The Conservative s Guide to Understanding Our Friends the Liberals

This book is not just humorous, but a thoughtfully written tome that will make you think and reflect on what you know and understand about life as much as laugh about it. The book is a fun and easy read.

Author: Karl X. A. Raeder

Publisher: Karl Raeder

ISBN: 9780615348810

Category: Humor

Page: 278

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A humorous light-hearted look at liberals and liberalism from a conservative point of view. Politics, environmentalism, creationism, animal-rights and culture, among other topics, are the various venues for witty and irreverent discourse on liberalism. There is also a new metaphysics, or understanding of human nature that provides a new and unique understanding of what it means to be a human being as well as a liberal. With this new insight into why liberals are so goofy, this is a book that liberals will not find funny at all, but will find educational. The ingenious philosophical picture painted by the author Karl X. A. Raeder will give the reader a previously unknown take on liberals and the world of liberalism. You will never look at liberals the same way again, or conservatives either for that matter. Conservatives are also skewered, but in a more compassionate and caring manner. This book is not just humorous, but a thoughtfully written tome that will make you think and reflect on what you know and understand about life as much as laugh about it. The book is a fun and easy read. And you will want to read many times as you will pick-up more and more with each read and laugh harder each time.

Programmer s Guide to the Brain With Examples In Python

Republicans (i.e., conservatives, the Right) only talk to their friends, and Democrats (i.e., liberals, the Left) only talk to their friends, ... No one is particularly interested in understanding the perspective of the other side.

Author: Rob Vermiller

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 148340000X

Category: Computers


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In this fanciful book, the author imagines what it would be like to program the brain using the Python programming language. Along the way, he explores the nature of personality, emotion, free will, consciousness, and diversity, and suggests ways for us to prepare for the coming age of robots and intelligent automation.

Liberal Racism Creates the Black Conservative

I am going to challenge you to begin a development of self-reliance that will guide you toward voting for any candidate, not because he/she is a Democrat or Republican, but centered on your understanding as a child of God matched with ...

Author: Lucky Rosenbloom

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595400337

Category: Political Science

Page: 84

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Reprint of columns published in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder newspaper.

Liberal Hearts and Conservative Brains

But it is also detrimental to our country , aside from the fact that the military is not as fine an institution as it ... If the civilians who are supposed to guide the military have no experience in it , nor any understanding of it ...

Author: Ron Lipsman

Publisher: Ron Lipsman

ISBN: 9780595463206

Category: Political Science

Page: 296

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"Talk radio hosts seem to believe conservatives are from Mars and liberals are from Venus-two different species, in other words. Ron Lipsman's new book uses a mix of rational analysis and personal history to suggest there may be deeper psychological laws at work here that help shape our worldviews. He's on to something " -Elias Crim, Publishing Consultant. Professor Lipsman argues for a correlation between age and political philosophy, which asserts that young people tend to gravitate toward liberalism while older people are usually more comfortable with conservatism; and that, additionally, among the people who change their political preference over time, more go from liberal to conservative than vice versa; and finally, he assesses the strengths of these trends; examines the most interesting counter-examples to these trends--namely, premature conservatives and aging liberals-and explains what motivates them; presents a history of the liberal/conservative divide in America and then augments it with an assessment of its current status as well as a prediction of its future; "An insightful and witty examination of the values and beliefs that divide liberals and conservatives in America today. A penetrating look at the concept of the 'aging liberal', especially as it pertains to the Jewish and academic communities." -Bruce Bartlett, nationally syndicated columnist

How to Win a Fight with a Liberal

Offers humorous advice on dealing with liberals, from using their own quotes against them, to surviving family sparring matches, and how to argue on social media.

Author: Daniel Kurtzman

Publisher: Sourcebooks Incorporated

ISBN: 9781402265730

Category: Humor

Page: 205

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Offers humorous advice on dealing with liberals, from using their own quotes against them, to surviving family sparring matches, and how to argue on social media.

The Pocket Guide to Neuroscience for Clinicians Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology

Neurofluency Assessment Principle 8: People with conservative and liberal political beliefs have differences in neuroanatomical activation and patterns of thinking that may be helpful in understanding, communicating, and treating our ...

