The Butterflies of North America Titian Peale s Lost Manuscript

The book includes a foreword by Ellen V. Futter and text by Kenneth Haltman and David A. Grimaldi that describes the art and science Peale brought to his extraordinary work.

Author: Kenneth Haltman

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

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The American artist and naturalist Titian Ramsay Peale II (1799-1885) had a passion for butterflies, and throughout his long life he wrote and illustrated an ambitious and comprehensive manuscript. The book, along with a companion volume on caterpillars, was never published, and it resides today in the Rare Book Collection of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Now Peale's color plates, lovingly prepared for the printer by the artist more than 100 years ago, will be published for the first time in this beautiful volume. At last, Peale's life work, equivalent in scope and beauty to Audubon's Birds of North America, will be available to a wide audience. The book includes a foreword by Ellen V. Futter and text by Kenneth Haltman and David A. Grimaldi that describes the art and science Peale brought to his extraordinary work. Also see: The Butterflies of Titian Ramsay Peale Notecards (978-1-4197-1806-9), The Butterflies of Titian Ramsay Peale Journal (978-1-4197-1805-2), and The Butterflies of Titian Ramsay Peale 2016 Wall Calendar (978-1-4197-1754-3)

Naturalists in the Field

371, Archives of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Drexel University,
Philadelphia Charles Willson Peale, Diary, ... Stilled life:Titian Ramsay Peale's
lepidoptera boxes. ... In The Butterflies of North America: Titian Peale's lost
manuscript, ed.


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Through the personal narratives those who have struggled over the past five centuries and more to comprehend and to document the natural world, the progress of natural history from speculative pursuit to systematic science is here explored, contextualized and illustrated.

Paper Promises

For an overview of the life of Titian Ramsay Peale II, see Julie Haifley, Titian
Ramsay Peale, 1799–1885 (Washington, DC: Gelman Library, ... E. Foutch, “
Arresting Beauty: The Perfectionist Impulse of Peale's Butterflies, Heade's
Hummingbirds, Blaschka's Flowers, and Sandow's ... Unsigned letter to the editor
from “a gentleman in one of the Western States,” Daguerreian Journal, November
15, 1850, 370.

Author: Mazie M. Harris

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Scholarship on photography’s earliest years has tended to focus on daguerreotypes on metal or on the European development of paper photographs made from glass or paper negatives. But Americans also experimented with negative-positive processes to produce photographic images on a variety of paper formats in the early decades of the medium. Paper Promises: Early American Photography presents this rarely studied topic within photographic history. The well-researched and richly detailed texts in this book delve into the complexities of early paper photography in the United States from the 1840s to 1860s, bringing to light a little-known era of American photographic appropriation and adaptation. Exploring the economic, political, intellectual, and social factors that impacted its unique evolution, both the essays and the carefully selected images illustrate the importance of photographic reproduction in shaping and circulating perceptions of America and its people during a critical period of political tension and territorial expansion. Due to the fragility of paper photography from this period, the works in this catalogue are rarely displayed, making the volume an essential tool for any scholar in the field and a very rare peek into the mid-nineteenth century.

Alexander Von Humboldt and the United States

56 Jessie Poesch, Titian Ramsay Peale, 1799–1885, and His Journals of the
Wilkes Expedition (Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, 1961), 6. 57
For consideration of Rembrandt Peale's travels in Europe, see chapters 3 and 4
in this ...

Author: Eleanor Jones Harvey

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"Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) was one of the most influential scientists and thinkers of his age. A Prussian-born geographer, naturalist, explorer, and illustrator, he was a prolific writer whose books graced the shelves of American artists, scientists, philosophers, and politicians. Humboldt visited the United States for six weeks in 1804, engaging in a lively exchange of ideas with such figures as Thomas Jefferson and the painter Charles Willson Peale. It was perhaps the most consequential visit by a European traveler in the young nation's history, one that helped to shape an emerging American identity grounded in the natural world. In this beautifully illustrated book, Eleanor Jones Harvey examines how Humboldt left a lasting impression on American visual arts, sciences, literature, and politics. She shows how he inspired a network of like-minded individuals who would go on to embrace the spirit of exploration, decry slavery, advocate for the welfare of Native Americans, and extol America's wilderness as a signature component of the nation's sense of self. Harvey traces how Humboldt's ideas influenced the transcendentalists and the landscape painters of the Hudson River School, and laid the foundations for the Smithsonian Institution, the Sierra Club, and the National Park Service. Alexander von Humboldt and the United States looks at paintings, sculptures, maps, and artifacts, and features works by leading American artists such as Albert Bierstadt, George Catlin, Frederic Church, and Samuel F. B. Morse"--

Looking Close and Seeing Far Samuel Seymour Titian Ramsay Peale and the Art of the Long Expedition 1818 1823

7 Butterfly, 118, 119, 143, 233 n. ... 10 Peale, Rosalba, 160 Peale, Rubens, 116,
158, 159, 163 Peale, Sophonisba, 160 Peale I, Titian Ramsay, 115, 165 Peale,
Titian Ramsay, 1, ... 116–17 expedition flag, 101 Florida, collecting trip, 81–82
journal notes, 11, 14 Kansa village sketches, 15 Pennsylvania Academy,
exhibition ...


