The Devil s Breath

WHEN AN ASSASSIN bursts from the shadows to try to kill him on the dark, windswept grounds of his boarding school in England, Max Gordon realizes his life is about to change forever.

Author: David Gilman

Publisher: Ember

ISBN: 0440422396

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 414

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WHEN AN ASSASSIN bursts from the shadows to try to kill him on the dark, windswept grounds of his boarding school in England, Max Gordon realizes his life is about to change forever. After learning that his explorer father is missing, Max is determined to find him, no matter what dangers may lay in his path. A secret clue his father left behind leads Max to the inhospitable wilderness of Namibia, where he soon discovers a potentially massive ecological disaster masterminded by Shaka Chang, a very powerful and completely ruthless man—a man Max fears may have put his father in mortal danger. Max needs all the help he can get. Because whoever is behind his father’s disappearance is determined to get rid of Max, too. For good.

Devil s Breath Volcano

Praise for the MacGregor Family Adventure Series Book One — Cayman Gold: Lost Treasure of Devils Grotto JASON Project International Curriculum Selection 2006 "A well-crafted adventure with meticulous attention to accuracy in detail ...

Author: Trout, Richard E

Publisher: Pelican Publishing

ISBN: 9781455603527

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 228

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Scuba diving in Papua New Guinea, the MacGregors and Natalie Crosswhite find a concealed safe, and later discover a dangerous link between a toxic underwater leak and an illegal gold-mining operation.

Shakespeare Harsnett and the Devils of Denham

This feare was very needlesse , for as you see holy water in this devil - pageant hath acquit it selfe wel ... am verily of opinion that the devil puffed indeede , and that the priests had a just scantling and size of the devils breath ...

Author: Frank Walsh Brownlow

Publisher: University of Delaware Press

ISBN: 9780874134360

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 440

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Part 1 of this book provides an annotated edition of Samuel Harsnett's famous attack on the practice of exorcism, which had a profound influence upon Shakespeare's conception and writing of King Lear. Part 2 explores the context of Shakespeare's reading of Harsnett's book.

Landscapes of Devils

9 The Breath of the Devils The alienation of the worker from his product means not only that his labor becomes an object, assumes an external existence, but that it exists independently, outside himself, and alien to him, ...

Author: Gastón R. Gordillo

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 082238602X

Category: Social Science

Page: 326

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Landscapes of Devils is a rich, historically grounded ethnography of the western Toba, an indigenous people in northern Argentina’s Gran Chaco region. In the early twentieth century, the Toba were defeated by the Argentinean army, incorporated into the seasonal labor force of distant sugar plantations, and proselytized by British Anglicans. Gastón R. Gordillo reveals how the Toba’s memory of these processes is embedded in their experience of “the bush” that dominates the Chaco landscape. As Gordillo explains, the bush is the result of social, cultural, and political processes that intertwine this place with other geographies. Labor exploitation, state violence, encroachment by settlers, and the demands of Anglican missionaries all transformed this land. The Toba’s lives have been torn between alienating work in sugar plantations and relative freedom in the bush, between moments of domination and autonomy, abundance and poverty, terror and healing. Part of this contradictory experience is culturally expressed in devils, evil spirits that acquire different features in different places. The devils are sources of death and disease in the plantations, but in the bush they are entities that connect with humans as providers of bush food and healing power. Enacted through memory, the experiences of the Toba have produced a tense and shifting geography. Combining extensive fieldwork conducted over a decade, historical research, and critical theory, Gordillo offers a nuanced analysis of the Toba’s social memory and a powerful argument that geographic places are not only objective entities but also the subjective outcome of historical forces.

War with Devils

hearken at doors , fee what is done in halls , in palaces , in private houses , are not the devil's fnares in every corner ? ... if there were no fire in our wood , never could devils breath kindle any flame in our fouls . 7 3.

Author: Isaac Ambrose



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Hart Crane s Poetry

The roses (“Blossoms ethereal, / Flamelets empyreal”) catch fire from the devils' breath and begin to scorch the devils. Meanwhile, Mephistopheles starts “fighting the hovering roses” but “Like pitch and sulphur they cling to” his ...

Author: John T. Irwin

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421402211

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 439

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In one of his letters Hart Crane wrote, "Appollinaire lived in Paris, I live in Cleveland, Ohio," comparing—misspelling and all—the great French poet’s cosmopolitan roots to his own more modest ones in the midwestern United States. Rebelling against the notion that his work should relate to some European school of thought, Crane defiantly asserted his freedom to be himself, a true American writer. John T. Irwin, long a passionate and brilliant critic of Crane, gives readers the first major interpretation of the poet’s work in decades. Irwin aims to show that Hart Crane’s epic The Bridge is the best twentieth-century long poem in English. Irwin convincingly argues that, compared to other long poems of the century, The Bridge is the richest and most wide-ranging in its mythic and historical resonances, the most inventive in its combination of literary and visual structures, the most subtle and compelling in its psychological underpinnings. Irwin brings a wealth of new and varied scholarship to bear on his critical reading of the work—from art history to biography to classical literature to philosophy—revealing The Bridge to be the near-perfect synthesis of American myth and history that Crane intended. Irwin contends that the most successful entryway to Crane’s notoriously difficult shorter poems is through a close reading of The Bridge. Having admirably accomplished this, Irwin analyzes Crane’s poems in White Buildings and his last poem, "The Broken Tower," through the larger context of his epic, showing how Crane, in the best of these, worked out the structures and images that were fully developed in The Bridge. Thoughtful, deliberate, and extraordinarily learned, this is the most complete and careful reading of Crane’s poetry available. Hart Crane may have lived in Cleveland, Ohio, but, as Irwin masterfully shows, his poems stand among the greatest written in the English language.

Soul Chasing Thoughts and Prayers for T

Devil's Breath Devils ' breath blasts against those souls caught in the heated anger of war tonight , and boils the blood of scared young soldiers - killing , whose thoughts were pure once , gentle and sweet . Devil's putrid breath ...

Author: Gabriel McShane

Publisher: Gabriel McShane

ISBN: 9781425951023


Page: 136

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Soul Chasing: Thoughts and Prayers for the Rest of Us is a collection of poems and stories about what's real in life; it is a book about life, about love, and about Spirit. It is stories and poetry written for "the rest of us", those of us who, when living through the trials that face us every day, have come to a different side of life from where we've been before, to a more profound and richer side, where love plays a critical and fully conscious role. Traveling along this other side of life, the rest of us have learned to live in pursuit of the deeper understandings and meanings in our lives, where life and love really count. Soul Chasing also gives you the chance to write your own poems and thoughts and prayers in a special section at the end of the book. This is your chance to read and to muse and to contemplate - and to discover your own thoughts as well, by putting pen to paper at long last!