The Foreign Field

The Morland Dynasty, Book 31 Cynthia Harrod-Eagles. THE FOREIGN FIELD Also in the Dynasty series: THE FOUNDING THE DARK ROSE. Front Cover.

Author: Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748131868

Category: Fiction

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It's 1917 and the Allies are determined to finally defeat a weakened Germany - everything is building up to the summer's Big Push. Germany strikes back with U-boat attacks to starve England out, giant aeroplanes to bomb London, and the cunning withdrawal to the Hindenberg Line. Every Briton must do his bit, and the Morlands are involved at every stage: fighting and nursing in France, stoically surviving at home - and finding love where they can along the way. Continuing the great saga of the Morland dynasty, The Foreign Field carries its members into a new set of conflicts and tests their courage to the limit.

Foreign Field Service Department of Agriculture

Hearing Before the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, United States Senate, Sixty-ninth Congress, First Session, on S. 3473, a Bill to Promote the Agriculture of the United States by Expanding in the Foreign Field the Service Now ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Agriculture and Forestry




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A Foreign Field

The foreign trainees were thought to be the most romantic , but Ellen had to admit that she didn't find Stephen particularly dashing . ... Then , realizing that both Colin and Ellen were staring at him 17 A Foreign Field.

Author: Gillian Chan

Publisher: Kids Can Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781553373506

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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During the Second World War, two young teenagers, Ellen Logan and pilot Stephen Dearborn, become friends as they write to each other of their experiences in the war and fall in love in the process.

Foreign Field Research Program

Financial support for thirteen months of field and archival research in Chile during 1959 and 1960 was provided through the Foreign Field Research Program of the Division of Earth Sciences , National Academy of Sciences-National ...





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Some Corner of a Foreign Field

Field. David Fisher Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori In what circumstances can a state legitimately put at risk the lives of members of its armed forces? An argument frequently used against military intervention, for example in the ...

Author: Roger Williamson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1349144436

Category: Political Science

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When is a war not a war? Under what circumstances is humanitarian intervention by the international community justified? In what circumstances can a state legitimately put at risk the lives of members of its armed forces? These are some of the questions raised through the essays contained in Some Corner of a Foreign Field . The authors consider the main ethical and political arguments surrounding the subject of intervention, and, between them, cover a wide range of areas, coming to focus on international institutions and international law, domestic and political viewpoints, humanitarian considerations, the applicability of the just war theory, and the role of public opinion and the media. The result is a book that throws open new doors and extends the range of discussion within the ongoing debate on defence and disarmament.

Some Corner of a Foreign Field

... Behind the Lines in Italy 1942-5 Janet Kinrade Dethick. SOME CORNER OF A FOREIGN FIELD Deaths Behind the Lines in Italy 1942-5 Janet Kinrade Dethick AUSTIN MACAULEY PUBLISHERS Some Corner of a Foreign Field About the Author Dedication.

Author: Janet Kinrade Dethick

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

ISBN: 1398408506

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“Even after capture, the full horrors of war still persisted. Bombed and strafed by our own planes, and shelled by our own artillery, the words ‘For you the war is over, Tommy,’ had a hollow ring...November 1942, after five months in Suani Ben Adem, we sailed from Tripoli, en route to Naples. We were held in the hold of a coal boat, battened down, with only a few buckets for sanitation purposes. Packed in like sardines, we would have had no chance of survival, had the ship come under attack from the Royal Navy, not an uncommon occurrence.” These are the words of Private Bill Blewitt, 1st Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, captured near Gazala in the Western Desert. He survived his capture, but over a thousand did not. Laid to rest alongside the battle casualties in the Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries in Italy are these prisoners of war. They died from neglected wounds or diseases, were accidentally or deliberately shot both inside and outside their camps or were victims of friendly fire incidents. Some lost their lives when trying to cross the mountains to freedom, and some were betrayed by spies. Some had taken up arms again, had fought with the partisans and had died alongside them. Others had been captured whilst on dangerous missions and summarily executed. Many, but not all, have a name.

Some corner of a foreign field

Some corner of a foreign field 1. Sundays in Geneva 1 2. You can't leave a man on a bridge 7 3. Buying a chalet 4. First impressions 5. The vegetable garden 6. Settling in 7. Exploring 8. Cows Beastly neighbours 16 24 34 41 52 62 9.

Author: Frank Beck


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Summary of Ben Macintyre s A Foreign Field

Everest Media,. Insights on Ben Macintyre's A Foreign Field Contents Insights from Chapter 1 Insights from Chapter 2 Insights Front Cover.

Author: Everest Media,

Publisher: Everest Media LLC

ISBN: 1669358208

Category: History


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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 In August 1914, four young British soldiers were lost in France. They had barely a clue as to their whereabouts, but knew that they were not supposed to be there. The war was not going according to plan. #2 The British army was faced with a field-grey wave of three-quarters of a million Germans, who were chasing them down. The British fought with determination, then desperation. Some soldiers began to see ghosts and castles along the way. #3 The British army was terrified during the retreat from Mons. The lines stretched and snapped, authority faded, and the distinctions between regiment and division blurred as units fragmented, reformed, or broke away. #4 The British army was a different kind of army, made up of volunteers from the industrial slums of the north. They were experienced and well-trained, and they had fought in the Boer War.

A Foreign Field Text Only

This edition does not include illustrations. A wartime romance, survival saga and murder mystery set in rural France during the First World War. From the Number 1 bestselling author of ‘Agent ZigZag’ and ‘Operation Mincemeat’.

Author: Ben Macintyre

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007378394

Category: History

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This edition does not include illustrations. A wartime romance, survival saga and murder mystery set in rural France during the First World War. From the Number 1 bestselling author of ‘Agent ZigZag’ and ‘Operation Mincemeat’.