Unfair Unbalanced

Mostly Inky stays put in her hidey hole, Ms. Ryan, peeking out upon a world gone crazy with humongous-sized human beings in tractor-trailer sized ... Why is Inky Dinky out of her grotto? Oh, right! The headlights are on! Thanks, Inky!

Author: Patrick M. Carlisle

Publisher: Henry E Panky Enterprises


Category: Humor

Page: 173

View: 962

Important disclaimers -- A letter to Meg Ryan -- Pappy was a Cossack -- Mandago bag -- Groundhog Day -- O' foreskin, where art thou? -- Letter to Dave Barry -- U is for unspeakable evil -- A little bag of sopers -- The insatiable meat cleaver of Bette Davis -- The superior man -- They called him Malaka -- Tatsuni -- The crisis in pubic hair -- The box called war -- Letter to Ann Coulter -- Yes, I'm an Ivy Leaguer -- Dubious tidings from the big behind -- My tater exploded -- Cracking the pupa of the new self -- The banana test -- A vampire is born -- Dear Leonid Stiltskin -- I'm still missin' Mama -- The hallucinogen years -- Search engine of love -- Who are we anyhow? -- Another small dirty town -- Something in the Danish -- Sweet love of Odin -- Grammy Award -- Bald-headed soul on ice -- Hotel California -- The crisis in penis extension -- The Scarlett letter -- A Yum! Brands man -- Real fan letters -- An apology to our readers.

Drawing Amanda

Thanks,”Inky called out, “but I gotta run today.” Inky rushed downthe hallway to the lockers. He wanted to get another lookat Amanda. Inky grabbed his books and headed toward Rungs's locker, which was near Amanda's.

Author: Stephanie Feuer

Publisher: Hipso Media

ISBN: 0988739461

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 264

View: 483

In this enhanced edition of DRAWING AMANDA, the illustrations come to life through animations -- as if Inky, the main character, is drawing them as you watch. DRAWING AMANDA is set in the under-parented, high-expectation adolescent world of a Manhattan international prep school. Fourteen-year-old budding artist Inky Kahn is still smarting from the death of his father. He thinks he’s found his big break when he bonds with the developer of a new computer game and snags a coveted drawing assignment, for which he uses his secret crush–Amanda–as a model. But unbeknownst to Inky, the developer has a dangerous criminal past, and is using his computer game to lure and stalk teenage girls. And Inky has inadvertently led Amanda right into his path. Blinded by his own ambition and sulking from his father’s death, Inky hides from the truth. Will Inky, with the help of Rungs, his cybergeek pal, discover the crime in time and save Amanda before the creep ensnares her–or anyone else?

The Hard Blue Sky

Son of a bitching fairy, Inky thought ... and then stopped. He had seen Julius pinching the ... Inky said: “I was beginning to smell like a goat.” “All dress up for dancing, huh? ... “Thanks,” Inky said. Julius stretched his great fat ...

Author: Shirley Ann Grau

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1453247246

Category: Fiction

Page: 468

View: 726

“An arresting and beautifully written novel” about a young woman who yearns to escape her life in Louisiana, by a Pulitzer Prize–winning author (The New York Times). West of New Orleans among a few small Gulf islands lies the Isle aux Chiens, a tiny, impoverished strip of land burdened by intolerable heat and roaming packs of wild dogs. Here a handful of Creole families eke out a meager existence by fishing the Gulf waters. Such is the fate of Al Landry and his seventeen-year-old daughter, Annie. All Annie has ever known is the wild sea, but she longs for other people and places, including the glamor of life in the Big Easy. When a cruel, handsome sailing boat pilot from the city passes through, he kindles Annie’s fantasies for a life beyond the island. Soon, the young girl faces a decision: remain planted in the predictable life she has always known, or toss it all aside for her dreamed-of adventure. Elsewhere on the island, eighteen-year-old Henry Livaudais disappears on a hunting expedition, sparking a feud with a neighboring settlement of Yugoslavian oystermen. As the summer heat intensifies, his father tries to discover why Henry left the isolated fishing settlement. By the author of The Keepers of the House, this novel follows two teenagers on the cusp of adulthood as they look for an escape from their Southern homes. The National Book Award–shortlisted author establishes herself as the master chronicler of bayou life in this debut novel that captures the complexities of the Deep South’s most impoverished corners. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Shirley Ann Grau, including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author’s personal collection.

Sea Fever

'Thanks, Inky,' Custard muttered. 'Well, she has to have some clothes,' stated Inky. 'I don't mean thanks for the clothes.' Carla came in. 'Saffron is too thin,' she announced to them all. 'I insist that she have hot chocolate and one ...

Author: Sarah Mason

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1405516925

Category: Fiction

Page: 608

View: 293

Beautiful and talented, Erica Pencarrow, nicknamed Inky because of her dark hair, longs to compete in the America's Cup - sailing's toughest challenge where only the best, and richest, have a chance of success. When Inky's dream finally comes true she must conquer not only the sea but also her team's prejudices - a fight she looks set to lose when she falls for a rival sailor. Meanwhile Fabian, rich and handsome, is fighting his own battles - he was once sailing's golden boy until his partying and playboy lifestyle ended in tragedy. And Rafe, unconventional, gifted and beautiful is brought to his knees by Ava, the spoilt, rich daughter of his sponsor. Set against the ruthless world of sailing Sea Fever offers an exhilarating blend of glamour, adventure and drama as two teams battle the elements -- and each other -- in the biggest challenge of their lives.

