Sweet Bean Paste

'I'm in story heaven with this book.

Author: Durian Sukegawa

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1786071967

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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'I'm in story heaven with this book.' Cecelia Ahern, author of P.S. I Love You Sentaro has failed. He has a criminal record, drinks too much, and his dream of becoming a writer is just a distant memory. With only the blossoming of the cherry trees to mark the passing of time, he spends his days in a tiny confectionery shop selling dorayaki, a type of pancake filled with sweet bean paste. But everything is about to change. Into his life comes Tokue, an elderly woman with disfigured hands and a troubled past. Tokue makes the best sweet bean paste Sentaro has ever tasted. She begins to teach him her craft, but as their friendship flourishes, social pressures become impossible to escape and Tokue’s dark secret is revealed, with devastating consequences. Sweet Bean Paste is a moving novel about the burden of the past and the redemptive power of friendship. Translated into English for the first time, Durian Sukegawa’s beautiful prose is capturing hearts all over the world.

Mochi Magic

Zenzai Soup with Odango, 135 ➔ soy sauce Sweet Soy Sauce (Mitarashi Dango
), 127 ➔ , 128 ➔ Yaki Mochi With Sweet ... 72 ➔ , 73 ➔ sweet red bean paste (
anko), 10 ➔ , 11 ➔ Japanese-style Mochi Cupcakes with Sweet Red Bean Filling
, ...

Author: Kaori Becker

Publisher: Storey Publishing

ISBN: 1635862957

Category: Cooking

Page: 192

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Mochi — the traditional Japanese treat made of chewy rice dough — is a popular and versatile vehicle for all kinds of sweet and savory fillings, and easily molded into adorable shapes and characters that define Japan’s culture of cuteness. Food writer Kaori Becker’s easy-to-follow techniques for creating and cooking with mochi deliver the perfect mix of fun and tradition. Each colorful page brims with recipes for hand-pounded, steamed, and modern microwave mochi; fillings like rosewater, Nutella, black sesame, Oreo Cream Cheese, and Japanese plum wine; mochi-focused goodies like Bacon-Wrapped Mochi, Ozoni Soup, baked goods; and inspiration for shaping irresistibly charming mochi flowers, baby chicks, pandas, and more. Kawaii!!

History of Worcestershire Sauce 1837 2012

Stir fried chicken with [soya] bean paste (p. 135). Roast Peking duck (with 4
tablespoons “sweet bean paste,” p. ... with “4 tablespoons sweet bean paste,” p.
278). Also: Sweet red bean paste (hung tou sha hsien, with small red beans [
azuki], p.

Author: William Shurtleff

Publisher: Soyinfo Center

ISBN: 1928914438

Category: Reference

Page: 213

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Patents Abstracts of Japan

11 ) 56-164747 ( A ) ( 43 ) 17.12.1981 ( 19 ) JP ( 21 ) Appl . No. 55-66924 ( 22 ) ...




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Usually the ones you buy are filled with a sweet , dark - colored bean paste . With
the proper flour , by carefully following the frying technique described in our
recipe , and with a little patience , you can make jin dui at home . Use Chinese ...




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Chinese Kosher Cooking

Author: Betty S. Goldberg

Publisher: Jonathan David Pub


Category: Cooking

Page: 351

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Betty Goldberg discovered that, with a little experimentation, authentic Chinese recipes could be turned into splendid kosher dishes. Here she presents hundreds of her outstanding recipes, with clear instructions on preparation in the strictly kosher kitchen without sacrificing any of the Chinese taste. Includes information on how to purchase Chinese ingredients and cooking equipment. "An authentic, wholly intriguing masterpiece".--Jewish Book World.


シュークリーム shūkurim cream puff ドーナッツ donatets doughnut エクレア
ekurea éclair 0 7 wagashi Japanesestyle confectionery おこし okoshi popped
rice confectionery ぜんざい zenzai rice cake with sweet bean sauce B B mochi
rice ...

Author: Lexus (Firm)



Category: Japanese language

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The Rough Guide to Japanese will have you talking the language quicker than any other phrasebook. Laid-out dictionary style for instant access, it features cultural tips for those tricky situations and the most practical menu reader in the business.

Seafood Sensation

Amchur Dried mango powder in Indian tandoori mixes and curry pastes. Assam
gelugor ... Basil (Sweet basil) Herb for seasoning red meats and fish. Bean curd
... Sweet bean paste is made from fermented soy beans, flour, sugar and spices.

Author: Carol Selva Rajah



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Chado The Way of Tea

White bean paste is shaped into a rod , wrapped with regular red bean paste and
sliced into individual portions for serving . ... It looks beautiful and its name ( getsu
= moon , kan = yôkan = sweet bean jelly ) is suitable for moon - viewing tea .

Author: Sanmi Sasaki

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing


Category: Travel

Page: 742

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A translation of the Japanese classic, Sado-saijiki, exploring the unique & varied aspects of the Japanese tea ceremony.

... 120g . spinach ( or green cabbage ) , 200g . bean sprouts , 50g . dried bean
threads , 3 eggs , 1 stalk green onion , 12 sections scallion , 12 pieces dan - bing
( or egg roll wrapper ) Sweet bean paste sauce 2 tbsp . sweet bean paste , 1 tbsp

Author: 傅培梅

Publisher: 橘子文化事業有限公司

ISBN: 9789867997630

Category: Chinese language materials

Page: 271

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本书介绍了鸡, 鸭, 猪, 牛, 鱼, 海鲜, 蔬菜, 豆腐与蛋, 汤, 面食和甜品11大类110到中华经典名菜.

The Macmillan Treasury of Spices and Natural Flavorings

Barbeque sauce Hoisin sauce A Red bean curd Shoyu sauce 86 | Soy Continued
from page 85 RECIPE Bean curd ... Sweet soy bean ( or red - bean ) paste Thick
sweet paste used in sweet dishes or sometimes spread on pancakes for ...

Author: Jennifer Mulherin

Publisher: MacMillan Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780025878501

Category: Cooking

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Spices both familiar and exotic are featured in a guide to buying, using, drying, and storing, complete with illustrations and a history of the medicinal and cosmetic uses of spices

Author: Shuhui Huang

Publisher: Wei Chuans Cooking


Category: Cooking

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Bilingual: English and Chinese.

Pacifica Blue Plates

Author: Neil Stuart


ISBN: 9780898156935

Category: Cooking

Page: 164

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Includes recipes--based on the traditional cuisine of the Southwest and Pacific Rim--that feature fresh and exotic ingredients and innovative combinations.

A Wok for All Seasons

Author: Martin Yan

Publisher: Main Street Books

ISBN: 9780385243865

Category: Cooking

Page: 191

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This companion to the author's twenty-six part PBS series features more than one hundred recipes, including recipes for one-dish meals, banquets and special occasions, vegetarian meals, and Chinese adaptations of Western favorites

Japanese Cooking

... RedBean 169 Jelly with Macadamia Nuts , RedBean 107 , 169 Jelly with
Peanuts , Red - Bean 169 Jelly with Walnuts ... Egg 80 Pancakes , Sweet - Bean -
Paste - Filled 167 Pan - Grilled Foods , CharcoalGrilled & 71-82 Panko 9 , 12
Paper ...

Author: Susan Fuller Slack

Publisher: Hp Books

ISBN: 9780895863270

Category: Cooking

Page: 176

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Discusses Japanese cuisine and cooking techniques, and offers recipes for appetizers, soups, sushi, grilled foods, steamed dishes, stir fry dishes, salads, noodles, rice, condiments, and desserts