Author: Louis Cozolino

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393713385

Category: Psychology

Page: 336

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A brief guide to the most important neuroscience concepts for all mental health professionals. Louis Cozolino helps clinicians to broaden their thinking and deepen their clinical toolbox through an understanding of neuroscience, brain development, epigenetics, and the role of attachment in brain development and behavior. The effective therapist must have knowledge of evolution and neuroanatomy, as well as the systems of our brains and how they work together to give rise to who we are, how we thrive, and why we suffer. This book will give clinicians all they need to understand the social brain, the developing brain, the executive brain, consciousness, attachment, trauma, memory, and the latest information about clinical assessment. Key figures and terms of neuroscience, along with numerous case examples, bring the material to life. Cozolino is one of the most gifted clinical writers on neuroscience, and his long- awaited pocket guide is a must- buy for any clinician working on the cutting edge of treatment.

I Can t Believe I m Sitting Next to a Republican

A Survival Guide for Conservatives Marooned Among the Angry, Smug, and Terminally Self-Righteous Harry Stein ... “All her liberal friends are incredulous that our marriage works,” he observes, “but none of my conservative friends have ...

Author: Harry Stein

Publisher: Encounter Books

ISBN: 159403480X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 199

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With biting wit and amusing personal anecdotes, Harry Stein’s I Can’t Believe I’m Sitting Next to a Republican chronicles the everyday travails and triumphs of the plucky conservatives marooned in the liberal bastions that loathe them, from Manhattan to Hollywood, to all the noxious places in between. Surrounded by the insufferably smug and self righteous -- from the angry old lady with the anti-war sign affixed to her walker to the random jerk at a dinner party quoting George Soros – these intrepid souls live in a hostile world; knowing that anytime a neighbor chances to learn their views on affirmative action, big government, feminism, the environment, abortion, multi-culturalism, sex education, the reliability of The New York Times, the scariness of evangelicals or (fill in the blank), his/her face will register stunned surprise and deep confusion. Or worse. Stein gives special attention to those conservatives working in professions dominated by the liberal elite—journalism, publishing, entertainment, and academia—celebrating their guts and sharing in their disdain for the dogmatism of the self-appointed creative and intellectual class. The result is a conservative’s guide to love, work, friendship, dinner party mischief, and staying happy and un-smeared in liberal America.

Official Report of Debates House of Commons

It is Liberal and For the reasons which I have given , it is Conservative . My friends the Contherefore - having regard to the uncertainty servatives have had the grace to allow the which exists on the other side as to what word ...

Author: Canada. Parliament. House of Commons



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Four and a half Dialogues on Homosexuality and the Bible

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for your Word, which is a lamp unto our feet and a guide unto our path. Help us, Lord, in our thinking and ... A few of their friends were conservatives so that made for some interesting conversations.

Author: Donald J. Zeyl

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1666715026

Category: Religion

Page: 170

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Four (and a half) Dialogues on Homosexuality and the Bible explores four different interpretive approaches to biblical texts regarding homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Differences of interpretation are discussed openly, honestly, and charitably. The dialogues’ four characters maintain friendship with each other despite their disagreements, and so the book serves as a model of how difficult, potentially divisive conversations on a controversial topic might be conducted. Three of the four perspectives presented for examination are well represented in the existing literature; the fourth is not as familiar and is offered and developed as a proposal for bridging the divide that persists among theologically conservative Christians who honor the authority of Scripture over their thinking and their living. Ongoing conflict over this issue is destructive of the unity toward which the Bible summons all believers to strive, and so the book includes also a call to create space for one another—both individually and institutionally—for differences in theological conclusions and in community practices. Each of the dialogues begins with one of the characters telling their personal story regarding their sexuality, continues with that character’s case for their view, and concludes with a series of suggested discussion questions.

Fraser s Magazine

The instinct of Conservatism in this instance was a safe , an unerring guide . The declarations of friends and foes alike served also as a guide to the same conclusion . While the Liberals were vociferous in praise of Sir Robert Peel ...

Author: James Anthony Froude





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