Songs of the Cockroach

Over the decades of his incarceration he has crossbred and trained a stable of giant racing cockroaches . These are but a few of the characters in what has been described as ' a superb work of sustained satirical brilliance ' and ' an ...

Author: Robert Kirby

Publisher: New Africa Books

ISBN: 9780864865250

Category: Political corruption

Page: 432

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It is late in 2004 and in South Africa some things haven't changed all that much, except the narrow traffic island down the middle of Adderley street in Cape Town is now a bustling squatter camp. A black extremist group is digging a tunnel towards the parliament buildings. The principal concern of an old National Party MP is the surgical rehabilitation of his collapsed sexual undercarriage. A highly placed secretary in the official political opposition is by day a grotesque little bureaucrat, by night a winsomely beautiful transvestite. A long forgotten political prisoner languishes in a dark cell, deep underground. Over the decades of his incarceration he has crossbred and trained a stable of giant racing cockroaches.

The Cockroach Papers

He quotes anthropologist Roger Abrahams who writes of the cockroach in his introduction to AFRO-AMERICAN FOLKTALES: STORIES FROM BLACK TRADITIONS IN THE NEW WORLD: "Like Trickster, he lives at the margins between the family and the ...

Author: Richard Schweid

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022626047X

Category: Nature

Page: 208

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Skittering figures of urban legend—and a ubiquitous reality—cockroaches are nearly as abhorred as they are ancient. Even as our efforts to exterminate them have developed into ever more complex forms of chemical warfare, roaches’ basic design of six legs, two hypersensitive antennae, and one set of voracious mandibles has persisted unchanged for millions of years. But as Richard Schweid shows in The Cockroach Papers, while some species of these evolutionary superstars do indeed plague our kitchens and restaurants, exacerbate our asthma, and carry disease, our belief in their total villainy is ultimately misplaced. Traveling from New York City to Louisiana, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Morocco, Schweid blends stories of his own squirm-inducing roach encounters with meticulous research to spin a tale both humorous and harrowing. As he investigates roaches’ more nefarious interactions with our species—particularly with those of us living at the margins of society—Schweid also explores their astonishing diversity, how they mate, what they’ll eat, and what we’ve written about them (from Kafka and Nelson Algren to archy and mehitabel). Knowledge soon turns into respect, and Schweid looks beyond his own fears to arrive at an uncomfortable truth: We humans are no more peaceful, tidy, or responsible about taking care of the Earth or each other than these tiny creatures that swarm in the dark corners of our minds, homes, and cereal boxes.

The Cockroach Invasion

(21) Some colleges have cockroach races. Get ready, Get set, Go! Sometimes the cockroaches will even pull tiny toy tractors (they can pull more than 20 times their own weight). Several countries share in the fun.

Author: Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1480807478

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 127

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Cockroach catastrophe! The third graders are in for an exciting and scary experience, as cockroaches take over their classroom. How will they act? What will they do? What would you do? What will they discover about cockroaches? Nobody loves a cockroach! They make nasty houseguests; the ick factor is very high. But most cockroaches live outdoors and never come in contact with humans. The Cockroach Invasion challenges our assumptions and raises awareness about cockroaches and the role they play in our ecosystem. It expands readers' minds and stimulates their imaginations, while contributing to the appreciation of biodiversity. It teaches readers to think twice about underloved yet necessary creatures. The Cockroach Invasion entertains and informs. It is a delightful read for all ages, stunning in its underlying messages: self-reliance, open-mindedness, and respect for all creatures with which we share our world. No matter how you feel about cockroaches, you are guaranteed to find them fascinating!

The Cockroach Approach

furious to the extent that he brought pesticide to kill them He at once sprinkled the pesticide on the paper on which the cockroaches were playing . Big cockroaches were inspecting the powder . Danta Singh also started looking at the ...


