That s Not My Baby

This delightful series of board books is aimed at very young children.

Author: Fiona Watt

Publisher: That's Not My

ISBN: 9781409506256

Category: Board books

Page: 10

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This delightful series of board books is aimed at very young children. Ths bright pictures, with their patches of different textures are designed to develop sensory and language awareness. Babies and toddlers will love turning th epages and touching the feely patches.

That s Not My Name

Marlo gave another shrug, but this one was tense enough that Conroy could ... but I don't think much of someone who'd torment a baby girl like she done.

Author: Yvonne Navarro

Publisher: Crossroad Press


Category: Fiction


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A woman abducted. A frantic husband. And no one can prove she exists…. One snowy night, in a suburban parking lot, a man finds the quarry he's been stalking for months. And Nola Elidad finds herself imprisoned by a strangely caring kidnapper—who insists she is his lost wife. Soon, he says—when she's no longer sick—she will remember who she is. But Nola knows she isn't the woman he claims … or is she? A nightmare journey is about to begin, propelling her into the shifting shadows of her own memory…. Across town, Nola's husband of three months must admit to Detective Lucas Conroy that he knows nothing of his bride's former life. Nor, it seems, does anyone else—not her boss, not her doctor—or they're not saying. Who is Nola Elidad? Somehow, Conroy must find the answer, even if his search for the missing woman leads him into a dark past haunted by cruelty, subterfuge, and murder.


But I do know there is an appropriate way to hug a girl that age whether in public or in ... She's not my real daughter so I don't think that's appropriate.

Author: William Marsiglio

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742526730

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 319

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In Stepdads Stories of Love, Hope, and Repair, William Marsiglio addresses provocative and timely questions facing stepfathers, single mothers, and remarried couples today. This book speaks to those who study and work with stepfamilies as well as persons who have ever thought about or lived in a stepfamily. Visit our website for sample chapters!

The Guernsey Magazine

“ The eyes and the voice and the siren smile of the “ No matter for that ; you will soon learn . Kate girl who first placed ... Ay , that's my baby girl .






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That s My Baby

“I'm not really sure he doesn't know about the baby,” she said as anxiety ... that baby as much as I would my own kid, but the fact is she's not my kid, ...

Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460309014

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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Nat Grady is finally home—older and wiser. A year and a half ago, when the woman he'd loved had hinted at commitment, Nat had run far and fast. But now he knows he can't live without her. So he's back, hoping they'll be able to start again. Only, Jessica's nowhere to be found. But she did leave a little something behind…. Jessica Franklin is living a nightmare. She'd thought things were rough when the man she loved ran out on her, leaving her to give birth to their child alone. But when she realized she had a stalker on her trail, she had to run—without her baby. Now, only one man can help her—Nat Grady. But can she find Nat—before the stalker finds her?

Level of Conspiracy Inception

“I don't understand what all of this is about. ... Thank you so much for bringing my baby girl back to me. ... She's not capable of killing anyone.

Author: Cary Washington

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1664125019

Category: Fiction

Page: 246

View: 584

A tale filled with as much danger as inevitable destiny, Level of Conspiracy: Inception captures the imagination by dispelling coincidences, and exposing conspiracy. Caroline Johnson, an unassuming middle school teacher from Topeka, Kansas has just discovered that she has become the latest victim of a horrific disease. Her life is quickly thrust into incredible depths of fear, and utter depression. Soon, on the brink of self destruction, Caroline receives a fateful call in which she is promised a cure from a secret and very powerful organization. But only on one condition. She must agree to leave her old life behind, and work for them temporarily. With a very heavy heart, she reluctantly agrees in hopes of a second chance at life. She is immediately engulfed into a world of corruption, violence and international espionage as she is immediately flown to the city of Miami to begin her training with this very secretive organization. Things come to an explosive culmination when an imperative assassination attempt goes wrong and the intended target escapes. Caroline soon learns that the target may actually be her only chance at survival. Will she make it long enough to receive the cure she’s been promised and so desperately needs? Or, like so many before her, will she fall victim to the vicious traps set before her by the organization itself. Level Of Conspiracy is a nonstop thrill ride sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.


