, North America, Ghana, and Fiji, linguistic anthropologist and folklorist Richard Bauman presents a series of ethnographic case studies that offer a sparkling look at intertextuality as communicative practice. A fascinating perspective on intertextuality: the idea that written and spoken texts speak to one another, e.g. through genre or allusions. Presents a series of ethnographic case studies to illustrate the topic. Draws on a broad range of oral performances and literary records from across the world. The author’s introduction sets a framework for the analysis of genre, perform and intertextuality. Shows how performers blend genres, e.g., telling stories about riddles or legends about magical verses, or constructing sales pitches.

Emotion and Narrative

Temporal layers and perspectives Events, story, narrative, and performance Several transitions lie between events and their transformation into the stories ...

Author: Tilmann Habermas

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 110703213X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 384

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The way we tell stories influences how others react to our emotions, and impacts how we cope with emotions ourselves.

Orality and Literacy in Early Christianity

Bauman, Story, Performance and Event, 106. 136. Lord, “Homer's Originality”; Lord, Singer of Tales, 124–28. 137. “Verbomotor”: see Ong, Orality and Literacy ...

Author: Pieter Botha

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621899039

Category: Religion

Page: 318

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The history of the Jesus movement and earliest Christianity requires careful attention to the characteristics and peculiarities of oral and literate traditions. Understanding the distinctive elements of Greco-Roman literacy potentially has profound implications for the historical understanding of the documents and events involved. Concepts such as media criticism, orality, manuscript culture, scribal writing, and performative reading are explored in these chapters. The scene of Greco-Roman literacy is analyzed by investigating writing and reading practices. These aspects are then related to early Christian texts such as the Gospel of Mark and sections from Paul's letters.