The Eyes of the Skin

The much admired Finish thinker presents his polemical statement on the situation facing Modern architecture today.

Author: Juhani Pallasmaa

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 9781854904393

Category: Architecture

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The much admired Finish thinker presents his polemical statement on the situation facing Modern architecture today. Fresh from his success from the animal exhibition, where he explores the relationships between animals and their environments, he uses this opportunity to vent thoughts which are the result of many years of careful observation and influence. Discussing the overriding visual image of modern architecture he explores the effects of this dominating style over other contemporary styles.

The Eyes Have It

The diffused peripheral skin vision could be extended as a sky vision, like a telescope focusing on one small space. ... The theory of research mystics—my theory, at least—is that the human eye has evolved from skin tissue, ...

Author: Earlyne Chaney

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 9781609258344

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Medically proven modalities for improving -- even saving -- eyesight. Includes complete step-by-step instructions and exercises using the Bates system plus holistic, herbalistic, folk, spiritual, and yogic techniques. Latest medical breakthroughs are included, as well as a discussion of the many daily things you can do to save your eyes.

The Diagnosis of Disease by Observation of the Eye

These two investigators maintain that brown eyes have developed as the result of itching skin diseases , which caused deterioration in whole races . In reality the spreading of the itch leaves behind brown spots even in blue eyes .

Author: Peter J. Thiel

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 9780787308629

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1905 to enable physicians, healers, teachers & parents to read the eyes. Includes detailed charts. Plus Answers to Iridiagnosis Questions propounded by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton in his health magazine.


“ During this period of some twenty months , we have had the opportunity to observe between 100 and 125 persons who had been subjected to CHEMICAL MACE on the skin and in the eyes who had been brought to Highland General Hospital ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce





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The Cyclop dia Or Universal Dictionary of Arts Sciences and Literature By Abraham Rees with the Assistance of Eminent Professional Gentlemen Illustrated with Numerous Engravings by the Most Disinguished Artists In Thirthy nine Volumes Vol 1 39

eye of a thie eye . which is proroot of the fungus , are preternaturally thick and swollen . should look on his object ... The abbé Catalan , and others , fpeedlily to a height , and the skin on the outside of the eye : have fince shewn ...






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Multimedia Techniques for Device and Ambient Intelligence Eyes detection and validation After the rough preliminary facial area localizations, we obtain the image ... Our assumption is that if there are two eyes inside a skin region, that skin region can include a probable face.

Author: Ernesto Damiani

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387887776

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Ambient Intelligence is a vision of the future where the world will be surrounded by electronic environments sensitive and responsive to people, wherein devices work in concert to support people in carrying out their everyday life activities, in an easy and natural way. This edited volume is based on the workshop Multimedia Techniques for Ambient Intelligence (MTDAI08), held in Mogliano Veneto, Italy in March 2008. Contributed by world renowned leaders in the field from academia and industry, this volume is dedicated to research on technologies used to improve the intelligence capability of multimedia devices for imaging, image processing and computer vision. Focuses on recent developments in digital signal processing, including evolutions in audiovisual signal processing, analysis, coding and authentication, and retrieval techniques. Designed for researchers and professionals, this book is also suitable for advanced-level students in computer science and electrical engineering.

Through the Eyes of Aliens

It may feel too slippery , almost wet , upon his skin . There is no point in dressing an autistic child in clothing that hurts or makes him itch . He'll only be very unhappy and will squirm to get out of it , or may whisk it off in ...

Author: Jasmine Lee O'Neill

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781853027109

Category: Social Science

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This is a positive description of how it feels to be autistic and how friends, family and professionals can be more sensitive to the needs of autistic people. Lee O'Neill perceives the imagination and keenly-felt sensory world of the autistic person as gifts. She challenges the reader to accept their difference and celebrate their uniqueness.

Chambers s Information for the People

Europeans of this description are sometimes decided white to an unequivocally black skin . ” The exhibited in public . The connexion between skin , hair , white tribes have been found chiefly in the high regions and eyes , and the unity ...

Author: William Chambers



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In other species the eyes may reflect the skin color of the head or may be part of a pattern . Frogs and other amphibians , especially those that are diurnal , appear to have good color vision . Hold the Water The Australian water ...

Author: John L. Behler

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402757792

Category: Nature

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With richly colorful photos and compelling, informative descriptions, John and Deborah Behler have carefully crafted a wonderful tribute to the amazingly complex frog. With decades of expertise in conservation, the Behlers are unequaled in their ability to capture the wild and ever-changing world of these amphibians—all 5,000 species. They reveal an unexpected diversity of form, lifestyle, and ecology, and take readers on a magical journey that makes vibrantly clear why these creatures are so important. Breathtaking and brilliant images show tadpoles in water and on leaves; a many-hued variety of frogs (bright blue, golden yellow and black, red and turquoise) in their environment; African sand frogs and chirping frogs; Oriental fire-bellied frogs; and tiny three-toed toadlets—among the smallest that exist. It’s a vision not to be missed.

