The Field by John B Keane

The Field is John B. Keane's fierce and tender study of the love a man can have for land and the ruthless lengths he will go to in order to obtain the object of his desire.

Author: John B. Keane

Publisher: Mercier Press Ltd

ISBN: 1856359883

Category: Fiction

Page: 96

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The Field is John B. Keane's fierce and tender study of the love a man can have for land and the ruthless lengths he will go to in order to obtain the object of his desire. It is dominated by Bull McCabe, one of the most famous characters in Irish writing today. An Oscar-nominated adaptation of The Field proved highly successful and popular worldwide, and starred Richard Harris, John Hurt, Brenda Fricker and Tom Berenger.

Arab Women in the Field

At Home in the Field - SORAYA ALTORKI I his chapter focuses on the particular
issues I faced in conducting fieldwork among members of my own status group in
my own society in Jiddah , Saudi Arabia . It shows that despite certain immediate

Author: Soraya Altorki

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 9780815624509

Category: History

Page: 196

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For the first time, Arab women researchers perform field work in their own societies and discuss the experience. As a group, they also provide an excellent overview of the issues involved in a number of different Arab communities: Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, and a Bedouin community in the Egyptian Western Desert.

Factories in the Field

Kevin Starr discusses Factories in the Field in his excellent chapter on
documentary expression in 1930s California in Endangered Dreams : The Great
Depression in California ( New York : Oxford , 1996 ) and Anne Loftis treats
McWilliams ...

Author: Carey McWilliams

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520224131

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 345

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Dramatizing the misery of the dust bowl migrants hoping to find work in California agriculture, this text starts with the scandals of the Spanish land grant purchases, and goes on to examine the experience of ethnic groups that have provided labour for California's agricultural industry.

The Field Orientation Principle in Control of Induction Motors

Chapter 3 FIELD ORIENTATION PRINCIPLE In general , an electric motor can be
thought of as a controlled source of torque . Accurate control of the instantaneous
torque produced by a motor is required in high - performance drive systems ...

Author: Andrzej Trzynadlowski

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792394204

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 255

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The Field Orientation Principle (FOP) constitutes a fundamental concept behind the modern technology of high-performance, vector-controlled drive systems with AC motors. The recent intense interest in these systems has been spawned by the widespread transition from DC to AC drives in industry. Induction motors, industry's traditional workhorses, are particularly well suited for FOP-based vector control. The Field Orientation Principle in Control of Induction Motors presents the FOP in a simple, easy-to-understand framework based on the space-vector dynamic model of the induction machine. Relationships between the classic phasor equivalent circuits of the motor and their vector counterparts are highlighted. A step-by-step derivation of dynamic equations of the motor provides a formal background for explanation of the basic approaches to vector control. In addition, the author presents scalar control methods for low-performance drives as an intermediate stage between uncontrolled and high-performance drives. The reader will also find a full chapter devoted to power inverters, which constitute an important component of adjustable speed AC drive systems, and a review of associated issues such as observers of motor variables, parameter estimation, adaptive tuning, and principles of the position and speed control of field-oriented induction motors. With a wealth of numerical examples and computer simulations illustrating the ideas and techniques discussed and an extensive bibliography, The Field Orientation Principle in Control of Induction Motors is a practical resource and valuable reference for researchers and students interested in motor control, power and industrial electronics, and control theory.

Gendering the Field

Introduction: Gendering the Masculine Field of Mining for Sustainable Community
Livelihoods Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt This volume presents a selection of papers that
were presented at an international workshop on 'Mining, Gender and ...

