Teach Like a Pirate

In this book you'll learn how to: tap into your passion as a teacher - even when you're less than excited about the subject; develop creative presentations that capture your students' interest; establish rapport and a sense of camaraderie ...

Author: Dave Burgess


ISBN: 9780988217607

Category: Active learning

Page: 177

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In this book you'll learn how to: tap into your passion as a teacher - even when you're less than excited about the subject; develop creative presentations that capture your students' interest; establish rapport and a sense of camaraderie in your classroom; transform your class into a life-changing experience for your students. --from back cover.

Play Like a PIRATE

The author presents his own perspectives and techniques for making play part of his classroom's learning experience; includes QR code links to resources and templates.

Author: Quinn Rollins


ISBN: 9780986155543

Category: Active learning

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The author presents his own perspectives and techniques for making play part of his classroom's learning experience; includes QR code links to resources and templates.

10 Amazing Pirates

Edward Teach: Blackbeard It is thought by some that Edward Teach was born
into a fairly welltodo family. ... At first like many pirates Teach enlisted as a
crewman ona privateer vessel, operating from the warm, tropical seas around

Author: Jack Goldstein

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 1783337885

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

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Arr matey! Do you want to know all about the ten most fantastic, fearsome and famous pirates of all time? Dare you read of how Francois L’Olonnais ripped out a man’s heart with his bare hands then gnawed at it like a ravenous wolf? And what of Sir Henry Morgan - callous pirate or loyal privateer? How did Cheung Po Tsai build up a fleet of six hundred ships, and what happened to Anne Bonny after she was caught? Suitable for sea-faring folk and land-lubbers alike, this fantastic book introduces the reader to the ten pirates throughout history who surely were the greatest of their age.

Galactic Pirates

He looked like the Devil himself. He indicated the center passage, the one where
the heaviest fighting was taking place, “Men! I expect that passage to be secured
within the next three minutes!” Selene watched in awe as Teach's men threw ...

Author: Daniel West

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1365091104

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Prepare to explore the universe, 1650 years in the future. As Skip Thurmond, a NASA shuttle pilot, is transported into that future and is shanghaied by pirates. Leading him on a high adventure, swashbuckling romp across the known universe... and beyond. An epic tale sure to appeal to Space Jockeys and Pirate buffs

Teach Like Yourself

This is the fifth book I've published, and like every piece of writing, it begins with
what Peter Elbow described as “an itch” to ... you to be authentically, fully “you” in
the classroom—to teach like yourself, not like a robot, or a pirate, or a champion,

Author: Gravity Goldberg

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1544337345

Category: Education

Page: 176

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This book helps you be the biggest, boldest, and most powerful version of your teacher self. It reminds you why you became a teacher and coaches you to bring your unique gifts and talents into the classroom. The difference between a so-so lesson and one that leaves a lasting impact on students has everything to do with how confident and connected you feel to yourself and your students. Read this book when you need an extra shot of bravery. It’s a perfect resource if You want to coach yourself into fulfilling your teacher potential You are looking for more balance in your teaching and personal life You want a pep talk for saying no to what doesn’t help students and yes to what you know does You want to grow and deepen your practice without losing yourself in the process

The Mystery of Blackbeard The Pirate Teacher s Guide

Some ship names did not sound like pirate ships at all . And surely some were
private or rather " pirate " jokes ! Below are some famous pirate ship names . 9
Vocabulary People referred to Blackbeard as Ned Teach , Ed Thatch , Tach ,
Teache ...

Author: Carole Marsh

Publisher: Gallopade International

ISBN: 9780635016515

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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Companion teacher's guide to the Mystery of Blackbeard the Pirate.


TRIGGERED TO TALK As discussed in the Social Currency chapter, some word
of mouth is motivated by peoples' desire to look good to others. Mentioning ... In
this way, Ziploc bags are the antithesis of me going to teach dressed like a pirate.

Author: Jonah Berger

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1471111717

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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Why are some products and ideas talked about more than others? Why do some articles make the most emailed list? Why do some YouTube videos go viral? Word-of-mouth. Whether through face-to-face conversations, emails from friends, or online product reviews, the information and opinions we get from others have a strong impact on our own behaviour. Indeed, word-of-mouth generates more than two times the sales of paid advertising and is the primary factor behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions.It is between 8.5 and 30 times more effective than traditional media.But want to know the best thing about word-of-mouth? It's available to everyone.Whether you're a Fortune 500 company trying to increase sales, a corner restaurant trying to raise awareness, a non-profit trying to fight obesity, or a newbie politician running for city council, word-of-mouth can help you succeed. And you don't have to have millions of dollars to spend on an advertising budget. You just have to get people to talk.The challenge, though, is how to do that. This book will show you how.

