The End of Plenty The Race to Feed a Crowded World

“An urgent and at times terrifying dispatch from a distinguished reporter who has given heart and soul to his subject.”—Hampton Sides In The End of Plenty, award-winning environmental journalist Joel K. Bourne Jr. puts our fight ...

Author: Joel K. Bourne

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393248046

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“An urgent and at times terrifying dispatch from a distinguished reporter who has given heart and soul to his subject.”—Hampton Sides In The End of Plenty, award-winning environmental journalist Joel K. Bourne Jr. puts our fight against devastating world hunger in dramatic perspective. He travels the globe to introduce a new generation of farmers and scientists on the front lines of the next green revolution. He visits corporate farmers trying to restore Ukraine as Europe's breadbasket, a Canadian aquaculturist, the agronomist behind the world's largest organic sugarcane plantation, and many other extraordinary farmers, large and small, who are racing to stave off catastrophe as climate change disrupts food production worldwide. A Financial Times Best Book of the Year and a Finalist for the PEN / E. O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award.

The End of Plenty

"An urgent and at times terrifying dispatch from a distinguished reporter who has given heart and soul to his subject."--Hampton Sides

Author: Joel K. Bourne

Publisher: W. W. Norton

ISBN: 9780393352962


Page: 416

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An urgent and at times terrifying dispatch from a distinguished reporter who has given heart and soul to his subject. Hampton Sides"

A Politic Theatre The Drama of David Hare

Behaviour is all ” ( Plenty , 193 ] . There is a direct parallel drawn between the scene in which Susan first met Brock and Darwin , and this scene in which she encounters Charleson and his assistant , with Susan asking “ Ah the ...

Author: Scott Fraser

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004484973

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This analysis of twenty published texts by David Hare employs definitions from contemporary semiotic literary theory as a means of describing typologies of political drama. By tracing the incorporation of stylistic devices from agitational propaganda (caricature, self-referentiality, the frisson between oral and visual signification) throughout the typologies, the study illustrates how each text subverts audience expectation based on established dramatic genres. The collection of texts is seen as inherently self-referential and politically subversive. At the centre of each typology is a protagonist who functions as a martyr to or parodic emblem of contemporary society. Consistently, the hermeticism of public institutions which represent the political status quo makes them immune from any form of individual protest from the Left or Right. In the satirical anatomy, the emblem of political dissent is coopted by involvement within the institution, or the stage is dominated by a conservative who controls the action. In the demythology, private individuals are seen as incapable of altering the public frame of history; but here private suffering subverts the collective mythology of the historical construct. In the martyrology, the emblem of dissent is associated with a moral virtue which is inimical to contemporary society, the audience's expectation of the triumph of the individual being subverted when he/she is expelled from the onstage world on the grounds of political ideology. It is only in the final typology, the conversion, that a conservative emblem is seen as directly influenced by such martyrdom, and the audience is provided with an actual example of political change. Thus, the study describes how each typology builds on the construction of the previous, and all generate from agitational propaganda.

The End of Chidyerano

As producers, therefore, villagers create deserts of hunger and oases of plenty in multiple ways. They cultivate both munda gardens on the mphala drylands and dimba plots on the dambo floodplains. Drought turns munda gardens into ...

Author: Elias Coutinho Mandala

Publisher: Praeger


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Challenges the status quo of modern studies of food systems by analyzing the dynamics of supply and demand, famine, and the history of food in one African region and placing the object of his focus within the larger framework of international food studies.


In the end the "cow of plenty," which had been the source of all the trouble, pales into insignificance before the prodigious developments arising out of Visvamitra's sustained practice of intense austerities, and it becomes a question ...

Author: G. B. Singh



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Using and Understand Math

After you complete the reading, and again when studying for exams, make sure you can answer the review questions at the end of each unit. • You'll learn best by doing, so work plenty of the end-of-unit problems.

Author: Jeffrey O. Bennett

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

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The Last Ride

Billy had plenty of friends. In the end, it didn't really matter whose story was right or who'd been there to see what happened. Anyone could make or stick to a theory, but the end result was never in question.

Author: J.R. Roberts

Publisher: Speaking Volumes

ISBN: 1645400212

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ONE WAY TICKET What's worse than baby-sitting a venomous, hell-born serial murderer is having two of the deranged killers to guard. Clint's latest assignment is escorting David Trask and John Redwater to another jail in Tombstone—where they're to pay the price for their cold-blooded crimes. But even that dark prospect and the shackles on their wrists don't stop them from stirring up trouble on the train. The Gunsmith is going to have to show them that he won't be taken for a ride—and make sure that this one is their last...

English Epic and Heroic Poetry

From south to north it is eight hundred miles long and two hundred broad , going from east to west in the middle of the country and not at one end . Plenty of all goods may one see in England unless the folk spoil them or years be worse ...

Author: William Macneile Dixon



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Electrical Review

... ranging in Between the kindergarten and the end plenty to doplenty that will not only be order from lowest to highest as follows : of his grade - school life , there should be useful , but that is actually waiting to be 1.




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A Goddess of Africa

Before now they had known what it was to lead a forlorn hope , and while perhaps none of them had ever experienced just such a predicament as this , it was all the same in the end - plenty of work , with a possibility of a glo . rious ...

Author: St. George Rathborne



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