Publisher: Sanbun Publishers

ISBN: 9789380213033


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The Cockroach Combat Manual II

The cockroach does most of its sensing by picking up vibrations in the air, essentially hearing or feeling movements of its antennae on one end and the cerci on the other. The antennae can also smell things. The cerci serve a sensory ...

Author: Dr. Austin M. Frishman & Paul J. Bello

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1491820640

Category: Nature

Page: 179

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In the early 1980s, the author and his associates were evaluating a new cockroach control product in a high-rise housing project. Cockroach populations were high, even though the apartment they were in was squeaky clean. The three small children that shared a twin bed there looked different, but no one was sure why. Dr. Frishman pointed out that they didn't have any eyebrows or lashes, and then he exposed thousands of roaches hiding behind the headboard. Some things you never forget. Having Paul Bello, an industry expert himself with years of practical experience, team up with Dr. Cockroach makes The Cockroach Combat Manual II a must-read because cockroach control is deserving of our best efforts.

The Cockroach Catcher

This device kept out both cockroaches and ants. Each night when the kerosene lights were blown out, within minutes the cockroaches would be out in force. They would be after any leftover crumbs, rice or any traces of cooking oil or ...

Author: Am Ang Zhang


ISBN: 0615186289

Category: Fiction

Page: 458

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A fictional Child Psychiatrist's personal view of the human psyche and of the world at large. Cases range from simple childhood toilet and sleep problems to anorexia nervosa, abuse and psychosis and are seen through this specialist's eyes. There are also cases of "entrepreneurs" in the making, cases of family tragedy and cases that turn out not to be psychiatric at all. The material should be of interest to health care practitioners and the general public. Anybody can read The Cockroach Catcher. They do not have to be in the medical profession.

The Cockroach Periplaneta Americana L

CHAPTER XII PARASITES AND PREDATOR'S OF THE COCKROACH Cockroaches, in general, are pursued and attacked by a veritable army of parasites and predators. The majority of these probably do little harm to their host, but a few destroy large ...

Author: Ewen Cameron

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 1483221709

Category: Science

Page: 112

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The Cockroach covers the structure and physiology of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana. This well-known insect is extensively used by research workers for insecticide testing and general experimental work. This book is composed of 12 chapters, and begins with a presentation of the classification, life history and development, and the external features of the American cockroach. These topics are followed by considerable chapters on the internal features of the insect, including its circulatory, nervous, reproductive, and muscular systems, sense organs, and excretion. A chapter presents some practical guidelines in the laboratory for observation, dissection, and drawing. The last chapter describes the parasites and predators of the American cockroach. Zoologists, entomologists, researchers, and entomology students will find this book rewarding.

The American Cockroach

Colhoun, E. H. (1963) Synthesis of 5-hydroxytryptamine in the American cockroach. Experientia 19, 9–10. Compton, D. A. and Mills, R. R. (1981) Bursicon-induced adenyl cyclase activity in the haemocytes of the American cockroach.

Author: K.G. Adiyodi

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400958277

Category: Science

Page: 530

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This volume deals mainly with the biology of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana (1.). Contributors were urged to emphasize recent findings, including unpublished data when possible, a goal that would not have been feasible if it were not for the two previously published books on the basic biology of cockroaches, The Biology o/the Cockroach (1968) by D. M. Guthrie and A. R. Tindall and The Cockroach, Volume 1 (1968) by P. B. Cornwell. Those topics not included in The American Cockroach, such as external morphology, are well covered in the two preceding books. In addition, these books provided a broad background upon which contributors to The American Cockroach have been able to build with recent trends, new and established concepts and integration. Although this book deals primarily with the American cockroach, many chapters offer a comparative approach in sections where the more recent and exciting research has been accomplished on other species. Most contributors place the cockroach in perspective with regard to its appropriateness or inappropriateness for various types of biological investigations. Many questions are realistically left unanswered when no acceptable or obvious solution is apparent; an invitation to new researchers to consider the cockroach as an experimental subject.