Dance Like a Pirate

Colourful paintings of children dressed up as everything from clowns and rabbits to rock stars and royalty adorn the pages of the lift-the-flap picture-book Dance Like a Pirate.

Author: Stephanie Owen Reeder


ISBN: 9780642277794

Category: Children's stories

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It's time to get active! Who wants to dance like a pirate, tiptoe like a fairy, run like a firefighter or pose like a superhero? And who could resist creeping like a witch, leaping like a ballet dancer, marching like a sailor or stomping like a dragon? Colourful paintings of children dressed up as everything from clowns and rabbits to rock stars and royalty adorn the pages of the lift-the-flap picture-book Dance Like a Pirate.

Runaway America

The print shop soon attracted tradesmen like Matthew Adams, whose poetry
books Benjamin consumed. ... such as “The Lighthouse Tragedy” (a drowning)
and “The Taking of Teach the Pirate” (the capture of Edward Teach, also known
as the ...

Author: David Waldstreicher

Publisher: Hill and Wang

ISBN: 1466821523

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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Scientist, abolitionist, revolutionary: that is the Benjamin Franklin we know and celebrate. To this description, the talented young historian David Waldstreicher shows we must add runaway, slave master, and empire builder. But Runaway America does much more than revise our image of a beloved founding father. Finding slavery at the center of Franklin's life, Waldstreicher proves it was likewise central to the Revolution, America's founding, and the very notion of freedom we associate with both. Franklin was the sole Founding Father who was once owned by someone else and was among the few to derive his fortune from slavery. As an indentured servant, Franklin fled his master before his term was complete; as a struggling printer, he built a financial empire selling newspapers that not only advertised the goods of a slave economy (not to mention slaves) but also ran the notices that led to the recapture of runaway servants. Perhaps Waldstreicher's greatest achievement is in showing that this was not an ironic outcome but a calculated one. America's freedom, no less than Franklin's, demanded that others forgo liberty. Through the life of Franklin, Runaway America provides an original explanation to the paradox of American slavery and freedom.

The Real Story of the Pirate

1 Prominent among the pirates of the Caribbean in the early part of the
eighteenth century , and perhaps the most spectacular and theatrical of all the
freebooters , was Edward Teach , otherwise and more widely known as
Blackbeard . It is true ...

Author: Alpheus Hyatt Verrill



Category: Buccaneers

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... protected as we are by the laws and by the number of people about us, can
hardly comprehend such a life as that of the American colonies in the early part of
the eighteenth century, when it was possible for a pirate like Capt. Teach, known

Author: Howard Pyle

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 130436125X

Category: Fiction

Page: 236

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PIRATES, Buccaneers, Marooners, those cruel but picturesque sea wolves who once infested the Spanish Main, all live in present-day conceptions in great degree as drawn by the pen and pencil of Howard Pyle. Pyle, artist-author, living in the latter half of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth, had the fine faculty of transposing himself into any chosen period of history and making its people flesh and blood again - not just historical puppets. His characters were sketched with both words and picture; with both words and picture he ranks as a master, with a rich personality which makes his work individual and attractive in either medium.

William Dampier

To describe such a man as Morgan as a pirate is as foolish as it would be to call
Long John Silver a pickpocket . ... of North Carolina had the bad taste to be
present in person at the wedding of that worst of pirates , “ Blackbeard ” Teach .
As ...

Author: Clennell Wilkinson

Publisher: London : J. Lane


Category: Australia

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The Pirates Pact

Like most historical figures (and all pirates), the significance of Francis Drake has
gradually been subsumed by the legend. ... Yet the paradigm was necessary, for
without Drake there could have been no Morgan, Avery, Kidd, or Teach. Like ...

Author: Douglas Burgess

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071643362

Category: History

Page: 288

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The Secret Alliances Between History's Most Notorious Buccaneers and Colonial America Was classical piracy an earlier version of state-sponsored terrorism? Here's the story of how almost every well-known buccaneer of the “Golden Age of Piracy” enjoyed active sponsorship from England's governors in the American colonies- setting a pattern of official disobedience to the Crown that would ultimately contribute to the American push for independence. Relying on rare primary sources discovered in government archives in England, the Carolinas, Rhode Island, Jamaica, and elsewhere, Burgess combines true tales of derring-do with groundbreaking research in this fascinating history.

