A Guide for Using Amelia Bedelia in the Classroom

Amelia. Bedelia. Books. Related. Nonfiction. Additional Ideas Here are some ideas to help you get. Books Written by Peggy Parish Thank You, Amelia Bedelia. Harper, 1964. Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower. Harper, 1966. Come Back ...

Author: Mary Bolte

Publisher: Teacher Created Resources

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A collection of cross-curricular lessons to accompany the novel by Perry Parish offers sample lesson plans, vocabulary lists, quizzes, cooperative learning activities, and book report ideas.

Amelia Bedelia Holiday Chapter Book 3

Amelia Bedelia's father stood up and kissed the top of her head. “You really were going to take a bite of your least-favorite breakfast just for me, weren't you?” Amelia Bedelia nodded. ... Amelia Bedelia. “Thank you,” said Mrs. Shauk.

Author: Herman Parish

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062962116

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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Celebrate the holidays with Amelia Bedelia! Amelia Bedelia, her friends, and her family hop to it while celebrating the arrival of spring. This chapter book is an excellent choice for children who are ready to read independently, and is terrific for building vocabulary and social and emotional learning. Includes a springtime craft and recipe! Spring has finally sprung! Amelia Bedelia loves the warm weather, the flowers in bloom, and all the new baby animals in her town. Best of all, Amelia Bedelia and her class will be hatching chicks in her science class. But when the incubator breaks and there’s no money to buy a new one, Amelia Bedelia and her friends come up with an eggceptional solution to raise money for a new incubator: a springtime fair! A humorous story, plenty of misunderstandings, loads of vocabulary and wordplay, and a fun craft and recipe make this an ideal gift book for newly independent readers and storytime sharing. Amelia Bedelia has been making readers laugh since 1963, when the first Amelia Bedelia book was published. Now, you can meet the young Amelia Bedelia. Come join the fun!

The Amelia Bedelia Thinking Book

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ THANKYOU ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ BE A POET Write a poem about Amelia Bedelia. Use. The children at school want to write a thank you note to Amelia Bedelia to thank her for being their teacher for a day.

Author: Nancy Polette

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Children will write poems, make decisions, solve problems, design a centerpiece and take part in other activities after sharing the Amelia Dedelia books.

Thank You Amelia Bedelia

Preparing for the arrival of an important visitor, a wacky housekeeper follows her employer's instructions with humorous results.

Author: Peggy Parish


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Preparing for the arrival of an important visitor, a wacky housekeeper follows her employer's instructions with humorous results.

Literary Afterlife

Amelia Bedelia. Her nephew, Herman Parish, continued the books after Parish died of an aneurysm. His background is in advertising. Original Books Amelia Bedelia (1963) Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia (1977) Thank You, Amelia Bedelia (1964) ...

Author: Bernard A. Drew

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 078645721X

Category: Literary Criticism

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This is an encyclopedic work, arranged by broad categories and then by original authors, of literary pastiches in which fictional characters have reappeared in new works after the deaths of the authors that created them. It includes book series that have continued under a deceased writer's real or pen name, undisguised offshoots issued under the new writer's name, posthumous collaborations in which a deceased author's unfinished manuscript is completed by another writer, unauthorized pastiches, and "biographies" of literary characters. The authors and works are entered under the following categories: Action and Adventure, Classics (18th Century and Earlier), Classics (19th Century), Classics (20th Century), Crime and Mystery, Espionage, Fantasy and Horror, Humor, Juveniles (19th Century), Juveniles (20th Century), Poets, Pulps, Romances, Science Fiction and Westerns. Each original author entry includes a short biography, a list of original works, and information on the pastiches based on the author's characters.

Ebony Jr

You. Laugh. *ages 4-7 The Stupids Step Out, by Harry Allard Meet the Stupids: father Stanley Q, Mrs. Stupid, ... More Amelia adventures can be found in, Thank You, Amelia Bedelia; Amelia Bedelia & the Surprise Shower; Teach Us, ...





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Created by the publishers of EBONY. During its years of publishing it was the largest ever children-focused publication for African Americans.

Beyond Picture Books

Amelia Bedelia Helps Out, 1567 Amelia Bedelia's Family Album, 1568 Come Back, Amelia Bedelia, 1571 Good Work, Amelia Bedelia, ... 1578 Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia, 1581 Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia, 1583 Thank You, Amelia Bedelia, 1584 Park, ...

Author: Barbara Barstow

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

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A bibliography that suggests books for beginner readers is accompanied by subject, title, illustrator, readability level, and series indexes

Primary Book Reporter

Amelia Bedelia Helps Out • Amelia Bedelia's Family Album Merry Christmas , Amelia Bedelia • Play Ball , Amelia Bedelia . Teach Us , Amelia Bedelia Thank You , Amelia Bedelia Clifford Books by Norman Bridwell Clifford and the Big Storm ...

Author: Judy Leimbach, Sharon Eckert


ISBN: 9781883055202

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Contains reproducible student activity pages for book reports for use with kindergarteners and first graders who come to school already reading and with average second graders who have not advanced to chaper books.

A Landscape with Dragons

... Camping * Amelia Bedelia Helps Out Be Ready at Eight * Come Back, Amelia Bedelia * Good Work, Amelia Bedelia * Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia Mr. Adam's Mistake * Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia * Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia * Thank You, ...

Author: Michael O'Brien

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 1681490129

Category: Literary Criticism

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The Harry Potter series of books and movies are wildly popular. Many Christians see the books as largely if not entirely harmless. Others regard them as dangerous and misleading. In his book A Landscape with Dragons, Harry Potter critic Michael O'Brien examines contemporary children's literature and finds it spiritually and morally wanting. His analysis, written before the rise of the popular Potter books and films, anticipates many of the problems Harry Potter critics point to. A Landscape with Dragons is a controversial, yet thoughtful study of what millions of young people are reading and the possible impact such reading may have on them. In this study of the pagan invasion of children's culture, O'Brien, the father of six, describes his own coming to terms with the effect it has had on his family and on most families in Western society. His analysis of the degeneration of books, films, and videos for the young is incisive and detailed. Yet his approach is not simply critical, for he suggests a number of remedies, including several tools of discernment for parents and teachers in assessing the moral content and spiritual impact of this insidious revolution. In doing so, he points the way to rediscovery of time-tested sources, and to new developments in Christian culture. If you have ever wondered why a certain children's book or film made you feel uneasy, but you couldn't figure out why, this book is just what you need. This completely revised, much expanded second edition also includes a very substantial recommended reading list of over 1,000 books for kindergarten through highschool.