Revue de Qumr n

La segunda sección está formada por las contribuciones siguientes : Moshe Bar
- Asher , Dos fenómenos en el Hebreo de Qumrán : Aspectos sincrónicos y
diacrónicos ( 167 - 183 ) ; Emanuel Tov , El texto de la Biblia en las antiguas ...




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The Dead Sea Scrolls Translated

Between the publication of the first Spanish edition of Textos de Qumrán in
November 1992 and the appearance of this English translation , research on the
manuscripts from Qumran has proceeded at a faster pace and its fruits can be
found ...

Author: Florentino García Martínez

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004105898

Category: Religion

Page: 519

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The Dead Sea Scrolls Translated comprises an extensive preface outlining the origin of the manuscripts and the aims of the translation. This is followed by an introduction offering a survey of the discoveries and their publication, a brief sketch of the characteristics of the Qumran library, and several interesting remarks on the sect's identity, origins and history. The translation of the manuscripts is organized into nine chapters, each with one or two pages of introduction. It concludes with an exhaustive list of all manuscripts discovered at Qumran. This list is a very useful reference tool and forms a scientific publication in its own right. Originally published in Spanish (1992) the present authorized translation has been prepared by Wilfred G.E. Watson of the University of Newcastle, a renowned scholar of Biblical Hebrew poetry. Please note that this title is available to customers in North America exclusively through Eerdmans Publishing Company (

A Bibliography of the Finds in the Desert of Judah 1970 1995

Las Tablas Celestes en el Libro de los Jubileos . ” In Palabra y Vida : Homenaje
a José ... Madrid : Ediciones Universidad de Comillas , 1984 . G.095 . García
Martínez , Florentino . Textos de Qumran . Madrid : Editorial Trotta , 1992 . G.096 .

Author: Florentino García Martínez

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004105881

Category: Reference

Page: 561

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This volume contains a bibliography of the research on the Dead Sea Scrolls published during the last 25 years. All entries are alphabetically listed, provided with an identification number, and systematically classified by topics and key words as well as by manuscripts numbers and title of the compositions.

The Textual Development of the Qumran Community Rule

GARCÍA MARTÍNEZ , F. , “ Review of Vermes , Preliminary Remarks on
Unpublished Fragments of the Community Rule from Qumran Cave 4. " JSJ 23 (
1992 ) , 159 . - , Textos de Qumrán . Introducción y editión de Florentino García
Martínez .

Author: Sarianna Metso

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004106833

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Page: 172

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This investigation into the formation of the Community Rule is the first to make full use of all the evidence of the Cave 4 fragments which have recently been made available to scholars.

Qumran origins and apocalypticism

11 Spanish: F. García Martínez, Textos de Qumrán (Estructuras y Procesos. Serie
Religión; Madrid: Trotta, 1992); English: idem, The Dead Sea Scrolls Translated.
The Qumran Texts in English (trans. W.G.E. Watson; Leiden: Brill, 1994); ...

Author: Florentino García Martínez

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004155694

Category: Religion

Page: 325

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The author's influential articles on the Origins of the Qumran Community (the co-called “Groningen Hypothesis”) and on Apocalypticism in the Dead Sea Scrolls are now collected in one volume, including translations of essays that were written in Spanish and French.

Methods of Investigation of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Khirbet Qumran Site

García MARTÍNEZ , F . 1989 Lista de MSS Proccedentes de Qumran . Henoch 11
: 149 – 232 . 1993 Textos de Qumrán : Edición y Traducción . Coleccion
Estructuras y Procesos . Serie Religión . GLESSMER , U . 1987 Das
astronomische ...

Author: Norman Golb


ISBN: 9780897667937

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Page: 514

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This volume brings together leading scholars of the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient Judaism, and the archaeology and history of Syria-Palestine during the Graeco-Roman period. It is unusual in that it emphasises evaluation of methodologies used in research on the scrolls and at the site. Methodologies are considered under four rubrics: textual interconnections (including reports on unpublished scroll materials), scribal and linguistic problems, archaeology, and historiography.

Festschrift F Garc a Mart nez

... Texts from Qumran ( STDJ , 9 ) , Leiden , Brill , 1992 . Textos de Qumrán (
Estructuras y Procesos , Serie Religión ) , Madrid , Editorial Trotta , 1992 .
Portuguese translation : Textos de Qumran : Edição fiel e completa dos
Documentos do ...

