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PAGE PAGE Watts, Captain N. It., The Wood, 2nd Lieut. J. P. H. . 114 Cornet . .71 Worsley-Worswick, 2nd Lieut. Webster, D. Raymund . 119 B. H. . . .66 Weld-Blundell, 2nd. Lieut. R. S 28 A SUPPLEMENT TO THE DOWNSIDE REVIEW MARCH .






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Suspended God

Downside Review 136, no. 3 (2018): 178–185. Messias, Teresa. 'Desiring and Being Desired by Christ: Sebastian Moore's Notion of Desire in Dialogue with Ignatian Spirituality'. Downside Review 136, no. 3 (2018): 148–164. Roy Op, Louis.

Author: Maeve Louise Heaney

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 0567695638

Category: Religion

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Heaney traces the hidden history of music's presence in Christian thought, including its often unrecognized influence on key figures such as von Balthasar, Barth and Bonhoeffer. She uses Lonergan's theological framework to explore musical composition as a theological act, showing why, when and how music is a useful symbolic form. The book introduces eleven ground-breaking theologians, and each chapter offers an entry point into the thought of the theologian being presented through an original piece of music, which can be found on the companion website: Heaney argues that music is a universally important means of making sense of life with which theology needs to engage as a means of expression and of development. Musical composition is presented as an appropriate and even necessary form of doing theology in its quest to engage with the past, mediate truth to the present and tradition it into the future.

A Text Worthy of Plotinus

The Downside Review, 79(255), 105-121. Reprinted in Plotinian and Christian Studies, IX. (1961). Platonism. In I. Ramsey (Ed.), Prospect for Metaphysics: Essays of Metaphysical Exploration (pp. 93-110). London: Allen & Unwin. (1962).

Author: Suzanne Stern-Gillet

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9462702594

Category: Philosophy

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A Text Worthy of Plotinus makes available for the first time information on the collaborative work that went into the completion of the first reliable edition of Plotinus’ Enneads: Plotini Opera, editio maior, three volumes (Brussels, Paris, and Leiden, 1951-1973), followed by the editio minor, three volumes (Oxford, 1964-1983). Pride of place is given to the correspondence of the editors, Paul Henry S.J. and Hans-Rudolf Schwyzer, with other prominent scholars of late antiquity, amongst whom are E.R. Dodds, B.S. Page, A.H. Armstrong, and J. Igal S.J. Also included in the volume are related documents consisting in personal memoirs, course handouts and extensive biographical notices of the two editors as well as of those other scholars who contributed to fostering the revival of Plotinus in the latter half of the 20th century. Taken together, letters and documents let the reader into the problems – codicological, exegetical, and philosophical – that are involved in the interpretation of medieval manuscripts and their transcription for modern readers. Additional insights are provided into the nature of collaborative work involving scholars from different countries and traditions. A Text Worthy of Plotinus will prove a crucial archive for generations of scholars. Those interested in the philosophy of Plotinus will find it a fount of information on his style, manner of exposition, and handling of sources. The volume will also appeal to readers interested in broader trends in 20th century scholarship in the fields of Classics, History of Ideas, Theology, and Religion.

The High Middle Ages in England 1154 1377

The abbots of Glastonbury in the early fourteenth century ' , Downside Review , 82 ( 1964 ) , 327–48 . 1916 King , Archdale A. ' Cistercian abbeys of Gloucestershire ' , Pax ( 1942 ) , 5–12 , 135–41 ; ( 1943 ) , 30–40 .

Author: Bertie Wilkinson

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521217323

Category: History

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"All aspects of England in the High Middle Ages are covered, including sections on social, economic, religious, military, intellectual and art history, as well as on political and constitutional history."--Publisher description.

Christ Our Mother of Mercy

"Patristic background of the motherhood similitude in Julian of Norwich," Christian Scholar's Review 8 (1978) 101-113. . "Perception of Self in Julian of Norwich's Showings," The Downside Review 104 (1986) 227-239.

Author: Margaret A. Palliser

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110857146

Category: History

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The Use of Hereford

Smith, W., 'Dom Jean Mabillon, 1632–1707: most learned and humble of men', The Downside Review, cxxvi, 442 (January 2008), 1–20, and 443 (April 2008), 79–100. Smith, W., 'Rare editions of early British and Scandinavian service-books', ...

Author: Mr William Smith

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 147241277X

Category: History

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The Use of Hereford, a local variation of the Roman rite, was one of the diocesan liturgies of medieval England before their abolition and replacement by the Book of Common Prayer in 1549. Unlike the widespread Use of Sarum, the Use of Hereford was confined principally to its diocese, which helped to maintain its individuality until the Reformation. This study seeks to catalogue and evaluate all the known surviving sources of the Use of Hereford, with particular reference to the missals and gradual, which so far have received little attention. In addition to these a variety of other material has been examined, including a number of little-known or unknown important fragments of early Hereford service-books dismembered at the Reformation and now hidden away as binding or other scrap in libraries and record offices.