Publisher: Penn State Press

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The Magazine Antiques

Portrait of Charles Alexandre Lesueur ( 1778 - 1846 ) by Charles Willson Peale ,
1818 . Oil on canvas , 2342 by ... Butterfly specimens collected and preserved by
Titian Ramsay Peale II ( 1799 - 1885 ) , after 1830 . Height 114 inches . Titian ...




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Lost in the Museum

Soon the institution began attracting the cream of early America's naturalists ,
who also brought their specimens : brilliant butterflies collected by Titian Ramsay
Peale ... Within five years , the institution began publishing the Journal of the ...

Author: Nancy Moses

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

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Few beyond the insider realize that museums own millions of objects the public never sees. In Lost in the Museum, Nancy Moses takes the reader behind the Oemployees onlyO doors to uncover the stories buried-along with the objects-in the crypts of museums, historical societies, and archives. Moses discovers the actual birds shot, stuffed, and painted by John James Audubon, AmericaOs most beloved bird artist; a spear that abolitionist John Brown carried in his quixotic quest to free the slaves; and the skull of a prehistoric Peruvian child who died with scurvy. She takes the reader to Ker-Feal, the secret farmhouse that Albert Barnes of the Barnes Foundation filled with fabulous American antiques and that was then left untouched for more than fifty years. Weaving the stories of the object, its original owner, and the often idiosyncratic institution where the object resides, the book reveals the darkest secret of the cultural world: the precarious balance of art, culture, and politics that keep items, for decades, lost in the museum.

Missouri Historical Review

BY A. O. WEESE Titian Ramsay Peale ( 1799-1885 ) was the son of Charles
Willson Peale and a brother of the well - known Rembrandt Peale . Early in life he

Author: Francis Asbury Sampson



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The American Museum Journal

H as a of our OW many of us think of Titian Ramsay Peale prominent naturalist ?
How many younger men have even heard of him ? The writer pleads guilty to
having thought of him only in connection with the exhumation of “ Peale's
Mastodon ...

Author: American Museum of Natural History



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Southern California Quarterly

ExPEDITION . By Jessie Poesch . Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society
, Vol . 52. ( Philadelphia : the American Philosophical Society , 1961. 214 pp .




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Audubon s Butterflies Moths and Other Studies

The name of Titian Ramsay Peale ( 1799 - 1885 ) , son of the eminent painter
Charles Willson Peale , and brother of ... Peale ' s little - known journal describes
their craft : “ She draws about two feet and a half water , the wheels placed in the

Author: Alice Ford



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American Studies

It is hard to believe that Troost ' s early papers on American minerals , published
in the Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences and in ... Entomology , or
Descriptions of the Insects of North America ( 1817 ) were engraved from
drawings of Titian Ramsay Peale . ... with four colored plates , of Lepidoptera
Americana : or Original Figures of the Moths and Butterflies of North America (
1833 ) and which ...




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The North American Journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied May 1832 April 1833

http : / / www . nhm . ac . uk / nature - online / online - ex / art - themes /
drawingconclusions / more / butterflies _ more _ info . htm ( accessed 21
November 2006 ) . ... Ohio Journal of Science 89 , no . 5 ( 1989 ) : 128 ... Peale ,
Titian Ramsay ...

Author: Prince Alexander Philipp Maximilian of Wied


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Accompanying CD-ROM, in pocket end of vol. 3, contains ... "an advanced PDF version of all 3 volumes.

California Historical Society Quarterly

Titian Ramsey Peale , 1799-1885 , and his Journals of the Wilkes Expedition . ...
The Museum , in which he was literally born and raised , was primarily a
collection of birds , butterflies , rocks , shells - all manner of natural history - but it
also ...

Author: California Historical Society



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Florida Historical Quarterly

Maclure , who suffered violent seasickness , returned to Charleston by steamboat
, while Peale and Say sailed on the Rambler . ... for Say's publications , and
through the pages of the Academy's Journal , introduced the process of
lithography to American scientific illustration . ... Titian Ramsay Peale ,
Lepidoptera Americana : or Original Pictures of the Moths and Butterflies of North
America ( Philadelphia ...

Author: Florida Historical Society





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Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

In 1841 , the first volume of the Proceedings was printed to supersede the first
series of The Academy ' s Journal , which ... the values inherent in our
significantly historical collections , such as Titian Ramsay Peale ' s butterflies and
the plants ...

Author: Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia



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"Publications of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia": v. 53, 1901, p. 788-794.