The Commonwealth Games Factbook

A compilation of Commonwealth Games medallists from 1930 to 2014 together with facts about the History and Traditions of the Games.

Author: Richard Safranyos

Publisher: Blurb

ISBN: 9781366097095



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A compilation of Commonwealth Games medallists from 1930 to 2014 together with facts about the History and Traditions of the Games.

The Commonwealth Games Factbook

A compendium of medalists from each Games from 1930 to 2010 - contains also facts about the history and traditions of the Commonwealth Games.

Author: Richard Safranyos

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781480182202

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A compendium of medallists from each Games from 1930 to 2010 - included are facts about the history and traditions of the Commonwealth Games.

The Commonwealth Factbook

... brings Commonwealth people together , through such particularly Commonwealth games as cricket and in some regions ) rugby , and most notably The Commonwealth Factbook This book is a compilation of facts and figures on all member ...






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Facts and figures about Commonwealth countries.

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Rose Lapar First to win a medal in Commonwealth games – Anil Ghiya and Kawal Thakur Singh (Badminton) First to make hat-trick in football – Youlada-de-Suza First degree of graduation – Kadambni Ganguli and Chandramukhi Bose First ...

Author: Manoj Sinha

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 1636337023

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The author in his first book had covered every discipline of knowledge right from mathematics to biology, physics to chemistry, history to geography; polity to mythology, language to etymology, and every religion whether Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, or Zoroastrianism in short notes along with some motivational stories and poems. The present book is his second in a row. In this book, he has expounded on some of the topics which are very relevant and have been in the news in the current year 2020 like: Indo-China dispute, construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, the U.S presidential election, the 75th anniversary of the first atom-bomb dropping, etc. The book also contains Hindu and Greek mythologies and as usual motivational stories that will keep you in top gear. But the main attractions of the book are the stories of viruses including the Coronavirus and the history behind the Olympics and its rescheduling from 2020 to 2021 with important facts and figures.

Sports Sponsor Factbook

State Games wetland Alabama Sports Festival 2530 E. South Blvd. Montgomery , AL 36116 Cornhusker State Games ... Ginger Williams 202-806-2662 202-806-2652 P F Willia President VP Ohid 1468 Cleve Commonwealth Games of Virginia 711C Fifth ...




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The World Factbook

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Conventional Short form. Northern Mariana Islands former Mariana ... The agricultural sectoris madeuso ranches and small farms producing COCOTUS breadfruit, tomatoes, and melons. Games: ...

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Commonwealth Games 1930 Hamilton , Canada 1934 London , England 1938 Sydney , Australia 1950 Auckland , New Zealand 1954 Vancouver , Canada 1958 Cardiff , Wales 1962 Perth , Australia 1966 Kingston , Jamaica 1970 Edinburgh , Scotland ...

Author: Frances M. Clapham


ISBN: 9780896730557

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The Little Aussie Fact Book

Author: Margaret Nicholson

Publisher: Penguin Group

ISBN: 9780143000372

Category: Australia

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Ninth, revised and updated edition of a popular handbook of Australian facts, first published 1985. Contains information on history, famous places and people, unique recipes, government, flora and fauna. Fully illustrated with colour photos, maps and drawings. Includes glossary and index. Foreword by songwriter and singer John Williamson. Author is a former teacher.

Television Factbook

... the Ali - Frazier fight , Wimbledon Tennis finals , World University Games , Little League Baseball Series , 1974 British Commonwealth Games from New Zealand , World Curling Championship , World Championship Soccer games from Haiti ...




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The Commonwealth

Commonwealth Conference on NonFormal Education 677 Commonwealth Conference on Non - Formal Education for ... on Women and Structural Adjustment 488 Commonwealth factbook 959 Commonwealth forest terminology 592 Commonwealth Forestry ...

Author: Patricia M. Larby

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781560001102

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The modern British Commonwealth, linking fifty countries around the world in voluntary association, cooperation, and consultation, is a unique body in world history. The area of its member countries covers a third of the globe and collectively their peoples represent a quarter of the world's total population. Though essentially different from the British Empire from which it originated, the Commonwealth shares many common historical ties with Britain. Patricia M. Larby and Harry Hannam have assembled an unrivaled body of literature to illustrate the growth of the Empire into the Commonwealth. This extensive bibliography identifies, lists, and annotates the most important publications on the development and growth of the Commonwealth; its present status and functions; and its role in education, literature, sport, and the arts and sciences. It includes its historical origins: its cooperation in economics, politics, and international issues such as the environment; and its many spheres of professional activity including medicine, law, and architecture. Strong emphasis is placed on the role of the English language in the Commonwealth and as a medium for creative literature in many disparate cultures worldwide. "The Commonwealth "appears at a time when this unique organization is on the threshold of a new era in its history. The proposals emerging from the 1991 Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting include statements on democracy and human rights; environmental affairs; and global concerns such as international crime, drug abuse, and AIDS. No previous comprehensive bibliography of the Commonwealth exists, and this volume fills a long-standing gap in the bibliographical coverage. It will be an essential reference source for libraries and scholars involved in Commonwealth studies and will be of particular interest to historians, political scientists, economists, and educators.