The Defence of Australia

But neither the efficiency nor the effectiveness of the Australian defence
establishment should be assessed on the basis of its equipment alone or on such
indices as either the amount of equipment spending or the percentage of the
defence ...

Author: Robert John O'Neill



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The Defence Industrial Base and the West

The concept of the “defence industrial base” increasingly figures in the
discussion of the security postures of NATO members and other Western
countries. The concept itself, like so many political concepts, is not without
ambiguity; much less is ...

Author: David G. Haglund

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000262731

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This book, first published in 1989, analyses the effect that interdependence has had on the defence industrial base, concentrating upon those defence industries situated at the hi-tech end, and paying particular attention to the procurement decisions that affect the production of sophisticated military aircraft. Interdependence raises questions of importance to international relations, strategic studies and defence economics, and Western industrialised states have an ongoing dilemma over the degree to which they should subject their defence industrial bases to the forces of economic interdependence. Despite worries over strategic vulnerability, most Western states have been showing increased interest in arms collaboration, with the aim of maximizing the amount of weaponry available for defence. As this book shows, such a goal becomes increasingly important s the technological sophistication of weapons grows.

Dien Bien Phu and the Defence of Australia

National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication entry Stephens, Alan,
1944- Dien Bien Phu, and the Defence of Australia lSBN 9780 7315 5480 5 (pbk.
) 1. Dien Bien Phu, Battle of, Vietnam, 1954 2. Australia - Strategic aspects. 3.

Author: Alan Stephens

Publisher: Strategic and Defence Studies Centre


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In May 1954 Vietnamese nationalists won one of the great military victories of the modern era when they defeated a French expeditionary force at the remote outpost of Dien Bien Phu. Vietnam's stunning triumph ended French colonialism in Indochina and set the scene for the United States disastrous intervention eight years later. Although the fall of Dien Bien Phu occurred more than half a century ago, the battle continues to present a compelling metaphor for contemporary Australian military strategy. Numerous factors contributed to the Viet Minh's triumph, but the most crucial was the local armys ability to conduct war amongst the people something that was entirely beyond both the comprehension and the competence of the French invaders. Since federation, Australian defence strategy has oscillated between two main forms, expeditionary campaigns and the defence of Australia. Expeditionary campaigns have been the dominant model even though, with the notable exception of the Second World War, their unintended consequences have diminished rather than enhanced national security.

Philip Sidney s Defence of Poesy

1 Philip Sidney, The Defence of Poesy, in Sidney's “The Defence of Poesy” and
Selected Renaissance Literary Criticism, ed. Gavin Alexander (London: Penguin,
2004), 9. 2 Sidney, The Defence of Poesy, 11. 3 Plato, Republic, in Classical ...

Author: Liam Haydon

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0429818653

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The Defence of Poesy is the first major piece of literary criticism in English. Taking aim at classical authors who disparaged poetry, and contemporary critics who saw literature as a corrupting influence, Sidney foregrounds the moral force of poetry. Sidney considers the real life affects of poetry upon the reader arguing that the stories instill virtues like courage in the reader. He combines this moral argument with a discussion of the technical features like genre, metre and rhyme. The Defence of Poesy thus began a long tradition of poets writing about poetry and is a touchstone for modern poetic criticism.

For the Defence

"I shall explain it when I make my speech for the defense." "What do you mean?"
cried Jen, his curiosity getting the better of his anger. "Is it possible that you
believe in the innocence of this man?" "As counsel for the defense you can hardly

Author: Fergus Hume

Publisher: Good Press


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The Defence of Sevastopol 1941 1942

Responsibility for the defence of the city fell to the Deputy Commander of the
Defence of the Main Base of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Zhukov. His
headquarters was on the fleet's flagship in the harbour. The Admiralty HQ was
later set up in ...

