Tamsin Johnson

The first book from acclaimed Australian interior designer Tamsin Johnson, known for her fresh interiors that evoke luxurious ease and coastal elegance.

Author: Tamsin Johnson

Publisher: Rizzoli Publications

ISBN: 0847870723

Category: House & Home

Page: 268

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The first book from acclaimed Australian interior designer Tamsin Johnson, known for her fresh interiors that evoke luxurious ease and coastal elegance. Tamsin Johnson’s international high-end residential projects reflect her signature ability to combine pieces from across decades and continents in ways that feel understated and natural. This knack for appearing effortless brings the ultimate level of sophistication to her work. Johnson favors elements of surprise and a sense of play in her designs, as evident in contrasts of scale, the bold use of art, and the sculptural nature of the furniture she selects or commissions. Her spaces celebrate comfort, character, and user-friendly design, and this philosophy is tangible in her showroom, where a veneration of European heritage is balanced with characteristics of modern coastal Australia. Under Johnson’s artful eye, traditional pieces become unexpectedly lighter, and a sense of luxurious ease pervades. In a trade which requires an eye for historical value, the objects Johnson sources and collects to accent her interiors have contemporary appeal—everything feels relevant and persuasive, as if even the most formal of objects could sit comfortably by your bedside. Johnson gracefully shares her ideas, images, and stories to illustrate these principles for readers, resulting in a book that is both a rich visual resource and design reference.

Mary Gilliatt s Fabulous Food and Friends

So I give my special thanks to my editor, Fiona Shoop, always generously available with her limited time and warmly, gracefully and helpfully at the answering end of the e-mail or telephone; Tamsin Johnson and Jessica Mitchell for all ...

Author: Mary Gilliatt

Publisher: Grub Street Publishers

ISBN: 1844688704

Category: History

Page: 336

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A memoir of glamorous 1960s London—with bonus dinner party recipes. In this book, famed interior designer Mary Gilliatt recounts some of the dinner parties she enjoyed with her husband, who was the best man at Princess Margaret’s wedding. The political, royal, publishing, and entertainment worlds collided at these elegant tables, and Gilliatt shares reminiscences of Peggy Guggenheim, Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Marlene Dietrich, Arthur Koestler, Oliver Sacks, and many more. In addition, she includes some of the recipes used—a mixture of the indulgent and the doable—so you can create some memorable dinner parties of your own.

Collected City Country Volume No 1

Paddington, Australia– based designer Tamsin Johnson puts the popular pattern to great use in two different, equally gorgeous ways. WALLPAPER IN THE POWDER Why be basic in a tiny jewel box of a room? The burnt terra-cotta colour of the ...

Author: Sarah Richardson

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN: 1982140364

Category: Design

Page: 144

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Cut through the clutter with a compilation of HGTV star and award-winning designer Sarah Richardson’s favourite places and things, all following up on the bestselling success of Sarah Style and At Home: Sarah Style. Collected by Sarah Richardson is a new series of books that contains an ever-changing mood board of favourite things—from interior and exterior spaces to products, places, and creative people. Packed with never-before-seen photos, every page is filled with Sarah’s trademark warmth, humour, and get-it-done advice. “Whether you’re tackling a ground-up build, a gut renovation, or simply looking to make the most of a weekend DIY,” she says, “these pages and guidance from our experts will inspire, excite, and inform your design adventures.” In “City + Country,” the debut volume, Sarah celebrates the best of both beloved styles. Wide-open spaces and fresh-air farmhouses find a home alongside jewel box‒like urban abodes and crave-worthy new getaways, ensuring that there’s something inside for every design lover and delivering an aspirational design book that captures the looks that are unique to Sarah. For readers who want to get behind the scenes of Sarah’s life or apply her style to their own living spaces, every issue of Collected is a must-have read and a keepsake well worth collecting.

The Theological Project of Modernism

also grateful to colleagues elsewhere who offered helpful comments: Neil Arner, David DeCosimo, Jennifer Herdt, Keith Johnson, Terrence Johnson, Tamsin Jones, Tal Lewis, Fred Simmons, Jonathan Tran, Andrea White, and the anonymous ...

Author: Kevin W. Hector

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0198722648

Category: Modernism (Christian theology)

Page: 271

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Modernism's theological project was an attempt to explain two things: firstly, how faith might enable persons to experience their lives as hanging together, even in the face of disintegrating forces like injustice, tragedy, and luck; and secondly, how one could see such faith, and so a life held together by it, as self-expressive. Modern theologians such as Kant, Schleiermacher, Hegel, Ritschl, and Tillich thus offer accounts of how one's life would have to hang together such that one could identify with it; of the oppositions which stand in the way of such hanging-together; of God as the one by whom oppositions are overcome, such that one can have faith that one's life ultimately hangs together; and of what such faith would have to be like in order for one to identify with it, too. So understood, modern theology not only sheds light on faith's potential role in enabling persons to identify with their lives, but stands in unexpected continuity with contemporary "contextual" theologies. This book offers clear, careful readings of modernism's key figures in order to explain their relevance to practical concerns and to contemporary understandings of faith.


Title Page Dedication Epigraph Prologue Chapter 1: Bex Johnson Chapter 2: Noah Rainier Chapter 3: Tamsin Moore Chapter 4: Hana Sakamoto Chapter 5: Chase Donovan Chapter 6: Javi Lucero Chapter 7: Bex Johnson Chapter 8: Noah Rainier ...

Author: Melissa Grey

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 1338283588

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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The ratings are real. One number, 0 to 100, determines your place in society. Earn a high rating, and the world is yours for the taking. But fall to zero, and you may as well cease to exist.

