Super Gear

SUPER FACT A strong, lightweight bike is especially important in a race like the Tour de France, which is more than 2,000 miles ... Fabrics made with silver nanoparticles remove the stinky smell of sweat from athletes—and their socks.

Author: Jennifer Swanson

Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing

ISBN: 1607348764

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 80

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Cutting-edge science; high-performance sports How are the sports played by Michael Phelps, Serena Williams, Michelle Wie, and Usain Bolt related? Nanotechnology! Take a close-up look at sports and nanotechnology, the cutting-edge science that manipulates objects at the atomic level. Nanotechnology is used to create high-tech swimsuits, tennis rackets, golf clubs, running shoes, and more. It is changing the face of sports as we know it. Back matter includes a glossary, bibliography, list of resources, and index. Perfect for 2016 Summer Olympics displays and celebrations.

Super Problems

The truck pulled into the factory, and the four intruders were shocked at the scale of the Stinky Sock's operation. They were clearly getting the factory working again to mass-produce super-socks made from Bruce's magic wool.

Author: Jason R. Lady

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

ISBN: 1684335965

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 234

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Before Monster Problems, there is Super Problems, the story of how Blue Hood first learned of the magic pen. Scott draws the comic book adventures of himself, Blue Hood, and their friends as the Alpaca Defense Squad fighting their archenemy the evil Stinky Sock. No one knows Scott’s using a magic pen and everything he draws becomes real. The middle schoolers and an alpaca named Bruce are thrown into a real-life superhero adventure! At first, they think it’s great. They’re living their superhero fantasy! What more could superhero fans want? But saving the day is not as easy as it looks! The Stinky Sock is a clever nemesis, and Bruce the alpaca is obnoxious and demanding. The Alpaca Defense Squad must unite as a team, master their powers, put up with Bruce, and solve their super problem…before the Stinky Sock rules the world!

Super Spinach

She threw clothes all about, searching for her super-socks. “I found one!” she called out, and threw it over her head inside out as quickly as possible. But before she could look for more socks, the assistant walked down the steps.

Author: Hannah Shaw

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 166590125X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 176

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After undergoing a procedure at the vet, takes on the persona of Super Spinach and goes to Fosterland, where she and her sidekick Chickpea help a litter of kittens.

101 Socks

Because they both thought they were right . Where does a dog wash his socks ? At a laundro - mutt . What did the socks say to the hat ? " You go on a - head . I'll follow you on foot . ! ” HOT COCOA SUPER SOCKS MAN NEW Can you find the.

Author: Highlights

Publisher: Highlights Press

ISBN: 1684371708

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 144

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This engaging Hidden Pictures® puzzle collection for children ages 6-9 will knock kids' socks off--every puzzle has a hidden sock to find, 101 in all! This entertaining Hidden Pictures® puzzle collection offers over 90 puzzles with the challenge of finding the hidden sock in each one! In fact, 101 socks are hidden among 1,500+ objects in this portable book that is perfect for taking the fun on the go. If that doesn't make kids go sock crazy, they'll love the extra full-color bonus puzzles and activities that include sock jokes, riddles, mazes, drawing activities, and more! Here is a perfect gift for fans of Hidden Pictures® puzzles with a unique thematic twist. A Parents' Choice Recommended Book

Impact Munitions Use

These include " peplethal munitions can also be per balls , " " super socks , " and misidentified as impact muni- " sponge rounds . " Pepper tions . Distinctive markings balls are modified paint balls and colorings on the different ...

Author: Ken Hubbs



Category: Nonlethal weapons

Page: 8

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Two for Tee

His mom yelled from downstairs, “We‟ll wash the Super Socks later.” Chad wore a flesh-colored garment on his legs. The elastic leggings applied the same amount of pressure as healthy skin. His mom called the special clothing his Super ...

Author: Tony Rosa

Publisher: Tony Rosa

ISBN: 0982822561

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

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"Two for Tee" chronicles the boyhood friendship between Chad Ashworth, Jr. and Buzzy Odom. A backfiring prank binds the two boys together at an early age and they cope with the lasting effects in their own way. Chad becomes passionate about the only allowable sport, golf, and finds comfort on the course and in his imagination. Buzzy turns into the court jester hoping a dose of humor will make things better. The two boys attend a professional golf tournament, spend a week at golf camp, and play in a junior golf tournament, but their perspective experiences at each event are polar opposites. When the jokes start to wear thin, and only one of them remains committed to golf, will the friendship survive?

Fried Eggs With Chopsticks

The train official was delighted with his super-strong, flameproof socks. He had come into our carriage a minute or two earlier with a green plastic shopping basket full of them, and had set up stage in the middle of the aisle from ...

Author: Polly Evans

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409083373

Category: Travel

Page: 336

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When she learnt that the Chinese had built enough new roads to circle the equator sixteen times, Polly Evans decided to go and witness for herself the way this vast nation was hurtling into the technological age. But on arriving in China she found the building work wasn't quite finished. Squeezed up against Buddhist monks, squawking chickens and on one happy occasion a soldier named Hero, Polly clattered along pot-holed tracks from the snow-capped mountains of Shangri-La to the bear-infested jungles of the south. She braved encounters with a sadistic masseur, a ridiculously flexible kung-fu teacher, and a terrified child who screamed at the sight of her. In quieter moments, Polly contemplated China's long and colourful history - the seven-foot-tall eunuch commander who sailed the globe in search of treasure; the empress that chopped off her rivals' hands and feet and boiled them to make soup - and pondered the bizarre traits of the modern mandarins. And, as she travelled, she attempted to solve the ultimate gastronomic conundrum: just how does one eat a soft-fried egg with chopsticks?

Odd Socks

Michelle Robinson. now. There, there. Don't listen, my darling – calm down, dare.” Chuck such a super sock? They wouldn't But Sosh wouldn't have it. “I'm one of a pair! “Gosh,” said Sosh, “have a heart!

Author: Michelle Robinson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448188288

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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Suki and Sosh love their life. Each day they go to work together on their pair of feet, and each night they snuggle together in their sock drawer. But then disaster strikes: Sosh spots that Suki has a hole. Darn it! Sure enough, his warm, woolly wife starts to unravel, until one day Suki is nowhere to be found. The rest of the underwear warn him not to go it alone – no one likes an odd sock. But Sosh swears to find her.

Weekly World News

Window-shop regularly so you'll be able to choose flattering colors and designs that The super socks are made of fabric woven with bacteria-resistant fibers and are specially treated to help halt the development of a number of common ...





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Supply Catalog

Hip Disarticulation Style of stump sock designed to accommodate complete amputation of the leg at the hip . ... Tubular knitted material made of cotton or nylon Ohio Brand name of stump socks manufactured by Super Sock the Ohio Willow ...

Author: United States. Veterans Administration. Office of Procurement and Supply





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