Author: Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt

Publisher: ANU E Press

ISBN: 1921862165

Category: Electronic books

Page: 230

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The chapters in this book offer concrete examples from all over the world to show how community livelihoods in mineral-rich tracts can be more sustainable by fully integrating gender concerns into all aspects of the relationship between mining practices and mine affected communities. By looking at the mining industry and the mine-affected communities through a gender lens, the authors indicate a variety of practical strategies to mitigate the impacts of mining on women's livelihoods without undermining women's voice and status within the mine-affected communities. The term 'field' in the title of this volume is not restricted to the open-cut pits of large scale mining operations which are male-dominated workplaces, or with mining as a masculine, capital-intensive industry, but also connotes the wider range of mineral extractive practices which are carried out informally by women and men of artisanal communities at much smaller geographical scales throughout the mineral-rich tracts of poorer countries.

The Lilies of the Field

William E. Barrett. 1 THE LILIES OF THE FIELD ACT I The time is the present , the
place a remote valley in the American Soutbwest . The curtain rises on a
darkened stage , then à spotlight comes on at D. L. , revealing Father Gomez , a
young ...

Author: William E. Barrett

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822206651

Category: Drama

Page: 57

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THE STORY: Having decided to travel about the country after his discharge from the army, Homer Smith has fixed up a bed in the back of his station wagon and headed west, his plan being to stop for a day's work here and there as the spirit moves him

Shadows in the Field

... journals Ethnomusicology and Asian Music and in the books Women's Voices
Across Musical Worlds, Shadows in the Field: New Perspectives on Field
Research in Ethnomusicology, Comparative Musicology and the Anthropology of
Music, ...

Author: Gregory F. Barz

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199717194

Category: Music

Page: 352

View: 891

Ethnomusicological fieldwork has significantly changed since the end of the the 20th century. Ethnomusicology is in a critical moment that requires new perspecitves on fieldwork - perspectives that are not addressed in the standard guides to ethnomusicological or anthropological method. The focus in ethnomusicological writing and teaching has traditionally centered around analyses and ethnographic representations of musical cultures, rather than on the personal world of understanding, experience, knowing, and doing fieldwork. Shadows in the Field deliberately shifts the focus of ethnomusicology and of ethnography in general from representation (text) to experience (fieldwork). The "new fieldwork" moves beyond mere data collection and has become a defining characteristic of ethnomusicology that engages the scholar in meaningful human contexts. In this new edition of Shadows in the Field, renowned ethnomusicologists explore the roles they themselves act out while performing fieldwork and pose significant questions for the field: What are the new directions in ethnomusicological fieldwork? Where does fieldwork of "the past" fit into these theories? And above all, what do we see when we acknowledge the shadows we cast in the field? The second edition of Shadows in the Field includes updates of all existing chapters, a new preface by Bruno Nettl, and seven new chapters addressing critical issues and concerns that have become increasingly relevant since the first edition.

Emotions in the Field

Emotions in the Field* James Davies THE AIM OF THIS BOOK is to help retrieve
emotion from the methodological margins of fieldwork. Our task is to investigate
how certain emotions evoked during fieldwork can be used to inform how we ...

Author: James Davies

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804769397

Category: Psychology

Page: 276

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This book investigates how anthropologists can make use of the emotions fieldwork generates within them to deepen their understanding of the communities they study.

The Field Programming Environment A Friendly Integrated Environment for Learning and Development

FIELD, however, is a control-based programming environment without a central
database system, so that a new tool is needed to store and provide the necessary
information through the underlying communications mechanism The information

Author: Steven P. Reiss

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792395379

Category: Computers

Page: 286

View: 200

FIELD has been a remarkably successful research project. The ideas first exhibited in the environment now form the basis for most of the current generation of programming environments, including Hewlett-Packard's Softbench, DEC's FUSE, Sun's Tooltalk, Lucid's Energize, and SGI's Codevision. FIELD pioneered the notion of broadcast messaging as a basis for tool integration. Moreover, many of the other tool concepts introduced in FIELD have made their way into these environments. Thus in discussing the FIELD environment, this book actually explains the inner workings of today's programming environments. The book will be valuable for those interested in the development of programming tools and environments, as well as serious users of programming environments. It will also be of interest to anyone undertaking a large software project, both by introducing the software tools needed to work on such a project and by demonstrating the concepts of message-based integration which can be applied to a variety of domains.