The Diplomatic Service List

Johnson , Stuart James ; Second Secretary FCO since September 1998 ; born 8.5.72 ; Band C4 . Johnson , Tamsin Jane ; Addis Ababa since February 1991 ; born 15.1.70 ; FCO 1989 ; Band A2 . Johnson , Alison Louise ; FCO since October 1997 ...

Author: Great Britain. Diplomatic Service Administration Office



Category: Diplomatic and consular service, British


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Let Him Lie

Tamsin laughed ill-naturedly. “You can't live in sin, and be popular, in a village,” said she. ... Tamsin. “You can imagine the chatter! I don't think Agnes need have made herself unhappy. ... Peter Johnson told me.” Tamsin shrugged her ...

Author: Ianthe Jerrold

Publisher: Dean Street Press

ISBN: 1910570982

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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Murder begins with the death of a kitten... Artist Jeanie Halliday is thrilled to move into a country cottage of her own, next door to the home of her dear childhood friend Agnes. But the countryside idyll isn’t quite what she might have expected: Agnes is suddenly and unaccountably unfriendly for one thing; and then the neighbours are a little peculiar - old Mr Fone, obsessed with burial mounds; the scandalous Hugh Barchard; and an estranged mother taken to brandishing pistols around. Soon after the feline victim is found, a shot is heard - the corpse of Robert Molyneux, Agnes’s husband, is discovered with a bullet in his brain. Was Molyneux a meddler in sacred places, a secret lothario... or simply a man who knew too much? And how does the unfortunate cat fit in? It will fall to Jeanie to assist the local police superintendent and fit the pieces of a baffling mystery. Let Him Lie is a classic golden age detective story from 1940, written by a queen of the form. It includes a new introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans.

Morgan s Woman Loveswept

He'd been trailing her when his path had crossed that of Johnson and Sánchez. Tamsin MacGreggor looked too innocent to be with Jack Cannon, but there couldn't be two women in Colorado that fit that description. A fine-looking filly, ...

Author: Judith E. French

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448111528

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

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Proud, iron-willed Tennessee widow Tamsin MacGreggor is wanted — dead or alive — for a crime she didn’t commit. But out West the law is shoot first, ask questions later. So she’s running for her life —with notoriously handsome bounty hunter Ash Morgan in hot pursuit. Tamsin is Morgan’s match, shrewd and strong enough to escape capture. Twice. But catching her now is more than Morgan’s duty — it’s personal. For somehow she has slipped past his defenses and stolen his well-guarded heart. A passionate affair erupts in the wilds of a harsh, unforgiving land where a bounty hunter must finish his job — and an innocent woman will do whatever it takes to save herself from a hangman’s noose.

Learning through Others

Southgate V., Johnson M.H., Tamsin Osborne T., Csibra G. (2009) Predictive motor activation during action observation in human infants. Biology Letters. Animal Behavior, 5(6), 769–772. Learning through Others.

Author: Emiliano Loria

Publisher: Accademia University Press

ISBN: 8831978578

Category: Education

Page: 344

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The theory of natural pedagogy provides a model of social learning based on the direct communicative ostensive relation and aimed to the transfer of generic cultural knowledge. The pedagogical transmission of information originates from an explicit manifestation of teaching made by knowledgeable adults, who are naturally inclined to manifestly provide their cultural baggage to naïve conspecifics. The domain of transferable knowledge encompasses artifact functions, novel means actions, first words, gestural symbols, social practices, and rituals. This teaching process can be fast and efficient in virtue of a natural inclination possessed by infants to seek information and decode signals of ostensive communication. In this sense, the natural pedagogy represents, as the two proponents – György Gergey and Gergely Csibra – claim, «a communicative system of mutual design specialized for the fast and efficient transfer of new and relevant cultural knowledge from knowledgeable to ignorant conspecifics». This book suggests that natural pedagogy utilises early belief attribution competences, which are employed by infants in a variety of contexts to approach and navigate the social world. Therefore, the natural pedagogy, in cooperation with the early mindreading system, may represent one of the most efficient adaptive strategies to firmly create that deep wittgensteinian «nest of propositions» which build cultural shared beliefs structures to be relied upon and followed.

Eighteenth century Fiction and the Reinvention of Wonder

... Tessa Fisher, Tamsin Howe, Sarah Johnson, Francine Latil, Claire Lewis, Laura Serna, and Leah Whalen. For early and enduring inspiration and support, I'd like to thank my secondary school and undergraduate teachers James Murphy, ...

Author: Sarah Tindal Kareem

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199689105

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 278

View: 665

A footprint materializes mysteriously on a deserted shore; a giant helmet falls from the sky; a traveler awakens to find his horse dangling from a church steeple. Eighteenth-century British fiction brims with moments such as these, in which the prosaic rubs up against the marvelous. While it is a truism that the period's literature is distinguished by its realism and air of probability, Eighteenth-Century Fiction and the Reinvention of Wonder argues that wonder is integral to--rather than antithetical to--the developing techniques of novelistic fiction. Positioning its reader on the cusp between recognition and estrangement, between faith and doubt, modern fiction hinges upon wonder. Eighteenth-Century Fiction and the Reinvention of Wonder's chapters unfold its new account of British fiction's rise through surprising new readings of classic early novels-from Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe to Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey--as well as bringing to attention lesser known works, most notably Rudolf Raspe's Baron Munchausen's Narrative of His Marvellous Travels. In this bold new account, the eighteenth century bears witness not to the world's disenchantment but rather to wonder's re-location from the supernatural realm to the empirical world, providing a re-evaluation not only of how we look back at the Enlightenment, but also of how we read today.