Author: Clayton Donnell

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1473879264

Category: History

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In December 1941, while America was reeling from the attack on Pearl Harbor and the offensives of the German Army Groups North and Centre were stalled in the mud and cold of the Russian winter, the German Eleventh Army encircled the vast fortress of Sevastopol in the Crimea, launching massive combined air, artillery and land attacks against the heavily defended positions. One of the most remarkable campaigns in the history of modern warfare had begun, and this is the subject of Clayton Donnells graphic and highly readable new study. Drawing on his expert knowledge of the history of modern fortifications, he describes the design and development of the Red Armys formidable base at Sevastopol. But he concentrates on the sequence of attacks mounted by the Wehrmacht on the strongpoints protecting the city. The forts and bunkers had to be taken one by one after devastating artillery and air attacks, the casualties on both sides were severe, and this brutal struggle went on for over six months. Using documentary records and a range of personal accounts, Clayton Donnell reconstructs the events and experience of the campaign in vivid detail.

Defence Report

Defence Force ( VCDF ) . CDF ' s principal staff officer and Chief of Staff of
HQADF . Supervises the operation of HQADF ; responsible for the coordination of

Author: Australia. Department of Defence



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Report of the New Zealand Defence Force

ANNUAL REPORT 2001 DEFENCE ACT 1990 Policy Framework : " Strategic
Assessment ...

Author: New Zealand. Defence Force





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Annual Report Government of India Ministry of Defence

In addition to these committees , there are Defence Minister's Army , Navy and Air
Force Committees for dealing with important matters pertaining to each Service .
Other Committees in the Ministry under the Chairmanship of the Defence ...

Author: India. Ministry of Defence



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Future War and the Defence of Europe

This book offers a major new analysis of how peace and security can be maintained in Europe and provides a radical vision of a technology-enabling future European defence.

Author: John R. Allen

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198855834

Category: Political Science

Page: 352

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This book offers a major new analysis of how peace and security can be maintained in Europe and provides a radical vision of a technology-enabling future European defence. It weaves history, strategy, policy, and technology into a compelling analytical narrative and lays out the scale of the challenge Europeans and their allies face.

Defence of Canada Regulations

WHEREAS by Order in Council P . C . 2483 of the 3rd day of September , 1939 ,
the Defence of Canada Regulations were made and established ; AND

Author: Canada





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Parliamentary Debates Hansard

Corporate Hospitality David Taylor : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence
which members of ( a ) the Defence Council , ( b ) the Defence Management
Board , ( c ) Defence Equipment and Support , ( d ) Defence Estates , ( e )
Science ...

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons



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Contains the 4th session of the 28th Parliament through the session of the Parliament.

Defence Journal

General Mohammad Iqbal Khan , NI ( M ) It goes without saying that the national
resources have to be mobilised for the defence of the country . Raising a few
defence projects in isolation , cannot possibly meet the requirements of the
armed ...




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The Times of India Directory and Year Book Including Who s who

Defence Institute of Fire Research , New Delhi 110046 : Trains personnel in the
Defence organisation in modern methods of fire fighting and prevention .
Defence Institute of Stores Preservation and Packaging , Delhi : Presently a part
of ...

Author: Sir Stanley Reed



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Issues for 1919-47 include Who's who in India; 1948, Who's who in India and Pakistan.

The Statutes

( Miscellaneous Provisions ) IST Sch . -cont . Regulations one , five , five A and
eight of the Defence ( Companies ) Regulations , 1940 . Regulations one , two
and four A of the Defence ( Evacuated Areas ) Regulations , 1940 . Regulation
one ...

Author: Great Britain



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Defense Analysis for the 21st Century

The Political Environment of Defence Planning for the 21st Century Klaus - Peter
Klaiber NATO Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs Background For
over forty years , the interaction of political and defense planning functions in ...

Author: Reiner K. Huber

Publisher: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft


Category: Defensive (Military science)

Page: 238

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"Proceedings of a seminar series on defense planning for the 21st century: 'New Approaches for Analysis and Modeling held during the spring trimester 1998 at the Universiteat der Bundeswehr, Meunchen"--P. facing t.p.