That s Not My Fox

A touchy-feely board book with simple, repetitive text, tactile patches and bold illustrations suitable for babies and toddlers. A little, white mouse appears on every page, for children to spot.

Author: Fiona Watts


ISBN: 9781409581567

Category: Board books

Page: 10

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A touchy-feely board book with simple, repetitive text, tactile patches and bold illustrations suitable for babies and toddlers. A little, white mouse appears on every page, for children to spot. Foxes are a having a design moment, with fox motifs and illustrations featuring on a huge range of clothing, homewares and, of course, children's toys and gifts. Part of an internationally bestselling series, which includes more than forty titles and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

My Fox Mate

My little brother, who was actually taller than me, though not as wide. He sniffed, and rubbed his nose against my shoulder, getting my shirt wet. That was the only thing that got me to let ... "Guys, this is my little brother, Spencer.

Author: Hollis Shiloh

Publisher: Spare Words Press


Category: Fiction


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He wasn't expecting to meet his mate yet. He also wasn't expecting his mate to be a fox shifter—or a man. Marlow's childhood was a nightmare, as an orphaned wolf shifter trying to survive a hostile pack and protect his younger brother. At twenty-three, he's finally in a good place, with a great job working with the police and a partner he trusts. But is he ready for a mate? Even if he can wrap his head and his heart around this, is there any chance for a good outcome? Marlow has no idea how to even begin talking to a pretty fox shifter. It would help if Frankie didn't hate him already... 69,000 words. Very low heat.

A Predator s Rights

“But, most important, we have proof. Physical evidence,” said Badger, showing the pack of dogs the fox mask. “Look. The motionless face of a fox with a terrifying grimace.” “That's not mine!” whined Muxtar. “That's not my mask.

Author: Anna Starobinets

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

ISBN: 0486836983

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 112

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Flush with success from having solved the case of the murdered Rabbit, crotchety detective Chief Badger and his impetuous young assistant, Badgercat, anticipate the return of peace and quiet to their community. But trouble recurs with a visit from Huntington Farm's bloodthirsty security team, who bring accusations of theft and harsh demands for justice. Guard dog Muxtar and hunting hound Polkan are searching for Chicken Four, a plucky little fowl who's just discovered what happens to her sister chickens when they disappear into Nina Palna's kitchen on Fridays. Now Badger and Badgercat have to persuade Palna to stop making chicken soup and to prevent Muxtar and Polkan from taking matters into their own paws (and jaws). Filled with quirky illustrations and newly translated from the original Russian, this is the second of the Beastly Crimes Books to come from this imaginative mystery series geared toward middle-grade readers. It's the perfect read for young detectives ... and all who oppose fowl play.

The Book of Martyrs Including Every Important Relation in Fox s Book of Martyrs and Also All the Essential Parts of Every Work on the Subject which Has Appeared Since that Publication With Some Original Matter Etc With Illustrations Including a Portrait

That is true , but never from St. David's . lord chancellor said unto him : Bourne . ... Forsooth , I did not , never in my life , I know any thing abroad , being a prisoner ! but did shield and save my master from danger , Win .

Author: John Foxe





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No, I say, I don't really have a growl at all. Of course you do, the fox says, try. Okay, I say. I start to bring the growl from deep inside my chest. Not bad, not bad, the fox says. That's not a bad growl you've got there, ...

Author: Brad Land

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1588363546

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE • This searing memoir of fraternity culture and the perils of hazing provides an unprecedented window into the emotional landscape of young men. Reeling from a terrifying assault that has left him physically injured and psychologically shattered, nineteen-year-old Brad Land must also contend with unsympathetic local police, parents who can barely discuss “the incident” (as they call it), a brother riddled with guilt but unable to slow down enough for Brad to keep up, and the feeling that he’ll never be normal again. When Brad’s brother enrolls at Clemson University and pledges a fraternity, Brad believes he’s being left behind once and for all. Desperate to belong, he follows. What happens there—in the name of “brotherhood,” and with the supposed goal of forging a scholar and a gentleman from the raw materials of boyhood—involves torturous late-night hazing, heartbreaking estrangement from his brother, and, finally, the death of a fellow pledge. Ultimately, Brad must weigh total alienation from his newfound community against accepting a form of brutality he already knows too well.

American Kitsune Vol 5 A Fox s Vacation

That's not my fault. You're too focused on what other people think.” “And you're not? Who's the one who started hiding behind me whenever we walk through the mall? Or even while we're at school?” Lilian blushed.

Author: Brandon Varnell

Publisher: Kitsune Incorporated

ISBN: 1951904362

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 382

View: 694

Hot springs, nude scenes, and fan service galore! Spring break has finally come. Kevin and Lilian are traveling to California with their friends and family, where they plan to enjoy a week at the beach and attend the San Diego Comic-Con. Of course, with this mixed bag of yōkai and humans involved, disaster waits around every corner. Between getting caught in the middle of a war involving kappa and kitsune, a mysterious assassin who’s trying to kill Lilian, and the spandex-clad Sons and Daughters of Humanity, Kevin is going to have his hands full. He really should have seen this coming. Whoever said that hindsight is fifty-fifty deserves to be punched in the face.

Bow Bells

Do you not shrink from certain that nothing but confusion and trouble to Fox looked puzzled , and rubbed his skin , me ? Does not my voice fill you with horror and us all would be the result of publishing it .






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In The Path Of The Storm

'We had no quarrel with him.' 'That's true,' said Fox. 'But, my dearest Vixen, your heart's in the right place. Trey has no wish to kill any of us; only to dominate the entire Park. So how could we plot his death?' Badger relented.

Author: Colin Dann

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446480771

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 192

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'I mean to be not only the leadero f the deer herd but Lord of the Reserve. So you must stay in your corner of the Park, all of you... otherwise you'll be permitted here no longer.' Trey, the new leader of the deer herd of White Deer Park, has decided that there is no room for the smaller animals in the reserve. The future looks very bleak for Badger, Adder, Owl and the others - and then the night of the great storm brings more danger . . .

Fox and I

He had been called out—not as a wild animal or the Mona Lisa, but as a pet. I reminded myself that it was only because I was ... But I did not tell her about my fox. ... “Don't you think that's a lonely way to live?” “He was not lonely.

Author: Catherine Raven

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0735243301

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 293

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WINNER of the 2022 E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing PEN America Award A solitary woman’s inspiring, moving, surprising, and often funny memoir about the transformative power of her unusual friendship with a wild fox, a new window into the natural world, and the introduction of a remarkable literary talent. Catherine Raven left home at fifteen, fleeing an abusive, disdainful father and an indifferent mother. More comfortable in nature than among people, she worked as a National Park ranger, eventually earning a PhD in biology. She built a house on an isolated plot of land in Montana, teaching remotely and leading field classes. One day, she realized that the mangy-looking fox who had been appearing on her property was now showing up every day at 4:15 p.m. She had never had a regular visitor before. How do you even talk to a fox? So, she brought out her camping chair, sat as close to him as she dared, and began reading to him from The Little Prince. Her scientific training had taught her not to anthropomorphize animals, but as she grew to know him, his personality revealed itself—and he became her friend. But friends cannot always save each other from the uncontained forces of nature. Fox and I is a poignant and dramatic tale of friendship, transformation, and coping with inevitable loss—and of how that loss can become meaningful. It is also the introduction of an original, imaginative, stunning literary voice.