Summer s Lease

Eileen Arnot Robertson. _-_- -------- _ - _ - ---------------- |-****---- ---- Summer's Lease BY & .2%mo 4.4.4.” HOU G HTON MIFF.

Author: Eileen Arnot Robertson

Publisher: Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company



Page: 406

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An Edwardian Summer

( اا تعتعضج ز ل ١ لا ا لم ل ل ل ، ، ة ص لإ سمر ا ل طلع سلم فهما ئإ ني قننئثنهاالقينهوخلفثة سقنلنتقالهفئهلههننضلئلئآ سيللييز ءع و أ ، . . . يا لاه ي ،فا عله ٠ ) . ، ر لا - يلايإيلنيي ا ن اااه نلخذ ز ، . أ ، بك أ ان» تجعلهن .

Author: John S. Goodall

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Company


Category: England

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Illustrations without text depict everyday life in an English village during the Edwardian era.

Summer in Rialto

This was it, and Summer froze with indecision. Then the moment was lost as Charlie grabbed her arm. “C'mon. ... A glimmer of hope flashed through Summer's mind. “Yeah. Especially with me being a minor,” she told him.

Author: Stan Warner

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1450284078

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

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Ranch life saps the good looks from a woman, and eighteen-year-old Summer Gorman has no intention of letting that happen to her. Looking to experience life and make her own way in the world, she leaves her parents, Herm and Sara, and their run-down 1,400-acre ranch. Hitching a ride into Rialto, a small Tex-Mex town thirty miles from the ranch, Summer lands a job as a waitress at Caf Rialto, a diner owned by former boxer Sharkey Gallos. Looking for excitement and perhaps romance, Summer finds plenty of each. As her romance with Sharkey grows, so does her realization that Sharkeys passion for big money and his increasing involvement with the drug traffic are heading for big trouble. Summer finds her ties with the ranch are not completely severed, as her former classmate Clay Burnside rediscovers her in Rialto and awakens old memories she had forgotten. Then, her mother promotes her own ambitions, as well as spiting Summer, by deeding the ranch to her church. Summer begins a season filled with periods of breathtaking beauty and moments of abject terror. She learns who she is and what love is really about while growing from a girl into a woman.

Sam s Summer Job

In the past, he's spent his summers at camp or with his friends. But this year, Sam's mom says he's old enough to have a summer job. He's going to do yard work for his neighbors. Sam's neighbors have hired him to help with many ...

Author: Frank Gabel

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 1477745882

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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Working with data is a foundational concept not only for mathematics, but for also understanding the world around us. Readers will gain exposure to principles of measurement, such as perimeter and area, and will also learn how to apply them to math operations. Engaging visuals help make math not only concrete, but also fun. Sam spends a summer working on yards in his neighborhood, while also learning the essential concept of measuring area. This volume meets CCSS Math Standard 3.MD.C.7.

Upchuck Summer s Revenge

Author: Joel L. Schwartz

Publisher: Yearling

ISBN: 9780440404712

Category: Camps

Page: 176

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Ninth grader Richie has his hands full at summer camp, trying to teach an incompetent group of ten-year-olds to play football, avoiding his bumbling would-be friend Chuck, and plotting revenge on the obnoxious Jerry.

Summer on Seashell Island

The perfect uplifting and feel-good summer romance for fans of Sue Moorcroft and Phillipa Ashley Sophie Pembroke. Mia and Abby would probably have far more fun with his parents than with him, anyway. Mum and Dad wouldn't want to follow ...

Author: Sophie Pembroke

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 140918983X

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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'Absolutely fantastic read...this is superb...devoured this in one sitting' NetGalley reviewer 'A perfect happy ever after read.' NetGalley reviewer All you need is one summer to change your life... Miranda Waters has always loved Seashell Island - while her brother and sister escaped it as soon as they were old enough. So when Miranda is left in charge of her parents' Lighthouse B&B for the summer, the last thing she expects is her wayward siblings showing up at the door, seeking sanctuary. It's been years since they've all lived under the same roof. Now, they're facing a whole summer together - and a crisis for the B&B and Seashell Island. With the Lighthouse filled with people - including two imaginative nieces, a four piece folk-rock band, and an unruly llama - and a lifetime of secrets between them, can the Waters siblings work together to save their home before it's too late? This summer it's time to discover that home really is where the heart is, and what family really means... The perfect summer holiday romance for fans of Heidi Swain, Phillipa Ashley and Sarah Morgan NetGalley reviewers are already raving about this perfect escapist read: 'This is an ideal lockdown read with a feel good factor.' 'A pretty perfect summer read' 'A perfect summery feel good read ideal for this time of year!' 'Definitely won't be my last read by Sophie Pembroke' 'A really lovely, feel good story' 'Is Seashell Island a real place, and if so, can I go there immediately?'