Author: Hans Ausloos

Publisher: Peeters Pub & Booksellers


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Florilegium Lovaniense. Studies in Septuagint and Textual Criticism in Honour of Florentino Garcia Martinez is intended for a special present initiated by his Leuven collegae proximi on the occasion of Professor Garcia Martinez' retirement as a research professor in the Biblical Studies Research Department of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven). Like the personality of the celebrated scholar himself, the composition of his Festschrift has become a most colourful undertaking. After the editor's presentation of the rich biography and the huge bibliography of Florentino Garcia Martinez, M. Vervenne aims at evoking Florentino's personality throughout his life and work. Following this introduction, some thirty contributions transform the Festschrift into a wide-ranging collection of high quality approaches to a number of diverse topics, thus mirroring the wide spectrum of both Florentino's and their own work. The following scholars have contributed to this collection: H. Ausloos & B. Lemmelijn, J.-M. Auwers, R. Bieringer, E. Bons, D. Buchner, R. Ceulemans, J. Cook, H. Debel, D. De Crom, C. Dogniez, G. Dorival, K. Hauspie, M.S. Ibita, J. Joosten, M. Karrer & U. Schmid & M. Sigismund, W. Kraus, M. Labahn, J. Lust, T. Muraoka, A. Pietersma, E. Puech, J.-S. Rey, A. Schenker, R. Sollamo, J. Trebolle-Barrera, A. van der Kooij, P. Van Hecke, H. van Rooy, E. Verbeke. Each contribution has somehow to do with Textual Criticism and/or Septuagint Studies. In addition, they echo the aspects and details of the interest and work of each individual scholar. The editors sincerely hope that all these particular shades of colours might form together a wonderful rainbow, reflecting the contributors' and editors' admiration, respect and friendship for Professor Florentino Garcia Martinez.

Studies in the Hebrew Bible Qumran and the Septuagint Presented to Eugene Ulrich

Rodez , France : Éditions de Rouergue , 2002 . 1999 Spanish “ La Biblia copiada
e interpretada en Qumrán , ” pp . 133 - 153 in Paganos , judíos y cristianos en los
textos de Qumrán , ed . Julio Trebolle Barrera . Biblioteca de ciencias bíblicas ...

Author: Eugene Charles Ulrich

Publisher: Supplements to Vetus Testament

ISBN: 9789004137387

Category: Religion

Page: 460

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With contributions by many of his colleagues and former students, this volume pays homage to Eugene Ulrich, Chief Editor of the Cave 4 Biblical Scrolls and a foremost expert on the Biblical Scrolls, the Canon of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, and the Septuagint. In line with Professor Ulrich s areas of scholarship and interest, the almost 30 essays are grouped in three main sections: The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (including the Biblical Scrolls from the Judaean Desert); Qumran and the Non-Biblical Scrolls from the Judaean Desert; and the Septuagint and Other Ancient Versions. The volume includes a tribute to Eugene Ulrich and ends with a cumulative bibliography and several useful indices.

Analecta biblica

En contraste con el cliché mesiánico , también atestiguado en Qumrán , que
presenta al descendiente de David como un ... posiciones que presenta este
epilogo se encuentran atestiguadas en otros textos que no dependen de
Qumrán y que ...






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Critical Review of Books in Religion

David M . Scholer Fuller Theological Seminary , Pasadena , CA 91182 Los
Hombres de Qumrán : Leteratura , Estructura Social y ... ( Madrid , 1989 ) 239 -
50 ; " Los textos de Qumran y el Nuevo Testamento , " by Trebolle Barrera ( pp .
237 - 55 ) ...




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Flores Florentino

This volume comprises forty-eight essays, presented by friends, colleagues and students in honour of Florentino García Martínez.

Author: Anthony Hilhorst

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9047423097

Category: Religion

Page: 864

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This volume comprises forty-eight essays, presented by friends, colleagues and students in honour of Florentino García Martínez. The articles are primarily in the field of the Dead Sea Scrolls, but also cover many other fields of Second Temple Judaism, from late biblical texts and Septuagint up to the pseudepigrapha and early rabbinic writings.