It's not enough to say you don't want to have another baby. ... rested my elbows on my knees and let tears that came when I thought about my baby girl fall.

Author: M.J. Kane

Publisher: Written Musings

ISBN: 1945143851

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 731

Happily ever after doesn’t always come easily… Juggling busy careers and family life is hectic. So when Brian’s boss offers a weekend at the company beach house for Brian and Ebony’s fifth anniversary, the couple jumps at the opportunity, inviting their married friends to join them. When the six couples arrive in sunny Miami Beach, they vow to place life troubles on hold and enjoy a child-free weekend. But even paradise can’t wash away problems… The realities of life after saying I do come to light. Unresolved issues from the past surface. The bonds of matrimony shatter. And one couple may never have a chance to make things right. Fans of the Butterfly Memoirs will enjoy seeing where their beloved friends are long after their Happily Ever Afters … and find themselves flipping the pages fast to find out whether their favorite couple comes home together or ends up Shattered.

Surrender A Love Letter to My Daughter

This was not my Crystal; this was a heroin addict—but that's not the whole truth either. This was Crystal, but she was no longer a child that I could make ...

Author: Lou Alpert

Publisher: Hybrid Global Publishing

ISBN: 1948181339

Category: Psychology

Page: 228

View: 618

On December 1, 2017, Lou Alpert woke to a CNN story featuring images of her daughter Crystal shooting up heroin in an alley, visibly pregnant and being confronted by an Albuquerque policeman. Within twenty-four hours, the story had gone viral, picked up by media outlets worldwide. Subsequent coverage followed: television interviews, news articles, and an appearance at Trump’s State of the Union address by the policeman, his wife, and Crystal’s adopted daughter. Surrender: A Love Letter to My Daughter gives voice to the truth of one mother’s journey through her child’s heroin addiction. Delivered with honesty and insight, Lou shares her lived wisdom with a rare mixture of candor, humor, compassion, and love. This book is for anyone who has found themselves swept up in the opioid crisis, hiding in the shadows, and trying to cope with the chaos of loving an addict.


“A miracle for your daughter? That's not really my expertise. ... The real problem is, my little baby girl, who means the world to me, is upstairs in a ...


Publisher: Michael Keating




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Arthur s Home Magazine

They him , and that you will not meet even his faults with were married , and you ... that's my baby girl . through my representation of your character .






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Spilled Blood

'That's not true. ... No. Never a word.' 'Iknow you made sacrifices,' he said. ... 'It means my baby girl is dead,' she replied in a rising voice, ...

Author: Brian Freeman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0857383132

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 435

A TWISTY PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER FROM BESTSELLING BRIAN FREEMAN 'A great read from a rising star in the crime genre' Crimesquad 'This gripping psychological thriller is a cut above the rest' Candis Magazine It's every parent's worst nightmare. Chris Hawk's daughter has been accused of murder...and she looks guilty as sin. Chris rushes to the small town in Minnesota where his ex-wife and his only child, Olivia, now live, determined to defend his daughter. He discovers two towns at war: Barron, where a chemical works has brought jobs and fortune, and St Croix, Olivia's downriver home, where the same chemical works are believed to have brought death: a cancer cluster with mysterious origins. Olivia is at the centre of this feud. So is the girl she's suspected of killing. If Chris is to find out what really happened, he needs to learn everything about his daughter...but he's beginning to realise he hardly knows her at all. Chris wants to believe Olivia is innocent, but belief is only the first step. Now he has to prove it. And all the while, the Barron boys are waiting, baying for her blood.

Wind Flowers

That's not a birthmark she can show you, old woman! ... Weren't you the baby that lay sleeping close to me, suckling my breasts? Am I not the mother that ...