The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error

Without them , neither this Field Guide nor any of my other writings would even
exist or be worth reading . The ideas of David Woods , Erik Hollnagel , Nancy
Leveson , John Flach , Richard Cook and Jens Rasmussen are among the most

Author: Sidney Dekker

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754648260

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 236

View: 948

The old Bad Apple Theory of human error promotes the idea that a system is basically safe, with the exception of a few unreliable people. Breaking new ground beyond its successful predecessor, The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error guides you through the traps and misconceptions of the old view. Sidney Dekker presents the view that human error is an organizational problem, and suggests how to apply new theories to your organization, handling questions about accountability and constructing meaningful countermeasures.

Explorations in the Field of Nonsense

The first major study of the topic , Elizabeth Sewell's The Field of Nonsense (
1952 ) , has by now become a classic in its own right . Before and after its
appearance a good deal has been written on Lewis Carroll , who , together with
Lear , is ...

Author: Wim Tigges

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789062036998

Category: Humour

Page: 255

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Bundel opstellen over nonsensliteratuur, bepaalde aspecten daarvan en over het werk van bepaalde auteurs binnen het genre.

Directory of Civil Society Organisations Working in the Field of Missing and Sexually Exploited Children

of the European Commission , is intended to give an overall view on the
existence , role and structure of civil society organisations in the Member States
and 4 Candidates active in the field of missing or sexually exploited children , as
well as ...

Author: Tessa Schmidburg

Publisher: Maklu

ISBN: 9789062159253

Category: Social Science

Page: 1036

View: 976

The result of the second part of the project is a comprehensive Directory of civil society organisations working in the field of missing and sexually exploited children. The directory contains information on the mission, role, structure, practices and contact details of over 250 of such organisations in the 15 EU Member States and 4 Candidate States, including national approaches on their cooperation with the competent authorities. It is the first practical Europe-wide directory for supporting day-to-day national and international cooperation between and with civil society organisations working in the field of missing and sexually exploited children. Child Focus and IRCP hope the directory proves to be a valuable tool in helping and assisting child victims, parents and practitioners throughout Europe. Alongside with this printed version, the project team has also released the information contained in the directory in an even more user-friendly, interactive format, producing a searchable database on CD-rom and creating the current Childoscope website, which offers on-line access to the updated and extendable database information.

The Origins Evolution of the Field of Industrial Relations in the United States

The meaning of the term soon expanded greatly , however , and by 1920 it had
come to represent an academic field of study , a reform movement in industry ,
and a professional vocation . The birth of the term industrial relations and its ...

Author: Bruce E. Kaufman

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780875461922

Category: Political Science

Page: 286

View: 626

Bruce Kaufman provides a detailed exploration of the historical development of the field of industrial relations. He identifies two distinct schools of thought evident since the field's origins in the 1920s, one centered in the study of personnel management and the other in the study of institutional labor economics. The two schools advocate contrasting approaches to the resolution of labor problems. Kaufman traces their development from a golden age in the 1950s through a period of gradual decline that accelerated in the 1980s. He contends that, in the process, the field narrowed from a broad-based consideration of the employment relationship to a more limited focus on collective bargaining.

The Field

PORT HISTORIANS HAVE NO DIFFICULTY recognising the content of their field.
It includes any study of by-gone events, individuals, groups, practices and
institutions with a sporting flavour. But ask historians of sport to formally define
the ...

Author: Douglas Booth

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134459386

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 352

View: 127

2006 North American Society for Sports History Book of the Year The literature on sport history is now well established, taking in a wide range of themes and covering every activity from aerobics to zorbing. However, in comparison to most mainstream histories, sport history has rarely been called upon to question its foundations and account for the basis of its historical knowledge. In this book, Booth offers a rigorous assessment of sport history as an academic discipline, exploring the ways in which professional historians can gather materials, construct and examine evidence, and present their arguments about the sporting past. Part 1 examines theories of knowledge, while Part 2 goes on to scrutinize the uses of historical knowledge in popular and academic studies of sport history. With clear structure, examples, summary tables and a detailed glossary, The Field provides students, teachers and researchers with an unparalleled resource to tackle issues fundamental to the future of their subject, and sets the agenda for the debate to come.