Eye Pathology

Behind the skin, an eyeball may be palpated, movements may be seen and rarely the child reacts upon light through the skin in front of the orbit. The skin covering the eye consists of facial skin and of corneal tissue, indicating that ...

Author: Steffen Heegaard

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3662433826

Category: Medical

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This book is a comprehensive, in-depth, and up-to-date resource on eye pathology that will be of great practical value for ophthalmic and general pathologists and ophthalmologists. Congenital abnormalities, inflammatory conditions, infections, injuries, degenerative diseases, and tumors are all covered with the aid of more than 700 images. In the case of tumors, the wide variety of neoplasms that occur in the eyelid, conjunctiva, retina, uveal tract, lacrimal gland and sac, orbit, and optic nerve are comprehensively reviewed, and the most recent knowledge on the relation between genetics and prognosis is presented. Entries on specific diseases are organized in a standard way, with information on etiology, epidemiology, clinical presentation, pathological characteristics, differential diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis. The authors are all recognized experts and members of the European and American ophthalmic pathology societies.​

Shahnaz Husain s Beauty Book

smoky atmosphere for long The skin around the eyes reperiods can strain the white of the quires very gentle handling . eyes and make them dull and Cream should be applied gently , yellowish . Illness or dietary de- without any massage .

Author: Shahnaz Husain

Publisher: Orient Paperbacks

ISBN: 9788122200607

Category: Beauty, Personal

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In this book, Shahnaz Husain makes a successful endeavor to spread the rich herbal heritage of India around the world. She offers complete and holistic beauty solutions. The topics include skin, face and hair care, hand and feet care, and tips on make-up. Shahnaz effectively combines ancient herbal remedies with scientific techniques. The book seeks to meet the burgeoning demand for cosmetics made of herbs and other natural products. Moreover herbal beauty-aids can be prepared at home according to your very personal requirements and tastes. And since these are relatively cheaper, you can have many more natural cosmetics without stretching your budget.

Encyclopaedia Metropolitana or universal dictionary of knowledge on an original plan comprising the twofold advantage of a philosophical and an alphabetical arrangement with appropriate engravings

If the skin surrounding the eye Through which , but as a Mole does through his skin , be carefully separated from the niuscles and other adherThine eye could pierce . " ing parts , upon reaching the eye it is found to be inclosed The ...






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Selected Technical Publications

The regulation skin and eye tests method of Litchfield and Wilcoxon.4 were modified for the washing procedures . For Tests for irritation to eye and skin were the skin tests , neither the gauze patches nor performed using young , adult ...

Author: United States. Food and Drug Administration



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Each no. represents the results of the FDA research programs for half of the fiscal year.

The Sun the Soap Dealers and the Washing Machine

I say, or I said, that our eyes also have chloroplasts, and I also said that the chloroplasts of the leaf of a plant are the eyes of the plant ... We have millions of eyes over our skin, in particular around the skin of our face.

Author: Rogelio Garcia Barcala

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469122863

Category: Science

Page: 125

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THE SUN, THE SOAP DEALERS, AND THE WASHING MACHINE, Rogelio Garcia Barcala's follow up to both "We are carrying a Tree Right in Front of our Face", and "The Doldrums, Christ, and the Plantanism" is a real jewel in the field of biology. I was reading this book with an enormous interest. Rogelio Garcia Barcala is one of the best philosophers we have in this country, at least in the particular field of biology. This book is full of surprises. Rogelio Garcia Barcala not only is an excellent writer, and a great biologist, he is a discoverer. "The Sun, the Soap Dealers, and the Washing Machine" discovers a whole new world in the field of biology. Now we know why we "breathe, why our "brain" is called "brain", and why the "branches" of a tree are called "branches". This book comes up with so many novelties that makes you tremble. M. Martinez USC University, Los Angeles


Gloemme J, Lundgren K: Health hazards from chlorine dioxide. ARCH INDUSTR HEALTH 16:169–176, 1957. Chlorine monofluoride (chlorine fluoride) is an extremely reactive gas which is very corrosive and irritating to the skin, eyes, ...

Author: W. Morton Grant

Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher

ISBN: 0398082154

Category: Electronic books

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The purpose of this book is to present a synopsis of what is known about substances that have toxic properties injurious to the eyes, disturbing to vision, or affecting eyes in other unwanted ways. The coverage is truly comprehensive, encompassing local and systemic, acute and chronic, human and veterinary toxicology of the eye. The text summarizes mechanisms of injury, treatments, and other relevant knowledge for more than 3000 alphabetized substances - essentially all those on which public information is available. Also described are systemic side effects of ophthalmologic drugs, treatment of chemical burns of the eyes, and testing methods and species specificity for toxic effects on the eyes. Facilitating access to this prodigious amount of information is a large index that cross-references substances and effects, including numerous synonyms. This monumental work is a truly definitive text and a highly useful reference book that should be available to every ophthalmologist, emergency room, and medical library.