Castle Dreams

And thanks, Inky." “You look like you need something to get the blood rushing. Besides, you're getting a paunch." Sheila shook her head. “You two keep talking as though he's going to be fighting this war." Trent pulled his wife closer.

Author: John DeChancie

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1497623138

Category: Fiction

Page: 228

View: 921

Everyone is in line to the throne of Castle Perilous in the series that’s “thought-provoking . . . crazy . . . weird . . . [and] unexpected” (TV Tropes). Who will claim the throne now that Lord Incarnadine, King of the Realms Perilous, is dead? Under a mysterious spell cast by a mischief-maker, all of Castle Perilous's 144,000 creatures of curiosity clamor for the crown. Outside of the castle's coveting fray, Gene flies off with an adventurous Amazon in supernatural manifestation and Lord Inky explores the dark mysteries that lurk in the realm of the dead!

Courtney Little Hauntings and Hexes

Ink stepped in front of both of them. “And I'll protect him.” Courtney winked at her feline friend. “Thanks, Inky Pinky.” The cat scowled. “That's a dreadful nickname.” “Would you prefer Stinky Inky?” A smile twitched at the corners of ...

Author: Aleesah Darlison

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1922488550

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 156

View: 980

New home. New school. New friends. And new enemies.. But as a ''witch-in-training'' fitting in isn't the easiest thing to do. When a malevolent spirit bent on revenge is released into the world things get dangerous for Courtney and those closest to her. Will she be able to save the day and keep her growing powers a secret?,

Princeton Alumni Weekly

The information that made the report of two weeks ago on the St. Louis meeting possible is due to the requests and pleas of Inky Boyd to whom many thanks . Inky also has the fullest confidence in Princeton's future .


Publisher: princeton alumni weekly



Page: 1092

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Castle Spellbound

Still interested?" Trent took a long drink, then said, “Yes. Yes, I think I am." “I'll have my operational staff brief you in the morning. Okay?" “Okay. And thanks, Inky." “You look like you need something to get the blood.

Author: John DeChancie

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0575126558

Category: Fiction

Page: 166

View: 511

There never seems to be a dull moment for the inhabitants and visitors of Castle Perilous. Adventure and folly are contagious when Lord Incarnadine hosts a legion of bizarre guests including a bunch of infuriated Greeks bearing a gift horse, reckless thieves, gladiators and painted ladies. 144,000 doors welcome the most unwelcome of partygoers to the Realms Perilous, where magic and mystery send everyone spinning in hilarious new directions.

The Beautiful American

Inky exploded from the overturned box. ... A single gunshot rang out, scattering the three men, the one who Inky had attacked cursing and stumbling and holding a rag to his bleeding ... “Thanks to Inky, we're fine—just fine, thank you.

Author: Marilyn Holdsworth

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1468556452

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 243

View: 366

Abby Long is thrilled when she offers the winning bid for an antique desk at an auction. With its intricately inlaid woods and elegant style, the desk is perfect for Abby; it is the gift she promised herself to finally celebrate her thriving antique business. She has no idea that the antique desk holds a secret that will lead her on a fascinating, life-changing journey back in time. When Abby discovers a hidden diary stuffed inside a secret compartment in the desk, she can hardly wait to read the spidery, faded script. As she carefully turns the tattered pages, she reads the captivating story of two remarkable women from opposite backgrounds who somehow manage to form an unforgettable bond against the backdrop of a fledgling America struggling to find its place in the world. Elizabeth Kortright Monroe, the wife of James Monroe, and Jasmine, a young slave girl, develop an extraordinary relationship as they are united by pivotal historic events, political intrigues, and personal tragedies. From a bucolic Virginia plantation to the bloodied, starving streets of post-revolutionary Paris, this powerful tale follows the lives of two courageous women from the past as they quietly influenceand inspirea woman of todays world.

Queer Ink A Blotted History Towards Liberation

This book represents the research I conducted during the somewhat inky and messy time of my doctoral and post-doctoral work ... Many thanks to the Science Museum for partial PhD funding, to the Funds for Women Graduates for their grant, ...

Author: Katherine Hubbard

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429777787

Category: Psychology

Page: 154

View: 597

This historical interdisciplinary book contextualises the Rorschach ink blot test and embeds it within feminist action and queer liberation. What do you see when you look at an ink blot? The Rorschach ink blot test is one of the most famous psychological tests and it has a surprisingly queer history. In mapping this history, this book explores how this test, once used to detect and diagnose ‘homosexuality’, was later used by some psychologists and activists to fight for gay liberation. In this book the author uses the test in yet another way, as a lens through which we can reveal a queer feminist history of Psychology. By looking closely at the lives and work of some women psychologists and activists it becomes clear that their work was influenced by their own, often queer, lives. By tracing the lives and actions of women who used, were tested with, or influenced by, the Rorschach, a new kind of understanding of gay and lesbian history in Britain is revealed. Pushing at the borders between Psychology, Sociology, and activism, the book utilises the Rorschach to show how influential the social world is on scientific practice. This is fascinating reading for anyone interested in the history of sexuality and Psychology.