Crime and Deviance in Canada

Marrocco & H.M. Goslett, The Annotated Immigration Act of Canada (Toronto: Carswell, 1994), at 86, 97, 380. Supra note 103, s. 11(l)(3). In one sample year (1987-1988), there were 2,270,648 examinations of persons seeking entry to ...

Author: Chris McCormick

Publisher: Canadian Scholars’ Press

ISBN: 1551302748

Category: History

Page: 399

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This unique and timely collection brings together 24 of the very best and most controversial readings on the history of crime, deviance and criminal justice in Canada. Divided into five sections, the first part of Crime and Deviance examines developing issues in crime and punishment while the second part introduces key aspects of a 'working criminal justice system'. Policing ethnicity is the focus of section three, which includes articles on the relocation phenomenon and the Africville study as well as Ontario Aboriginal women confronting the criminal justice system, 1920-1960. Similarly, regulating gender and sexuality, section four, examines moral reform in English Canada, 1885-1925; and anti-homosexual campaigns in the Canadian Civil Service in the mid-20th century. The final section profiles the moral regulation of behaviour. Articles in this section include non-medical opiate use and control policies in Canada, 1870-1970; as well as moral fervour and the evolution of Canada's prostitution laws, 1867-1917. Power relations is a very strong unifying theme that is, relations of gender, social class, ethnicity and age. regulation of sexuality, we can trace these relations of power and how they link to the definition of crime in society. Canada's top criminologists and social critics are included in this special collection. This impressive list includes Russell Smandych, Rick Linden, Constance Backhouse, Helen Boritch, John Hagan, Carolyn Strange, Tina Loo, Joan Sangster, Mariana Valverde, Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Gary Kinsman and Robert Menzies.

Arguing and Justifying

Canada, Dept. Of Employment And Immigration, 1992. Coleman, D. A., ed. The International Refugee Crisis: British and ... The Annotated Immigration Act of Canada. ... Hathaway, J. “Selective Concern: An Overview of Refugee Law in Canada.

Author: Robert F. Barsky

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351957287

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This is the first book of its kind to address the crucial issue of why people choose to make Convention refugee claims. It represents a substantial and original contribution primarily to the field of refugee studies but also applicable for a broader readership of political science, international studies, sociology, law, history and women’s studies. Furthermore, it theorizes the problems that face refugees by discussing the perception of the possible host countries. The conclusions of the book bear directly upon contemporary issues in refugee studies that suggest refugees move on the basis of (generally) extreme levels of persecution.

The Making of the Mosaic

A History of Canadian Immigration Policy Ninette Kelley, M. Trebilcock ... 55 Grey, Immigration Law in Canada, 147–8. ... 66 Frank Marrocco and Henry Goslett, The Annotated Immigration Act of Canada, 1993 (Scarborough, ON: Thomson, ...

Author: Ninette Kelley

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 144269081X

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Immigration policy is a subject of intense political and public debate. In this second edition of the widely recognized and authoritative work The Making of the Mosaic, Ninette Kelley and Michael Trebilcock have thoroughly revised and updated their examination of the ideas, interests, institutions, and rhetoric that have shaped Canada's immigration history. Beginning their study in the pre-Confederation period, the authors interpret major episodes in the evolution of Canadian immigration policy, including the massive deportations of the First World War and Depression eras as well as the Japanese-Canadian internship camps during World War Two. New chapters provide perspective on immigration in a post-9/11 world, where security concerns and a demand for temporary foreign workers play a defining role in immigration policy reform. A comprehensive and important work, The Making of the Mosaic clarifies the attitudes underlying each phase and juncture of immigration history, providing vital perspective on the central issues of immigration policy that continue to confront us today.

Encyclopedia of North American Immigration

50 (December 15, 2001): 4,476–4,800. “Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.” Part I. Canada Gazette 136, no. 10 (March 9, 2002): 558–621. Marrocco, Frank N., and Henry M. Goslett. 2004 Annotated Immigration Act of Canada.

Author: John Powell

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

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Presents an illustrated A-Z reference containing more than 300 entries related to immigration to North America, including people, places, legislation, and more.

Guide to International Human Rights Practice

See also The Annotated Immigration Act of Canada 1992 ( Frank N. Marocco and Henry M. Goslett eds . 1992 ) . For a description and analysis of Canadian refugee law , see J. Hathaway , Postscript , 34 McGill L. J. 354 ( 1989 ) ...

Author: Hurst Hannum

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 1512802042

Category: Law

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This thoroughly revised edition of what has become the standard work in its field continues the original focus on the "nuts and bolts" of international human rights law and practice. Hurst Hannum and the contributors to this volume describe in detail regimes and procedures which have been developed during the past decade and evaluate the effectiveness of procedures which were only in their infancy in the early 1980s. The fifteen contributors, all specialists in their fields, offer a panoramic yet meticulously detailed survey of the many and varied techniques now available for the protection of human rights at global, regional, and national levels. A fully revised and updated set of appendixes, including a bibliographic essay which itself serves as a miniguide to the flourishing human rights literature, contains additional information useful to human rights lawyers, nongovernmental personnel, academics, and others interested in making the promotion and protection of human rights a reality. As democratization and other changes sweep through the world, the Guide seeks to ensure that human rights will have an important and influential place in whatever "new world order" the diplomats may devise.