Author: V Abdulla

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9352141857

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

View: 742

A classic collection of stories showcasing some of India's best-known writers After a hesitant start towards the end of the ninetheenth century, short fiction in Malyalam came into its own in the 1930s. Since then, writer has experimented with content , style and language to give the genre a unique standing in contemporary Indian litereature as perhaps the most translated, not just into English and other Indian languages but also into other media such as flim and televison. From Vaikom Muhammed Basheer and O.. Vijayan to Kamamla Das and Sarah Joesph, this volume brings together an extraordinary range of writers and themes. There are among others, M.T. Vasudevan Mair's ' Oppol', a story about childhood innoccence and loss, which was made into award-winning flim, Paul Zacharia's 'Bhaskara Pattelar and my Life' a brilliant psychological examination of the master-slave dialectic; Lalithambika Antherjanam's path-breaking 'Goddess of Revenge' in which a young Namboodiri woman becomes a prostitute to expose the hypocrisy of her husband and their rigidly orthodox community; and N.S. Madhavan's classic story of an upper-caste widowwho finds redemption in the forbidden touch of a Pulaya. Translated with flair and integrity, these stories capture the vibrancy of a literary culture at its creative best.

Good Girls Don t Kiss and Tell

I'll just go wash my hands. ... As long as my baby girl is treated well and is ... “That's not even the worst thing I'll do to you.” That gave Eric pause, ...

Author: Codi Gary

Publisher: NYLA

ISBN: 1943772770

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 230

They used to be enemies... Gracie McAllister has never been the relationship type...until now. After a brutal visit from her happily married parents, Gracie is looking for Mr. Right...not Mr. Right Now. And despite their recent truce, there is no way sexy Eric Henderson is anything but. Now they’re allies... Eric has always had a thing for Gracie, but they could never manage to get on the same page long enough to explore the heat between them. When Eric gets the opportunity of a lifetime, he asks Gracie for help...and swears her to secrecy. But is that all? Now the whole town thinks their romance is real, but it’s just a business arrangement. There’s no way they’re actually falling in love...right? *Includes bonus content - The Trouble with Attraction - a collection of scenes featuring Gracie McAllister and Eric Henderson* “Sassy, sexy and sweet...Codi never disappoints!” –New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy

My Husband Has Died But That s Not The Funny Part

... Aunt) in “rows” that Dennis thought “looked like corn”) Mocha—(Chocolate Lab) Nickname—Moo-ca, the Mocha, the Moooooooo (His baby girl I!) Molson—(Black ...

Author: Debra J. Blood

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1481716662

Category: Self-Help

Page: 258

View: 848

Losing her husband Dennis unexpectedly in 2011, at the young age of 47, Debra was faced with handling grief in the only way she knew how, with strength, grace and much laughter. Debra worked through her tears by posting to her husband each day (for one year) on a social media website after his passing. She credits her “seeing the light of day” by sharing funny stories of their time together and walking through the pain, not alone, but with her ever growing unshakeable faith in God and the resounding love of many who have taken this journey each day with her. Through her stories, her daily blog ( and her posts she has used her distinctively unique humor, desire to honor the love of her life, and her ability to “tell it like it is” to inspire, lift, and encourage others in a way seldom seen. “Losing the one you love suddenly is like being put on a roller coaster ride (and I have always hated those). You rise slowly, fall fast, hold on for dear life, and scream not so nice words that you hope those around you didn’t hear. But when you get off this ride, while you may not want to buy another ticket, you are so proud of yourself for just being able to say you let go, threw your hands in the air the entire time and you indeed lived through it.” You will laugh, you will cry, at time you will pray you never personally know how she truly feels, but after you read this book that was written to her sweet husband Dennis and for her children Timothy and Sarah, you will believe that just maybe there is a way to face death and come out smiling.

The Patmos Deception

“And they always will,” said Grady, “no matter how far they roam.” “I want my baby girl home. ... But we're nottalking about that, now, are we?