T P s and Cassell s Weekly

Sometimes he was consorting with such a very lovable pirate ! Teach , or
Blackbcard as he was usually Philip Gosse called , and acting as though he was
heart The Hon . John Collier ( Author of " The Pirates ' Who's Who " ) and soul
with ...




Category: England


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A Brief History of Pirates and Buccaneers

Teach isn't, of course, the first soldier or sailorto have discovered this
psychological effect. Boarding ... eyes gleaming, fuses burning in both the hair
and the beard, must have looked like Old Nick himself, supported by all his dark

Author: Tom Bowling

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472107705

Category: History

Page: 160

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From Stevenson's Treasure Island to Pirates of the Caribbean, the romantic image of pirates in popular culture has long been with us. But pirates are not all as charming as Johnny Depp. In ancient times Thracians, Cilicians and Illyrians terrorised traders in the Mediterranean, while the Barbary pirates of North Africa instilled fear wherever they went from the Holy Lands to the coast of Ireland. It was not until the age of Discovery, when ships began to cross the Atlantic carrying unimaginable riches from the New World that the traditional image of the buccaneering pirate was created. In England, heroes such as Sir Francis Drake were feted for their exploits against the Spanish fleet in which piracy was little more than state-sponsored terrorism. Tom Bowling's lively history explores many of the myths and true stories about the notorious outlaws of the oceans: including Captain Kidd, Blackbeard as well as Mary Read and other famous female pirates.

Sea Pirates

Blackbeard , as Teach is most widely known as , is the classic example of what
most envision as a pirate . Defoe wrote about Teach , exaggerating his character
into an irrational creature who performed the most heinous acts against mankind

Author: S. S. Narayan



Category: Pirates

Page: 280

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A History of Piracy

The Englishman Stede Bonnet wished to become a pirate because he had
listened too often to tales of the exploits of searovers . Although a rather ordinary
... Teach , like many pirates , preferred to operate on his own . However , during
his ...

Author: Robert de La Croix



Category: Pirates

Page: 250

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The Real Jim Hawkins

Pirate stories like Defoe's were very popular, too, usually in the form of
autobiographies and confessions written before ... and the adventures of pirate
captains like Kidd, Lowther, Davis and Teach, as well as the lives of admirals like
Benbow, ...

Author: Roland Pietsch

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1783830670

Category: History

Page: 208

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Generations of readers have enjoyed the adventures of Jim Hawkins, the young protagonist and narrator in Robert Louis Stevensons Treasure Island, but little is known of the real Jim Hawkins and the thousands of poor boys who went to sea in the eighteenth century to man the ships of the Royal Navy. This groundbreaking new work is a study of the origins, life and culture of the boys of the Georgian navy, not of the upper-class children training to become officers, but of the orphaned, delinquent or just plain adventurous youths whose prospects on land were bleak and miserable. Many had no adult at all taking care of them; others were failed apprentices; many were troublesome youths for whom communities could not provide so that the Navy represented a form of floating workhouse. Some, with restless and roving minds, like Defoes Robinson Crusoe, saw deep sea life as one of adventure, interspersed with raucous periods ashore drinking, singing and womanizing. The author explains how they were recruited; describes the distinctive subculture of the young sailor the dress, hair, tattoos and language and their life and training as servants of captains and officers.More than 5,000 boys were recruited during the Seven Years War alone and without them the Royal Navy could not have fought its wars. This is a fascinating tribute to a forgotten band of sailors.

The Pirate Bride

she had seen in taverns and dark alleys, but about what it would be like to feel a
gentle touch. ... And then...she had become a pirate. ... She had met men—even
some, such as Teach, who were reputed to be animals—who were decent.

Author: Shannon Drake

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 146030831X

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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Those who survive the wrath of Red Robert would never guess the pirate's secret--Red Robert is a woman, masquerading as a man. Yet though the swift steel of her sword has spread her reputation to the farthest corners of the map, there is only one treasure she seeks--the blood of her lifelong nemesis...Blair Colm. Shipwrecked on a desert isle with the handsome Logan Hagarty, she soon rediscovers her femininity in the irresistible captain's arms. But their paradise skies darken with the appearance of their common enemy. Now the two must summon all their strength and cunning to best the evil Colm, and protect the fierce love that has grown between them.