The Qumran Chronicle

64 Cf. F. Garcia Martine z , Textos de Qumran , Editorial Trotta , Madrid 1992 ; id .
, The Dead Sea Scrolls Translated , 2nd ed . , Brill – Eerdmans , Leiden Grand
Rapids , 1996 ( = 1994 ) . 65 P. Muchowski , Rękopisy znad Morza Martwego .




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Complementarity of Human Life and Other Life Forms in Nature

La obra es breve ( 132 páginas de texto , a parte de la bibliografía y los índices
de textos antiguos , temas y autores ) y ... Además toma en consideración la
4QInstrucción de Qumrán así como el Sermón de la montaña y la carta de
Santiago ...

Author: Prem Xalxo

Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop

ISBN: 9788878390829

Category: Religion

Page: 293

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The root cause of current environmental crisis has been equated with the rupture of human interconnectedness with nature and defined as the alienation of human beings from God, fellow human beings, and from nature. The loss of human dignity and the right order in creation are the creator and master of creation, promoting love and communion among human beings and maintaining an attitude of responsible care for other life forms in nature could end this alienation. The present research on the human interconnectedness with nature is an attempt to define human obligations toward the environmentaTwo paradigms have strong potential for inculcating a sense of appreciation and gratitude to God for the gift of life a respect for all life forms and a harmonious relationship with the entire creation

The Dead Sea Scrolls in English

SCROLL CATALOGUE Perhaps the greatest disservice rendered to scholarship
by Roland de Vaux and his successors resulted from their obstinate refusal to ...
See also F . García Martínez , Textos de Qumrán , Madrid , 1992 , 483 - 518 .

Author: Geza Vermes

Publisher: Penguin Mass Market


Category: Bible

Page: 392

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"The manuscripts found in the Qumran caves, dating from about 200 BC to AD 70, are associated with the Essene sect described by several classical authors. Yet despite their immense importance, Geza Vermes argues, scholarly restrictive practices were responsible for 'the academic scandal par excellence of the twentieth century', which until recently kept many key documents hidden from public view." "The Dead Sea Scrolls in English provides reliable, direct access to these fascinating documents. Established as the standard English version of the non-biblical material, is now in its fourth edition and has been extensively expanded and updated to include twenty-six newly translated scroll texts, a recent introduction discussing development in Qumran scholarship and, for the first time a full inventory of all the scrolls made available in 1991. Introductory chapters explain the background and outline the history, customs and beliefs of the sectarian community as well as the significance of their writings. The Dead Sea Scrolls in English acts as an authoritative guide for scholar students and all those interested in ancient Judaism and nascent Christianity."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Study of the New Testament

The project will distinguish between formulations in the Qumran texts which are
typical of the OT or writings of early Judaism , and those specific to ... Paganos ,
judíos y cristianos en los textos de Qumrán , Madrid 1999 , which deals with 1 .

Author: Antonio Piñero Sáenz

Publisher: Deo Pub


Category: Religion

Page: 579

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The most thorough grounding available in the various disciplines of NT study, this is an invaluable tool for students, scholars and other serious readers of the earliest Christian writings. With a full survey of scholarship on each topic, in 600 packed pages the volume gives a reliable, in-depth presentation of: the history of interpretation - the NT canon - text criticism - the language of the NT - the historical and literary context - methods and approaches.

The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew

Author: David J. A. Clines

Publisher: Burns & Oates

ISBN: 9781850752448

Category: Religion

Page: 475

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"The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew is a completely new and innovative dictionary. Unlike previous dictionaries, which have been dictionaries of biblical Hebrew, it is the first dictionary of the classical Hebrew language to cover not only the biblical texts but also Ben Sira, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Hebrew inscriptions. This Dictionary covers the period from the earliest times to 200 CE. It lists and analyses every occurrence of each Hebrew word that occurs in texts of that period, with an English translation of every Hebrew word and phrase cited. Among its special features are: a list of the non-biblical texts cited (especially the Dead Sea Scrolls), a word frequency index for each letter of the alphabet, a substantial bibliography (from Volume 2 onward) and an English-Hebrew index in each volume."--Publisher description.

Elenchus of Biblica

1839 Herbst , Adrián Los textos de Qumrán , el pentateuco samaritano y la crítica
textual de la biblia hebrea . RevBib 63 ( 2001 ) 129 - 151 , JPS Hebrew - English
Tanakh : the traditional Hebrew text and the new JPS translation .



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