The Hope of the World and Other Poems

Where are the builders of the centuries , Laboring afield and toiling on the seas , Using for bricks their human hearts and brains , Merging their lives in others ' destinies Where are the builders of great water - ways , Expanding ...

Author: Clarence Hawkes




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THE BUILDERS . ALL are architects of Fate , Working in these walls of Time , Some with massive deeds and great , Some with ornaments of rhyme . Nothing useless is , or low ; Each thing in its place is best ; And what seems but idle show ...

Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow





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Racial Attitudes in English Canadian Fiction 1905 1980

For example, Robert Stead's first book of poetry, The Empire Builders and other poems (1908), mixed the styles of Service and Kipling to defend chartergroup interests from alien immigrant greed. In "The Mixer," a poem celebrating the ...

Author: Terrence Craig

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

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Examines stereotypes in Canadian literature reflecting both the racist view that Jews and other aliens could never become good "white" Canadians because of their inherent defects, and the belief that with time they could assimilate. Discusses the origins of ethnic tension in Canada. Up to 1939, English Canadian literature expressed the demand for British Protestant political and cultural dominance. The popular novelist Charles Gordon, a Presbyterian minister, viewed the British (especially the Scots) as the chosen race, and even when trying to present Jews sympathetically he treated them as stereotypes. John Murray Gibbon was violently antisemitic. F.P Grove saw the Jews as urban businessmen exploiting the peasant immigrants. After 1945 antisemitism became unfashionable. Works by Jews such as Mordecai Richler exposed anti-Jewish discrimination, and English Canadians produced works attacking antisemitism and racism.

It Can Be Done Poems of Inspiration

Author of “The Poetry of Tennyson,” “Sermons to Young Men,” “Little Rivers,” “The Other Wise Man,” “The First Christmas Tree,” “The Builders, and Other Poems,” “The Lost Word,” “Fisherman's Luck,” “The Toiling of Felix, and Other Poems ...

Author: Joseph Morris

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan


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This is a volume of inspirational poems. Its purpose is to bring men courage and resolution, to cheer them, to fire them with new confidence when they grow dispirited, to strengthen their faith that THINGS CAN BE DONE. It is better for this purpose than the entire works of any one poet, for it takes the cream of many and has greater diversity than any one writer can show.

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