Author: Davis Bunn

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441264876

Category: Fiction

Page: 330

View: 609

An Ancient Island Holds an Ancient Secret . . . Nick Hennessy, a young Texas journalist yearning for his big break, finds himself in Europe--his assignment, to investigate the alarming disappearance of invaluable Grecian antiquities. Nick has the credentials--and cover ID--to unearth the truth. And he knows just the researcher to help him... Carey Mathers, fresh from her studies in forensic archeology, has accepted a job with the prestigious Athens Institute for Antiquities--a dream come true, really, particularly when the Greek isle of Patmos, where the Apostle John received his vision of the Apocalypse, was a particular focus of her research. Dimitri Rubinos, for whom the Greek islands represent his life, holds on by his fingernails to the family charter boat business. But his country's economic chaos isn't the only thing that has turned his world on its head...

Who Gives a Hoot

Before you start, no, I'm not Russian. That's just my last name. I have a three year old daughter whom I have split custody ofI should have full custody!

Author: Kat Lehto

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1312936231

Category: Fiction


View: 336

Hi, my name is Karen, I live in the small town of Hoot where everyone is somewhat famous. With the growing unemployment rate I am forced to take a job where I stalk a gaggle of murders in order to burn a hole in their story. Like always, when something happens in a small town the perpetrators responsible become pseudo celebrities and with their growing fame I am forced to face the many secrets that not only concern myself but my family as well. Whether or not I'm a capable parent is called into question along with the fire that consumed my ex husband's house. While the web of secrets and lies starts to unravel I notice strange occurrences and I fear I am being watched.

Louisiana Coffee with Lots of Cream

I told her that I had no way to take care of a child under my present ... I was holding this adorable baby girl in my arms knowing that she would be going ...

Author: Betty J. Reynolds

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469120933

Category: Fiction

Page: 337

View: 545

Louisiana Coffeewith lots of cream is Dr. Betty Reynolds fifth book to be published. Not surprisingly, this book is not about coffee, nor is it about cream. Instead, it is a delightful medley of intriguing tales covering four generations of a New Orleans Creole family. Since Creole usually denotes a mixing of bloods, the color of their skin can be as varied as the color of ones coffee ranging from dark, dark chocolate to the lightest of rich cream. This fictional memoir appropriately starts a hundred years ago in New Orleansthe home of the family matriarch, Bertha Mayberry. Berthas story is a mysterious one that she preferred to be kept locked among other family secrets. She was particularly sensitive about having to reveal her misfortune of being trapped in a bordello when she first arrived in New Orleans as a young girl. Her romantic rescue ended in tragedy, but she did transcend in the end and married a popular Black jazz musician named William Sweetwater Lewis. Together they gained respectability by working hard and providing their five daughters with a good education, a passion for music, and a young life filled with parties and gala events in a city that was known for them. Berthas children as well as her childrens children follow their own paths in choosing where and how they will live out their lives. Their accounts of triumphs and mishaps take you on a fascinating journey to experience the mysteries of black magic in the Louisiana swamps, a numbers racket in Detroit and the casinos in Las Vegas when the mob was in control. Some leave the safety of their ancestral home on Bourbon Street to carve out new lives in other far-away places such as the Jersey Shores, Philadelphia, or New York. Whatever their destination, each member of the Lewis clan brings to the saga an interesting storyline that shares his/her unique motivations, desires and actions that sometimes lead to less than favorable consequences. Louisiana Coffeeis meant to inform, rather than to alarm. It is a tell-all fiction that might open some eyes as what goes on in a different world on the other side of the cultural divide.

My Baby Rides the Short Bus

... from her is that she may be starting to feel, if not embarrassed, at least self-conscious about it. Schuyler may delight in being a weird little girl, ...

Author: Yantra Bertelli

Publisher: PM Press

ISBN: 1604862556

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 336

View: 686

The stories in this collection provide parents of special needs kids with a dose of both laughter and reality. Featuring works by so-called alternative parents who have attempted to move away from mainstream thought, this anthology carefully considers the implications of raising children with disabilities. From professional writers to novice storytellers, including original essays by Robert Rummel-Hudson, Ayun Halliday, and Kerry Cohen, this assortment of authentic, shared experiences from parents in the know is a partial antidote to the stories that misrepresent, ridicule, and objectify disabled children and their parents.