In the Field

Field research takes place in social situations in which the researcher
participates. Here, it is the task of the researcher to observe and record the life of
the people as it occurs. However, in these circumstances selection is inevitable
as field ...

Author: Robert G. Burgess

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134898142

Category: Reference

Page: 272

View: 879

First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Field of Life and Death Tales of Hulan River

My translations of The Field of Life and Death and Tales of Hulan River first
appeared from Indiana University Press in 1979. Tales of Hulan River was
reissued with minor changes in Hong Kong in 1988 by Joint Publishers . My
thanks to both ...

Author: Hong Xiao

Publisher: Cheng & Tsui

ISBN: 9780887273926

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 273

View: 558

Xiao Hong is considered by many to be China's first feminist novelist.

Locating the Field

Introduction As for most anthropologists trained in the Malinowskian tradition of
fieldwork, the field hovered on the horizon of my student years as a perfectly
magical place, far removed from the mundane realities of life in modern cities and

Author: Simon Coleman

Publisher: Berg

ISBN: 1847882234

Category: Social Science

Page: 220

View: 132

Are reports of the death of conventional fieldwork in anthropology greatly exaggerated? This book takes a critical look at the latest developments and key issues in fieldwork. The nature of 'locality' itself is problematic for both research subjects and fieldworkers, on the grounds that it must now be maintained and represented in relation to widening (and fragmenting) social frames and networks. Such developments have raised questions concerning the nature of ethnographic presence and scales of comparison. From the social space of a cybercafe to cities in India, the UK and South Africa among others, this book features a wide range of ethnographic studies that provide new ways of looking at the concepts of 'locality' and 'site'. It shows that rather than taking key fieldwork processes such as globalization and mobility for granted, anthropologists are well-placed to examine and critique the totalizing assumptions behind these notions.

Constructing the Field

But what happens when we take a closer look at these distinctions between
home and field? This chapter revisits home and field and tentatively draws some
connections between the two. It argues that when homes contain fields, as may
well ...

Author: Vered Amit

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134640684

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 985

Ethnographic fieldwork is traditionally seen as what distinguishes social and cultural anthropology from the other social sciences. This collection responds to the inte nsifying scrutiny of fieldwork in recent years. It challenges the idea of the necessity for the total immersion of the ethnographer in the field, and for the clear separation of professional and personal areas of activity. The very existence of 'the field' as an entity separate from everyday life is questioned. Fresh perspectives on contemporary fieldwork are provided by diverse case-studies from across North America and Europe. These contributions give a thorough appraisal of what fieldwork is and should be, and an extra dimension is added through fascinating accounts of the personal experiences of anthropologists in the field.

From the Field to the Legislature

Porter saw this as evidence of wildness and heathenism, and it is no coincidence
that it occurred among field slaves. They were not only the ones worked the
hardest on the plantation, they were also the ones who had the least contact with

Author: Eugenia O'Neal

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313317569

Category: Social Science

Page: 150

View: 292

Provides a comprehensive history of women in the Virgin Islands and analyzes how the colonial relationship has shaped and continues to influence women's public and private lives.

The Field Guide to Ford Tractors

Author: Robert N. Pripps, Andrew Morland


ISBN: 9781610605236

Category: Technology & Engineering


View: 494

This brightly illustrated, easy-to-use field guide puts a wealth of knowledge about Ford tractors at your fingertips. With brief histories, model runs, specification details, and much more, the entries identify a full range of tractors from Fordson in pre- and postwar U.S., England, and Ireland; Ford-Ferguson, and later Ford N Series; and, finally, Ford world tractors from the 1970s to today.