The Golden Age Comedia

4 , Teatros y comedias en Madrid : 1651–1665 . Estudio y documentos . London : Tamesis Books . 1974. Fuentes para la historia del teatro en España . Vol . 5 , Teatros y comedias en Madrid : 1666-1687 . Estudio y documentos .

Author: Charles Ganelin

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Drawing on the groundbreaking Spanish scholarship and editions of earlier generations and relying on research conducted in Spanish archives, this pioneering group of English-speaking scholars offers a new treatment of familiar material. The editors yoke together widely varying critical practices, including incisive New Critical readings and far-reaching explorations that draw on the most current European critical thought. In addition to these more strictly literary studies, there are interdisciplinary essays focusing on seventeenth- and twentieth-century reception and the social makeup of the comedia audience. The whole thus presents a balanced picture of the many ways in which the comedia can be viewed, and the contributors complement each other's work in often surprising ways, illuminating the same corpus from a number of perspectives.

A Companion to Music at the Habsburg Courts in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Teatros y comedias en Madrid: 1666-1687. Estudio y documentos. Fuentes para la Historia del Teatro en España, 5. ... Madrid, 2011. Sommer-Mathis, Andrea. 'Feste am Wiener Hof unter der Regierung von Kaiser Leopold I und seiner ersten ...


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A Companion to Music at the Habsburgs Courts in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, edited by Andrew H. Weaver, is the first in-depth survey of the Habsburg family’s musical patronage over a broad span of time.

Monarchy Political Culture and Drama in Seventeenth Century Madrid

“Datos históricos sobre los primeros teatros de Madrid: Prohibiciones de autos y comedias y sus consequencias (1644–1651). ... Teatros y comedias en Madrid, 16661687: Estudio y documentos (London: Tamesis, 1974).

Author: Jodi Campbell

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In early modern Spain, theater reached the height of its popularity during the same decades in which Spanish monarchs were striving to consolidate their power. Jodi Campbell uses the dramatic production of seventeenth-century Madrid to understand how ordinary Spaniards perceived the political developments of this period. Through a study of thirty-three plays by four of the most popular playwrights of Madrid (Pedro Caldern de la Barca, Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla, Juan de Matos Fragoso, and Juan Bautista Diamante), Campbell analyzes portrayals of kingship during what is traditionally considered to be the age of absolutism and highlights the differences between the image of kingship cultivated by the monarchy and that presented on Spanish stages. A surprising number of plays performed and published in Madrid in the seventeenth century, Campbell shows, featured themes about kingship: debates over the qualities that make a good king, tests of a king's abilities, and stories about the conflicts that could arise between the personal interests of a king and the best interest of his subjects. Rather than supporting the absolutist and centralizing policies of the monarchy, popular theater is shown here to favor the idea of reciprocal obligations between subjects and monarch. This study contributes new evidence to the trend of recent scholarship that revises our views of early modern Spanish absolutism, arguing for the significance of the perspectives of ordinary people to the realm of politics.

The Calderonian Stage

5. Jonathan Brown and and J. H. Elliot , A Palace for a King . The Buen Retiro and the Court of Philip IV ( New Haven : Yale ... respectively entitled Teatros y comedias en Madrid : 1600-1650 ; Estudio y documentos 1651-1665 ; 1666-1687 ...

Author: Manuel Delgado

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"This collection of essays invites the contemporary reader to consider the works of Pedro Calderon de la Barca (1600-81), who became the most important and influential dramatist of the second period of the Spanish Golden Age, just as Lope de Vega (1562-1635) was for the preceding generation. A follower of Lope in his youth, Calderon, as a mature playwright, developed a drama all of his own, a drama that was highly conceptual, tightly knit, symbolic, and, in many cases, spectacular. Calderon's artistry in verbal and visual symbolism made the performance of his works a feast for both the senses and the intellect." "Until now, many of Calderon's critics have focused their attention on how the poetic devices, particularly metaphors and symbols, appearing in his plays represent his philosophy or his ideas. But as some scholars of Spanish Golden Age drama have argued, the study of Calderon's theater must take into account not only the literary text, but also the physical conditions of the stage, the elements used in the representation - decor, costumes, lighting, music - and the house dynamics at each performance. In other words, each play must be considered as a composition of the soul and body, of poetry and spectacle, in which both elements support, complement, and explain one another in performance." "This is the task that has been undertaken by the contributors to this volume. By focusing on the relationship between text and performance, they have highlighted several areas that are often overlooked in traditional text-based approaches. From different perspectives, they show how Calderon gives concrete shape to the concepts and tales from the Bible, theology, mythology, the Corpus Hermeticum, emblematic literature, philosophy, and realities of civic and domestic origin."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Editing the Comedia

Noticias referentes a los anales del teatro en Sevilla desde Lope de Rueda hasta fines del siglo XVII . ... Teatros y comedias en Madrid : 1666-1687 . Estudio y documentos . Fuentes para la historia del teatro en España , 5.

Author: Frank Paul Casa



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Michigan Romance Studies

Noticias referentes a los anales del teatro en Sevilla desde Lope de Rueda hasta fines del siglo XVII . ... Teatros y comedias en Madrid : 1666-1687 . Estudio y documentos . . Fuentes para la historia del teatro en España , 5.




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Golden Age Spanish Literature

Historia de los títeres en España ( desde sus orígenes hasta mediados del siglo XVIII ) ( Madrid : Revista de Occidente ... Teatros y comedias en Madrid , 1666-1687 : estudio y documentos , FHTE , 5 ( London : Tamesis , 1975 ) .

Author: J. E. Varey



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Arachne s Tapestry

Baroque , 5 ( 1972 ) , 107-14 . Sánchez Alonso , B. “ Los satíricos ... Madrid : Publicaciones de la Dirección General de Bellas Artes , 1960. I , pp . 640-48 . ... Teatros y comedias en Madrid : 1666-1687 . Estudio y documentos .

Author: Marcia L. Welles

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As the author writes in the introduction, "As we read the poems, the play, and yes, as we 'read' the paintings, we discover subversive explorations of these much-read and well-loved tales of divine love and divine wrath that challenge both the established literary conventions and the social hierarchy of the period".

The Eighteenth Century in Spain

Teatros y comedias en Madrid : 1651–1665 . Estudio y documentos ( London : Tamesis , 1973 ) . Fuentes V : J. E. Varey and N. D. Shergold , Fuentes para la historia del teatro en España , V. Teatros y comedias en Madrid : 1666-1687 .

Author: Ann L. Mackenzie



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This issue of the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies was compiled in honour of Ivy McClelland, whose main interest is 18th-century Spain and 18th-century Spanish literature. This book naturally reflects these interests.

Bulletin of the Comediantes

El mundo del teatro español en su Siglo de Oro : ensayos dedicados a John E. Varey . Ed . J. M. Ruano de la Haza . ... Cervantes 15.2 ( 1995 ) : 5-13 . McGaha , Michael D. The Theatre in ... Teatros y comedias en Madrid : 1666-1687 .

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